Potency of Lord Shiva – Part 1

Lord Shiva is known to be a silent deity, potent and distant and fairly unattainable. It’s through the various forms of the Goddess that the nature of Lord Shiva is revealed. His passive self is brought out by the nature of three Goddesses who bring out various aspects of his otherwise silent potent self.

Through the force of the Ganges:

Standing in her waters one gets the sure feeling of her presence. Forceful, sure and sweeping cold, her energy is such that one can feel the excitement in her melting waters. A kind of chemistry that seems to be a song between the Ganges and Shiva
Gangadhara. Where the Lord can be heard in silent meditation among the mountains, the same mountain walls along whose sides she seems to play like a child. It’s like the sound of her anklets and her giggles can be heard as she lashes her waters down the hillsides. The charming Ganges has potent chemistry in her mind as she tries to disturb the Lord by washing his divine feet with her pure waters. A wild Ganges, excitable in her temperament, plays a charming game of Love in the very locks that release her mighty presence down to earth. Wild eyed, childlike, twinkling in the moonlight, a smile so charming and complete with a child like flirtation as she washes the world by trying to disturb the Lord in deep meditation.

He sits in silent meditation
Among the cold Himalayan mountains
His breath reverberating through its rocky walls
Brought down with the shimmering Ganges

Among these low sounds one listens
To the merry sounds of anklets
Of jingling bangles and earrings
Of a young dancing damsel
As she plays around her waters
Locked in his long dark hair.

A knot untied, a force unleashed
She giggles as she flows down
Potent chemistry released
The Lord silently lets go
Her waters to the earth they fall
O behold the charming lady flow

Wild fire between them
In a chilling night
Just the sounds in her waters reveal
The chemistry within
The force of love released.

Rasa lila among her waters
Rasa lila among the mountains
Music in my mind I behold
Of what the Lord held so close
Everlasting love let to profusely flow.


JC Joshi said...

An interesting analogy - almost all rivers in India bear feminine names since time immemorial!

Attempting to see through Creator’s eyes, I give below an essence as I understood it.

Parrot-like Hindus say
Soul is immortal
Unborn and unending
And then look skywards today
Copying present day west
Unable to recall the truth
That centre of earth is Shiva
The omnipotent Yogeshwar
Who Created physical forms -
That moved in all directions
Up or down
Outwards or inwards -
From zero that is Nothing!

And after hard work
Assigning different tasks
Within eternal time-cycle
To innumerable forms
Or His Own images
Himself He bllissfully enjoys
As the Lord of the Past
In His mind’s eye
Drama of ‘panchabhoota’ -
Earth, air, water, sky and fire
The five main actors -
The variety of emotions
Experienced by Him
Through innumerable eyes
In different human forms
During different life spans
And in its different stages!

Dr.Anil said...

Kavita,Such is the force of your narration that I could hear the Ganges flowing!To me the reationship between the Ganges & lord Shiva is that Of a father & his naughty daughter!
Joshi uncle,Looking up skywards is a natural instinct.May be as people evolve in their Quest of truth they search fo the center.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha and Anilji, some more thoughts on Omnipotent.

With a loud bang
Diwali cracker explodes
Scatters pieces of paper
All over the place
Pets and infants are scared
The youth enjoys
Many more bangs
And many Anars
Send fire jets into sky
Desiring to rise higher
Fires rockets too

The old regrets
Gold turned into garbage
Astronaut recalls it as the root
Of space travel
Latent human desire
To escape from earth
From its bondage
From its gravity
Like moon also did it
But to protect it
Like its mother

Yogis realized the truth
Of Jagadamba
The Creator
With detachment
As a witness of the drama
Entering the head of Nadbindu
The cause of the Big Bang
The root of the physical universe
Who seeks its own root (?)

JC Joshi said...

Speaking of Diwali, the festival of lights, there is a saying in Hindustani, “Chirag ta-le andhera”, which literally means, ‘there is darkness under the earthen lamp’.

However, going a bit deeper, the light emanating from the flame (like our Sun) helps only those who have normal eyes, that is, those whose visual function is not impaired - and that too, unlike our near permanent Sun, till the wick and/ or the fuel last - to differentiate between illuminated material objects within the room and the dark shadows cast by the material component of the various objects.

Visually impaired persons in the past, like Surdas, perhaps saw more light or the truth in his mind’s eye than many apparently normal men, that is he saw Krishna, believably the Black-Hole-like ‘light of thousand suns’ while Dhritarashtra saw through Sanjaya’s - present day TV-like - ‘divya chakshu’ and yet his mind’s eye failed to see the truth of Krishna as a re-incarnation of Nirakar of Formless Vishnu/ Shiva!

The majority ever is, by and large, normally in dark about the functioning of animal’s body even with eyes wide open, particularly the human body, which has ever remained a mystery. Comparatively, the non-living objects are perhaps better understood in so far as their apparent physical properties are concerned. Although, man isn’t able to read between the lines and see how ‘gold’ has been used to fool man since time immemorial, which is also communicated with the help of mythological stories too.

Baba Ramdeo like Yogis in the present have demonstrated how Yoga, or simply even ‘Pranayam” that is regulation of breathing pattern, could help some faithfuls to recover from a variety of apparent ailments!

As an example, a colleague of mine, over a decade ago, told me how a person who had lost his vision regained it just by clapping his hands loudly (like explosion of a cracker!), for which he used to go into the isolation of ‘the ridge’ in Delhi in order not to be a nuisance to his relatives/ neighbours! Thus, perhaps one should clap louder whenever one gets the opportunity, such as in the sports’ field, music recitals, and so on in his own interest!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Anilji…although I don’t find appropriate words to express it, however, before I forget, I would like to tell you that in the beautiful photograph presented in the post, I see the elephant headed fair bodied Ganesha – the son of Hiamalaya’s daughter Parvati that is Ma Gouri the fair one – seated in the middle, on the lap of his mother in the form of Ma Ganga, and in the company of powerful Shiva, in the form of hard rocks!

Kavitha, I am amused by the question by Mahavishnu: Who is jc joshi? For his information, I am just a seeker of truth, a pseudonym with which my parents clled me, although I am tempted to say, like him, I am Mahashiva!!!

JC said...

Shri Mahavishnu,

Life is symbolic and we believably have come to know that human brain is ‘a naturally-made-available’ Analogous Super Computer - unlike the Digital Computer I, or V, utilize slavishly in the ‘present’ due to 'time' or 'kal' in Kaliyuga.

The above phenomenon can perhaps be visualized with the anlogy of one possessing a canon and using a pistol, or even our head instead, to break a wall as we are apparently doing!

Unless I know who I am, i.e., who SHE is, or HE is, or IT is (represented by the modern man, Hindus even, by 'SHIT'!), the original immortal energy, the apparently ‘wise’ ancient Hindus - realizing the truth of Maya that is illusion - depicted symbolically through the Red-tongued Ma Kali who resides within my mortal form as well as that of our Earth’s too, it is immaterial whether I use capital letter, I, or small letter, i, to represent me as my exterior is apparently seen through the ‘eyes’ of all other Is also as long as I believably would last! Hindus used 'Aham' in Sanskrit to mean (the first person in English, I) as the third person, as well as pride to ever remain conscious of the truth!

I, however, know the truth that I need a mirror or a photograph to C how I appear outwardly at any given time during the ever changing time! And, I am confused, for I know not which image or reflection, out of the numerous ones that lie in my exclusive album, truly reflects the real me, that is, the dot called Nadbindu by ancients!

I am aware that it is either dust or ash that I would finally, surely, turn into one day, like all other life forms too at the end of their respective life-spans! And thus, I am happy to know that without contribution from me, or without the immortal dust that I represent, the mighty and near permanent over 4 billion year old EARTH couldn't have existed and sustained, perhaps eternally!

N.B. [The exclamation point represents i doing ‘sheershan’ to make blood flow into my brain hoping for attainment of Buddha-like enlightenment some day!]

JC Joshi said...

Yoga is a fashionable word used by the present day man. However, Hindu Philosophy or the science of Yoga - read with the belief of “maya” that is illusion - seen through the eyes of the Creator, means union of Real Time & Apparent Time/ Soul & Body or Shakti & Shiva.

Real Time & Space, zero, applies to the Formless Creator, Nadbindu, the believable cause of the physical universe’s and also our earth’s, as its essence or model, coming into existence (for His selfish purpose that apparently is never made directly known to man, maybe - just as a reflection of it - other inferior animal life forms are apparently unconcerned with the purpose of human life, although almost all of those apparently allow themselves to be exploited in the manner in which human beings so desire - either willingly or slavishly as domesticated animals, or unwillingly as specimens kept in cages in zoos for educational purposes. Earth could also be visualized as a zoo/ prison/ class-room/ and so on!

Apparent Time - as it is reckoned with reference to relative movements of our Sun (Brahma) and Earth (Shiva) - relates to the time taken by the Formless Creator (Bhootnath) to review, (different aspects of it through human eyes as its own models, eternally, during Brahma’s one day of over 4 billion years followed by his night of a similar duration), the essence of immortal physical universe created by it through evolutionary processes, represented by our galaxy (with powerful physical Vishnu or Krishna at its centre making Brahma or Sun go round it, that similarly makes members of its system including Shiva-Parvati or earth-moon go around it while earth itself also independently makes the moon to similarly go around it since time immemorial).

JC Joshi said...

I would add that 'perfection' was believably achieved by the Formless Creator as a result of evolutionary processes, at the end of a Satyuga, after having started from the beginning of a Kaliyuga and covering the entire 360 degrees of space (through 360x3, i.e.,1080 cycles of one Mahayuga of 43,20,000 years each, reckoned as the total time taken to review the four stages of development, as indicated in the Mythological story related to four similar stages of ‘churning of the milky ocean’ to reach ‘amrit’ or immortality, but reviewed in the reverse order in the above-mentioned cycles of four Yugas each from Satyuga backwards to Kaliyuga, again and again, during a day of over 4 billion years in Brahma’s life!

The innumerable other galaxies in the void of the infinite universe
perhaps reflect the trials made for achieving our galaxy as the perfect one...

JC Joshi said...

There is a saying in Hindi, to the effect, “Bahti Ganga mein haath dhona,” that is, ‘Everyone can wash their hands in the flowing Ganges (but not create it, and be rid of his ‘sins’ or all of one’s past ‘wrong doings’!)’

With the recent World Cup cricket matches being watched by millions all over the world, I might add that similarly, for the present day man, cricket is just a ‘game’! But, for the ‘Creator’ of the infinite and ever expanding physical universe, it is a reflection of the essence of His hard work involved, His successes and failures from one apparent time to another, in achieving our galaxy/ earth as the superior most one out of the various other alternatives He had tried and for posterity stored them also within Himself or the void of the infinite universe!

And, being omnipotent and omnipresent, He continues through eternity to review His ‘past’, that is, His successes and failures through His ‘super computers’ or the variety of ‘life forms’ - on His perfect form or immortal earth - He used for recording it all through the ‘Creation’, from NOTHING or zero and back to it! And, where we - the images of His past life - are apparently seen only by Him headed today, as He has done innumerable times earlier also, for He alone knows the ’Absolute Truth’!

JC Joshi said...

Talking of the cricket World Cup, with reference to Team India’s loss in the match against the small fish or minnows, Team Bangladesh, and also keeping in mind the mischievous nature of the Creator, I might add for the sake of those who haven’t the habit of looking at the World Atlas, (or are scared like me as I used to be in my school days!), that after arising in Lake Mansarovar and flowing across the fertile land of the Ganga-Yamuna valley in the present day ‘India’, the most revered River Ganga, enters into the present day ‘independent’ country of Bangladesh in the east of ‘India’. And, there it meets River Brahmaputra, which also arises in Lake Mansarovar, and after flowing through present day China and some regions in the northeast of ‘India’, ecacuates its waters into the Bay of Bengal, but, as River Padma*, meaning ‘lotus plant or flower’, in Sanskrit...

[*As per Hindu mythological stories, Brahma is supposed to have been seated on a lotus flower that had evolved from the navel of Vishnu! And also that, through his valiant efforts, Bhagirath had brought River Ganga eastwards to revive the 60,000 sons, of King Sagara (literally meaning ‘sea’), who had been turned into ashes by Sage Kapila, which perhaps could refer to the rivers that had at some time drained the northeastern region of Jambudweep, the island that ‘India’ once upon a time was, and therefore they had perhaps lost their existence with the emergence of the Himalayas from under the seabed in the North of ‘India’ and consequently might have resulted in parching of the land for some time till the present day River Bhagirathi was diverted eastwards, naturally or through human efforts!]

JC Joshi said...

'Panchabhootas' demonstrate their potency in a number of ways, alone or with various permutations and combinations thereof, which has on one hand created awe in humans with the occurrence of certain destructive natural phenomena, each with different frequencies, while on the other hand it has inspired man from one time to another to continue doing in-depth study of ‘Nature’s’ different aspects, to learn their behaviour better and to exploit these forces to evolve in the material field.

However, it is well known that there ever remains much more to know about ‘Nature’, or the believable mysterious force behind it.

One could visualize the creative power of water in the natural form starting from small water-wheels placed in running water in the hill streams used for grinding purposes etc. in the early days, to hydro-electric generation in powerhouses, utilizing fall in water levels in rivers, or using tidal forces in seas even...for various uses...

However, it is observed that the more a particular facility is created, the more is the demand for it that still remains to be fulfilled! Perhaps thus indicating the mischievous nature of the Creator!

JC Joshi said...

In continuation, thus despite apparent advancement in Technology, in the ‘present’ one feels frustrated at the apparent duality of purpose to which any improved technology is used - both for creation/ happiness to a cross section of population on one hand and for destruction/ unhappiness, on the other hand, to a perhaps larger percentage, who continue to co-exist, but with their own grievances and finding faults with one another... (Say, for example, the situation in Nandigram in West Bengal – and Nandi believably is ‘Shiva’s vehicle’ ‘that is, perhaps each physically relatively more powerful male human form!)…

However, there could be another interpretation as indicated by the ‘wise’ ancient ‘Yogis’: The phenomenon perhaps indicates the truthful nature of the Formless Creator, that is, it is perhaps projecting the story of its past when it hadn’t acquired perfection or immortality as reflected through the physical Solar System today.

And that it is superimposing those events that are related with evolution of physical universe with advancement during apparent time, truthfully, having as its backdrop the eventual perfection achieved in the material field - as is evident from the existence of our over 4 billion-year-old ‘beautiful’ Solar System (that contains beautiful earth or Shiva and beautiful planet Saturn or ‘sudershanchakradhari Vishnu’, and so on), with still older forms that apparently co-exist within the believably unborn and unending or infinite void of the universe, within our galaxy or beyond it, which is filled with innumerable other galaxies… and imperfection is perhaps seen through human eyes only while other 'inferior' life forms (be it bacteria or bull) are apparently unconcerned and continue to perform their assigned tasks truthfully!

A 'scientist' observed, to the effect, that every life form, other than man, apparently knows its purpose!

JC Joshi said...

The Yogis believed all animal forms on Earth to have originally started from an energy form, called ‘soul’, as one of the innumerable parts of the one and only ‘supreme soul’ or ‘Paramatma’ itself, such that each one of it is obliged to acquire 8.4 million different ‘inferior animal’ forms as part of the process of evolution to reach the most evolved animal form, that is, human form, for the first time!

Also, the ancient elevated souls, or ‘Siddhas’ among Yogis, appear to have realized our planet Earth, and also Adi Shiva in human form with His original abode at Kashi, (all forms made up of the panchabhootas, i.e., earth, air, water sky, and energy that is fire), as the true representative of the ‘perfect’, omnipotent and omnipresent, Formless Creator, ‘Nadbindu’ the point source of energy (also called the ‘Absolute Truth’). The most evolved physical form, starting from pure energy referred as ‘Kali’ at Shiva’s heart or Earth’s centre, at the beginning of Kaliyuga, was believably reached at the end of a period that came to be called as Satyuga that is the ‘era of Truth’. This was expressed in the statement, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam”.

And, all other physical/ human forms believably reflect at all times (between Satyuga’s end and beginning of Kaliyuga) the apparent variety in ‘Nature’ in all its aspects, which is related with apparent time and its apparent passage, that is, the various ‘truths’ related with time created with the coming into existence of our revolving Milky Way Galaxy with its centre (Black Hole, or ‘Krishna’ as reincarnation of Vishnu who believably had thousands other forms, perhaps thus referring to innumerable other galaxies in the universe) as the main driving force of all Heavenly Bodies within it, including our Solar system, which in their respective turns has Sun (Brahma)/ Earth (Shiva as the Supreme Form of Krishna!) as similarly driven as well as apparently driving forces!

JC Joshi said...

A Hindu by thought - with the background knowledge of Hindu Mythological stories carried since time immemorial and related to Dwaperyuga’s Krishna, who was notorious for stealing butter from milk-maids in the childhood, but later on came to be held in awe by everyone as re-incarnation of the “sudershan chakradhari” Vishnu, literally the ‘poisonous point’ (who is famous for His Yoganidra or super consciousness state), and revered as Yogiraja or the king of the Yogis, who in the Gita also claims Himself to be an agent of death and indirectly claims Earth (known also as ‘Mrityulok’)/ Shiva the destroyer/ Yogeshwar as His supreme form) - might find it interesting to learn from ‘present-day-scientists’ that our Solar system is found to lie near the outer periphery of our disc-shaped ‘Milky Way’ galaxy - with the background knowledge that when milk is churned in a centrifuge, cream separates from it and moves outwards towards the periphery of the centrifuge! And, scientists have come to know that functions of microcosm and macrocosm are similar in nature, and also that the planet Jupiter, (or Brihaspati the Guru of 'devtas' that is demi-gods under whose supervision the reported ‘churning of the milky ocean’ was carried out by ‘rakshashas’ and ‘devtas’), also has beautiful rings, that is, “sudershan chakras” similar to those of planet Saturn, but are relatively smaller in size!

And the ancient Hindus indicated Earth as the centre of the universe while Shiva was considered Mahesha or the superior most among Gods!

JC Joshi said...

As we have seen earlier also in detail, the story related to ‘Krishna’ in human form (as the eighth and the only living lucky child of his parents born inside a prison or confinement, that is, a born Yogi!), and his reported advice to Arjuna in the Gita, believably in the middle of the battle field of Mahabharata, cryptically communicate the logic of Yoga, with Yogeshwar Shiva as the central force. That is, the structure of human form believably utilizes the essences of the selected nine numbers members of the solar system, or ‘grahas’, used as locks for holding total information distributed between them tightly - which also means crocodile that has powerful lock-like jaws - eight of them as active members and one as the inert one, doing the job of the observer only, each essence located at different level from tail-bone end up to the head.

Thus the apparent variety among different humans are believed on account of the various information remaining locked up in different characters, and not rising to the head, to result in the apparent hierarchy as per a grand design related with apparent time and Yuga concerned.

JC Joshi said...

In essence, it can be seen with the help of the Hindu Mythological stories etc. that obviously because the Formless Creator itself is the lone ‘decision maker’, as it alone knows the purpose, the basis of the design of the physical universe by it ever, in any Yuga, apparently remains a mystery to its own believable models/ images, that is, man.

However, at any given point of time there exist various guesses through ‘ananta katha’ or unending stories as the Creator believably is unending or immortal! This gets reflected in the present also in the believably advanced scientist’s inability in the ‘present’ to make an intelligent computer that can make decisions on its own.

Even advanced man also, as a ‘decision maker’, fails almost all the time (a typical example of George Bush supported by intelligent advisors in the most advanced nation today could perhaps be cited), as is generally seen in retrospect by him, particularly when outcome of his action related to some major issue - considered right at some point of time and one decided to choose out of many alternatives available - turns out to be not what one had projected those to happen at that point of time. And, hence need felt to review and apply corrective measures at some pre-determined intermediate stages from time to time or even at any time other than those if there arises some emergent condition that wasn’t foreseen earlier. (One might therefore perhaps understand why the Creator is represented by spider-like believably eight-handed Ma Durga! And, Krishna is called 'Natkhat Nandlal', although King Nanda was only his Godfather! And, in the Gita, he believably suggests 'surrender in Him'!)

JC Joshi said...

The ‘wisest’ among the generally wise ancients advised man to read the available scriptures ‘between the lines’ to reach at the essence or the ‘satva’ that is ‘satya’ the 'Truth’, i.e., Earth (including its atmosphere) as Shiva, the essence or ‘model’/ ‘image of the Formless Creator’, that is, Bhootnath the ‘Lord of the Past’!

It is, therefore, amusing to find in the newspapers the wise ‘editors’ today, who believe they have the responsibility of deciding what the general populace should read, perhaps similarly present apparently large quantities of ‘garbage’ for different ‘rag pickers’ to find useful material from it - like metallurgists extracting a small quantity of gold from tonnes of its ore after long processes!

The task is particularly made more difficult for an average man in the ‘present’ due to lack of spare time due to ‘rat race’ set in by the mischievous ‘Shaitan’ or Satan, that apparently led to the misnomer, “sudershan chakradhari” Saturn, as the believable ruler of the western direction, whereas the wise ancients realized ‘Natkhat Nandlal’ as the one and only mischief monger, fooling even the the ‘wisest human’ for all the times with the grand variety of His images or reflections!

One was therefore believed to enjoy the apparent fooling - on account of lack of overall knowledge - by the all knowing Almighty, for which one is believably required to bring one’s mind to accept the ‘Truth’ of the ancients, despite the presence of innumerable distractions/ apparent chaos as part of the believable design…

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, perhaps as one of Krishna’s mischiefs, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recently predicted GANGA as one of the ten rivers that are dying!

In Dwaperyuga, it was Krishna, as the 'light of thousand suns' and the believable re-incarnation of Vishnu the super conscious being then, who apparently made Arjuna see the destructive and therefore revered ‘Absolute truth’, through “divya Chakshu” that is ‘mind’s eye’ of the ‘expert archer', i.e., the model of our Sun (the believable source of all direct and indirect forms of energy on earth, including sunlight that apparently helps innumerable life forms on it to see the ‘truths’ or different looking reflections of the believable one and only Krishna!)

However, in the ‘present’, perhaps towards the fag-end of the era of believably the lowest human efficiency, 'expert Astronomers' divert the attention of the common man from the ‘truth’ by comparing the reported incident with vision through large telescopes that help present day ‘advanced scientists’ (!) to see the exterior of distant Heavenly Bodies only on account of lack of faith in the Creator, particularly as Bhootnath!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, perhaps as one of Krishna’s mischiefs, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recently predicted GANGA as one of the ten rivers that are dying!

In Dwaperyuga, it was Krishna, as the light of thousand suns and the believable re-incarnation of Vishnu the super conscious being then, who apparently made Arjuna see the destructive and therefore revered ‘Absolute truth’, through “divya Chakshu” that is ‘mind’s eye’ of the ‘expert’ archer, i.e., the model of our Sun (the believable source of all direct and indirect forms of energy on earth, including sunlight that apparently helps innumerable life forms on it to see the ‘truths’ or different looking reflections of the one and only Krishna!)

However, in the ‘present’, perhaps towards the fag-end of the era of believably the lowest human efficiency, expert Astronomers divert the attention of the common man from the ‘truth’ by comparing the reported incident with vision through large telescopes that help present day ‘advanced scientists’ (!) to see the exterior of distant Heavenly Bodies only on account of lack of faith in the Creator, particularly as Bhootnath!

P.S. The above comment has remained unaccepted and therefore posted again if that one isn't found...

JC Joshi said...

The word, Bhoot (meant as ghost) or Bhootnath (meaning the ‘Lord of the Past’ but presented as a ‘bad’ or uncultured individual in mythological stories), generates a feeling of fear in the minds of average humans generally of dark places, because of innumerable stories retold of apparitions of particular figures, seen during nights, who believably existed in human form at some point of time, but had died under some tragic circumstances in an early age, viz. in accident or suicide, and so on without their last rites duly performed (and exploited by Tantriks for some selfish interests!). For, it is generally believed that ghosts harm living persons because of some desires of the person, when he was alive, had remained unfulfilled.

Maybe the above was meant to caution humans not to have much attachment with the material world, which was believed by the ‘wise’ ancients to be illusory, a result of ‘maya’ of the Creator, that is the absolute truth of only Supreme soul as the real being while ‘untruths’ are believed to appear to it through the apparent physical eyes of its own innumerable ‘images’ for its own purpose!

JC Joshi said...

As an example of thoughts that have appeared on top of my head and, although, I have presented those earlier also, you could perhaps realize the phenomenon with the help of your own photographs snapped in the ‘bhootkala’ or ‘past’ that reflect the passage of time through different images of yours at different ages after birth, in different dresses and at different locations and try to indicate who you believe the real you is, and why you think it so.

I am sure you will find it impossible to do so, and maybe you will reply that it’s me in all the photographs, at different instances of time, so all really are me only.

Maybe, therefore, I would then ask you to imagine yourself standing at the centre of a number of ‘magical’ mirrors arranged all around you in a circle such that you see your own different reflections in each of those at the same given instant of time. And, now tell me which of those images you would say reflects your true likeness?

You would perhaps then ask me for a plain mirror to be able to indicate the ‘truth’, which of course you might very well know that it relates to that particular instant of time only, for you also know that your exterior is undergoing constant change with time and, therefore, the particular image cannot be the true reflection of ‘real you’ who you are sure is present in all images related to the ‘past’ also!

And now try to visualize a Super-intelligent formless being’s mind that believably is related with time and space zero and is interested to know the self!

JC Joshi said...

If, like the ‘wise’ ancients, one becomes aware of the Absolute Truth, that is if one is convinced of existence of one and only immobile Nirakar Parabrahma, that is, Formless Super being (zero space and time), and the physical universe as His Own innumerable video-like movable reflections, recorded in the past, that are, in fact, cinema-like fictitious, or illusory as a result of His ‘Yogamaya’, then it would perhaps be easier to enjoy Hindu Mythological sories better.

For example, one could perhaps understand from apparent ‘modern’ history the way the British expanded their empire through colonization and covered almost the entire globe, a similar communication in ‘Suryavanshi’ Kings’ performance of “ashwamedha yagya” to increase the territory umder their command and, which to a scientist, might indicate possibility of similar gradual expansion of sun’s influence range with time and thus see the possibility of Rama as an evolved model that reflects the characteristic properties of our sun that penetrates the gravitational field of earth with its rays or ‘breaks Shiva’s bow’.

And besides being responsible for creation and sustenance of life on earth, illuminates the surface of its satellite Moon, (‘swayamber’ or garlanding of Rama by Sita as a token of acceptance in marriage of both), whose ‘Shekhara’ or rays also help in still better growth of life upon earth, and maybe also why Sita was called Vaidehi too, i.e., formless! And, so on