Worship at Shiva temple: Ahilyabai Ghat, Varanasi

It is another busy day, as bustling crowds offer flowers and coconut, seeking the Lords blessings to bring less trouble and more happiness into their mundane lives… is this all that the Lord is meant to be here for?

I can’t help but think that the initial thought of the Lord being a lot more than just a wish fulfilling tree came from the background of my education back at school. I was taught; Love the Lord for what he is and not for what he is capable of giving you. I applied it into my life and it has worked wonders. I was also reminded of the dohas of Kabir that I was taught in school.

Kabir’s doha goes has follows:

Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare, Sukh Mein Kare Na Koye
Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare, Tau Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye

There is such simple truth in these words and that experience is so beautiful.

Back at the Ahilyabai Ghat, Varanasi, the bustling crowd stepped in one after another to catch a glimpse of the divinity within. This extreme emotion of momentary spiritual bliss had but a hurdle to cross. What stood in front was a priest who had not had the best day so far, and had all the plans to destroy any sense of spiritual high that came close to God.

How sad was his state as he observed it to be a mundane job, for being a priest entitles him to the highest communion with the Lord and such disconnection from the Lord as well as his duty only brings sorrow to the masses that come to share this high emotion of spiritualism.

The lost look, the sheer disgust towards his apathy and the crashing of one’s high emotions can only be a disheartening experience to all those who step into this little chamber. Noise, rush, corruption, apathy and complete disillusionment towards the world of the divine only draws people into a miserable experience within the sanctum of the Lord Himself. What they end up perceiving then is just a stone idol graciously decked up and presented for world viewing.

What they miss is quite something else.

Within this chamber is present another world altogether, so beautiful that one needs a pure heart that is devoid of a wish list, to see that the Lord there is not just seated on his throne, he is there in graceful dance protecting us from all evil.

A closer look brings one’s attention to His divine dialog with Kali, who emerges from the darkness into the light that covers his glowing body. As the parasol hangs over him and the bell resounds in the mind of the bhakta, one witnesses this chemistry between two of the most potent forms of divinity.

This is the world of Bhairava and Kali, this is the world of Urdhva Nataraja and Kali. This is the beauty of the terrific chemistry between two energy driven forms that dance in perfect union with each other, in bharatanatya so graceful within this chamber, as they compete with each other on the excellence of this art.

It is another world that lives within this chamber, one of music, one of grace, one of chemistry and divine transcendental love. How then can the Lord be reduced to a wish fulfilling tree?

As the sun glows on the surface of the Urdhva linga and reflects in the expressive eyes of Kali, who is ever ready to break out her niche and burst forth into dance… why then are we affected by the moods of the priests?

Sweet people; do not let the illusions of life deceive you, the Lord lives among us, he is within us and we need to realize he is right there to be awoken. Once he takes his seat within the conscious throne of our mind, the world within the sanctum appears like a lamp lit stage where the Lord dances casting shadows gracefully along the walls as we dive into this ocean of love and music as he dances in union with Kali.

This sanctum is a fusion of two worlds, one that we physically live in and try to cope with and the other is what we create within our minds, where we would want to live all the time, that is where Lord Shiva and Kali descend and perform the blissful dance of creation.

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Photo courtesy: Special thanks to Laurent (designldg on Flickr.com) for allowing me to use her photograph in my blog.


JC said...

Kavitha, ‘I’ thought ‘I’ had already indicated Kaliyuga (literally the ‘dark age’) that is Kalyuga (literally the ‘machine age’),which believably repeats 1,080 times in just one day in the life of Brahma (believably equal to over 4 billion years) as responsible for the overall state in the life of average human beings…

And, anyway historians also indicate fall of the brilliant period called ‘Vedic Era’ from 6th century B.C. onwards, which is also expressed as ‘disappearance of river Saraswati (‘Saraswati’ is also believed to be the name of the consort of Brahma and goddess of knowledge) from ‘Triveni Sangam’, believably the meeting point of three rivers (but now only its the confluence point of rivers Ganga and Yamuna) near Allahabad - another ‘holy place’ near Varanasi - and, reappearance of River Brahmaputra that alone is given a man’s name (literally the son of Brahma, perhaps in its place, also originating from Mansarovar Lake itself but appearing in ‘India’ via China and meeting River Ganga/ Padma, in Bangladesh) before it drains into the Bay of Bengal…

And, Padma means lotus flower that is indicated as the seat/ throne of Brahma that grew from the navel of Lord Vishnu (literally the poisonous atom, while Creator is believed to be Nirakar of Formless, called Nadbindu the point source of infinite energy)! And, Brahma and Vishnu both are believed to have individually failed to reach either the beginning of the end of SHIVA!

Thus the stories indicate how humans, 'His Own Images', are apparently being fooled by the Trinity, Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesha at all times! And, more so in the Kaliyugas!

Does it seek its own origin? Just as the 'scientists' also are interested to know the origin of 'life' as its reflection!

JC said...

But, the poor ‘scientists’, or/ rather 'experts' in various branches, today are perhaps no match for the ‘wise’ ancients who were all rounders...

They are afraid of the ‘unknown’, and look towards the sky for the UFOs from more intelligent beings, while ‘Yogiraja’ Krishna - the Supreme Knowledge - in the Gita has indicated lack of knowledge responsible for all human mistakes…for it is indicated that each human being has all knowledge recorded within the form, but distributed at 8 different levels locked up in in ‘chkras’, or energy centres…

The incident related with Arjuna the ‘expert archer’, who therefore found it difficult to fight his own cousins, till knowledge was imparted to him by all rounder or ‘Siddha Purush’ Krishna in the middle of the battle field of Kurukshetra, which is contained in the Gita in 18 chapters, and is available even today, translated in different languages, for the benefit of all humans.
The above lecture eventually believably helped enlighten him, or come to realize the ‘Absolute Truth’, that is, the knowledge of Formless Creator (Nirakar, or energy form) and also his physical form, indirectly hinted as our planet earth, supported by other members of the solar system, whereas a four handed human being (called Vishnu, who believably held in one hand a ‘Shankha’ or conch shell as the source of sound energy, ‘om’; a ‘sudershan chakra’ or a ‘beautiful wheel’ in the second hand; a ‘gada’ or a mace in the third hand; and a ‘padma’ the lotus flower in the fourth hand) was generally believed to be the Creator of the universe!

Dr.Anil Joshi said...

Kavitha,Love the lord for what he is has been the philosophy of the Hindu Dharma also.The priest industry with it's vested interests & not so divine mentality has reduced the God to the form of of a wish tree....The effect of the Dark age as Joshi uncle says I suppose..!

JC said...

Hi Kavitha, Dr Anilji (seen agter a long time!)...

With a different point of view anybody can perhaps see for oneself the grand variety in ‘Nature’, as also reflected in ‘India’.

As an isolated example, for instance, with the ‘fertile Gangetic plains’ as the centre of main activity, located in the ‘middle’ of the country, one would notice today two main rivers possessing different characteristic properties: Although both rivers have their common origin in Lake Mansarovar (associated with Mount Kailash in the Himalayan range that emergec from under the seabed north of Jambudweep in the long lost past), River Yamuna is more polluted while River Ganga also now appears to have got polluted in recent times, it has ruled the minds of the ‘Hindus’ for many generations as sacred, or spiritual, for even the more polluted River Yamuna is seen as its tributary, but after its confluence it loses its independent existence, and is then known as Ganga only…

And, although the mighty River Brahmaputra also originates in the same lake, it loses its independent existence in Ganga just before it meets the eventual goal of all rivers, the sea (The Bay of Bengal in this case, the state related with Ma Kali as well as Durga or Gouri – ‘black’ and ‘white’, to be read with the belief of Ganesha the son of Parvati the daughter of rocky Himalayas - and therefore also called Shailputri - and believably the consort of Shiva the Gangadhar)!

Perhaps the above thought could inspire one to appreciate why ‘Hindus’ visited temples in the ‘past’ to worship idols made of stones…and still visit in larger numbers but ritually, or ‘mechanically’ only, thanks to Kaliyuga that is Kalyuga!

JC said...

Although it is difficult for ‘me’ to say how to prove it to be acceptable to all, particularly the ‘non believers’ whose number has increased in the ‘present’ due apparently to ‘western’ influence/ education’ – and maybe ‘I’ am an exception perhaps because ‘I’ was born in a simple and relatively bigger ‘brahmin’ family that hailed from the northern Himalayan region (the direction believably ruled by Yellow the superior most colour in the visible part of the spectrum) and was also myself born in the present day ‘Himachal Pradesh’ on trifurcation of the state of Punjab (and thus giving birth to Himachal, as well as Haryana states as the new names) that was named thus because of the five rivers, Satluj, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum, thanks to which the western region of ‘India’ also was rendered fertile and consequently contributing to ‘India’ being called the ‘golden bird’…

The direction ‘west’ however, is believably ruled by Blue colour, believably lower in the hierarchy, in so far as colours (and also energies) are concerned, each colour believed as essence of one of the selected members of the solar system…

‘I’ have tried to prove it first to myself by using sets of gemstones - that are differently ‘naturally’ coloured, determined on the basis of my known birth particulars that were based on certain logic developed thanks to existing ‘Hindu thoughts’ on the subject - on 'my' own photo (that need not be the recent one) and have felt more peace, and benefic physical effects too!

There is a saying, "Pratyaksha ko praman ki avashyakta nahin." that is, "The taste of the pudding lies in eating."

JC said...

The title containing 'Ahilyabai Ghat: Varanasi' is associated with the story related with Brahma, (one of the aspects of Trimurty Shiva), that is Sun, the source of direct and indirect energy on earth, for various purposes in the animal world, including vision.

As per Hindu mythology that conveys truth of apparent time related events in cryptic words, Ahilyabai reportedly was a beautiful wife of sage Gautam.

And Lord Indra, the believable devta (demigod) related with rain, (which points him as sun, associated with ‘creation’, during the intermediate stage of evolution), impersonating as the sage, in the sage’s absence apparently entered their cottage in the 'ashram' or hermitage and ‘committed sin’ (due of course to 'time' that was still in hte evolutionar stage)!

However, as he was just leaving the real sage, as he returned from his ablutions, got to see Indra. He therefore turned Ahilya into rock (part of ‘earth’ that is associated with Shiva, and His 'bhootas' or 'elements' carried forward through time immemorial for various purposes)…and it was only when the more evolved model of our Sun, that is, Lord Rama visited the Ashram and touched the rock with His feet (life-giving sunrays), she was reborn!

[Hindus believed 'panchbhootas' to to go into any and every physical form that acted as the ‘material form’ that contained within it the ‘soul’. Every soul, as part of the Supreme Soul, or Paramatma, has believably to pass through minimum 8.4 million 'inferior animal forms' before it could acquire a human form for the first time. And, each soul thereafter also is likely to either move upwards and gain a relatively ‘elevated level’, in the form of some Yogi, say, or, move downwards back to some inferior human or even animal form!]

Kavitha Kalyan said...

I was uncomfortable with a line i had written. Thank you Anilji, i just needed one more voice to point it out.

i have re-edited the text.


JC said...

It becomes difficult to write in details one’s thoughts when someone writes in the message box, and not in the space for comments, as below.
Gurudev:: I have read all the vedas and manu sutra they are intercoliding with each other in 5 th chapter of Rig ved it glory Meat eathing and in later chap it tell Eating meat and killing animals is the
greatest sin why is this confusion in a single book where the person wont understand what to follow and not clear do you know anyone who has studied Saiva siddhantam and other Religious Books and can
tell me the difference example between Bible koran and Hindu vedic book which is perfect with and difference within the book and a perfect for Hindus -
(13 Oct 08, 13:48/ 13:52/ 13:54)
JC Joshi: Gurudev, namaskar. Hari anant/ Hari katha anant, is the essence of Hinu philosophy. One needs to read between the lines, and draw one's own conclusions...
Don't follow blindly. "Half believe in what you see." "Think twice before you leap." etc. apply…13 Oct 08, 16:50/ 16:53
For general information, the Vedas were perhaps compiled by panels of ‘Yogis’ at some stage before 6th century B.C. say.

The general practice at some stage in ‘India’ appears to be getting together every 12 years of relatively highly elevated sages - and also 6 years to perhaps apply mid-corrections to existing thoughts at different locations, viz. Haridwar, Allahabad, Kashi etc (as the practice is seen ritually continued, as seen in Kumbha, or Ardh-kumbh Melas or gathering…just as even today plans are prepared by different agencies concerned and coordinated by Planning Commission for a number of sectors of development and accordingly executed by he concerned agencies.

And evaluation of each project in any sector is also made annually to keep a track on the targets set and the actual achievement. And, then if required, suggest measures to overcome hurdles if any experienced…

[Compilation errors are always inevitable when many persons are involved…]

JC said...

The all knowing thus appears to be 'natkhat' or mischievous and virtually forces the whole human race to surrender in Him individually, and look inwards - to seek Him within - and not oiutwards!

Some wise peson said, to the effect, "No one can become Pundit by reading books/ one who has read the four-lettered word, 'love', can alone become one."

Kavitha Kalyan said...

Hi Joshi uncle

There is so much truth in what you said. Just reeling out from books is not enough, for though there is a lot of information presented, its still hollow... the substance is missing.

When one realizes and then speaks, the difference is automatically felt. Its way too subtle... only few realize it.

The problem is, most people want things obvious and in one book.

I would really like to understand after reading so much, why did Gurudev still have such a basic question??

What did he understand from all that he read? Did he even imbibe what he read?

I dont know... but i felt his question so naive and strange for a man who appears to be well read! Just a thought!


JC said...

Further interesting discussion has been continued by Shri Gurudev - but again unfortunately on the message box, as given below.
Gurudev:: JC Joshi what do you mean are you confused after reading all these books ha if you want i can give you the verses if u write a book can u justify it saying opposits in the same book tell me - 13 Oct 08, 19:30
Gurudev:: Can any one tell me which is the Book which from first to laste page dont collide with each other like vedas Manu suta and Gita and Teach the truth the question is Open -13 Oct 08, 19:32
Dr.leela Kumari: Hi Gurudev pls dont get confused u were telling about Saiva siddhantam its originally from Kashmir goto Google u will find various truth about it or youtube about the Diff saiva Cults Hope get answers - 13 Oct 08, 19:36
JC Joshi: Please read comments, Gurudevji - 13 Oct 08, 19:38
Maybe one would like to point out that unless the basic concept is clear, for example in this perfect world, we human beings are relatively much much imperfect, nowhere near perfection, thanks believably to ‘time’ or Mahakal Shiva, the present era being Kaliyuga - (and Ma Kali believably resides in Shiva’s heart, which indicates the destructive force to be imprisoned within the core of earth) - and not Satyga. So it would be strange foolhardiness to expect 'perfection' from any human being…

There is thus no reason to get disturbed to observe faults/ ‘collisions’ in all writings of original ‘perfect’ thoughts carried forth through the ‘imperfect’ human agencies – from Satyuga, the ideal age, that happened over 4 billion years ago!

One finds it difficult to tell what happened 1,000 years ago and has to depend on historians/ archeologists even and their different schools of thoughts that exist at any time to confuse one!

Political parties, viz. SP, DMK, AIDMK, BJP, CPI, Congress, TDP, and so on, even today reflect different and also opposing viewpoints, which any historian is obliged to record, maybe in the same news item…to be copied later by hte younger generation, who therefoer might even mistake actor Ben Kingsley for Mahatma Gandhi!

JC said...

Kavitha, Derick, 'Om' to all.

‘I’ bring the following ‘comments’, left in the message box, so that some serious visitors might perhaps find the truth in, say, the essential saying, “Hari anant/ Hari katha ananta…” , or ‘as many mouths, so many thoughts,” and also view the suggested Utube etc…
13 Oct 08, 19:38
Gurudev: JC Joshi: and Dr.leela Kumari thanks for the reply as Dr said i will search in Google and yout tube about the saiva siddhantam cult there may be or i may get in Touch with a True siddhantam guy who
has explored and done research in Various comparative Religious a contemporary person with various Multi faith exposure in Religion Thanks you all fro your Support Om Shanti
- 13 Oct 08, 19:41/ 13 Oct 08, 19:48
Derick: Hey allyou Learned scholars and Philosophers Om to you all just checking this site read ur comments Mr.Gurudev http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0XTIOAFWW8U check out that link after wch i become a Hindu
- 13 Oct 08, 19:50
Gurudev: hmm Brother Derick good you become Hindu you forefather all were Hindus by the way you have just come back Om you didn't change you name or is it still Derick - 13 Oct 08, 19:52
Derick:: No i mean my parents still don't know about this i am an student when i am at my own then shall i do it legally till then its my secret religion thx for the concerns bye - 13 Oct 08, 19:54
Gurudev:: Ok Son all the best and i really appreciate and Value you decision and in showing interest in my issue May god bless you Om shanty - 13 Oct 08, 19:54
JC Joshi: I hsve a doubt that you are our long lost friend 'Vimanonym' - 13 Oct 08, 21:50
JC Joshi: That's why you are afraid to post in the space for comments:-)c - 13 Oct 08, 21:51

JC said...

The beauty of Hindu thoughts can perhaps be seen in the Gita in the reported generalisation that anyone can reach the ‘Supreme Knowledge’ or the absolute truth irrespective of one’s caste, creed, sex, etc.

For, like ‘astronomers’ find only our Sun, an average star, the most important heavenly body - out of innumerable other stars (as their essence) that fill the dark infinite universal space - in so far as sustenance of ‘life on earth’ is concerned, similarly one could perhaps learn from Vedantis’ believable realization of the one and only Formless Being (called Supreme Soul) as the Creator of the physical world/ human form, as essence of the infinite universe – considered His enlarged form!

JC said...

However, the apparent complexity in human behaviour is attributed to 'Time' (called Mahakal Shiva, where Shiva represents unending/ immortal as conveyed by 'Shiva' being opposite of 'Visha' the poison that renders mortality in life forms on earth) and repetitive cycles thereof, reckoned by 'Hindus' in terms of long duration, called Yugas...and the interesting part that conveys the phenomenon to be akin to the make believe world of cinema, is the believable repetition of sets of four Yugas over 1,000 times (perhaps 60x3 times, to cater to the three phase of 'Trimurty Shiva'), during one day in the life of the unending creator...

JC said...

It is clearly indicated by the wise sages, who were responsible for the Gita even, that it is normally impossible to learn about the Formless Creator (for He is believably unborn and unending), except through realisation. And, that it was only through realisation that the yogis reached the truth of existence of the one and only Supreme Soul, as also existence of His component within each physical form tht acted as a model of the universe. In terms of the heavenly bodies, perhaps we can relate that component with the gravitational force that helps the body to act as a unit...

Within the 'animal' forms, this component was called 'soul', experessed in terms of energy components distributed over the form, concentrated believably at 8 different levels from tail-bone end to head...and to make it possible to realise the 'Absolute Truth' or supreme soul that is related with time and space both as zero, made it necessary to find out how to lift the total combined energy to the head.

The Yogis, realising this phenomenon represented in animal life, as a model thereof, in the form of raising of hood of a generally coiled up King Cobra, suggested 'activation of kundalini' through Yogic exercises, with a view to gradually reach a zero thought or thoughtless state...

JC said...

Poets have observed essence of creation in the popular line, “Little drops of water and little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.”

It’s known to everyone that ‘Nature’ displays grand variety in all aspects. This phenomenon is seen on earth reflected in the large varieties of life forms, such that there appears hierarchy in all aspects in each life form also. Human beings apparently have a maximum life span of, say, less than 150 years, but as part of the human race each human being gets a false sense of feeling as if he/ she is here to live till eternity! Hindus explained this phenomenon to the internal knowledge, for each soul is aware of the unending cycle it undergoes in different forms…
Earth itself displays it in the form of a large variety of elements ranging from say visibly mobile dust at times (thanks to air) to hard apparently immobile rocky-mountains that virtually touch the sky, although one learns that there is constant animation in all elements of earth…

Although a few might have seen it personally, everyone at times is made aware of some dormant volcano (like a coiled venomous snake) getting activated in some part of the globe, and causing havoc in its wake due to emergence on earth’s surface of sand, and/ or molten magma (‘fire’), called lava, that although exists in the core most of the time, apparently dormant, but makes its presence felt sometimes - like a deadly poisonous King Cobra raising its hood - at certain times and at different locations! However, Indonesia is known to have volcanoes that become active at frequent intervals…Hindu mythology perhaps conveys this phenomenon also in the story of Vishnu (literally poisonous atom) apparently remaining dormant, but believably in a super conscious state!

JC said...

Wise ancient Hindus believed ‘panchbhootas’ that is literally five ghosts, or ‘panchtatvas’, that is literally ‘five elements’ to go into the making of all physical form in the universe. These are: ‘Sky’ (atmosphere/ space), ‘earth’, ‘fire’, ‘air’, and ‘water’…As the universe is believed to have started with a ‘big bang’ (that is ‘bramnad’ to Hindus) or ‘sound energy’, the sages, in the Himalayan forests, developed classical music utilizing three octaves of sound energy and laid down specific notes for different ‘ragas’ or composition to suit different times of the day and moods associated with those…The first letters of the five elements cited above were used to form the ‘panchakshari’ mantra that when chanted regularly is believed useful in charging the human form, like a mobile phone. Human form is observed to lose energy in mental and physical actions, whereas for natural charging it needs absence of sunlight and body in reclining position, that was conveyed in Vishnu apparently reclining in the middle of the ‘milky ocean’, perhaps alluding to the centre of galaxy in the middle of innumerable stars from which emanate milky-white sunlight!

JC said...

‘We’ have seen earlier also how different colours were believably associated by Yogis with different planets as their essences. And also how each of the eight selected planets/ colours is believed associated with eight directions each of them were believed to rule, as ‘diggaj’ or ‘elephant-like’ heavy-weights…
Also ‘I’ have earlier shown how ‘Krishna’, as a representative of ‘Vishnu’ or His ‘reincarnation in Dwaperyuga’, is related with our galaxy (as a black-hole in its centre) as well as ring planet Jupiter (solar system being believed as Mahashiva, and earth as Shiva the Gangadhar, Chandrashekhara, etc.), although its rings are relatively smaller and not as brilliant as Saturn’s, and also its 11-year cycle possibly reflected by holding of ‘Kumbh-mela’ or large human (‘Hindus’ who believably realized essence of Moon to be housed in human heads) gatherings at 12 year intervals at certain locations on the banks of life-giving River Ganga that is related with valiant efforts of Bhagirath, grandson of King Sagar (literally ‘Sea’) to make her descend on earth (via the ‘hair-locks’ or ‘jata-joots’ of Shiva) from Moon the source of ‘somrus’ or life-giving moonlight meant for demigods or devtas only.

Moon in Hindu mythological stories is cryptically indicated as the ‘Mohini’ form of Vishnu, who believably distributed ‘amrit’ that is rendered immortality to ‘devtas’ at the end of the ‘churning of milky-ocean’ in four stages (starting originallty from poison that emergedf immediately after churning was commenced) by both ‘devtas’ (hot planets/ selfless persons, as their models in human form) as well as ‘rakshashas’ (cold planets/ selfish persons as models in human form acting as ‘hurdles’ in every Tom, Dick and Harry’s path to receive enlightenment or ‘moksha’)!

‘I’ also tried to show the significance of time and related events were believed to move from the end of Satyuga to Tretayuga to Dwaperyuga, and eventually to kaliyuga, in repeated cycles to thus indicate review of His own, and also of His models/ images in the ‘past’ by Bhootnath Shiva, the Mahakal, etc the unique Heavenly body in energy form by projection of those in His Third Eye, and also reflected similarly in His Own Images’ eyes too. However, in humans the physical eyes are believably rendered defective while ‘the third eye’ is made dormant - as part of a grand design to result in ‘Maya’ that is illusion…and thus possibility of innumerable versions of the same event, which one apparently experiences at all times during the review of successes and failures in the past in the life of the Nirakar or Formless Creator!

The 'wise' is however expected to consider all possible versions and thus reach ‘enlightenment’! And, perhaps thus realise the significance of "Aham Brahmasmi!" or "Shivoham!", as the 'wise' ancient Yogis also seem to have exclaimed!

JC said...

“I am the three-in-one Creator – Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesha!” That’s a big realization, a state of super consciousness believably reached by the rarest of rare Yogis who apparently withdrew from the hustle and bustle of the cities/ towns at some particular given time in the ‘past’, whereas the Creator must have apparently existed billions of years ago as the estimated age of the solar system is nearly 4.6 billion years!

In fact, it is generally accepted by ancient ‘wise Hindus’ that the Creator is unborn, as He is believed related with time and space zero, and therefore unending, whereas ‘I’ am one of his innumerable foolish images that stands nowhere in comparison with the ‘all knowing’, and even then it is still being reviewed in apparent time by Him! It is perhaps like ‘I’ review my own images snapped at different times, placed in my exclusive album, maybe just for ‘pastime’, or ‘entertainment’, or ‘education of someone else’, and so on…

And as per 'wise Hindus' all physical forms are believed to be illusory, a result of ‘maya’ that is illusion created by the Supreme Being for His unknown purpose…

Gurdevji, the above is the 'Shiva siddhant' as far as 'I' am concerned, whatever principles one might read in books, which are broiught forward thanks to apparent time - for confusion of 'seekers', maybe!

JC said...

The Hindu mythology is full of stories indicating different stages of ‘spiritual’ achievement by different sages, closer images of Shiva the immortal formless, who for the convenience of human the ‘imperfect’ models' imagination, is represented symbolically in the form of a stone Shivling, that may have different sizes at different places, as models of Mount Kailash the believable abode of Shiva-Parvati the 'divine' couple...

Parvati is believed to be the source of ‘amrit’, meant for all demigods or devtas only, and is fully devoted to her consort Shiva the ‘Neel kantha’ the blue-throated, named thus because He had to drink ‘halahal’ or ‘kalkoot’ the deadliest poison that emerged when ‘churning of milky-ocean’ was just commenced by selfless devtas as well as selfish rakshashas under the supervision of Brihaspati that is Jupiter (and still survived thanks to His consort)…

The churning believably proceeded through four stages at the end of which ‘amrit’ or immortality was attained by ‘devtas’ the demigods…

The devotedness of Parvati is seen reflected in normal Hindu families also as models, where a Hindu bride is supposed to arrive at her husband’s house in a palanquin on four shoulders and eventually leave it on a bier supported on the shoulders of four relatives (although today she might utilize a ‘four-wheeler’)!

Shiva is also famous for His ‘Third eye’ that believably turned into ashes Kamdev, a demigod, as well as Bhasmasur, a rakshasha…

Similarly, to indicate the meeaning and power attainable after regular meditation, there is a story of a sage who did ‘tapasya’ for long and found he had attained special powers for when he looked at a bird with anger, it was turned into ashes!

With bloated ego he went to a house-holder to beg for his daily meal. However, the lady took some time to come as she was at that moment busy taking care of her husband.

In the meanwhile this sage was worked up and attempted to turn her also into ashes with his newly attained power! But believably failed! The lady to his surprise told him that she wasn’t a bird!

Only then he realized the mysterious ways of Shiva - that even devotion to one’s better half is superior to ‘tapasya’ in the forests under the hot sun…

The poor fellow then lay prostrate on her feet begging to be excused!

And Hindus believe essence of Moon held in human head and Parvati the daughter of Hiamalayas is thus provided the highest pedestal - as also the 'Mount Kailash', as Shivling, where earth is indicated as 'Shiva the Gangadhar', or the one who holds Holy River Ganga, and is Chandrashekhara the one who has Moon on his forehead!

JC said...

For the benefit of the ‘non believers’ in the one and only divine person, rendered thus by ‘western education’ today, ‘brain washed’, ‘I’ might point out that it’s only the mental attitude that is responsible for the believable illusion. For the ‘scientists’ in the ‘present’ also have seen ‘Shiva’s Third Eye’ but have failed to correlate it with ancient Hindu thoughts, because they have come to learn about Hindu thoughts superficially only based on their face value, that is, the confusing external appearances, considering the interesting mythological stories as fiction and not caring to enter into the ‘truth’ contained in those very stories read with the present day ‘scientific’ findings also…

In the present case we are not able to see holes in the ozone layers to have been referred as ‘Shiva’s Third eye’ that when opened burnt Kamdev, in fact, no human being as such referred but the material objects of desire along with ‘life’ on earth was intended!

Kavitha Kalyan said...

Joshi uncle,

The concept of direction is indeed an interesting phenomenon, be it through the nava graha or be it through the asta dikhapala lingas.

Yet the idea of direction intrigues me and i feel there is more to the 8 directions than what meets the eye.

There is emphasis given to 8 forms of Shiva with respect to direction.

The panchayatana puja talks about directions with reference to kula deva.

When one does puja the direction to sit matters. When we go to the temple, the direction the deities face matters. This is by far a law followed in most temples.

SO what is it about direction?

JC said...

Kavitha, If one observes with open eyes and mind too, one gets to see in Egypt, for example, large edifices called ‘pyramid’ meaning ‘fire within’ in the accepted terminology, while conveying some sort of energy being ‘naturally’ generated within the masonry structure (stones provided by earth itself) but oriented such that each of the four triangular sides face one of the four cardinal directions, east, west, north and south…In ‘India’ also, since time immemorial, this feature is found in Temples in the form of ‘Vimanas’, literally ‘flying machines’, thereby hinting at these as instruments meant for uplift of souls to relatively higher levels…In human beings also the front of the body is referred by Yogis as ‘east’ (as the fact that our sun rises in the east made it easier for anyone to sit at the sunrise time to receive healthy sunrays, that is, white light from that direction which is related with blood in the human system); and , the rear as ‘west (for the spinal column that carries the central as well as sympathetic nervous systems in human form are located there, and Saturn was realized to control the nerves in the entire human system from head to toe).

Similarly the left side is called ‘north’ and the right side as ‘south’…and the elder of the two sons of Shiva & Parvati, Kartikeya the General of the devtas army came to be known as the right-hand of Parvati (or ‘Somskandh’, the right physically more powerful ‘shoulder of moon’), whereas the younger, although big bellied and with grafted head of an elephant believably had the blessings of both Ma Gouri (Sun & Moon) as well as Ma Kali (the centre of earth, as indicated by the belief that ‘Kali resided in the heart of Shiva the Gangadgar, etc.)…And Ganesha is indicated as ‘mooladhar’ that is basic root worshipped first out of all devtas or demigods, as he is the link between man and God…
Palmists believe the right hand palm to indicate the likely behavior of the concerned instrument that is formed out of permutations and combinations of the essences of eight selected members of the solar system under their influence with the head and heart lines both having their origin in the palm at the meeting point of ‘0’ formed by the thumb and the index fingers, that represent Moon & Mars respectively…

JC said...

The colours in the visible part of the spectrum indicate intensity of energy associated with each. Although people in south India understand better why majority prefers white garments in summers, from the example of say a visit to a temple, viz. Brahma’s in Pushkar, Rajasthan (also from personal experience a few years ago where black (Kali) and white (Gouri) marble pieces are seen used in the flooring, just as in a chess-board) one can learn how white marble reflects all sunrays and, therefore, feels cool to the bare feet, whereas black marble (opposite in appearance to ‘white’) absorbs the rays and thus feels hot and therefore best avoided in hot summer afternoon there, and might feel good in winters to stand on!

The directions gain importance from the apparent overall knowledge gained by relatively ‘wiser ancient Hindus’ (that different images of Shiva that reflect hierarchy between themselves rule different directions that help visualize the 360 degrees of space formed by the spherical shaped universe/ earth), because time is moving backwards and thus the events are reviewed in the opposite direction - related with reflection of status of evolution from relatively higher to lower level in human life on earth with the apparent passage of time (it being the highest believably around say 4.6 billion years ago, that is the end of Satyuga since when the events are being reviewed (like 'action replay') during one day in the unending life of Brahma – reckoned during apparent time for the real time is zero) …

JC said...

With Dipavali, the 'festival of light', less than a fortnight away (at the end of the present ‘krishna paksha’ or dark phase of moon, on 'new moon' night), one can perhaps recall the lighting of a ‘diwali’ cracker called ‘anar’ (literally the fruit called pomegranate and shaped like it, which could also bring to mind to a certain extent the eruption of an active volcano) to visualize the return journey of the sparkles, together with their original rising stage also reflected at all times by those that follow them as long as the inflammatory material lasts, when towards the end sparkles are seen to rise to smaller heights compared to the peak reached at a certain point in time (reflecting Satyuga)…and at the end only some sulfurous residual material is seen around the opening of the cracker…

JC said...

As we had seen earlier elsewhere also, ‘natural geysers’, or even man-made artificial water fountains, can also help visualize the phenomenon as the working model of the believable rising of energy/ information from ‘mooladhar’ (**) in human forms to ‘sahasrara chakra’ in the head when ‘kundalini’ gets activated – like raising of its hood by a King Cobra that normally remains coiled up on the ground (understood by ‘wise Hindus’ as a hint by the Creator…

[** Mooladhar or basic root is believed located at tail-bone end where essence of planet Mars is housed and which is also linked with the essence of ring-planet Saturn the ‘sudershan-chakra-dhari’ Vishnu’s physical form that holds the key to all the intermediate ‘bandhas’ that is locks, and rules the directin ‘west’, or back of human form where nerves are located, and hence 'reawakening' expected to come from that direction only in Kaliyuga – of course, helped by Gurus in the ‘east’!]

JC said...

Sun – starting from Red colour that ruled the ‘east’, as hinted by Bengal’s Ma Kali’s red tongue, at the beginning of the ‘churning’ at the beginning of Kaliyuga - apparently eventually evolved as ‘Brahma’, one of the aspects of Trimurty Shiva the Mahesha at the end of Satyuga, but separated from Earth or Shiva by a large distance, and became the source of cool neutral white sunlight that came to rule the direction South and is associated with ultraviolet and infrared rays (and ruled SW and SE resp, while Green colour/ modified Shiva ruled NW as reflected in the tilt in earth’s axis, and Orange colour/ son Ganesha ruled NE, as His left hand), besides the seven other colours that are observed in the visible part of spectrum that all enter earth’s atmosphere after penetrating the protective ozone layer (referred as Shiva’s Third Eye in the stories…

The Hindu mythological stories also interestingly point out the two energy forms in human forms as Gurus associated particularly with ‘Suryavanshi’ Kings - (who functioned as models of our Sun, the heavenly body that is believed to have gradually increased its influence range, and behaviour copied by kings through performance of ‘ashwamedha yagya’ or rites that we have earlier also seen in details) - during Dwaper/ Tretayugas, the intermediate stages of evolution, as Dronacharya & Vidur/ Vishwamitra & Vashisht respectively for advice on day-to-day & long-term functions respectively…

JC said...

Kavitha, although this is not related with directions, and only with ‘India’ that is ‘Bharat’. The mention of ‘Mahabharat’ might in fact convey that at one time the whole earth perhaps was called ‘India’ – the word ‘Hindu’ as well as ‘Indus’ being derived from ‘Indu’ the moon that virtually protects/ rules over the entire globe after it believably evolved from earth itself…

We had discussed earlier also how the stories indicated the concept of evolution of heavenly bodies through human characters.

Although there can be cited many, just one example in respect of 'Earth' that is Shiva the Mahesha, the ‘superior most God’ is described through the statement, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam”, can be seen to be represented by the character in human form in Dwaperyuga, (of 50% maximum efficiency possible), as Yudhhister who always spoke the truth that is ‘satya’, although the mischievous Krishna is shown in Mahabharat to have suppressed part of his truthful words by blowing his conch-shell that convinced Kauravas and Guru Dronacharya about the reported death of Aswatthama by the Pandavas (although it was only an elephant by that name that had died, and he was believed to have been granted the boon of immortality), and which made it easier for Arjuna the ‘expert archer’ (a model of our Sun) to kill Dronacharya…

Whereas, in Tretayuga the character of Lakshamana the younger brother of the expert archer Rama, indicates him as a model of evolving earth, such as the example of his having never seen the face of his sister-in-law Sita, but always her feet only and therefore his inability to say whether the moon’s crescent shape necklace belonged to her or not (while it is well known that terrestrials can't see the other side of teh moon that is the face of Sita)!!!

Similarly, the stories indicate characters in human forms of Draupadi, Sita and Parvati, as models of moon during different eras (Yugas), as, for example, all reportedly evolved from earth, the fact supported even today as a ‘scientific’ belief…

JC said...

In view of the above comment, from one of the innumerable view-points possible, the human form could perhaps be understood as a multi-purpose machine or a wonderful equipment that has in the ‘present’, or Kaliyuga, a life span ranging maximum up to 150 years say, of which 20 years - for one to mature, like an alcoholic drink - to 60 years of age, that is, 40 years can perhaps be considered the maximum useful ‘active life’, for normally that age is considered as the age of ‘retirement’ today!
In view of the above, the ‘aged people’ above 60 today could perhaps be considered a liability! However, ‘Nature’ (‘Panchbhootas’ together, say) indicates how it is doing ‘useful service’ for over 4 billion years - and that too selflessly! And some wise person said, “He also serves who just stands and stares.”

The Hindu mythological stories, however, indicate the duration of Kaliyuga as 432,000 years and possible human efficiency believably ranging between 0 and 25%, while it believably is 75% and 100%, possible at the end of Satyuga of duration 4x432,000 years - (when earth, also called ‘Shiva the Gangadhara’, as the one and only perfect model became the ‘true image’ or ‘reflection’ of the immortal formless being, which might just be illusory in so far as the formless is considered, as apparently realized by ‘Yogis’) - that had gradually increased in steps through intermediate stages of Dwaperyuga and Tretayuga of duration 2x432,000, and 3x432,000 respectively, in 25% increase during each Yuga…

Thus it’s perhaps a matter of belief or faith in the present when no single individual seems to have time on hand, nor the capability, to do in-depth studies in all fields of activity that have apparently multiplied as if keeping pace with the ‘population explosion’ among humans – that is His Own Images…

As ‘I’ expressed elsewhere, for visualization of the phenomenon, a pyramid could help that has just a point or zero area (for Shiva/ Nadbindu Vishnu) at its peak and its area increases as we move downwards and thus can accommodate maximum numbers of points at its base – that could be imagined as the devtas and rakshashas or the selfless and selfish persons that occupy the globe in the ‘present’…

JC said...

And, Krishna in the Gita also is indicated by the wise ancient sages responsible for the publication to say that He has created only two types of human beings having opposite characteristics (angels and demons, or devtas and rakshashas) as indicated by ‘me’ in the above comment also…

One might call them as the two opposite sides of a coin - Head & Tail. However, everyone might be aware that a coin cannot come in to existence unless it had a blank or neutral side also.

The ‘wise’ thus understood the neutral or dormant formless being also sandwiched between the two opposing natural characteristic properties found in each animal form – that together give rise to thoughts, such as ‘to be, or not to be’, while the apparent dormant/ neutral person within decided what option one would select, like a ‘magician’ decides in advance what card he would make you pick from the pack and then produce it in a mysterious way so that you are dumb struck due to ‘lack of knowledge’ - about the modus operandi adopted by the magician!

However, the 'wise' at all times apparently are expected to be aware of the obligation of 'creation/ destruction' of the physical forms in the entire universe within zero time and hence the need of its review as 'action replay' by the all knowing Supreme Being as well as 'His Own Images'!

However, the images/ models are ap0arently deliberately, as part of a grand design, are kept ignorant for purpose of the 'Creator cum Destroyer' is not made known and it's left for anybody to guess...and thus perhaps innumerable versions of each and every aspect of creation that every iamge finds in 'Nature'! In the eyes of the Nadbindu perhaps it, literally, is 'much ado about nothing'!

JC said...

Kavitha, You have mentioned, “I can’t help but think that the initial thought of the Lord being a lot more than just a wish fulfilling tree came from the background of my education back at school. I was taught; Love the Lord for what he is and not for what he is capable of giving you…”

The idea of ‘Kalpa-taru’ or ‘wish-fulflling tree’ appear in many stories, that is fiction, where it is shown how whatever one desired, and wished under some particular tree even unknowingly, the desire used to get fulfilled instantaneously, like a ‘miracle’…

Even the story of Buddha receiving enlightenment under the ‘Bodhi Tree’ (bodhi meaning realization), a Peepal Tree of Banyan family, conveys the particular species of trees to have certain natural characteristic properties (as also indicated in the Betal Pachchisi or 25 stories related with a valorous king Vikramaditya who tried to control a spirit)...

And also Shiva the ‘Destroyer’ is believed to be Bhootnath that is the Lord of the ghosts or spirits also. And the Peepal Tree is believed to act as an abode of spirits that can’t escape from the gravitational force of earth even after these are released from the mortal bodies that keep them imprisoned for a certain duration – due mainly to attachment with that particular form and environment etc…And hence Yogis advised one to live life maintaining detachment together with attachment as long as life lasts – in order to achieve liberation or ‘moksha’ from birth-death-rebirth cycle on earth that acts like a prison, just as animal body believably keeps the soul imprisoned - perhaps as part of a grand design...

For Krishna in the Gita also says that once someone enters the time cycle (Kal-chakra) there is no escape from it! And it is indicated therein that man is an inverted tree, that unlike plant life is rooted in the ‘sky’…and hence knowledge of Astronomy used in Astrology and Palmistry etc. by the ‘wise ancients’. And, each individual for her children acts as a wish fulfilling tree!

However, in the Kaliyuga it was the poison that believably ruled. And, in the present air/ water/ food otems/ etc all appear polluted or poisoned, thus confirming that we are reviewing the past, and hence the apparent helplessness in all aspects of human life!

JC said...

Hindu mythological stories indicate life-death-life cycle continued eternally. Although there might appear large variations in the grand variety of life forms on earth that apparently perform actions over certain duration, they all need rest/ sleep, that is, inaction too...

Generally speaking, life in ‘human form’ can be seen to perform actions, say mental actions and physical actions over 8 hours each, and needs rests/ sleep for 8 hours. And, ‘wise Hindus’ called sleep as ‘ardha-mrit-awastha’ that is a state of ‘half-death’ that occurs every day, which perhaps was seen as perhaps deduced from the realized belief related with birth-death-rebirth cycle, i.e., say, 16 hours of ‘life’ full predominantly of apparent actions in different fields of activity, followed by 8 hours of ‘half-death’ or sleep daily, which is repeated all through one’s eventually temporary life, and believably life after life of the concerned soul!

And, obviously for presentation of the above drama, that is ‘action replay’ of some phenomenon that apparently happened in zero hour in the life of the unborn and unending formless being, there has to be some cause for ‘life’, that is ‘amrit’ (provided by moon); and also for death, that is ‘poison’ (provided by material earth), which too is available in ‘Nature’ in a grand variety from low to high potency, the deadliest being Potassium Cyanide or KCn (that sounds very close to Kishan or Krishna believably the representative of Vishnu - and Vishnu literally means ‘poisonous atom’, and it is believed that He was responsible for creation, that is the origin of ‘life’, the Nadbindu as the source of ‘Big Bang’ or ‘Brahmnad’!)...

Although ‘all knowing’ God appears foolish even to ‘present-day- ‘believers’, the ancients however called Shiva as Simple God’ that is Bholenath, and the ‘wise’ realized that it was only one, out of the three aspects, that is simple! While the three-in-one God, Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, however, appears to fool their, or/ rather His images, (of which a grand variety is seen in the universe in physical forms), particularly the more egoistic animal life called MAN!

Can any one human being in the present, believably Kaliyuga the Dark Age with all that pollution/ poison in the environment increasing manifold with the passage of time find out the purpose of God in creation/ destruction when the ‘wise ancients’ also couldn’t find even when Shiva, thanks tp Parvati, for their sake had helped consume ‘halahal’/ ‘kalkoot’ the deadliest poison (KCn)?

It is interesting to learn that even today there is a poison simply called 1080**, that ‘I’ had indicated as the numbers of cycles during one day in the life of Brahma!!!
[**Sodium fluoroacetate is a strong metabolic poison. It occurs naturally in various plants, believbly in tea leaves too that the Chinese and even the poorest of poor Indians use as a drink that cheers since time immemorial! It is reportedly used as an anti-herbivore metabolite that is now believed to be the cause of contagious cancer in a particular species of carnivorous marsupials in Australia. And, interestingly, it is also known as sodium monofluoroacetate, compound 1080 or 1080! It is called thus based on its catalogue number (and Hindus believed Krishna to be just mischievous, playing pranks with humans, but is prepared to help you ‘read between lines’, only even if you just indicate your desire to befriend him – as the milkmaids and cowboys of Mathura believably did!)]

JC said...

It becomes a bit easier once you know as well are ever conscious of it mansa (mentally), karma (physical action) and ‘vacha’ (speech/ writing) that your brain is an analogical computer, millions of times superior to the digital computer that itself has rendered ‘present day man’ awe struck. But, it works on symbols - alphanumeric and graphical - that need translation and its efficiency, therefore, gets comparatively reduced due to the necessity or compulsion related with ‘Time’ or ‘Yuga’ due to the time required in conversion of the symbols into computer language – the binary system consisting of 0 & 1 (‘nirakar’ that is formless and ‘sakar’ that is with form ‘brahm’ - to a wise Hindu)…
Everyone knows, but only a few are aware of the miserably low efficiency of us humans today. For example, say just in case related with ‘health’ in ‘India’, look at the statistics related with numbers of ‘patients’ suffering - with a variety of illnesses ranging say up to HIV - that fill all varieties of available private and government hospitals, hospices in ‘India’ and the relatively poor infrastructure available to handle the ever-growing numbers that are swelling geometrically, besides recklessness in use of medicines, spurious ones too, and the disposal of the resultant ‘garbage’!
And yet, unaware of the facts, like a ‘blinkered horse’, man in general poses to have tremendously ‘advanced in technology’, even to the extent of managing to land on Moon, which at one time recently was a figment of imagination!

Natkhat Nandlal, that is mischievous 'Krishna' the 'black', or simply Kisan says all wrong acts are on account of overall knowledge (and Kisan phoenetically in the lingo of the 'common man', interestingly, could in some case perhaps be mistaken to mean KCn the deadlist poison, or 'farmer' that is 'Kisaan')!

However, he has also cautioned man about all this to be result of ‘maya’ that is illusion, which led the ‘Vedantis’ to reach the ‘Absolute Truth’ or the Supreme Formless Being – and also ‘His Own Images’, in the words of the ‘wise west’ too, whereas Hindus believed man as model of the universe, in the past life of Bhootnath Shiva, that however in the ‘present’ is illusory, energy form only who is reviewing 'His Past'!!!

JC said...

Kavitha, Talking of compulsion to use alphanumeric symbols - for communication between two people separated by a small or large distance - let us see a joke in a lighter vein - apparently in ‘real life’ - to visualize how a human brain functions, in a funny way at times on account of language one must use but one hasn’t 'mastered', for it is not one’s own ‘mother tongue’ that one generally uses to prepare the mind what one wants to say in day-to-day life, translates it in the language of the concerned that is addressed, and only then verbalizes it...


During British Rule in ‘India’, in a government office, a clerk’s colleague called him an ass!

Heated up, he immediately rushed to the chamber of the English boss to complain against him.

In the heat of the moment he was about to say, ‘Sir, Mr. X said you are an ass!’

But just at the nick of time, before he could utter it, he thankfully realized it could convey wrongly to the boss that Mr. X had called the boss an ass!

So, he thought over and said, Sir comma Mr. X said to me comma, inverted commas begin, You are an ass, full stop, inverted commas closed!

Kavitha, you had asked about the sanctity of directions. In view of the above there is a popular saying, as essence of the many possible ‘Truths’, “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.”

‘Hindus’, therefore, indicated ‘Brahma’ to have four faces, and Shiva and Vishnu both to have four hands each (thus B-V-M together has four faces, and eight hands, while like the spider, and octopus too, M Durga is referred as Ashtbhuja dhari, ie, eight-handed)! While thousands of 'Egyptologists' from all over the world even today are kept busy researching the mysteries associated with the Pyramids that too have four (triangular) faces each, one each in the four cardinal directions…

And, one generally observes 12 months in an year adopted today, 12 houses in a horoscope, and 12 Sun signs under each one of which any human being on earth is being reckoned to have been born, based on the period during which our apparently fixed sun appears to regularly, each year, cover one of the 12 constellations, that is, groups of stars, in the background 'sky', with which the general likely characteristics could be predicted based on in-depth studies apparently conducted by the ‘wiser ancients’...whereas the ‘modern scientists’ in Kaliyuga are seen to doubt the very basis of effects of planets on human life! For they appear to be more interested in micro-seconds and not in Yugas, because they are not prepared to believe the 'Unique Truth' or physical Shiva the Gangadhara (Earth) would have been reached at the end of Satyuga that is not where 'time' is headed (as per 'ancient Hindus' it is headed towards zero the Absolute Truth, that obviously can't be seen)!

JC said...

Kavitha, ‘I’ would like to bring forth from teh message box the following comments for information of serious visitors too and comments if any, while adding that it is also one of the many views, “Shiva is Vishnu/ And Vishnu is Shiva.”
Gousrini: The central doctrine of the Saiva Siddhanta philosophy is that Siva is the Supreme Reality, and that the Jiva or the individual soul is of the same essence as Siva, but not identical. Pati (God), (Pasu)
- 18 Oct 08, 20:19
Gousrini: Pasu (soul), and Pasa (the bonds) and the thirty-six Tattvas or principles which constitute the world, are all real.
-18 Oct 08, 20:19
Gousrini: Gurudev ji thats saiva Siddhantam Intro For you The Saiva Siddhanta system is the distilled essence of Vedanta. It is a rival school of Vaishnavism.
- 18 Oct 08, 20:20
Gousrini: Characteristics of the Supreme Reality: The Supreme Reality is called Siva. He is infinite consciousness. He is eternal, changeless, formless, independent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient,
- 18 Oct 08, 20:22

JC said...

The messages posted in the message box, apparently between 20:22 to 21:21 are also brought forth - which might show certain incomplete sentences also…
18 Oct 08, 20:22 to 21:21
Gousrini: one without a second, beginningless, causeless, taintless, self-existent, ever free, ever pure, and perfect. He is not limited by time. He is infinite bliss and infinite intelligence. He is free from

Gousrini: Lord Siva is the God of Love. His grace is infinite. His love is infinite. He is the saviour and Guru. He is engaged in freeing the souls from the thraldom of matter. He assumes the form of a Guru out

Gousrini: of His intense love for mankind. He wishes that all should know Him and attain the blissful Siva-Padam (the state of Siva). He watches the activities of the individual souls, and helps them in their

Gousrini: onward march. He liberates the individual souls from their fetters or bonds.

Gousrini: The Five Activities of the Lord: The five activities of the Lord are: Creation, Preservation, Destruction, Veiling and Grace. These, separately considered, are the activities of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra,

Gousrini: Maheshwara, and Sadasiva.Siva, Shakti and Maya: Lord Siva pervades the whole world by His Shakti. He works through Shakti. Shakti is the conscious energy of the Lord Siva. She is the very body of Lord

Gousrini: Siva. The potter is the first cause for the pot. The stick and the wheel are the instrumental causes. The clay is the material cause of the pot. Similarly, Lord Siva is the first cause of the world.

Gousrini: Similarly, Lord Siva is the first cause of the world. Shakti is the instrumental cause. Maya is the material cause

Gousrini: Shakti is not the material cause of the universe, because She is of the nature of consciousness (Chaitanya). Siva is pure consciousness, but matter is pure unconsciousness. Shakti is the intermediate

Gousrini: Shakti is the reflex of Siva. It has no independent existence. Siva assumes this form out of His great love for mankind. Siva wishes that all should know Him.

Gurudev: Thank you thank you and Thank you with all my respects to you Gousrini i am blessed to read these verses and to follow them Thanks you Once again Om Shanti
Gousrini: Its My Pleasure to serve you Gurudevji Sarvam shiva Mayam Om TAT SAT

JC said...

Maybe it helps a bit to know the mind of the ‘wise ancients’ that the word ‘gu’ means darkness (and in common lingo it came to be used for the thing that is called ‘shit’ today - by the youth particularly). And ‘ru’ means dispelling darkness (with light). And thus ‘Guru’ means the one that dispels the darkness of ignorance, (just as the scavenger cleans the shit - as a model or example to make it easier to enter the mind of God, the Creator cum Perpetrator cum Destroyer)!

The ancient wise said, “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Mahesha, Guru sakshat Parambrahma/ Tasmai Shri Guruve namah.”
And prayed to the Trimurty and the Formless, the Gurus, “Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya, etc.” That is in essence, “Lead the kindly light,” for dispelling the darkness of ignorance, just as Ma Durga is also called ‘mahishasur mardini’, which perhaps obviously was in code words, for the ‘wise’ who are supposed to read between the lines…

It is interesting to observe that in recent times, at the beginning of a fresh millennium, (‘famous astrophysicist’) Stephen Hawking expressed his thought ‘to enter the mind of God’ when asked if he believed in God – because ‘scientists’ were generally believed as ‘non believers’!

‘Shakti’ means energy, and ‘science’ tells us that energy cannot be destroyed, and so on…Shiva is believed as Yogeshwar or Lord of Yogis where Yoga means union or fusion, which could lead one to know why overall knowledge was believed necessary for a ‘siddha purush’ in order to reach the various ‘Truths’ as well as the one and only ‘Absolute Truth’, or Super Soul that is ‘Paramatma’… ‘Amen’/ ‘Om’…and so on…for any numbers of words could be found insufficient to convey the ‘truth’ for ‘there are as many thoughts as there are mouths’!...

JC said...

Although we have earlier also tried to see how the presence of various human languages could create funny, or embarrassing situations at times, ‘I’ would like to give the example of the word ‘chore’: In English it means ‘a task’; a small odd job; a difficult or unpleasant task.
The word mentioned in some conversation could result in an illiterate north Indian to understand it to mean a ‘thief’, while if a Tamilian/ Malyalee (in South India) hears someone speak the word ‘chore’ in English, he/ she could understand it to mean ‘cooked rice’ (that word itself in the northern/ eastern region is called ‘bhat’, with consonant ‘t’ soft when pronounced, but is likely to be mistaken by an Englishman to mean ‘bath’, and by a Thai to mean their currency, where hard ‘t’ is pronounced)…

In a personal experience in the late Seventies my wife arranged to send a Nepali servant to a Malyalee family that had till then lived in Kerala all the while and could just manage to speak some Hindi.

However, only after 2-3 days we learnt that the servant had quit, refusing to work in their house! The family was perplexed why he quit. Naturally, they informed us.
When enquired from him he said the couple discussing among themselves used to say ‘chor’, from which he had thus deduced that they doubted his integrity!

Thankfully, although I am not nyself (in this life!) a south Indian by birth, I had my close relatives staying in Chennai (then Madras), and also had - since the school days - many South Indian friends as neighbours in the same colony as well as many class fellows too, and I therefore knew they would have been discussing about rice.

I could therefore explain to the servant - and thus the twist in the tale was straightened and a likely ‘tragic end’ to the drama was turned into a ‘comedy of errors’!

JC said...

Even between two friends, or close relatives, use of some word, or words, in the common language used by both for correspondence, particularly in writing letters say, could create misunderstanding due to misinterpretation and thereby could cause one to even sever their relations! The misunderstanding might, however luckily, in certain cases sometimes do get clarified when the writer gets an opportunity to personally talk to the person concerned and explains actually what was meant…Thus one comes to realize how audio-visual effect is much better to avoid such occurrences, where one can even read the body language and know if the essence of the matter is being grasped or not. It also gives an opportunity to the addressed to pose questions in case there arise some doubts in the mind…

However, when it concerns hearing of discourses by some spiritual Gurus who have large following, say in person, the Guru’s words appear good and easily understood.

Their effect, however, generally appears to evaporate like camphor when the concerned comes out of the influence range of the Guru!

The situation is called ‘shmashan vairag’ that is like attending, say, the rituals at the cremation ground related with a close relative that might generate thoughts of detachment from the ‘material world’.

But, as soon as the person returns home, the compulsions of day-to-day life, makes him to gradually forget all those thoughts…(perhaps indicating a grand 'natural design')...

Anonymous said...

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