To Lord Shiva, I weep and pray

I sit here in silence observing the Lord seated in His sacred shrine within this chamber and wonder, how distant and aloof He is from the chaos out side. Here is one world in silence, beckoning me to stop thinking and start contemplating and out there is another world that doesnt give me any such room. And yet I exist, swinging between these two world as I weep with these thoughts in my mind.

I weep when I realize my insensitivity toward the pain of other people suffering outside
I weep when I see this old tree getting cut down to make way for a road
I weep when I see sacred rivers getting dammed when there is no water left in others
I weep when I see the beauty of this country side being ravaged in the name of development
I weep when I see hatred among us based on caste, color and faith
I weep when I see a family cry for food when I wasted my meal today
I weep when I see no justice being given to a little boy who lost his family to a murderous war
I weep when I see no compassion when the helpless ask for a little support
I weep when I see the foolishness of a son when he disrespects his father by dismissing his request
I weep when I see a mother discriminating between her children
I weep when I see children beat up a calf newly born, in ignorance and no one stops them
I weep when I realize how much pain I caused to a dragon fly when I pulled its wings and left it to suffer
I weep when I realize I stamped an ant on the ground and watch it writhe in pain
I weep when I see the tormented chicken watch death up close in the slaughter house
I weep when I see animals painfully tied up together with no room to move when they are transported city to city
I weep when I see the young lamb await its death at the temple
I weep when I see you, blissful and ignorant not realizing the density of this chaos that you are stuck in
I weep when I hear senseless judgment made due to mass ignorance
I weep when I realize I cursed you Lord, for not granting my prayers, not realizing that you averted greater harm on my way.
I weep when I realize, I am only existing but I am not living!
I weep when I realize there are better ways to get to You if only we cared enough for the living
I weep, I weep, over the misery I feel being myself.


Anu said...

Your first line reminded me of what i felt in some ancient temples near Thanjavur.... we were visiting the temples as a family group, and each and every temple was old.. really old, some in bad condition..... most of them were shiva temples, and i felt a strange peace and divinity there which i cant describe in words... at one such temple, my brother-in-law suddenly asked about why such temples arent taken care of, and why they were left in such a state, and without even my thinking, i spoke out, saying that these are places i really feel that Lord Shiva resides, because He is one who prefers cremation grounds to palaces and snakes over necklaces! such a Lord would surely be at peace away from the crowd in such temples..... I dont know if i am right or wrong, but it is in such ancient temples which have been left alone by the crowds that i can really feel the divinity.... Maybe the Lord does like to be away and watch the mess we make from a distance... What do you think???

JC said...

Loud thought about 'my' approach:

The 'wise ancients' conveyed in symbolic language existence of one and only formless being (related with zero time and space) that they called as the 'Absolute Truth', or the only immortal being. It was conveyed by the word 'Shiva' (opposite of 'visha' the poison), as different from the 'apparent time' dependent innumerable 'Truths' (from Satyuga to Kaliyuga), or temporary, ie, mortal images of His Own that are responsible for the appearance of time as varying between infinity and zero, being seen in eternal cycles, unknown to His images that are, therefore, generally called 'Apsmara Purush', or the ones that can't recall their Absolute Past (as a reflection of which 'I' can't recall incidents related to, say, my first five years in the present form)...and thus I'n' am not able to say, "Shivoham"! with confidence ('I' can visuallise that Shiva also must have been helpless in physical form till He had reached the physical form of Treyambakeshwar, the three-in-one God in Satyuga! And, of course, He being related with '0' it must have happened in no time in His case, unlike ours, the other poor images that form the apparent hierarchy!)...

JC said...

During one life span, 'I' get to see limited images while He is able to see through the eyes of His images eternally the grand variety from zero to infinity, ie, beginning as Nadbindu (also called Vishnu) to Shiva (our most beautiful planet Earth) or Mahashiva (Our solar system that contains our earth-moon that's mainly responsible for dwaitwad or anantwad, duplicity or multipliccity, that's responsible for the apparent confusion)

JC said...

'I', or any animal for that matter, is typically represented by a coin or paper money, perhaps the simplest example in physical world: There is a head and a tail, on two opposite ends, that sandwich the inert middle that represents the formless, or the 'Absolute Truth' while its material value is arbitratedly decided by the number on it that acts as the cause of the apparent heirarchy, the apparent existence of the 'rich' and 'poor' who come to possess these metal coins/ paper notes by 'fair' or 'foul' means, mostly the latter in Kaliyuga where muscle and money apparently rule...

JC said...

Please read arbitrarily!

JC said...

Ihe wiser among the wise ancients gave stress on real time vis-a-vis apparent time that governed the apparent scenario, the innumerable truths, that became visible through its many weepy eyes on the planet earth, or anywhere else in the universe, to the formles all knowing being, located at the centre of earth, who always remained attached to zero time and is called the 'Absolute Truth' (indicated in stories through Shiva in physical form entering into long duration 'sadhana' from time to time)...

நரசிம்மரின் நாலாயிரம் said...

great service! thanks

Roshni said...

Madam Anu,
Please do not try to locate Lord Shiva. The concept of Shiva,the Only absolute truth beyond the physical dimensions i.e space and time. It calls for a cognitive change in understanding which is essentially Moksha. Advaita talks about a Lower level of reality wherein the Duality very much exists and the higher level of reality wherein there is no second thing other than Brahman i.e Lord Shiva or the different names we call...