Glow in the fire of eternal bliss.

There is darkness all around, stillness and nothing can be seen or heard. There is just space, void and all I can feel is the thin breath passing through my being. I am like a moth, that awaits the light that glows, to dance its last dance of love with the flames of love, to dissolve in its essence.

The fire is alive in this sweet chamber, the rocky walls have been washed clean. The fragrance of fresh wet earth covers this room and the fire dances like a million flames on the textured rocky surface. The air is so quiet, the ambiance so still and yet there is this pounding heart within me that ceases to stop its beat.

At the center of this space, is this well of potency that rises to awaken this chamber. Sweet white jasmine flowers fall, fragrance of incense cloud this small room and in this mystical world I view His presence, dressed and and adorned in sacred precious stones.

He sits here on his throne, on a seat decked with blooming jasmine flowers, so white and pure, like the very blooming bud like eyes of His divine consort. White silks adorn his stony self as the great snake protects Him with its hood.

Sacred Vivla leaves garland his being, like a majestic wreath, a crown around His head, proclaiming him the ever present, the Lord of the world, who is eternal, who never ends, who never dies. And in this ambiance, do I dance, with this single flame, that lights this room, my fire of enlightenment that teases me through this life.

The power of the being, the power of devotion, the power within one self - this strange magnetism I feel, this strange heat that rises within me, burn my heart in His presence. In this graceful dance of love, do I forget that world outside, do I forget that chaos, do I forget that dense cloud of illusion that threatens to swallow me into its world.

I am the luminous, I am that which glows on its own. I am that light, that doesn't need your knowledge to realize that I am there, ever present in this chamber. I am real, for its not your realization of my presence that gives me my life. I was always here, I am always here, I will always be here. Do you realize sweet friend, the meaning of these sacred words that make me far more real and alive and immortal than the world outside?

I burn in these flames, but I shall not perish. I am but one among these million flames, these million lights that light up this room, worshiping the Lord every day, every time, in every breath. I am no longer a perception in your mind, I am pure energy, life, fire that glows beside the Lord for you to realize that there is another world out here, far more potent and far more real than that world outside.


Santhana krishnan said...

Hi Akka

Your post remained me the lines of saint Vadalur Vallalar.

Arut Perum Jyothi (Supreme Grace Light)

Arut Perum Jyothi (Supreme Grace Light)

Tanip Perung Karunai (Pour down upon us)

Arut Perum Jyothi (Supreme Grace Light)

A Saint who worshiped god in the form of light.

Sharing few lines from his writings...

" The concept of Siva found in the work is refreshingly different from concepts prevalent during the middle ages. It goes back to pre-historical time. Infinite Divine Light was called Siva by the ancient Tamils They also called it as Kandazhi (Tamil). They came to known of it with their mind's eye or third eye. The last level of grace is only revealed now through Saint Ramalinga. Since Tamil language is based on Siva Tatva, it has become a proper medium of expression for divine light. But we must remember that Sivam mentioned here can no religion connotation in it. Arutsivam means Arutperunjothi, Sivam contains three letters. The letter (Si) is the light (va) is the power of grace or compassion and (m) is the life experienced in man. So Sivam means the divine light not only converging into the soul of man but also diverging from there, completely transmuting him into an immortal one in the process"

JC said...

There could be many interpretations, e.g., in 'Shiva', 'shi' for 'Shikhi' means 'fire' (that is 'energy' the immortal, for it can't be created and destroyed); and 'va' for 'Vayu' means 'air' without which a fire doesn't burn and it is essential for human life on 'earth'... However, no physical form can exist without two other basic elements, ie, 'panchtatva', 'water' and space, atmosphere, or 'sky'...
However, it is 'Kaal' ('Shiva' believed as 'Mahakal' the controller of time) that rules human, or animal, life on earth that is responsible for the duplicity or multiplicity apparent, ie, presence of happiness and sorrow, the opposite emotions, while Shiva the immortal (and the Destroyer) alone can remain in the state of eternal bliss...

YOSEE said...

Lovely thoughts ! As I read it, I kept thinking of Vallalar RamalingaAdigalar's central tenet : ' Arutperum jyothi ! Arutperum Jyothi !' ( What a surprising co-incidence, the first commentator has also mentioned the same ! )

nishant said...

This is a great photo! Can you tell me which temple this is and who took the photo? Any other details would be appreciated.

ashok said...

Hi,Its my pleasure that you always send me your thoughts and best photographs of temples and holy mountains.I am really thankful to you.

Ashok Hora