The Inherent Bliss in Worship

I am the state of God, Am just God, Aham Brahmasmi

The Laghunyasam has a wonderful verse embedded into it. It is the culmination of the all encompassing thought - Tat tvam asi. The more I read that verse, the more I relate to “who I am” and more importantly the more I realise “who I am NOT”. The unfortunate nature of mine to identify with my body makes it that much more difficult for me to relate to my subtle self. The subtle self is no big deal, it is not difficult to discover, it just needs time and effort to come to terms with something that is within us. It is a simple equation of who am I, should I remove the world around me, should I remove the relationships I have defined, should I remove my commitments and look at myself, in a silent room in isolation.

Tat tvam asi

The beating reality that I associate so much with my body and am such a slave to its various needs is a loud example of just how much I have moved away from my core purpose of existence. There is a distance to be covered, a bridge to be crossed between what I am and what I should be (in the spiritual world). It hasn’t been easy while I attempted to shut out the world and deep dive into “who” I really am. It takes immense courage to accept one self… given we hardly spend time there and when we do, we face some harsh realities of our own nature, which we originally didn’t sign up for. None the less, this is who we are and the sooner we come to terms with it, the sooner we chalk out what to do with it and move on. 

Faith doesn’t tell us whether we are right or wrong. Faith doesn’t throw judgement on us when the basics are in place. We are free to BE. Faith only recommends how we can grow spiritually should we work on a few aspects of ourselves. Self discipline, self restraint, self awareness, and finally self realisation. None of these have room for physical convenience or materialism. We need to discard that before we move towards the 4S.

When we are closer to this reality, our nature changes and we are more receptive towards the world around us, we are not half as angry or depressed, we are inherently happy with the world around us as the mundane doesn’t affect us half as much, people’s problems are trivialities and the defined purpose of existence has gone beyond the regular known definition. From here on we define the path, we are the path. Love overflows, jealousy and anger subside, forgiveness and compassion ooze… I am what I am and I be what I want to be. So what is this state?

प्रजनने ब्रह्मा तिष्ठतु  
Brahma is at the root

Vishnu lives in my feet

Hara - (incarnation of Shiva) lives in my hands

बाह्वोरिन्द्रस्तिष्टतु जठरे अग्निस्तिष्ठतु  
Indra lives on my shoulders, Agni resides in my stomach

हृद॑ये शिवस्तिष्ठतु
Shiva lives in my heart

कण्ठे वसवस्तिष्ठन्तु  
The vasus live in my neck

वक्त्रे सरस्वती तिष्ठतु  
Goddess Saraswati resides on my tongue

Vayu lives in my nose

नयनयोश्-चन्द्रादित्यौ तिष्टेताम्  
The Sun and Moon shine in my eyes

कर्णयोरश्विनौ तिष्टेताम्  
The ashwini devas live in my ears

ललाटे रुद्रास्तिष्ठन्तु  
Lord Rudra glows on my forehead

Adhityas live on the front of my head

शिरसि महादेवस्तिष्ठतु  
Mahadeva resides at the center of my head

शिखायां वामदेवास्तिष्ठतु  
Vamadeva resides in the tuft of my hair

पृष्ठे पिनाकी तिष्ठतु  
Shiva Pinaki guards the back of my head

पुरतः शूली तिष्ठतु  
Sooli lives on my brow

पार्श्ययोः शिवाशङ्करौ तिष्ठेताम्  
Goddess Parvati and Lord Rudra Shiva reside on my left and right.

सर्वतो वायुस्तिष्ठतु  
I am protected by Vayu - air who surrounds me 

ततो बहिः सर्वतो ग्निर्-ज्वालामाला-परिवृतस्तिष्ठतु  
Further to that I am protected by a ring of fire, that acts as a glowing garland of light.

सर्वेष्वङ्गेषु सर्वा देवता यथास्थानं तिष्ठन्तु  
All the deities are an inherent part of me

माग्ं रक्षन्तु
They protect me, they are me.

I am HE.

In this silent conversation of worship, in this love that flows, I am HE.