Recreation of the absolute truth in the virtual world

The Tripura Rahasya beautifully quotes:

72. "Just as things unseen in darkness are found on its removal by means of a lamp, and are therefore said to be recovered from oblivion."

73-74. "Just as a confused man forgets his wallet, but remembers and locates it on keeping his mind unruffled and steady, yet still says that he has gained the lost wallet, though the steadying of his mind did not produce it."

75. "So also the control of your mind is not the cause of your Self-realization; though the Self is always there, it is not recognized by you even with a controlled mind because you are not conversant with it."

The virtual world of the computer:

My life as it were, so to speak in these times is controlled by this system that holds all the records to my existence. Everything I keep, everything I do lives in this world that we call real though its actually virtual. And yet we believe in it fanatically because we see it work all the time, every day and almost so real that we barely doubt it anymore. But what if I had to delete all of it in one shot! I would simply destroy the cloud of illusion that I had build up so far. Isn’t this world the perfect example of the potency of illusion /virtual living that can be destroyed anytime and then - it simply will not exist? How powerful a thought it is to destroy my identity in one swing and then am reduced to nothing, a nobody, there is no identity left, there is no ME left.

Here is another kind of philosophy - equally intriguing!

Deleting a file in the computer:
It’s an interesting piece of philosophy to note when we contemplate on how a file is deleted from the system. When a file is removed from the recycle bin, all traces of it are lost. This doesn’t mean that the file doesn’t exist, but it simply means that the path to the file is non existent or forgotten. At this point the file continues to exist in a compressed, almost negligible form with little hope of being retrieved. Isn’t that the same state of our supreme consciousness, or the Self as we call it, which makes the file have its own identity?

The underlying pulse of the operating system which is similar to our mind is to keep all that is illusory and defined by my existence that is ME, the person and discard the subtle self which is not of any apparent importance. And therefore the discarded file feels like the consciousness that we look for but never find the pulse of our existence which we know is there but do not know the nature of. And having lost the path to it, there is little chance of us trying to trace back to this neglected aspect of ourselves.

Hard disk - Subtle component of my consciousness
And yet, there is hope to retrieve that deleted file from the hard disk, which symbolizes our consciousness. If we can access the hard disk we can access the door to awakening our mind to the real depth of existence. This leads the way to the inner workings of the self, or in this case, the inner workings of the OS. Retrieving the file from the hard disk is not an easy task. 

There are only two ways now, one is to retrieve the file with software as long as no further activity took place which in turn destroys it and the other is to reformat the hard disk. Isn’t this a metaphorical representation of taking the help of yoga practices or meditation to access the inner consciousness of the mind and reach the state of bliss? Just as software can retrieve the lost files as long as no further change took place, the body and mind can be trained to follow certain discipline to reach the inner consciousness or subtle state, when detachment towards the current existence sets in.

But in case we continued activity as usual with creating, editing and deleting files there is a greater chance of losing that file, we then just have to format the hard disk to reuse it again. It’s like rebirth, a second life, a second chance to start all over again.

To merge into the self, to retrieve the inner most pulse of the OS, is to touch what hides in the chamber of hard disk. This is the mother ship of the OS, it is the home of consciousness in the human body and to tap it is to come to realize the true potential of the human state. The operating system is just the mind; the binary is the absolute truth.

The nucleus of the operating system, the basic life breath of it is the 0 1 state, and this is the duality of life that gives rise to this great illusion. This is the pulse, the constant on which the entire system of the OS operates and therefore the world in the bargain proving to be one big illusion which can be destroyed in a simple shot.

What then is 0 or 1, the absolute truth that continues to stay even if the entire virtual universe is destroyed? How do we identify with this universe and contemplate on the raw truth of absolute 0 from which we have built the world's greatest economy... isn’t is exactly similar to the real world we live in, in flesh and blood, and yet we do not understand how the universe created us and how it works but we are willing to understand how the absolute 0 created a powerful world economy!

Why? We have now built the proof of its existence; we now need to apply this miracle to our very own self, to realize the capability of the Self within! How ironical it is that we ask for the same proof that we built to prove the presence of this illusory world we have built around us to live in! We have evolved, we have the potential to realize and yet we live like fools who do not understand the true potential of their creation!

We are like a lost scientist who started out to know the truth and got so locked and enamored with his creation that he doesn’t know the root principle that got him started on this quest - He just has one fleeting thought - What was the question?


JC said...

Kavitha, Human life is all about different beliefs: ancients believed man as an instrument (of God, as in the story of Mahabhrat Krishna tells Arjun he was merely a medium,,, and Krishna Himself believed and also treated Yashoda as His mother, and didn't ask for DNA test!), but 'we' believe man as different from man-made computers because 'we' have the capacity to think. So, if 'you' can accept like the wise ancients that thoughts originate from within each one of us, recorded in '8 chakras', just as we hear music and also see videos using a DVD etc, our mental attitude might change, indicated by the ancients in Arjun performing actions with Krishna as the real DOER!

South India Tourism said...

The beauty of Indian temples cannot be compared with any other thing. The blog also explains that the mind of the readers which is generally computer generated! In the blog the computer has been actually compared with the human body... which has been done very nicely!

Kavitha said...

To "South Indian Tourism"

Would be good if you can travel to the rest of India to see the temples across the country and some of them are so beautiful, they cannot be compared with South Indian temples.

I would be happy if South Indian Tourism department can maintain whats left of this beauty and not ruin it with modern day painting or brick work.

Comparison is not the only point, we need to preserve it and Kalahasti temple is an example of such negligence.


JC said...

Temples or no temples, the basic 'Hindu' idea is to reach the God within each. And also within the time one exists in human form. And as it is known, the duration is very limited. It is like replying to a set of questions posed in an examination and qualifying with flying colours for the higher grade! Which is conveyed by the 'wise ancients' is to seek the formless god and the gods with forms. And, temples having 'vimanas' convey 'sky' as the goal and not 'patal' as man is indicated as an inverted tree whose roots are in the 'sky' (in moon as the other half of earth!?)...

JC said...

There was a joke heard when 'I' was a child:

A man saw another man under a lamp-post searching something he had apparently lost.

When asked, he replied that he had lost his needle.

The man then asked him what he was doing with the needle under the lamp-post?

He replied that he had actually lost it in a dark place. But, as it was dark there he was looking for it where there was light!

JC said...

Wise Hindus in the past have conveyed the witness of the illusory planet earth (that we humans apparently inhabit within the infinite void of the universe, ie, Brahmand or literally Creator's Egg!) as an unborn and unending formless being, ie, a point source of infinite energy, 'shunya' or zero, Nadbindu a point!

In view of the above, perhaps one could say that a bacterium is the closest model of it in physical form. And, besides e-coli the most primitive among these, present since over 3.5 billion years on our over 4 billion-year-old earth, one finds apparently a large number of bacteria present in our environment, which have reportedly resulted from evolution of the species and as a result of struggle for existence (according to Charles Darwin)...while ancient Hindus apparently have realised man as the most evolved analogical model, made from essences of 9 selected members of our solar system, reflecting hierarchy and variety in behaviour as it is evident in all aspects of 'Nature' also...

A famous astronomer in the 'present', Stephen Hawking, said that he wanted to enter the mind of God!

And ancient Hindus indicated unborn and unending God, the Absolute Truth, as formless (related with zero time and space) that is the cause of various Truths apparent in the physical world, which itself they called 'mithya' or a lie, images in its mind, a reflection of which in human life is indicated through emergence of images in mirrors, plain or 'magical'!

JC said...

Although 'I' had earlier also expressed 'my' loud thoughts on the virtual world through the exclusive album of a given individual, 'I' would reiterate how its 'me' and only 'me' seen in 'my' exclusive album, virtually frozen at different stages or ages (time and space) till the given point in time, say!

'I' can perhaps say that in the present 'I' am at a mature stage and can appreciate better how 'my' efficiency in the physical world to start with was apparently zero (as also knowledge about the physical world). And as 'I' am old now, it is virtually at its lowest level, near zero (as can be visualised in bed-ridden patients also, afflicted with some incurable physical or mental ailment)...

But 'I' cannot definitely say that about the knowledge contained within me at any given time from birth to the present (for the soul, believably a component of the All Knowing Supreme Soul is related with zero time and space)...

JC said...

Kavitha, the 'present day scientists' are very well aware that the macrocosm and microcosm in the universe both function on the same principles. And some of them, big names, are inclined to accept the existence of a unique being as the 'creator'. But as a class they tend not to accept themselves as part of 'Nature' yet, and they desire to reach it through mathematical equations only and are frustrated in their efforts...

On the other hand, the 'wise' ancients appear to have approached the all knowing Absolute Truth, realised as '0' and also present within all physical forms, through what they called as 'Yogic exercises', whereby numerals '1' to '9' - that hold parts of energy and information as chakras or points in the lower body - all are made to merge in '0', which exists as a point in the head and virtually holds only some negligible information that is normally accessed by a particular individual!

The proof of its presence is generally reflected during deep sleep when thoughts about the external world virtually disappear, become 'zero' or 'near zero', and one finds oneself refreshed on awakening as the energy lost during the previous day is virtually all recouped! And additionally, answers to many difficult questions, about which one was concerned the previous day, rise to the head 'naturally' immediately after one is awake!

JC said...

In so far as the digital computer is concerned, one (a soul in reality seen as a physical form) needs to keep in mind that human brain is a far far superior analogical computer, an instrument in the words of wise ancients who therefore apparently used interesting stories to convey the various truths in the advanced past,,, which 'we' also are apparently getting to see in the inferior most era, called Kaliyuga the Dark Age that believably repeats over 1000 times cyclically, during one day in the unending life of Brahma the Creator of over 4 billion years, according to wise ancient Hindus. Just as its analogy 'we' - the models of the universe/ God - see and enjoy man-made films (seated virtually immobile in a dark hall, like the believable state of Yognidra of Vishnu/ Bhootnath or Mahakal Shiva the Controller of Time) that are preserved in prerecorded reels that can be used again and again, till the material lasts and can serve some useful purpose...