Potency of Lord Shiva – Part 2

Through the dance of Kali:

Another Goddess who draws my attention to the wild fury of Lord Shiva is the Goddess Kali. This play is different; it’s in the rhythm of bharatnatya. In the grace and the movement of the body. The Urdhva tandava is a form of expression, one that is matched only by Kali when she dances alongside Lord Shiva. It’s a different kind of mano laya, where this energetic Goddess redefines every step of grace and beauty. Where chemistry is a result of a power game at a superior level, where the drums resound into the air, followed by the rhythmic sounds of ghunguru as two feet merge into a single united sound of higher bliss. Where energy flows unlimited in the expression of abhinaya, when there is passion in the air, where there is mischief in the eyes as the Goddess challenges the Lord to His every step in dance!

The drums resound beat by beat,
The echo brings forth two wilder beings
The blazing fire reveals
Steady motion in sure steps
Energy slowly unleashed

A theatrical world of sound
Breaks open in reverberation
Among stone walls of an ancient temple
The tremors felt within the heart
As the drums bring forth this madness

Uncontrolled chemistry
The fire in their eyes it glows
The wilder nature of love
Their flowing hair envelops
Locking them into a potent spell

He moves His body effortlessly
Her grace gentle, beautiful and coy
In the darkness of the night
Their sure steps rhythmically hit the ground
Raising dust into the air

Their eyes meet their bodies’ move
They flow so graciously the world beholds
Their fiery eyes and their wavy hair
Makes them a complete potent pair
Locked in deep musical embrace

As the rhythm rises high,
The sounds of the drums thunder by
The earth shakes the world awake
To witness the rhythm of creation displayed
Raw power unadulterated it flows


JC Joshi said...

Continuing from my comments on Part - I, although it is stated in the Hindu mythological stories, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam”, i.e., Shiva only is the truth, and Shiva alone is beautiful, as one could see from Shiva’s description, viz. his being called ‘Gangadhara’/ ‘Chandraskhara’, or the one who holds the River Ganga/ drinks somrus or moonrays (!), etc and believably has ‘moon on His forehead’, and also moon to be the source of ‘Ganga’ – perhaps relating the ‘nadi’ or the river with the central nervous system in the human body, and so on. All these cryptic communications point out earth to have been indicated as the prototype of Shiva in human form, because man is also indicated by Yogis as the model of the universe having in its formation the essences of the selected members of our solar system, with the essence of moon, as Jagadamba the Guru or the superior that is the creator of earth, at ‘Sahasrara Bandha’ that lies in the human head.

However, on another hand, Earth is also stated to be illusory of ‘mithya’, that is, a lie. And also it is called as a market where only lies are sold! Obviously, with the background knowledge of Nadbindu being believed as the Creator of physical universe, it is the centre of our earth that is perhaps referred as the ‘Absolute Truth’. And, the mythological stories depict Ma Kali to lie at the ‘heart of Shiva’!

Dr.Anil said...

kavitha,After the song(ganga+shiva),the dance(Kali+ shiva)I am very curious to know the third in the series... that probably would lead to the "Anahat Naad" that we all yearn to hear at the end of it all!

JC Joshi said...

The thought, as a prepatory stage of Ardhanarishwar Shiva’s or ‘Shiva-Kali dance’, brings to my mind the gushing up of hot and red molten magma from the heart of earth up through the shaft, and further up till it sees the light of the sun and flows over the volcano’s crater - to spread on its sides while in its wake virtually giving a fresh hair-cut to Shiva by burning the vegetation on its way down the slopes (and perhaps killing some animal life too, like clearing someone’s head of lice that reside inside the unkempt matted hairs of primitive men/ apes!)

And finally, the lava stops on meeting with fresh air/ water on earth’s surface. And as it cools down it turns black, a fresh layer of rich top-soil that becomes one with the original earth’s surface that had become poorer with the passage of time...and, the ballet dance continues as fresh hairs (vegetation) grow on the head of Ma Kali too intermingling with those of Shiva’s existing locks!

JC Joshi said...

Also, ‘urdhva’ in Sanskrit means high, which in “Urdhva Nataraja” perhaps refers to high volcanoes which dot the earth’s surface and could perhaps have inspired the ancients to refer those as 'fiery shivalingas' (as against the watery ones, that is, natural geysers') to represent the formless Shiva. However, although many of these are seen still to be active and erupt from time to time, most of these apparently are dormant.

Maybe, one such mount might exist amongst the peaks of the snow covered Himalayas which might have resulted in the evolution of the moon, which is reflected in the story related with the marriage of Shiva with Parvati, ‘daughter of Himalaya’ and who believably was yet another form of His original consort, Sati who died in ‘sacred fire’, where Shiva wasn't invited, which in fact might refer to a crater of volcano that doesn't have the solid crust of earth that is found elsewhere!

JC Joshi said...

The concept of “sudershan-chakra-dhari” or the planet with beautiful rings - that truly represents the centre of our galaxy – that is, Saturn, the cold planet as the ninth planet besides eight others depicted in the Navagraha Temples, as the controller of the other eight (that in their turn are relevant to human life drama), could be imagined with the working of a juggler in mind who manages to keep a number of balls in the air or, similarly, the planets in space at all times like the centre of our galaxy.

The eight planets in order of their apparent location in space, starting from the planet Saturn as the apparent ‘juggler’, could be visualized as Jupiter, Asteroid, Mars, Moon, Earth, Venus, Mercury, and Sun, the order as believably also seen by astronomers today with sun at its centre. However, as Saturn believably is a model upon whom is vested the power of the centre of our galaxy, similarly the ancients appear to have realized essence of Mars (related with orange colour formed with the combination of the red, associated with Ma Kali, and yellow that is associated with Ma Durga or Parvati) as the similar basic representative of the centre of our galaxy in the chain of hierarchy, that is, the 'root' in respect of human forms.

The revised order of essences going into the formation of human structure from tail-bone end to the head thus believably was realized as Mars, Asteroid, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon as the head in the list with essence of Sun in the middle (solar plexus) as the supplier of energy for providing the driving force that keeps the system in action during one day in the life of Brahma, our sun...

JC Joshi said...

Thus, in view of the above and read with the symbolic representation of Formless Shiva with the help of Shivalinga within the Yoni of Parvati in Hindu Temples, the ‘wise’ Hindus believed the soul – apparently free to start with as one of the innumerable parts of the Supreme Knowledge itself and - to remain in space, confined within some relatively inferior form in a chain that consists of believably 8.4 million million links or forms, remaining within the womb, unborn, while undergoing transformations within the ‘garbha griha’, that is, planet earth, which is one of the members of our solar system that form the body of ‘Mahashiva’ that believably is in existence for over 4 billion years today.

However, it is perhaps towards the fag-end of Brahma’s day, with His night gradually approaching, as indicated by the low all-round morale of an average Indian today, as it is particularly reflected after the shameful exit of team India from the World Cup, especially after defeat from team Bangladesh even (like Lord Rama’s powerful army was believably defeated by his own suns, Luva & Kusha)!

And, although as a flame flickers brightly before it extinguishes/ or the balance water in store in a fountain gushes up when debris is cleaned from its nozzle, it set up a World Cup record of runs (413, the total of which adds up to 8!) yet its poor performance like an old and tired tiger against team Sri Lanka thereafter, as also the last straw, that is, team Bermuda to hopefully defeat team Bangladesh, didn’t didn't save it to let it make it to the ‘Super Eight’ - the number perhaps indicating the hand of the ‘lucky’ eighth son of Ma Devaki’s, mischievous Krishna’s, hand!

JC Joshi said...

Reading the Hindu Mythological stories ‘between the lines’, conscious of the ‘panchabhoota’ as the representative of Nadbindu, one could perhaps make out that the molten magma in the core of our earth is depicted as ‘Daksha’ (meaning ‘expert’) Prajapati (meaning ‘King’), as the father of Sati in the Satyuga, who didn’t invite Shiva (hardened rocks) to the ritual ceremony where only Sati came uninvited, was insulted and, therefore, committed suicide in the ‘sacred fire’!

And, Shiva subsequently married Parvati the daughter of Himalaya as another form of Sati herself, thus pointing to the phenomenon of evolution of moon from original earth-moon as it is also believed by the scientists today. And Hindus said, “Satyameva Jayate.” That is, “Truth ever prevails.”

Similarly, one would notice that the same molten magma is also indicated as King ‘Janak’ (meaning creator), the father of Sita in Tretayuga, who was found within a pitcher when Janak was ploughing the field!

JC Joshi said...

At this stage, one might like to recall how ‘in the battle-field of Mahabharata’, Yogiraj Krishna revealed to Arjuna His Supreme form, in the words presented in the Gita, “Arjuna saw the supreme Deity possessing many mouths and eyes. Presenting a wonderful sight, decked with many divine ornaments, wielding many uplifted divine garlands and clothes, besmeared all over with divine sandal-pastes, full of all wonders, infinite and having faces on all sides”. (10, 11 - XI)

“Then Arjuna, full of wonder with the hair standing on end, reverentially bowed his head to the divine Lord, and with joined palms addressed him thus. Arjuna said: Lord I behold within Your body all gods and hosts of different beings, ‘Brahma throned on his lotus-seat’, Shiva and all Rishis and celestial serpents”. (14, 15 –XI)

Maybe, one could see in the above verses the description of Earth (the ‘garbha-griha’), and also Krishna in human form, both representing the unmanifest, Nadbindu/ infinite universe.

JC Joshi said...

Although everyone is aware of it, we know that we continue to perceive the full face of our sun truthfully the whole day, as it rises every morning in one direction and sets every evening in the opposite direction, after which the sky apparently gets filled with innumerable ‘stars’. The mysterious moon, however, attracts more attention because of its size (as big as our sun) and its changing face as if by design by some mysterious force. It is fully covered on the new-moon night, to gradually become half uncovered on the “ashtami” or the eighth day, and fully uncovered only on the full-moon night - to gradually get covered once again in repetitive cycles. And, because its size is the same as that of the sun, it could perhaps help one to imagine the moon to represent symbolically the cooler side of the sun, which is apparently seen as relatively cooler when it rises in the morning, and gradually appears to grow in heat to a peak at mid-day, to cool down again by the evening.

In view of the above, the two Heavenly Bodies thus indicate an alternating-wave-like phenomenon during each day of 24 hours over a month, varying in intensities from one new-moon to another depending on the season, as reflected by daily maximum and minimum temperatures. However, although, it is apparently possible to observe the passage of one month with the observation of moon’s quarterly phases, there is no clear cut communication through our sun to indicate completion of one year. Following the apparent hint in the four-stage appearance of seasons in cyclic order in ‘Nature’, Hindus appear to have considered moon as the true representative of the controller of time that is Mahakal, with its essence in the head of the human form, which was considered as having its roots in the sky, unlike trees that have them in the earth. Thus they appear to have referred to one particular new-moon in a particular month at the end of winter to mark the end of the old one and the beginning of a new year. And, eight days after the new year, ‘Durgashtami’ is celebrated ritually, when in North India married women invite eight unmarried girls, to remind one of Moon as responsible for the human life drama, which is followed the next day by ‘Ramnavami’ the ninth day that marks the birth of Rama, a model of sun in Tretayuga (of believable lower human efficiency compared to humans in Satyuga) and therefore Durga or Parvati of Satyuga was held in higher esteem (having believably started from zero in Kaliyuga, which apparently gets reflected in the present too despite their apparent advancement in the material field!)…

JC Joshi said...

With the above as background, perhaps we are in a better position to visualize why in the mythological stories Rahu’s head only is depicted to have been rendered immortal as he deceptively received ‘amrit’ or nectar, and consumed some of it when it was being distributed (also deceptively, by Vishnu in Mohini form, the pair of Sun & Moon!) to the devtas or selfless characters only (indicating mischievos character of the Creator), before the mistake was apparently detected, consequent upon which his head was separated from the body (which is called Ketu, to also exist in the form of a ‘shadow’ of the head, that is, pure energy that is perhaps associated with Infra Red, which is exchanged between galaxies and partially into our earth’s atmosphere also, and with planet Jupiter. And Rahu, similarly, associated with ultra-violet rays, and planet Mercury)!

However, in the human form, the essence of Jupiter believably is housed in the navel, ‘Swadhisthan Chakra’, out of which in Vishnu’s body the lotus-seat had believably evolved for Brahma the primordial Sun, essence housed in Solar Plexus or ‘Manipuraka Chakra’, whereas, the essence of Mercury is indicated to be housed in the ‘Anhat Chakra’ located at chest level.

The above three together indicate concentration of energy in the middle region of the human body, which reflects in the mythological stories as Kings having two advisors, one for advice on long term spiritual administration and another for short term, day-to-day, material administration…And, obviously the concept of ‘Rama-rajya’, related with Tretayuga, as the desired ‘role model’ for a King/ Political Administror at any time, for Shiva/ Vishnu as the ‘perfect being’, within whose head apparently lie the fictitious universe, is Formless!

JC said...

The Hindu Yogis’ concept of existence of two basic locks, one housed in the head and the other at the tail-bone end, between them to hold together the entire knowledge, one of which is related to ‘spiritual’ and the other to ‘material’.

Also, existence of three 'nadis’ or channels, that is, one central and two sympathetic nervous systems, could suggest part of energy/ information released to flow down from Manipuraka (Sun) to the Mooladhar (Mars) via Swadhisthan (Jupiter) and another intermediate one (Asteroid) believably called ‘rejuvenation point’. And, similarly in the other channel - rising from Anhat (Mercury) to Sahasrara (Moon) via, Vishuddhi (Venus) and Ajna (Earth) - perhaps becomes available for day-to-day use, depending on the quantum released as per design related to the particular individual. Wheras, the energy/ information stored in the Moladhar perhaps also can perhaps be made to rise to the head (fountain-like), but with faith and apparent efforts, viz., repetitive exercises, however, mainly perhaps as per some grand design, for as it is well known through recorded history, it is only rare personalities who appear to reach the Absolute Knowledge, Buddha-like after lapse of a long duration!

JC said...

After the apparent shameful defeat of team Cricket India against teams Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, both, the following apparent Historical/ Mythological ‘reasons’, in lighter vein, are under circulation on the internet.

These also could perhaps be seen by a ‘seeker’ to indicate the hand of mischievous Krishna. For, Indira Gandhi’s pet name was Indu that is moon (associated with Sahasrara) and Hanuman is believed to be associated with the planet Mars (associated with Mooladhar)!

“Two people to blame for world cup failure:

1. Indira Gandhi (for creating Bangladesh)

2. Hanuman.... (Not destroying Lanka completely)”

JC Joshi said...

Once again, one would notice, in the map of India in the World Atlas, that the relatively more polluted River Yamuna meets the more revered of the two, River Ganga, in the middle of its course at their ‘sangam’ or confluence near Allahabad, and ‘Anhat Chakra’ is depicted by Yogis in the middle of the body at chest level. Whereas, the River Brahmaputra meets the River Ganga just before the waters after their confluence, of River Padma, drains into the Bay of Bengal, which can be imagined as representing the ‘Mooladhar Chakra’ in the body of Shiva. And, all the three above-mentioned rivers have their common source in the Kailash-Mansarovar lake, which could be imagined as representing ‘Sahasrara Chakra’ located at the head of Shiva-Parvati!

JC Joshi said...

The waters are apparently flowing down along these rivers from North-west to South-east since time immemorial and even in the ‘present’ on account of gradual melting of snow, which had reached and rozen there during the ice-age at the Mount Kailash, deposited there from time immemorial due to cold atmosphere at those heights in the Himalayas, literally ‘the house of snow’. Most of the water apparently rose from the Arabian Sea, and some also from the Bay of Bengal and is apparently continuing since time imemorial due to water-cycle generated by heat energy (fire) from our Sun evaporting the water, and the air current set up due to different rates of heating of land mass and surface of water then doing the job of transportation of the water laden clouds to the wall-like Himalayas to result in the precipitation over the land from time to time during monsoon season.

JC Joshi said...

With the above in mind and the planet Saturn being reported as closest to our earth in the recent days and close to moon today, it is also a posibility that “Jal-chakra” or ‘water-cycle’ also was referred by the ‘wise’ ancient Hindus as “sudershan chakra,” literally “beautiful wheel’ of Vishnu/ Saturn as the planet and its rings of bright bits of ice in orbit make broad and beautiful rings too. It is found that the planet together with its rings makes it the widest planetary body in our Solar System. The mysterious aspect of the planet Saturn, however, is that scientists have recently reported its rings - compared to the relatively darker and shorter rings of Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune - to shine like a penny and leading them to believe that the rings are either a very recent phenomenon or perhaps a recurring one! The total mass of all the icy bits and chunks in the rings of the planet, that are only tens of meters thick, are found by present day scientists to amount to a medium-sized moon only.

JC Joshi said...

The Hindu Mythological stories, in code words perhaps, indicate River Ganga to have descended from our Moon, and with the concept of prototypes and models, macrocosm and microcosm etc. a drop of water could perhaps also be visualized as a model of Moon, as seen through the eyes of the ‘wise’ ancients. And, it is known that a drop of water is formed of innumerable droplets. Therefore, the rings of the planet Saturn – with the help of the recent scientific findings with the help of Cassini space probe since July 2004 – could perhaps be imagined as a similar drop of water to have been broken into its droplets that are then scattered in space and frozen to form the rings of the globe of the planet Saturn!

In view of the above, the believable Big Bang originating from Nadbindu (perhaps at the centre of our earth, reflected by Saturn that was earlier also seen to be the source of sound emanating from it by Voyager II), to reach infinity could be visualized with the help of explosion of a cracker and bits of papers moving outwards and getting scattered all over the surface of earth, or better by the rising high of a fountain water to a certain maximum height and at different levels too as represented by the hemisphere formed by the return drops of water downward, for the phenomenon can be continued indefinitely as long as one wants to observe it by proper storage of return water and recycling of the same.

The phenomenon might also help visualize the similar process happening within human form expressed by ‘kundalini’, that is, a major percentage of energy believed to be dormant at the Mooladhar, like a coiled serpent, and raising its hood to a certain height – from tail to the hood only at the end of Satyuga in the beginning/ beginning of Satyuga as it is being reviewed repetitively by Nadbindu through eternity...

JC Joshi said...

Although it is known that man, believably the most intelligent life on earth, gets fooled often due to natural short-coming in one’s vision, it is also well known how inferior life forms are also delibertely being made fool of through illusion created by relatively superior or ‘more intelligent’ being(s).

To cite an example, in order to study better the behaviour of sharks, with advancement in technology, deep-sea divers use mirrors/ cut outs of dangerous looking sharks with their mouths open to divert their attention from themselves, giving the fish an impression that it is encountering an equally or more powerful fish than it - and not an ordinary, inquisitive, although maybe, ‘natkhat-Nandlal-like’ man!

The ‘wise’ ancients, similarly, seem to have believed ‘Nature’ to be illusory, a dream-like creation within the head of Nadbindu, a point source of unlimited energy.

They personified it as a red-tongued Goddess Kali, and its believably enlarged form as, say, a video-like presentation of erupting volcanoes. It was believed to serve the purpose of scaring His Own images in human form, particularly those who are apparently located in the close proximity more than the others who are distant and can afford to, therefore, without much efforts anyway remain unconcerned – the believable ideal mental state under all circumstances, as reflected in the Gita too.

This mental state is apparently possible only if one understood, or had faith in, the Creator to be Formless and alone, and all forms in the physical universe to be His Own innumerable illusory images as in ‘magical mirrors’ (say, the relationship similarly to that of our Moon and Saturn's rings) serving the purpose of creating illusion for the Creator itself, the purpose of which ever remains unknown to even the most intelligent man!

JC Joshi said...

Talking about believable fooling of His Own images by the Formless Creator, and reflected in human form by Krishna the 'Natkhat Nandlal’, it is interesting that April Fools’ Day is just around the corner! And, after apparent elimination of Cricket Team India from the super 8’s from World Cup match that is in progress, and the last minute hope for some 'miracle', the following message was seen under wide circulation on the Internet.

“Chances are that India might qualify to super 8's.....Three Bangladeshi players including captain tested positive for Dope Test. If Ban is banned from WC, next team in same pool will take its place......which is India.....

Check out NDTV exclusive bulletin, attached.”
And the attachment read:
“India is already out and you have just been fooled.
April Fool !!!!
In Advance!!!”

JC Joshi said...

Maybe, 'we the images', called PEOPLE, have reached the believable stage of ‘realization of truth’ (in the words of the wise ancients) as one sudershan-chakra-dhari in the form of Saturn/ Vishnu, the non-playing-captain-like detached ‘juggler’, is apparently having a good look at the other sudershan-chakra-dhari in the form of Earth-Moon/ Adi Shiva, as also the grand variety of forms on earth that is ‘garbha griha’ or ‘womb’ of Mahashiva the solar system, at a time when India’s combined ego, built up before the start of the WC matches by the ‘panchabhoota’ reflected through the materially advanced electronic/ print media, is at its lowest level indicating the superiority of the ‘spiritual’ over the ‘material’.

As per the Hindu mythological stories, even the all powerful Rama in Tretayuga, (model of Sun - the believable source of all direct and indirect source of energy on earth by the modern scientists), also reportedly needed Sugriva’s ‘vanar sena’ or monkey army, particularly His ardent devotee Hanuman (model of Mars) - to revive Lakshamana (model of earth) rendered unconscious by Ravana’s son Meghanada (thunder related with clouds)/ Indrajeet, and also get Sita (model of Moon) released from the clutches of Ravana (model of Venus) the materialy superior individual in that era...

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, as you are aware I present my reactions to certain articles that appear in my newspaper and which are not expected to see the light of the day because of ‘Maya’ created by the ‘material’ world. I give below one such reaction which can perhaps appear only in a blog today for the perusal of a limited few, or the ‘fools’ who still interest themselves in the ‘spiritual’!

“I read Jayant Vishnu Narlikar’s wonderful article Memory Plus – Comprehension counts for little in Indian education (31 Jan).

It is interesting that it has appeared on the eve of April Fools’ Day!
The west is mischievous, for, copying it from the ancient east, “Satyameva Jayate,” it says, “Truth ever prevails”, and then makes one chase the shadows or the untruths!

The great scientist advises engineers to read literature and history also, and himself refers to Adi Shankara the believable exponent of the Philosophy of ‘Vedanta’ carried forth since time immemorial, that is, one God and the rest all as ‘images’ that believably make the illusory universe/ ‘jagat’ that is earth, a believable market where only lies are sold!

It is interesting as well as mischievous that he cites the advancement made by the west in the field of electronic computers while unable to recall himself that human brain itself is an analogous super computer handed over to each human being as the most precious ‘birthday gift’ one could ever think of, but unfortunately for the present day egoistic humans without any literature to guide how it could be used in the most efficient manner possible! It is perhaps like the sword given to a monkey by a king, as cited in the 'Panchatantra'!

Ancient ‘wise’ Hindus gave credit to mischievous Krishna that is ‘Natkhat Nandlal’ for the illusion or ‘Maya’!”

JC Joshi said...

At this stage, one might also like to have a look at ‘dumroo’, a percussion instrument having the shape of an hour-glass and associated with Shiva that, although rarely, is still used by ‘madaris’ to present performance of dances by tamed and trained monkeys, and also tight-rope walkers, by roadsides.

The dumroo thus perhaps, in reality, symbolically indicated Shiva as ‘Mahakal’ or controller of apparent time as believed by the ancients!

Percussion instruments are generally used today by musicians/ dancers for marking the beats or tempo that decides various speed or pace at which a musical piece is to be played or sung over a certain period of time, which perhaps could have been adopted after having been inspired by different tapping sounds produced by tamed and trained horses - in slow or fast tempo when it canters, or trots, or gallops, perhaps thus indicating the mysterious nature of the Creator to fool humans or give them a feeling of superiority over other animals!

JC said...

In the Hindu Mythology, although indirectly indicated, horses are related with the chariots in the battle of Mahabharata in Dwaperyuga believably used by the Maharathis or different Generals, particularly the one that was believably driven by Krishna for expert archer among the Pandavas, Arjuna, symbolically also depicting the relationship between the centre of our galaxy as the charioteer and our sun as the rider.

In the Gita, Krishna is also seen to tell Arjuna that among horses He is the celestial horse, Utchaisrava (perhaps symbolically representing our Sun), begotten by the churning of the ocean, along with nectar that appeared only at the end of the fourth and final stage (Moon). And in Tretayuga, the then expert archer Suryavanshi Prince Rama’s father was named Dasharatha, symbolically relating horses used in his chariot through the variety of energy forms related within apparent white sunlight that contains nine other colours, reflected through colours ranging from UV to IR with seven of those in the visible spectrum, from Red to Blue. Representation of each colur with some different member of the solar system is indicated in 'Rama-leela' with Lakshamana (Green, as model of earth with the clue, ‘he saw only the feet of Sita’!) and Sita (Gold-like Yellow, as model of Moon, clue given in her wearing a moon shaped necklace, ‘chandrahar’) also accompanying Rama when he alone was exiled!

Modern History too records how starting from the wild, trained horses have found use by the armies for different purposes till they came to be replaced by ‘iron horses’ or vehicles driven by fossil fuel, which marked the beginning of rise in environmental pollution that was perhaps referred as the poison, ‘halahal’ or ‘kalkoot’, that believably had originally appeared when ‘churning of the milky ocean’ was started under the supervision of sage Brihaspati that is Jupiter. And in the apparent present, like in the believable past it is the main cause of global warming! And the ancients believed human life drama to be the thing of the past as it is being reviewed by Bhootnath Shiva, the Lord of the Past and today it can be easily visualized with the help of the make believe world of cinema as its reflection.

JC Joshi said...

I might add at this time, when fooling of God’s images is being also enquired into, that for quite sometime in North India, ‘Sardar Jokes’ were being used to entertain the public, to give them a break from the generally apparent hard life related with the normal day-to-day activities. And, certain kings in India reportedly even had official ‘vidushak’ that is court jesters, such as, Tenali Rama and Birbal, in their respective courts for that very purpose only.

The above, seen with the reported description of Mahesha the best among physical Gods and Bholanath Shiva that is the Simple and Cool God in His heart (Nadbindu)vis-a-vis similar outwardly appearance of a typical ‘Sardar’ (literally meaning leader) in the present - with locks of hair on his head and a bearded chin to give to the cultured martial race a fearful appearance at a particular time in the past when such need had arisen - but perhaps lacking in the cool character that Shiva apparently was, as it is indicated by His having additionally the Moon on His forehead and cooling waters of Ganga held in His locks that is Himalayan forests!

The above-said could perhaps be seen as the ‘truth’ of the perfect and yet mischievous Creator who itself was apparently imperfect at the beginning of the 'churning' (of the milky ocean to reflect in its functioning the revolution of our galaxy)! The phenomenon perhaps finds reflection in the statement, “Rome was not built in a day,” and in the words of the ancients, Bhagirath-like valiant efforts needed to make Divine Ganga to descend on earth for revival of 60,000 sons of King Sagar!

JC Joshi said...

Another reaction to an article in newspaper on Cricket with indication of possibility of time heading towards zero.

"Shri Anil Dharker’s ‘Headed Nowhere’ was very timely, that is, it has appeared at the beginning of the month of April to fool the majority and keep one away from the Absolute Truth, as reflected by celebration of April Fools’ Day since time immemorial! In Europe, angling during the month is prohibited as fishes are easily caught because they are hungry during the breeding season! And, only a Yogi could perhaps believably overcome hunger for ‘material’!

Perhaps, when the majority is apparently feeling like a balloon that has been punctured by a pin-point called team Cricket Bangladesh, one could perhaps take heart from the knowledge that it was ‘India’ that believably gave to the world the idea of ‘0’ (zero), Nadbindu/ Ma Kali at the core of 4.6 billion-year-young earth, or heart of Yogeshwar Shiva the Gangadhara and Chandrashekhara, the point source of unlimited energy as the ‘Absolute Truth’, (represented by Moon as a true outward projection of earth’s energy at its centre), and other numbers, representing some physical forms that are apparently greater than zero as ‘truths’, the illusionary, that is, apparently infinite and ever expanding physical universe to dive4rt one’s attention from the Truth!

‘Satyam Shivam Sunderam’ was used to communicate that zero or Nirakar or Formless Shiva/ Vishnu is the truth as the essence of the apparent infinity! So what if ‘mature cricketers’, such as Sachin Tendulkar representing west), ‘The Wall’ Rahul Dravid (representing South), ‘Prince of Kolkata’ Saurav Ganguli (representing east), and ‘Nawab of Najafgarh’ Virender Sehwag (representing North), together covering the essence of ‘India’, like a drop of milk is enough to know the cream content in the whole lot (remember the term, “Churning of the milky ocean” that was perhaps used to indicate our “Milky Way Galaxy” that has a Black Hole in its centre, Krishna in the Gita claiming all forms as His images?)!

JC Joshi said...

I think today there would be a very small percentage of people in ‘India’ who might not have had exposure to the make believe world of cinema/ TV. Normally an average individual today is aware how with advancement in technology and use of computer animation etc. a film is prepared based on some fiction, or apparently a story based on the true-life history of a real personality even who is/ was a bit different from the average person of his time – as no one would normally be interested in an average Bhoanath person who eats, engages oneself in some work of a routine nature during prescribed working hours, returns home, eats and sleeps! Of course, he/ she could also be included in the story as one of the characters, one of the links in the story about the exceptional individual, i.e., a hero, or a heroine, or even more so a villain today. For example in the context of absolutely modern Indian History, say some one like the elusive Don, Dawood Ebrahim, the rich and famous (!) who inspires certain section of the society , and who believably has a big underground network and connections with the top Administrators!

The above should perhaps have interested the scientists (if it was His will!) to go into the depth to know how such Ravan-like characters at any era continue to almost naturally exist among humans, of course, together with some Rama-like characters also who apparently dedicate their whole life in the service of the ‘down trodden’, if it weren’t for the handiwork of some mischievous force!

However, the truth was apparently already reached by the ancient Yogis by seeking the truth of ‘Creator’s Maya’, or illusion, realizing that human life was a drama similar to the same film being reviewed, as projected in a particular hall, and being interpreted differently - by a formless entity that resides within each different human form - according to the quality of the interior set-up based on the design of concerned individuals!

As a personal example, when we had just been admitted to the Engineering College, we used to initially attend different common functions in an ordinary auditorium within our Institution’s premises. And, its acoustics being very poor, we weren’t able to enjoy any programme/ film. However, at some stage the task was assigned to some electronic engineers. The same hall with sound proof material etc. used properly, underwent a tremendous change and now each and every word spoken on the mike could be distinctly heard (perhaps it was thanks to the ensuing visit of John Galbraith, the then American Ambassador to India, on a certain occasion)!

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