Varanasi – Along the Ganges

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An ancient city
Floating in deep waters
The land of light
The warmth penetrates
Into an over whelmed heart

Deep waters lash her by
As boats toss gently
Flowing down along her sides
Take with it life
Belief and love

The Ganges, sweet mother
Pure as she flows by
Covers the holy city
Taking the soul
Into her watery heavens

Oh sweet people
Don't you see
This beautiful city
Cradled in her lap
Tossing gently

The smoke from the pyre rise
Yet another soul departs
Where death is common site
Along her burning ghats
Reflect in her pure waters

A mirror to the self
A world departed
A world at hand
A cremation ground
A reality unfolds

And yet life moves on
With the vision of death
Burning into flames
A lamp I hold
A small flame of light

The Ganges in her motion
Sweeps the dust off my feet
Sweeps the ashes
The residue of lost life
Into her silent veil

And here Lord Shiva lies immersed
In her deep waters
His home his world
In a pure watery heaven
Along the Scindia Ghat

And as the sun departs
Leaving darkness to consume
The world rises up in flame
To worship the mother again
Yet another day

Smoke and incense rise
This time sweet fragrance
Cover the ghat now dotted
With lamp lights along her sides
And hymns fill in the ears

Fire for the soul departed
Fire to worship her waters
Fire the light for the living
Fire the way for the dead
Fire my guide through this dark life

The force I feel
Her wholesome self
The thundering sounds
As she wets me feet
A feeling sublime

A magical city
Where life meets death
Where illusion falls
Where reality strikes
And leaves me in a silent spell

Something about this land
Its potency its silence
Its faith its everlasting glory
Unshakable, a thick icy sheet
A curtain of illusion falls.

Aham Gangai Matha Namaskaromi.

Photo courtesy: Vaisnava.cz - The Hare Krishna inspiration
© 2001-2007


JC Joshi said...

As we have seen earlier also, the Yogis realized the three sacred Rivers or ‘Nadis’, ie, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, within human form (irrespective of one's location) - as Ida, Pingla and Susumna nadis that carry energy/ information between ‘mooladhar’ and ‘sahasrara’ chakras, and also energy/ information stored at other chakras too depending on the level of achievement in the spiritual field of the individual concerned!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, I read the comment of one Shri Dilip to 'Who am i?' And the following thoughts surfaced (like scum on the surface of water/ cream if it is milk) on top of my head on full moon day (!) as the 'essence' of Hindu Mythology...

Realizing the truth of the illusory or ‘mayavi’ physical universe and ever conscious of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as Gods with apparent forms - that get represented through apparent three types of actions performed by each temporary material form, including human’s, at all times also to believably reflect the three aspects (that is creation, sustenenace, and destruction) of the one and only permanent Supreme soul, or ‘Paramatma’ - the ‘wise’ ancients had realized human life generally to consist of three basic stages of actions. These believably - as part of a grand design of ‘Paramatma’, who itself was related with zero time, or creation believably as instantaneous - were related with ‘apparent time’ and seen through His ‘imperfect’ images were stated as: Childhood spent in playing games (like weak foundation of a superstructure); youth spent in foolish acts (because of weak foundation); old age spent (therefore) in repentance!

They also realized that some rare persons only - from time to time - could believably realize the ‘Absolute Truth’ to ‘overcome slavery of time’ or ‘Maya’.

Even today it is believed that a child’s IQ becomes about 50% within the first 5 years or so, and the rest is attained over the later part of its life.

However, again as part of the believable design - in Kaliyuga that is the apparent ‘present’ - material development was believably seen to be emphasized. For, the Hindu Mythological stories indicate the ‘present’ to, in fact, represent the long lost ‘past’ when apparent Creation had just started from zero with a ‘Big Bang’ or 'Brahmanada', to evolve with apparent time and reach ‘perfection’ only when Satyuga, related with Shiva/ Earth had ended and the entire 360 degrees of space/ globe had been covered in over 1000 cycles of Mahayugas that believably takes over 4 billion years just to review it in its entirety in one day in the life of Brahma that is our SUN!

'Adabhuta' that is wonderful!

The question now, however, gives rise to other question(s) that perhaps have remained unanswered by even the ‘wise’ ancients: What is the purpose of creation of the infinite believably illusory universe by the Formless Creator (as the thoughts within Nadbindu’s head) and man as its model or a mere instrument/ a nth generation computer? What does it really seek?


JC Joshi said...

In the Hindu Mythology, the River Ganga is associated with Lord Rama who was believably born at Ayodhya, close to Kashi. He was perhaps the most evolved one in the chain of ‘suryavanshi’ kings, i.e., believably the perfect model of our Sun, the source of ‘life-giving’ white sunlight, (as referred in his reportedly bringing back to life Ahalya who was turned into a stone in her last life with the mere touch of his feet!), that contains within it the different colours that are seen in innumerable forms that exist in ‘Nature’ as also seen in the rainbow. The same natural or synthetic colours in dry or wet forms are used in the festival of Holi in North India since time immemorial.

Whereas, Lord Krishna - literally meaning ‘Black’ - ‘Chandravanshi’ king, or related with Moon as the king during the night, or the dark space within our milky way galaxy that holds innumerable Heavenly Bodies, was believably born inside a prison (like a Black Hole is born on transformation of a massive star compared to our sun, under confinement, towards the end of its life) in Mathura on the banks of River Yamuna. He is thus associated with the relatively more polluted River. And, Yamuna believably is the sister of Yamaraj the Lord of death. And, Krishna in the Gita claims Himself also to be an agent of death, whereas Shiva is seen indirectly as the supreme form of Krishna.

Thus the two rivers believably are related with appearance and sustenance of different forms of life on earth and with their material contents to eventually merge with earth at the end of their different respective variable span of each animal life, just as the two rivers have their confluence near Allahabad, also close to Kashi the believable original abode of Ardhanarishwar Shiva, after which Yamuna loses its independent identity as the two then flow together as one river – Ganga, considered as Mother Ganga, or Ganga Maiyya, that is associated with Gangadhara Shiva that is Earth!

JC Joshi said...

In an attempt to ‘enter the mind of the wise ancient Yogis’, a look at the World Atlas even today would show ‘India’ that once believably extended far and wide under the ‘suryavanshi’ kings and also the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra all originating from (Kailash) Mansarovar Lake to drain into the Bay of Bengal (although it would have been different when ‘India’ was an island, Jambudweep). Maybe today one could thus visualize Earth as an individual, with the three main rivers representing the nervous systems of Earth - with Ganga as the central and the important most one - as an individual as apparently visualized by the ancient Yogis (as it is understood to exist within the human form of ‘perfect’ Shiva, and also within each human being too as the structural model of earth with slight modifications to suit the time – its behaviour however depending on ‘mahakal’ or ‘Time’ in terms of Yugas).

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Emphasis on River Ganga - related with an average star, Sun, believably as the best among all the stars in our galaxy as per our ancients as reflected in their belief of Rama as ‘Purushottam’ that is ‘the best among humans’ - given by the ancients, is evident from the fact that besides the one on earth’s surface, there believably exists ‘Akash Ganga’ in the sky in our ‘Milky-way galaxy’ (relating it with Krishna the cowboy), and also ‘Patal Ganga’, or a subterranean River Ganga!

The ancients generally gave feminine names to all the rivers, except to River Brahmaputra, literally the son of Brahma.

And, existence of River Yamuna, the relatively more polluted one and the mighty River Brahmaputra reflects generally the representation of different characters in human drama also to reflect the apparent variety and hierarchy in 'Nature'.

JC Joshi said...

It is difficult for an average 'born Indian’ to visualize Jambudweep, the island that India once upon a time believably was.

With the 'present day' knowledge of the dance of Nataraja, that is, the continued pushing of Indian sub continent’s plate against the Euro-Asian plate, one would need to rewind the mental tape to visualize the island. Maybe, that’s why the island called Sri Lanka today is deliberately left close to 'India' by ‘Nature’!

It is interesting to know that the Island’s perenial rivers are called Ganga while seasonal streams are called Oya (in Sinhalese) or Aru (in Tamil).

And, interestingly the River Mahavali (Ganga) is the largest of the 103 river basins existing in the Island - and its name could perhaps relate it with Mahabali and Vamanavtar of Vishnu referred in the Hindu Mythology!

JC Joshi said...

Hindus drew one's attention to "Panchabhoota", literally the 'five ghosts' that is the 'five elements' - earth, water, air, fire and sky - responsible for all creation of the physical universe, with Nadbindu as their Formless origin.

Thus the ancients wanted everyone to remain conscious of the sound energy as believably reflected by fusion or yoga of the two symbols O & M (today used to represent '(proper and regular) operation and maintenance' of machines - for deriving better efficiency during their entire life span).

And the ancients considered man as a machine that needed Yogic exercises for better performance! And hence the importance of life-giving Ganga (water) that is associated with Yogeshwar Shiva the (taken for granted) earth by us today, but indicated as the Supreme Form of Yogiraja and yet the mischievous Krishna in the Gita that divided 'Hindus' into Shaivites and Vaishnavites thanks to Kaliyuga!

JC Joshi said...

On the other hand, the present day ‘scientist’ starts from the taken for granted and believably poisonous lava spewing earth - over 4 billion years ago - open to sunlight and thus subjected to UV light as the destructive force that didn’t allow life to exist on earth initially. And, then describes the gradual evolution of multi-cellular vertebrates in the recent past as the ‘intelligent life’ evolving from the inferior invertebrates…

With the belief of physical forms as illusory, (perhaps guided by appearance of dreams in human heads), the ancient Hindus appear to have gone to the origin of ‘life’ on earth - as the central point of the apparnt physical universe - perhaps its centre, i.e., the all important dark-space-like ‘Ma Kali’ that believably evolved into the golden eight-handed Ma Durga, i.e., our Moon, one of the members of the solar system, as the apparent brain behind the creation, on inert earth or Shiva, as the believable source of life-giving sacred waters of Ganga to the earth!

Similar to the present day belief also, Fish had come to be realized as the first avatar or reincarnation of Vishnu the unborn and unending ‘Nadbindu’ on earth.

Evolution of the so-called ‘intelligent most life on earth’ with the passage of ‘apparent time’, however, is described through the ten avataras in a particular order, (with Krishna as the eighth, and back to Kali as the tenth). That is the small sized reincarnation of Vishnu in human form, Vamanavatar, believably was the fifth one, who was preceded by Narasinhavatar (human head on lion’s body), Varahavatar (Boar), Kurmavatar (Tortoise), and Matsyavatar (Fish)…

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, although my writings do not seem to elicit any reaction, I continue, hoping that my words would prove helpful to some of your visitors:-)

As everyone knows, fish is a form of life that can’t ever live out of water.

As a process of evolution with passage of time, the tortoise is the example in 'Nature' of an amphibian that lays its eggs on the sand in sea-beaches, but the young turtles rush towards the sea as soon as they emerge out of the egg-shells and the lucky ones, or the fittest among the lot reach it if they do not fall prey to their predators on earth. The boar is born and brought up solely on the land.

Narasimhavatar, however, perhaps relates to Earth-Moon, that is, ‘Durga’ (the more evolved human brain as model) on ‘Her Tiger’ (that is the lower human body of a ‘lion’, perhaps referring to the ‘cave man’ as we know the primitives today who perhaps used their nails, like animals, to tear other animals, say, for food), which perhaps evolved believably to the more sophisticated - in the form of stronger ‘Vamanavatar’ - though weaker human body as we know it today in Kaliyuga.

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi uncle,

There are enough and more people reading your comments and views. In fact I am sure a lot of them benefit from it.

There are not too many people who would contribute to topics like this.

I suppose only deep thinkers would attempt to write.

JC Joshi said...

Yes, Kavitha, you are perhaps right to some extent, for primarily the young people today do not have any spare time, particularly as this subject (spirituality) is not included as part of primary/ secondary education. For it is mainly aimed at enabling one to become self sufficient and earn a living in the materialistic world today that evaluates the worth of a man from his worldly possession. And therefore there is lack of motivation and peer pressure.

And also, it is generally believed to concern the aged people, (and till recent times the females too), who do not have anything useful to contribute and therefore to let them remain busy with the ritualistic aspect of ‘religion’/ following the accepted practices, not allowing any attempt at in-depth study to answer the basics, leaving it as a matter of faith and therefore not to be questioned!

A Sikh friend of mine said that he hadn’t studied the Guru Grantha, for he knows that in essence it advises one to sacrifice one’s material belongings, which wasn’t practical in the present!

JC said...

Continuing with the mythological story of Mahabali, we know that it relates to Vishnu, as Vaman, pushing with ‘His third step’ King Mahabali into the world of the dead. However, Bali's only fault reportedly being his pride, legend has it that he was allowed to come to earth once a year to spread the message of love and wisdom. In Kerala, Bali believably visits his former subjects and the occasion is celebrated in the form of the festival called Onam.

And, as per the present day thoughts, it is believed that some islands, continents etc. that existed during prehistory have since disappeared as a result of catastrophic geological phenomena. These lost islands etc. are generally believed to have subsided into the sea. Thus, with the background belief of occurrence of ‘pralaya’ at the end of a yuga, the Hindu mythological story might, in fact, convey submergence of some land mass along with its ‘materially advanced’ population in the past, viz. Atlantis, the most famous lost continent, referred by Plato too.

JC Joshhi said...

On the other hand, emergence of land mass, viz. Himalayas from under the sea-bed, in the north of Jambudweep - that ‘India’ once upon a time was known as an island referred by that name even in the horoscopes prepared ritually - is an accepted historical or geological fact.

However, the apparent fact that ‘Sage Agastya’ of the mythological stories who believably emptied the sea, (the seawater due to the afore-said phenomenon resultantly pushed southwards even over the Vindhyas, as I had indicated elsewhere earlier also), could have cryptically referred by the ancients to the sea on the south coast of the present day ‘India’ apparntly remains yet to be visualized by an average Indian today!

The above-cited phenomenon is presented in different ways, [like, for example, describing it as a continued quarrel between Brahma (white) and Vishnu (black) till (beautiful or colourful) Shiva the Mahesha, that is the best among the Gods with form, emerged as a fiery linga (magma spewing volcanoes between them], in the mythological stories related with Hindus of Indus Valley Civilization, i.e, the believable advanced race that once inhabited the banks of River Indus and the Punjab State before its partition, i.e., the land of five rivers, Satluj, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, Jhelum. It also linked them with Indu the Moon and the Sacred River Ganga that believably descended from it due to the valiant efforts of Bhagirath the grandson of King Sagara to rivive his 60,000 sons turned into ashes by Sage Kapila, or perhaps to start the human birth-death cycle on the immortal earth once again during a new yuga!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, I would like to add that the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmaputra, besides being visualized as the Central and Sympathetic Nervous Systems of Earth that is Shiva, these together could perhaps also be visualized as Shiva’s ‘Trishool’ or Trident, which is referred in the mythological stories as Shiva’s weapon, for when any of these are in spate they cause erosion to banks and heavy damage to property and animal and human life.

Also, with rising pollution in their waters, they are responsible for further loss of some animal/ human lives - as also through some diseases as water acts as a carrier of some harmful germs and bacteria too!

Aswin said...

Wow, Joshi uncle, you speak about continental drifts and the lost city of Atlantis, seems like you know of most topics under the sun. Well, let me add some more, some millions of years ago, there were no continents on Earth, there was just one united landmass called as Pangea.

However due to unknown reasons, Pangea began to break up into regions termed as Gondwana land and the other part which formed the AustralAsian region(i don't remember the exact name).

But one thing, this is what the mythologies refer to as "Pralaya".

But if you look at in depth, Pralaya may also refer to the Big Bang theory, where a huge body of burning gases(about the size of a trillion Galaxies) exploded many trillions of years ago. The giant pieces from the Big Bang became stars like the sun and the smaller pieces cooled down to become Planets, Asteroids etc.

If you look at this spiritually, you can connect this with Lord Shiva(the ultimate Destroyer).
The third eye of Shiva destroys whatever it sees, but at teh same time it also recreates energy(this is explained in the puranas).

Aswin said...

Well, the three rivers were supposedly Ganga, Yamuna and the now non-existent river Saraswathi not Brahmaputra. Please clarify on this issue Uncle. Correct me if I am wrong. I know this because Brahmaputra was not mentioned anywhere in the vedas. Even scientifically, it is just a recently formed river.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Aswin, Glad to hear from you! Thanks!

The ancients appear to have attempted reading events in the ‘Nature’, like attempted interpretation of human dreams, and then finding parallels to those in human life to reach at the ‘Truth’ or rather the apparent logic of the believably illusory physical world/ universe (that is Brahmand or literally ‘the egg of the Creator’ who is called Nadbindu or a point source of unlimited energy)!

Thus, as I have understood it, with the background believable existence of the mischievous Yogiraja Krishna the all rounder, and the present day knowledge about explosion of a massive star and the resultant debris in space, followed by implosion to result in a zero (‘nirakar’ that is formless) or near zero Heavenly Body called ‘Black Hole’ today (that believably is housed at the centre of a galaxy, innumerable forms of which help fill the blank infinite void of the universe), ‘Big Bang’/ ‘Brahmanad’ – as related to human thoughts - could perhaps help one visualize instantaneous appearance of innumerable alternative thoughts within the head of a highly elevated Yogi, viz. Yogiraja Krishna, who is related with near zero mass/ Yogeshwar Shiva, who is related with zero time and space, at any 'apparent time' (created by the solar system) in regard to any particular singular instance (which in the present believably appear within the heads of innumerable ‘experts’ in different fields from one apparent time to another eternally) however, remaining unmoved like the Absolute Truth, or Yogeshwar Shiva represented by our Earth (for the ancient Hindus believed earth, or rather its centre to be the centre of the apparent universe, or the head of Nadbindu the Creator)! And, hence the advice in the Gita to everyone to remain unmoved under all circumstances! A difficult proposition though for an average human being today...

JC Joshi said...

Hi Aswin, let me try to express the ‘truth’ as I have understood it - in very brief.

The ancients understood real time for the Creator to ever remain zero, and as we saw above, the apparent ‘Brahmanad’, that is, ‘Big Bang’ (reflected in the explosion of a supernova) resulted in apparent filling of the universal void that is apparently continuing to expand like a balloon even today, (during apparent time as it is reckoned by us humans, as ‘models of the universe’), imagining some sort of a fabric around the universal void by ‘scientists’.

The ‘wise’ ancients also thus appear to have visualized illusory or ‘mayavi’ earth’s surface/ human skin also like a fabric, visualizing our earth/ man also as a model of the universe.

The ancient Yogis came to understood Brahma (our Sun - that believably evolved at a later date from the navel of Nirakar Vishnu - rises in the east and sets in the west), Vishnu (the Centre of our galaxy within which the solar system apparently exists), and Shiva (our Earth) as Gods in physical form, or the three aspects of the same Nirakar Nadbindu as the centre of our earth (as believed by the ancients, as the centre of he universe).

With the above as a very brief background, as I understand it, in terms of rivers Brahmaputra (in the east) is associated with Brahma, Yamuna with Vishnu (associated with Krishna in human form) and Ganga, the central one, with Mahashiva (earth as one of the members of the solar system, however now apparently being attached to other members), and with Saraswati when Earth was independently considered as Adi Shiva that is Ardhanarishwar, representing the Formless Creator in the beginning of the Creation, with His believable abode at Kashi.

Although, the present day physical confluence of Rivers Ganga and Yamuna apparently is at ‘Sangam’ near Allahabad, close to Kashi, and perhaps therefore to explain apparent reflection of ‘imperfection’ in humans at any other time, Hindus visualized river Saraswati (representing Supreme Knowledge) also to meet at the Sangam, but in a latent form. And hence, the Yogis advised one to reach zero thought to realize the Absolute Truth, that is, realizing occurrence of ‘explosion’ and ‘implosion’ of thoughts to take place instantaneously within Nadbindu’s head (in apparent time, in slow motion, as it is apparent to us, it gets reflected, say, in water, helped by fire and air, rising from earth/ ocean to form clouds in the sky and to eventually drop on the fabric of earth’s surface, to return to the ocean once again, but after performing various tasks, like umbrella in human hand doesn’t allow water to reach the person directly, and lets it upon the earth’s fabric!)

Anonymous said...

Kavitha, for a change, to understand illusion that is ‘Maya’, with the background of Krishna being called mischievous, I would like to cite a saying in Hindi, “Nau do gyarah hona,” that is used commonly to convey 'running away of someone' (and becoming unavailable thereafter). I too had used it in my school days, but, hadn’t gone in to its depth to know its significance nor had I come across any. Seen superficially, in simple words, the saying states that nine and two make eleven.

However, graphically, the statement could be written down as [9] + [2] = 11, which immediately appeared to me as stating the process of evolution: [9] representing a (helpless) infant in bed or a cradle, evolving to a stage where it is able to manage to stand on its knees [2], to finally run away on its two feet, 11!

JC Joshi said...

As a Hindu even today is very much aware, Formless Creator, Shiva/ Vishnu, believably is unborn and unending, and thus the importance assigned by the’wise’ ancients to numeral ‘9’ (triple nine, 999, believably representing Christ as per Christian belief too) that graphically was perhaps accepted as representing an inert infant or (near) zero in all the three axes, like a non-playing Captain of a team or a detached ‘dictator’ of the Roman Senate once upon a time, whose services were sought only during emergency when the members of the senate had failed (reflected through Sonia Gandhi today?).

In Navagraha Temples at some places in India, it is represented through the ninth Shivalinga that is ritually placed in the middle of the other eight relatively smaller ones, (Dig-gaja that is literally the ‘elephants’ or planets), placed one in each of the eight directions as its ruler, that is, the devtas or demigods that believably are linked to the Formless through elephant-headed Ganesha, (the intelligent most among animals), or planet Mars (its essence believably housed at ‘Mooladhar’ the basic lock in human form)!

This is also reflected in the mythological story of Gaja & Graha, that is, a physically powerful crocodile holding on to an equally powerful elephant, obliging Vishnu to come running bare-footed to liberate both of them (He believably holding the key to the locks within all animal forms)!

With the above background, ‘Satyamaeva Jayate’ or ‘Truth ever prevails’, and the importance assigned by the ‘wise’ ancients to different ‘souls’ - as parts of the Formless Creator, Nadbindu - if one were to attempt realizing the significance of Varanasi that was Kashi once upon a time, as the abode of Adi Shiva, the Hindus appear to have conveyed longitude 82.5 degree East - as reckoned today for the Indian Standard tmme (IST) with respect to zero at Greenwich - as the original zero of the globe or the point on the banks of Ganga as the origin and end of all souls as also reflected in the rituals, as indicated by Kavitha also!

JC Joshi said...

And, with the concept of real time and space as zero while untrue or illusory events are being seen by humans in ‘apparent time’, one would notice that most of the original ‘scientific research’ is apparently being carried out in the ‘present times’ in the West by ‘scientists’ who are unaware of the level of advancement that had apparently already been achieved in the ‘past’ in the East. And, unfortunately for us, the earlier findings were recorded in a cryptic language by the ‘wise’ ancient ‘Hindus’ for posterity, and may even be symbolically worshipped in the present day ‘India’, thus generally generating a feeling of wonder and awe at the reported findings in the media today, as also a feeling of inferiority complex in the youth!

To cite one such example, in India, Shivalinga in (eight handed Durga) Parvati’s Yoni is worshipped by almost all ‘born Hindus’ without, however, knowing the significance how that practice might have come to be adopted at the first instance.

Maybe a ‘Hindu by thought’ could have seen the light, i.e., made [2] + [2] = 4, on reading the recently reported news item referring to a reporting by Bonn University (German) researchers, in the journal “Behavioural Ecology”, about the (eight-handed) male spider breaking its linga and leaving it inside the yoni of its virgin partner!

Yuva said...

btw-- may be documentary about untold southern india temple might interest you..!!!

JC Joshi said...

Although no man would like his privacy to be disturbed and, therefore, has spider-like created a web of statutory Regulations and Acts, yet he has no hassles when, apparently for the sake of increasing his knowledge, least bothered about their privacy, he feels free to probe into the various aspects of ‘non living’ objects and other life forms that he considers ‘inferior’ to human life.

However, at some stage he might come to realize his short sightedness when harm to human lives itself becomes evident if certain practices are pursued unchecked and uncontrolled, which might eventually result in ecological imbalance and consequent return to zero (from where the Formless Creator believably had originally started)! And, the ancient Hindus appear to have realized that as inevitable, ‘apparent time’ believably being cyclic, such that, all life forms are believed to get frozen at the end of Brahma’s day (believably over 4 billion years) – to start once again from the same position with the start of another day in His unending life! Also, ancient Yogis appear to have demonstrated that Supreme Knowledge could be achieved by ‘Tapasya’ or ‘meditation’ that eventually led one to a thoughtless stage – a stage when the seeker apparently realizes himself as one with the Creator for real time believably is zero!

JC Joshi said...

Thank you, Yuva! Although, the video proved to be materially expensive (:-), it was worthwhile, as it presents through the ‘western eye’ the ‘truth’ or the logic behind the believable illusion created by Bhootnath Shiva, or ‘Mahakal’ the believable controller of ‘apparent time’ while itself remaining unmoved or detached in zero real time and space!

Maybe, some of its own image(s), like some character in one’s dream, would be helpful some day (in apparent time) to the believable unborn, Nadbindu, to realize the self!

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle,

You are indeed very correct. The depiction of the coital positions of the Khajuraho temples have falsely been overexposed as if there are no other images surrounding this temple.

Shows the mentality of the idiots who chose to sell only the sexual aspect of human life as if is complete sin. Wake up people!

The sculptures are not just depictions of Kama Sutra. They hide deeper tantrik secrets which are not meant for the uninitiated. Therefore those who see these images are delighted by the raw depictions and miss the deeper point altogether.

It works doesn't it! And fantastically too! Trust the western mind to flaunt things without understanding the deeper meaning...


JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, As I said earlier also, my father never forced us children to copy the rituals my parents themself devotedly followed - as their duty. We only inquisitively participated while observing them do it when we were children.

I can’t say why it was so, however, at some stage I personally came to believe in ‘God’ to be formless, and who is taking care in the Running and Maintenance of the entire universe single handedly. And, that it wasn’t my business to poke my nose into His affairs.

My mindset apparently altered when I ‘surrendered in Krishna’ after I read the Gita in the year ’84 (on account of certain hardships encountered over a certain period while on the other hand there occurred certain events that my scientific education was found insufficient to provide an explanation to me). And I also believed in Krishna’s advice to Arjuna by visualizing myself to be in Arjuna’s place, merely like an instrument appearing on earth towards the fag-end of Kaliyuga and, therefore, naturally it wasn’t expected to be as efficient as it is believed by the ‘wise’ ancients to be at the end of Satyuga (after evolution of forms started at the beginning of Kaliyuga with 0% efficiency)!

I now consider my thoughts (and also all others' respective thoughts) to be the thoughts recorded in the locks within the body as part of a grand design by the Supreme Being as part of the script of the drama in human life at any given time!