The disaster called Immortals of Meluha

In the writer's own words: 
"What the bloody hell, which joker wrote this bullshit!"

This book or rather the series of books is the slaughter of the cult of Shiva with utter disrespect and irresponsibility, its the death of a very deep rooted faith.

I respect Christians and Muslims for one thing, which our Hindu followers severely lack - awareness towards one's own faith. If this irresponsible writer had even tried to twist the story of their Gods or even attempted to reduce their God to a mere barbarian, they would have vehemently rejected this book. But what do our people do! They made this bullshit a freaking best seller. 

This is when I envy Christians and Muslims, we need to learn from them on how we need to first be aware of our faith and realize it, and then protect it and fight back when some ignorant writer tries to abuse it. We don't take informed decisions, we are a gullible bunch of people with little knowledge on the depth of our faith and that's when writers of this kind flourish in our society. 

What is wrong with that book! Well I wish I had the opportunity to edit that manuscript, I would have simply thrown it into the bin and asked the author to do proper research before he even started to attempt writing on Lord Shiva. He may have a decent plot, but he has no business to infuse the Shiva cult into his fictitious story and distort the core of this faith. When we write books, we don't change facts, we don't distort the truth as written in the scriptures into something else because we run the responsibility of publishing this work and the distortion of faith through such publications is completely unacceptable  I would love to know where this author did his research from and how much of the cult of Shiva he really understood leave alone realize! 

For one, we are talking about ancient faith, deep rooted tradition and we need to maintain a certain decorum before we mix it with modernity of the current times. When we get into serious research there are rules to follow like any other science and that cannot be trampled with or broken, it has to be respected. Clearly the author has shown complete lack of research in his books and the audience who made it a best seller show complete lack of awareness towards the faith when they praised the book. 

The rules of Shiva faith are strong and any follower of this cult will know how true they are. Shiva is not an inferior barbarian who is illiterate or ignorant. Shiva is a concept, one that speaks of truth, wisdom, profound knowledge, freedom and fearlessness. If the author remotely understood this, he wouldn't even start to write this book.

Mount Kailash and Mansarovar are sacred to the cult of Shiva, sacred to the faith called Shaivism. Hence twisting the story to say that he was forced out of there is a completely wrong thing to do. Just as Vaikuntam is sacred to Lord Vishnu, Kailash is sacred to Lord Shiva and no one should even attempt to change this. And readers of such books should not tolerate an author attempting to twist facts specially when he has no idea about the core of this religion and is a complete ignoramus himself. 

If the author of this book didn't know dance, here are a few tips on how he could have bettered the chapter on Sati's dance class. For one, when we explain dance, we don't talk the language of left and right hand, we use jargon like mudras. Also, the starting prayer in dance IS NOT the Nataraja pose, it is Namaskar done in a different way. I wonder if this author even knows how the Nataraja form came about in Shiva Mythology.... or whether he even knows the meaning of Nataraja pose. The meaning of Nataraja is the dance that depicts Lord Shiva expressing to the devotee, to surrender to Him, by discarding Apasmarapurusha [the small dwarf at his foot] and merge into Him, to attain enlightenment. If the author knew this, he wouldn't even attempt to call Lord Shiva a barbarian who was ignorant at the same time!!! God! 

And since when did Lord Ram make an appearance into any Shiva Mythology? And since when were Daksha and Shiva in good terms? When did Nandi start eating meat? And please, since when did Lord Ram become superior to Lord Shiva? Lord Ram is the epitome of goodness within ordered society caked with its rules of diplomacy and social decorum. Shiva is the fearlessness and the freedom of life outside of ordered society. Shaivism doesn't care a damn for social rules, it just cares for the real truth. How can we even compare the two? And of course, since when did Daksha become the keeper of Somaras, and where is Indra? 

What really makes me laugh is the fact that the author goes about writing a line that says that Shiva doesn't even know why he is called Neelkanth!  The author must be out of his mind to pen down a line like that...Anyone who is a Shiva follower knows why he is called Neelkanth, the author of this book certainly does not and has not cared to even find out. How the hell did he even go about writing this bullshit!!

What really baffles me is the level of ignorance in our readers who made this book a best seller and that no one has a problem with the way our faith has been distorted or with the pathetic way this book has been scripted? 

Yes, very clearly, I am a Shiva devotee and I am offended by the way this author has written about Shaivism. I am offended by the way he has disrespected our faith, I am offended by the way he has published this manuscript and the distortion of belief its going to cause all the young impressionable minds who read it. I am offended by the way he has abused such a deep rooted and respectable faith. 

I have just one advice to give you - If you want to know about Shaivism, this book is not the place you should look for it.


Kavitha said...

Viji Varadarajan by email:

Kavitha, the guy's book is a best seller!!! Disgusting. Somebody needs to do something about it. Halfway thro' the bk I threw it down in disgust and told my friend so...

Kavitha said...

Saffronskinspa by email:

I absolutely agree
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Kavitha said...

Priscilla Arumugam by email:

I am glad to notice that I share your sentiments exactly. I was introduced to these books by my daughter who found them to be contradictory to what I have taught them and believe.My suggestion to u is to do an analysis of the books and submitt your detailed research to the company as well as the author itself after aquiring much support or various view points from other readers.

You should also attempt to writing a novel for i have been reading all your desitations or recordings of your personal opinion on various issues. they make good reading.


Priscilla Arumugam

JC said...

Kavitha, While agreeing with you wholly on the concept called Shiva, the one and only super intelligent being in the entire universe,believed to be unborn and unending, the Hindu belief also conveys the concept of 'mithya Jagat', ie, illusory world, or physical forms as a result of illusion created through the weakness of the apparent physical senses in the animal world having at its head humans as the most evolved one as Shiva's models that reflect the variety apparent in the eve changing 'Nature'... That's why the elevated souls only could reach the Absolute Truth and say, "Shivoham"! the Creator Himself!...
Even from different apparent practices related to worship of GOD in 'Insia' every soul can realise how any and every form is used to reach SHIVA only, the Formless Supreme being who alone matters!!!

Bharat Sharma said...

Kavitha ji,

I have been reading your blog for last many years but it is the first time I am commenting.

Yes, you rightly put it, this book is utter crap and written specifically to hurt Hindus.

Kavitha said...

Arjunī through email:

Hello Kavitha,

The Blogger comment form is not working for me, but I wanted to respond to your (perceptive) post about this (awful!) book. I apologise in advance that this will be a bit long! I too disliked this book, and have a bit to say about it.

I have read that the author was an atheist, but became a Shiva devotee as he developed and researched the ideas of his story. Also, a friend wanted very much that I should read this book - so, with these good thoughts in my mind, I read The Immortals of Meluha all the way to the end.

I think that the basic thought of writing an action-adventure fiction novel about a Deva is not innately disrespectful. And of course it is possible to write just a simple story which only touches on some very advanced ideas. But this book was so frustrating! It was oddly childish, slowly-paced and even boring in places, and not innocent or endearing in the way a children's story might be. I could see what the author was trying to do, but never quite got there.

The dance, for example - it seemed that he was trying to depict the magic and power of dance, and show the dancer invoking the Divine in the beginning. That's a great idea! but as you pointed out, why not use the actual salutation to the Earth that dancers perform, instead of inventing the Nataraja step as both warm-up (ouch!) and opening posture? The idea of "Veda as ancient science" has been introduced in other books, but never quite so poorly developed and described as it is here; it's dull, like listening to a dry physics lecture. Really, every page was like listening to someone playing the piano and hitting wrong chords over and over, so that your nerves are constantly on edge waiting for the next mistake.

A new devotee's fledgling effort is not something that should be published right away. This book would have greatly benefited from two things. First, the author should have been patient and spent a few years as a devotee, learning the truths of Shiva in dedicated sadhana, and then revisited his book, cleaning up the elementary mistakes (some of which you pointed out in your post). And the editor should have been very strict, having the courage to dissect the book and clean up the poor writing, misspellings, odd grammar, and amateur errors (like characters SCREAMING IN CAPSLOCK), as well as the jumpy pacing and stilted dialogue, which made the book so hard to read.

--and where is Indra?
Not to worry - the same publisher is releasing a book called Thundergod soon, in which I understand that Indra and the other Vedic gods will be fictionalized (and doubtless ruined) similarly.

The Immortals of Meluha didn't touch upon the greatness of Shiva; rather, the book attempted to bring Shiva down to the earthly plane, and failed. I don't think that the author's intention was bad, but good intentions are not enough to write a work of literary merit.

Thanks for writing about this book.


Kavitha said...

Saritha by email:

I only skimmed through the book at a bookstore, Kavitha, but quickly put
it down with a dim feeling of outrage...glad our horizons meet:)


Anonymous said...

The primary objective of writing a book, or even a blog is selecting a subject which will attract many to buy it even out of curiosity.The author has achieved It has been achieved now...!

JC said...

When one observes at the mundane level, an infant at the time of birth is just a 'clean slate'. However, with time, at some stage a normal one becomes mature, physically. and also to a certain extent mentally also when one develops capacity to analyse facts observed by one till that time... And thus at any given point in time each individual can be considered analogous to a book or a library of books (as 'experts' in one subject or like 'siddhas' the all rounders)...

However, the question is whether man has some particular purpose in life??? Or, is it just to make money and become famous in the eyes of other underdeveloped persons???

Kavitha said...

Rwitoja Mukherjee by email:

I agree , Kavitha.I tried reading and could not go beyond three pages.Its nonsense

Kavitha said...

Umashankar Ghantayat:

Dear Kavitha,

For a long time I have been receiving you posts on account of being listed in your blog. I am an indphile and have immense pride in my roots as I slowly realise what it is ( and it is a tip in the ocean). More than that I revel in my heritage and history especially when I compare these with sa Greece or Rome or Egypt.

I have read Meluha and as much of an regimented person that I am, I do not find anything denigrating the image of Shiva and it is a peice of fiction. Of course it might influence the image of Shiva in the minds of modern readers, but the other side it would also generate an enthusiasm about our heritage.

So in some sense it is OK. I also wrote back to say that I am filled with admiration at the way you are discovering and your depth in India and Hinduism. You must think of book that links and narrates teh relevance of our rich heritage to modern times.

Warm Regards

Kavitha said...

Indira Devi through email:

I fully agree with you., These are local preserved stories., Do not get hurt by these stories., The Big Giant Elephant, walks in the streets, with majesty, there are some barking dogs., Nothing happens to the elephant and its followers., Truth will prevail at the end., shivoham shivoham sivoham., Malli.

Kavitha said...

Rammaa by email:

Naman aapko ,
I am truly impressed with your effort
And I agree with you ,100%
All these pseudo intellectuals
are either out to make money
Or a product of British brainwashing
It is so deep rooted it is difficult to eradicate.
Their effort to finish Hinduism took many ways
Laughing at Murti puja was one ,and any one who
laughed at Murti puja was given a special status
Like rishi swami mahatma,! All pseudos!
We can only pray to the LORD to help
End the rakshas raj

Lola said...

With all due respect Maaam,

His work was only fiction; not the best I agree, but captivating and intriguing in its own right.
It is upto the reader to use his discretion to distinguish between fact and fiction made to look like facts.
Just as a thousand readers picked up his book to read about Lord Shiva a thousand others would have finished it and moved on to other books in search of the truth about him, because of IoM.
You (i mean the author or anyone really)cannot hope to educate the general population about everything.
So though i definitely understand the offense you took, and see where it is coming from (and how valid it is) I also think we as readers can be broad-minded enough to see the book in its context, and remember that it is just fiction.
Hinduism is way bigger (and stronger) than all this. Its not going anywhere.

Anant said...

Agree!! this book is pure nonsense. It is not even a ok work of fiction even if considered minus the use of God's names. the whole story is so filmy and lacking depth.

This guy is not even a good fiction writer, forget to expect some research and depth and respect to what names is he writing about!

Kavitha said...

Hi Lola,

I agree with you to a certain extent that this book is not end all... but, the topic needs to be given its justice. The faith needs to be given its justice... and btw, how broad minded does broad minded get?

IF the author wrote a blog, I would say nothing, its his private space. This is public domain, where we run responsibilities, and surely the author has not been serious about it or himself.

I believe he is a recent follower of Shiva, its good, but he needs to live and feel the faith a bit before he goes about writing about it.

Just to let you know i can write what i want on my blog, but i run the responsibility of not hurting the sentiments of my readers and hence there are a few strong opinions of mine that never make it here. This guy is going about publishing a book.

I hope you understand my point. My worry is that impressionable younger minds will take this as bible when this is actually filth. His book was ok, why bring Lord Shiva into it? That made all the difference.


Kavitha said...

Oh one more thing Lola, I remember long back, I wrote about a few facts on death, and I was immediately questioned by the readers on this blog as to where I got it from.

I had to substantiate it with evidence from the Garuda Purana. There after I have always quoted the scriptures so that my readers dont feel that I am fooling around - why? It matters to them that if I take up a serious topic I better be sure about what I publish.

We have to be sensitive towards the reader's feelings. Thats the responsibility i am looking for in the author and sadly... he just didnt make it.

JC said...

Kavitha, Hindu mythology indicates from His description our planet earth itself as Shiva in physical form: Gangadhar and Chandrashekhar etc among His thousand names!!! And Vasudhaiv' Kutumbakm' indicates the animal world, supported by it, all as its family members who all in appearance are different and have different properties and capacities!!! And although man is considered as the most evolved among all animals, all humans are different!!! And, wise persons in the past reached the same conclusion that all knowing formless SHIVA alone is one and only Supreme Judge of all judges in human forms who, although like all humans at any given point of time, are images of Shiva only but their capacities depend on TIME: 100 to 75% in Satyug, but 25 to 9% in Kaliyug, ie, the present as the worst of all yugas!!!

YOSEE said...

I tried to read it too, but lost interest.I found it uninteresting, though some others in the family (who are also ardent Shiva Devotees) enjoyed it . No, I was not "outraged" or "offended" . Its just another storybook .
Shiva is an ancient banyan tree , which will not lose a leaf of its timeless glory just because some passing crow pecks at its roots. HE couldn't care less how he's depicted, and neither should we.
The Carvaka Schools, misinterpretations of the Western minds,maligning by other faiths, the blistering speeches of Ee.Ve.Ra, nothing has dimmed Shiva's brilliance and He certainly does not need our "protection" or "defense".....as for the fear that youngsters may take this meluha popcorn as Vedic Truth, please, lets credit them with a smidgen of intelligence. The Preface of the book makes it clear that it is a work of fiction. Just like The Davinci Code.
...if we can smile at the idol of Ganesa playing cricket or texting on I-Phone, I'm sure we can also shrug off Meluha as so much harmless fancy or inconsequential junk.

JC said...

Hi Yossee! Heard from you after a long time!
Mention of Banyan reminds me of what Krishna said in Gita, ie, man is an inverted tree, as he has his roots in the 'sky' (another one of the panchbhootas besides the taken-for-granted Earth, Gangadhar Shiva to Hindu, where eight other embers of the Solar system are located and human form is believed constructed from essences of Navgrahas the nine 'planets' from Sun to Saturn, including the VIP Rarth too!!!...

Anonymous said...

The book happens to be a mere quest for understanding what true evil is and what isn't. It has nothing to do with mythology, hurting religions. If anything, it has instigated so many youngsters who normally wouldn't care to read their own mythology, to go read and understand the true stories and greatness of Lord Shiva. Its a Fiction that has triggered many to develop a taste and interest in Mythology and the Religion.

Kavitha said...

Thats fine "Anonymous" but the author should not show his blatant ignorance of the same mythology. If he is setting an example, he should set it right. Not just write what ever he feels.

JC said...

Maybe Shri Asim Tripathi could be asked to read Kavitha's blog and refer it in his book too!

Third Eye Closed said...

I purchased the book with hope of a great read... 2 chapters down. I couldn't imagine which publisher would allow an author to give Shiva a voice like that...

The dialogues are an epitome of insult.

Anonymous said...

Why should your faith or beliefs be affected or sentiments hurt by someone's imagination ? I agree that that the author has indeed fabricated and produced a book that may not be along the same lines as the scriptures. But in no way is it offending our faith. I am a Shiva worshipper too. Regard it as a work of fiction and continue your sadhana. What does it matter how someone has interpreted his imagination. I used to react the same way when I would read similar books, but over the years I have come to realize that being affected by someone else's interpretation of his/her imagination and applying it to one's faith will achieve nothing but hatred and anger. Isn't that exactly the opposite of what one attempts to achieve through one's sadhana ? As long as you trust your faith what does it matter what someone thinks of it. It is his way of expressing it. But being angered by it or offended by it will not achieve any good on any spiritual plane.

JC said...

Hi Kavitha, Mr Anon et al, he question required to be asked from any devotee of Shiva, say, is whether one has reached the stage where one could say,"Shivoham! Tat twam asi"!!! That is, I myself am Shiva, and so you too are!
As long as one feels one hasn't yet reached that stage, it's clear that one still needs some morelymenM time!!!

Anonymous said...

HAR HAR MAHADEV... Why dont u guys tell the story of Lord Shiva the divine then? Let us get drenched and enlightened with the divine knowledge!

Kavitha said...

I believe this blog is all about that. It tells possibly every story of Lord Shiva and more.

piyushtechsavy said...

Isn't understanding this very difficult "ekam sad vipra bahudha vadanti agnim yamam matariswanam ahuh". Truth is one, but the learned refer to it in different ways. Om Namah Shivay. I am adorent devotee of Shiva. I have read the book and I liked the way author is exploring.This is our destiny to search for truth and each one is free to choose his path in search of truth. That is the beauty of Sanatan Dharma, that is beauty of Vedic teachings. We read books like da Vinci Code and Alchemist, Illusions and realise these concepts are all derived from Vedas but no one is to present them to world. In that case books like this help spread the word of wisdom in modern context. Offcourse it is a work of fiction and not something to understand Shivatattva but it is not easy to understand Shivatattva. The author has tries to understand it in very simple words and a imaginary story that he acknowledges.

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...



There are two paths in Hinduism.

One is the Advaita ( non-dual ) and the other is Dwaita ( dual ) philosophy of Sanatana Dharma.

The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field -- the akasha ,the space between the electrons in an atom.

The Dwaita form looks at God as the trinity of creator Brahma , preserver Vishnu and destroyer Shiva alos known as Tamas -Rajas- sattwa. The modern world knows this as Yin-Yang .

Energy/ matter
Particle/ wave
Cathode/ anode
Conscious/ subconscious
Aerobic bacteria/ anaerobic
Catablism/ anabolism
Potential energy/ kinetic energy
Attraction/ repulsion
Excitation/ inhibition
Birth/ decay
Static / dynamic
Organic / inorganic
Freezing/ melting
Vaporization/ condensation
Positive pole/ negative pole
North pole/ southpole magnetic
Ionization/ de-ionistaion
Clockwise vortex/ counterclockwise vortex
Absorption/ secretion
Contraction/ relaxation
Evaporation/ condensation
Conscious/ Subconscious
Left brain lobe/ Right brain lobe

These dual poles are connected via consciousness. It is about the quantum possibility wave vibration between two poles. If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost , the universe will spiral out of control and end. This guarantees change, growth and evolution Lessening of Yin- always results in increase of Yang and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other and they are mutually dependant . Balance can never be permanent— Yin and Yang continuously devour each other – and life flows on.

capt ajit vadakayil

Nandakumar said...

I skimmed through this book. To avoid public outrage the author has taken refuge in Shiva “slokas” in the beginning. It reeks of pseudo (intellectual?) superiority, conceitedness and condescending attitude of IIT/IIM products. It is just a money making racket like any other allowing for the desperate situation. If unchecked, the pickers will multiply in view of the large mythological base and an equally stupid, globalised and pampered “English speaking” audience. I sincerely doubt if the author was an atheist in the real sense even once in his lifetime!

Nandakumar said...

I skimmed through this book. To avoid public outrage the author has taken refuge in Shiva “slokas” in the beginning. It reeks of pseudo (intellectual?) superiority conceitedness and condescending attitude of IIT/IIM products. It is just a money making racket like any other allowing for the desperate situation. If unchecked, the pickers will multiply in view of the large mythological base and an equally stupid, globalised and pampered “English speaking” audience. I sincerely doubt if the author was an atheist in the real sense even once in his lifetime!

Chanakya Dave said...

I started reading the book and couldn believe how in the good world did it become a best seller!!! and surprisingly so many young readers love this piece of crap, I dont know for what!!! luckily there are many people who share my idea.
Talking about the flaws (read "Blunders") in the book as discueed here, I ld like to bring attention to the biggest one I found so far!
Its a common knowledge that two jyotirlingas, namely Baijnath and Rameshwar were created in Treta Yuga, during the reign of Lord Rama and Ravan!!! How come then Lord Rama existed 1000s of years before lord Shiva???? Please correct me if I am worng!

Kavitha said...

Oh yes, a piece of crap it is for sure!

Samarth Mishra said...

Reading it currently ..N every page i turn it's like Immaturity at its height. .Read it as a cool novel vthout associating with the ideas we beilieve in . . Fine . . Else u r gonna kill him.

Anonymous said...

even i agree but, just read it as a story of a man named shiva....it feel awsome....i am a shiv bhakth...i enjoyed the first book ...it was a kkind of love story to me...

Kavitha said...

There is nothing wrong with the plot, but what actually irks me is that there is a Shiva, not a general guy, but a God, with all his mythology and we all attribute certain qualities to him... a writer cannot just scribble down anything he pleases, he owes an answer to society because by publishing the book, he potentially leads.

Small example, Gandhi is identified by the bald head and the round glass frame, but if i had to modify that and put something else and give it a totally different picture, because i assumed so, would you agree with me? Mostly not, because you identify Gandhi only that way.

Same truth holds good here too.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. This book was purely a work of fictions. If someone thought it was offensive, move on to the next book. There's tons of offensive stuff out there. You can't go telling people they can't write something just because it offended *you*. Obviously there are a lot of people out there who didn't find it offensive - it's a best seller. If you know what you believe in, why do you have to go around trashing someone else's imagination? Like I said - it's just fiction. The author merely reused some of the names/stories in the Hindu mytholog (think Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code).

Mr Simple said...

the fool don't know lord Ram was a Shiva devotee...What the hell he know about Shiva Purana.. disgusting.....this is not how people earn name ........

Shankaran Pillai said...

I admit that I am one of those people who follow hinduism but am not aware of most of the hindu mythologies in depth. It is just a religion that I was born into. Sure my parents and grandparents have told me the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharatha etc when I was little. But as I grew up I took them as nothing more than fantasy stories. You have to admit that stories with fighting monkeys, flying chariots, showering of petals from the skies, the entire concept of boons etc fail to impress anyone more than 10 years old.

But The Immortals of Meluha and the continuing series provided me with a fresh perspective (at least to me). That our gods were actually great people from ancient times. The fact that the story is believable unlike the usual mythological stories(at least to a great extend) kept me reading.

At times I felt that Siva and his army were easily winning their way through everything. Also even with my limited knowledge, I was aware that Ram's era came after that of Siva. But I did not bother about whether the story is factually accurate. What I liked was the idea of presenting Siva, Sati etc as simple humans whose actions elevated them to the level of Gods.

I must thank Amish for this wonderful series of books as it has made me more interested in hindu mythology and traditions. Also if the book hadn't become a bestseller I probably wouldn't have read it.

I do not know if there is any other literature where a similar approach has been taken, where mythology is written more like history. But if there are, and if they are factually accurate, I would be happy to read them. Any recommendation is very much appreciated.

Kavitha said...

To Shankaran Pillai

You are exactly the audience I was worried about, people like you who want to know the core of Shaivism and end up reading the wrong books because it paints Shiva and Sati as humans when in reality - they were not human at all.

Mythology depicts certain attributes of these Gods and Goddesses converting them to superior beings. Seriously, why cant flowers fall out of the sky? Because you and I have never seen it happen doesnt mean it couldnt ever happen.

From your post I understand that you want to know, that you wish to learn but this book is so much the wrong place to even start.

SHiva is a state of mind, that of fearlessness and freedom and sati is the frame of mind of energy and vigor.

If you can get out of the little shell of viewing them as "Manusha" or humans you stand a better chance of understanding Hiunduism as a faith.

The core of hinduism is trying to tell us just that, these beings were super beings and not humans. ANd that is why Amish's book totally sucks

Mithun said...

Yup, I agree that the book should be banned. But it is pointless now. However Karan Johar is making a movie out of it and that could be stopped.

Hey Kavitha, you must refrain from using the word "Mythology", the very word implies that we are speaking about a "Myth" and not about factual people or events. This is our glorious history and is our present too. Mythology was a word introduced to us by the British education system to define the Vedic literatures. Spread the word.

Thank you.

Mithun said...

Yup, I agree that the book should be banned. But it is pointless now. However Karan Johar is making a movie out of it and that could be stopped.

Hey Kavitha, you must refrain from using the word "Mythology", the very word implies that we are speaking about a "Myth" and not about factual people or events. This is our glorious history and is our present too. Mythology was a word introduced to us by the British education system to define the Vedic literatures. Spread the word.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I've started reading a week ago and the prose is a display of bad taste. This man can't write.
THen, there are these stupid politically correct intrusions... terrorists, way of life. Disgusting.
Anyways, I guess some people, though misled from the start, may get to learn about Shiva by reading this crap.
I don't mind some childish use of the devas, I'm readind also a comic called Kubera: one last god, pretty much respectful to the Devas, but still, distant from my faith, and there's othing wrong with it. The difference is that the author of the comic states that he only took some names and didn't pretend to adjust his characters to the Devas. This, does not happen with the Immortals, apart from being a complete disaster regarding the use of the language.
Thanks for the review. I guess I'll drop this now. I'm tired already for its being so boring.

Brijesh said...

totally agree. He has insulted all faith .. Infact future generation may be next two or three generation from current youth may even believe this book as true... This is why our religion is fading ....:( it made shiva just a human. + said ram was king much before shiva had come. I think this writer him self dont know our mythology ...

Brijesh said...

totally agree. He has insulted all faith .. Infact future generation may be next two or three generation from current youth may even believe this book as true... This is why our religion is fading ....:( it made shiva just a human. + said ram was king much before shiva had come. I think this writer him self dont know our mythology ...

gjp-speak said...

Why on earth would a fiction by an amateur put the longest surviving religion in peril? It did not get hurt by rationalisation of mythologies by some great hindi authors. KM Munshi 'humanised' Krishna and Parashuram, Narendra Kohli has given new dimensions to the super human episodes of Ramayan and Mahabharata. Have we replaced the original scriptures with these new ones? No, not at all. We still believe in these great epics the way they are. Hanuman will always be the same even if someone may try to rationalise his appearance by giving some 'monkey-motif' tribal names. I am a hindu who does not offer a puja even once in 365 days, yet I am a staunch follower of our great scriptures, with all their other-worldly, super human stories and my faith is not going to be shaken by such passable interpretations and fictionalisations. If a work of fiction is to be criticised, do it. But please don't over-react, because such reactions are received with even more vigorous counter reactions by the other group which.

Nimisha Medhi said...

Hi Kavitha,
Firstly i would like to say that i am not a very religious person by nature, but for me Shiva has always been this majestic figure exuding unimaginable power.

I picked up this book going by its hype. After I pushed myself through each page and finally completed it, it only left me greatly amazed...not to mention, unsettled. I was surprised and confused at how this book could have made it to the best sellers list. But after reading your article I'm glad to have found out that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

The highly childish way of writing, the stupid theories given behind that every element that defines Shiva, ranging from Har Har Mahadev to the Neelkanth, are simply indigestible. The author scales down Shiva and nandi to two mere college-going chaps.

The author's main objective in writing the book was to give us a more believable deduction of this great epic, as the writer himself says, "Myths are nothing but jumbled memories of a true past." Well I'm sorry but it was an epic fail, if there is all that i can say about it. I am not in a position to question myths, and nor do I completely negate the theory that there may be a different truth about these myths or even the presence of supernatural powers. But having said that, I could not help noticing that on one hand he wants us to believe that Shiva was as human as any of us who was raised to the status of God for his deeds, and on the other hand he also wants us to believe that there existed a society where people were immortal. Hello?

Like Chetan Bhagat's writing wasn't enough to make me cringe; here comes Amish Tripathi with his own set of disasters!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kavitha. A friend of mine just shared your post, and I understand your viewpoint.

Not to sound offensive, but I believe that this book does encourage a bit of awareness among the young people these days who seem to forget our values and tradition.

Even my son, who calls himself an atheist, read the book and though he didn't adopt our faith, he does respect the idea of Shiva, the reason why people worship him. He knows the story is not in accordance with scriptures (most of the book readers know this fact) but I like the fact that he liked Shiva, rather than dismissing him as he used to do months ago.

The book may not be correct on facts, but it brings the stories to a more believable scale (not all people are able to fathom an energy being, people need personification and humanization). This is not the first time it's been done nor is Shiva the first god who's been done to. Da Vincin Code humanized Christ and altered his history. The Thor comics humanized the norse god Thor and altered his hostory.

At least the IoM kept the basic character traits and history and is a good starting point to those who would never ever have wanted to know about Shiva mythology. People don't read this book to know about Shiva. They read this book because it's a good vs evil story in a grounded universe using characters they've been hearing about since childhood.

Arun said...

I totally agree with the Kavitha.

Many mistakes in the firstbook Immortals of Meluha, which prevented me from reading the second book.

For example the characters are using the word "INDIA" more than once and repeating that shiva is the saviour of India. Just remember the story with detailed maps mentioning that the story is taking place in BC 1900. How can these characters use the name India in their conversations?

And another example,

The chief scientist named Brihaspathi is using the word "OXYGEN" when mentioning the contents of respiratory air. But OXYGEN was named by Antione Lavoisier in 1777.

Amish is just using Indian puranas for this novel. Every now and then he mention a story in purana which is being used for setting this fiction's platform. I don't find this right, hurting the feelings of Shiva devotees and then he is saying that he is a devotee of Shiva.

The things helped the book one of the best seller is,
1.The cover photo of Shiva
2.The story plot in India with it's geographic maps
3. Most importantly, the puranas which are not told in the story but mentioned a lot about them to have the reader's attention. By this he is making the reader think about those and connecting it with his own fiction.

An average timepass book only. And if you are a devotee of Shiva don't waste your time. I will give 2 out of 5 for this and not going to read the other books in the series.

Matrx123 said...

It's quite obvious that Mr.Tripathi hasn't done any homework with regard to Lord Shiva. Or for that matter, his storyline is hollow, I'd rather say, there isn't much of a storyline at all. I don't get HOW and WHY people even call this a good series of books!! Mr.Tripathi lacks imagination. To just jumble mythological characters with finally no clear goal; it's astonishing how our public even regards this book readable. It's super lame to entirely twistLord Shiva to a barbarian, who "flees with Sati from the attack"

Anonymous said...

I loved the book because for simple reason... respect for Lord Shiva increased 20 times more amongst the youngsters. Please understand that its not about Religion or disrespect.. Its about story telling which might be true and is told from a different perspective. Atleast youngsters read about a God... otherwise no one reads much about religion nowadays!!

Binesh said...

I am a hindu myself but This book made me believe in Shiva the way I thought he should have been. Just like any other religion where a simple man becomes god by his doing not by his supernatural power. I always doubted if the Hindu mythology is mere imagination of some literary person. This book is an awesome depiction of Shiva. No offense if it contradicts anyone's thought. Thank you

Harshal said...

I am sorry for the long comments but felt like writing this in detail:
1. Those who feel that this book is not good, should simply not read it. such things happen all the time in life when your faith is put to test. If your faith is so pure, sacred and firm, it shouldn't be influenced by such a piece of work, either positively or negatively. If you are influenced, well, you know what your faith is :)
2. The language used in this blog clearly indicates that the person writing it is in rage, anger. Well, anger always clouds one's reason. A true devotee is never affected by any such thing, a devotee should always maintain the equanimity which is sign of a true devotee.
3. I call these books as a work of fiction and the author himself does so, well, please take it as a fiction and still see your mythology as is. You don't like a book, you don't read it. Isn't that so simple. There are many such people who actually feel this way about Hindu mythology, how will you change their mind? The only way is to spread the faith, and this can happen only when you have filled yourself with faith first and it overflows.
4. Mythology is not a language but a thinking or rather a thought process to its core. I once read a story about an American Hindu boy telling the story of Lord Ram to his younger brother. The language was weird but the story was right. He used idiomatic way to express the story but it was completely up to the listener to get influence by it in the way he/she wanted. I hope the point is taken :)
5. Writer of this blog and people commenting on it have tried only to tell what's wrong with the book. If you really want to make it write, please spread the awareness about what is right than just abusing what is not right. Makes sense?
6. There have been several other books doing so for other religions, its just that they never became a bestseller. Isn't it good that just because the name of Lord Shiva was involved in this book it became a bestseller. There are many other positives about it, try to think over it.
7. Finally, I saw a lot of people commenting on this blog and expressing their ideas so wrote this comment, however, if this blog was only to take out your frustration about the book, I am sorry for putting up this response.

Let your faith be pure and unswayed and be demonstrated by your equanimity and not anger.

As this book rightly says (one of the few good things it does), where there is good, there will be evil, you need be in fullest of your reason and senses to identify good and spread it, and the evil and lessen it. If you really dislike this book, compile a list of things that you actually like and dislike in this book, spread that awareness. Because these blogs and comments are actually making it more popular. Who doesn't want to know the root of controversies after all :)...

Anonymous said...

As I have't go through all comments.
We don't need to this much comments.

Its fiction only.
Read Enjoy if you are not enjoying leave after it.

But I like the thinking of writer something innovative and different. I enjoyed it.

- Vishal

Anonymous said...

then why did da vinci code became a big hit i dont know

Kavitha said...

You are only looking at Da Vinci Code being a big hit, what you are not looking at is how the Christian world was up in arms against it.

More than that, you probably dont know that when tourists visit these places mentioned in the book, there are tourist guides who correct the misinformation and let you know how wrong the author is.

So welcome to Da Vinci Code party... I wish we could do the same thing with Immortals of Meluha.

Unfortunately we dont have much of a Hindu crowd rising up in arms, leave alone telling people how misinformed this author is.

arun kumar said...

And he also says sati is already married....yuck t most disgusting thing I ever heard....she had a single men n all her forms and births t one and only shiva...

arun kumar said...

He also says sati is already married ....yuck !!!
The most disgusting I ever heard....she had one and only husband n all her forms and births ....the great mahadev

Anonymous said...

Totally agree this author needs big time research and creative writing classes. Hideous to think what the movie will be like.

Ashish Mohan said...

Well I know that people do get offended by this.. at the end its just a story.. great lord Shiva is much bigger than these stupid authors. Hinduism is all about tolerance and we should not be bothered by these stories.. we all know what Muslim and Christians think of us but does that change anything. We are still the oldest and greatest religion on the face of the planet as we don't follow a book blindly. Proud Hindu

Neha said...

Apart from the concept, everything else is crap. According to me, the book became a best seller only because of marketing!!!
After listening to lot of praises for this book, I started reading with lot of expectation. But after a few pages, I was completely let down. There was nothing in the book till the end!! Its not the end, you need to read another book (go through another torture) to know what exactly is happening!!
The description is crap!! Especially the war. Amish has described the war in the crappiest way possible!!! The description of how the people would be at that time, the way they live, everything is crap!! He himself lacks the imagination. What can a reader imagine while reading it!
While writing a story which has taken place in a completely different time, the author should explain about the people of that time. He has to create the scene for the reader. Here Amish has done nothing like that! His descriptions are vague. You just cannot imagine the place the way he is described!!
If you don't like all descriptions, and just like the story, then you might like the book. Many of my friends are not at all bothered about the description. They just told, those things are boring!! So if you are that kind of person, then you might like this book.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of agencies trying to destroy the Indian Religion, Culture and Values. These books are another attempt. The aim of atheists is to destroy Hindu religion and they will never ever show the courage to speak against semitic religions. But these petty little minds can never destroy the First Religion on Earth. All their efforts will be in vain.

- Subramanian - Kochi.

Kavitha said...

To all who agree and disagree with me:

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, you have yours and I have mine. My opinion doesnt change though over a period of time, I have learned to be more forgiving. I still believe the author has not done enough research and has destroyed the impression of Lord Shiva rather than enhance it. I strictly adhere to the rules of the scriptures and having noticed that the author painted the epitome of greatest spiritual enlightenment into a dumb barbarian who doesnt know his potential... in my world is ridiculous bordering on blasphemy.

Yet I have been lucky enough to garner the attention of a few haters, and I have chosen not to post their comments mainly for the anger in their language. This blog is spiritual, there is peace here and hence I request you to post comments with a cool head. I shall publish it.

None of us have really had the luck to see the Lord, but a few of us have had the faint grace of feeling his divine presence. Grant us that. Humanizing the Lord to make him look like one of us is such a base thing to do. Isnt it our inadequacy towards greater knowledge that we are unable to comprehend his real form that we reduce him to be one of us and feel great about it!! That by far seems to have been the winning element of the Trilogy.

My sadness stemmed from the inability of the author to do justice to the Lord, my sadness stemmed from the realization of overall ignorance of everyone who appreciated this book. It is so completely wrong. Wrong by intellect, wrong by understanding of His true nature, wrong by expression of the language chosen. There has to be some sanctity towards the concept.

But then again, am an insignificant mortal but these are really my views. So in my blog, and in my world this is the truth of it.

For those who still disagree with me, please read the Shiva Purana... I didnt write it. I merely got influenced and bowled over by it.

Aswin Kini MK said...

I read one of his books, the first book, if I am not wrong. I found it rather amusing especially considering how he tries to pass off Nagas as a tribe of disfigured mutated people and Lord Ganapathy as the disfigured son of Sati :(

The one thing that horrifies me about Hindus is that they take every chance to denigrate and maime their religion in the name of "atheism", "logic", or "science" when they have no effing clue about it.

It is sad that Amish Tripathi is now a best seller, same on the lines of Chetan Bhagat, another author whose only specialty is telling a story simple enough to be understood by common folks and they lap it up ASAP.

If Hinduism needs to thrive, people need to understand their religion and respect it. Until then, people like you are going to keep writing posts about such books and people like me are going to keep fighting in the cyberworld with morons, who criticize our "Itihaas" and claim it as mere mythology.