An Ode to Bhasavanna

At these troubled times, when politics decides to divide a society and rule them, where selfishness takes over principles of good governance, I am wondering how Bhasavanna would have reacted to this madness. Is this what he had envisioned when he founded the sacred extension of Shaivism in Veera Shaivism bringing about the Lingayat community? Today, these two brothers stand split up, when their very existence was originally based on the single belief system of internalising Lord Shiva, as an individual form of worship. 

Standing at the confluence of 2 sacred rivers, when I look at the sheet of purity that spans the expanse of the horizon glistening in the morning sun as it rises, another day is born but with a different ideology. Bhasavanna, stays silent in his watery samadhi and yet I wonder whether all that is taking place now actually makes any sense. 

Kudalsangam... The silent world of Bhasavana's Samadhi

In the depth of sacred water
A silent enigmatic world
Does my heart beat
A rhythm to your dance
I seek the mind of that Bhasavanna
The quiet one
Who holds the sacred emblem 
The Linga divine
Within the psychic world
Of his heart
The ash that remains
After his earthly destruction
Holds testimony
This sacred beat in his heart
Merged with the silent ripples
Of the Krishna
Still pulsating in my being
Long after his body
Flowed away with the stream