Offerings to Lord Shiva.

The realm of Vishvakarma
revealed to man
a world of secrecy
brought down in stone.
Sinking the energy into the rock

from a world deep within my being.

I step towards it

gate by gate
cross each entrance
with a heavy heart,
there is devotion, ther is fear

to truely realize what lies within.

As I enter, He cuts out the light

Images smile down from the walls

the Lord appears in various forms

to guide me through the darkness.

A step at a time
a coconut in hand
I carry myself, my being with flowers
I am an offering I make to the Lord

to be one with Him in complete conciousness

The air is still, there is not a soul

the lamp lights dont flicker
the walls are bare,
the world is silent

and the sacred hymns reverberate

there is fragrance in the air

there is warmth in the room

the Lord resides silent and still

the flames reveal the formless in stone

drawing me closer to Himself

My body behind, my soul in hand

the priest raises me into the air

he pulls off my ego
my curtain of illusion

and in a rhythmic flow of prayer
to my third eye

the energy deep within.

The air stirs in vigor

as I dash to the floor

my ignorance broken,
my being revealed

the juice of potent energy flows out

to merge with the Lord

I do not exist in my body

I left that far behind

there is no breath, there is no thirst

there is no hunger, I know not fear
the priest raises the fire

My path to heaven

The Lord awaits at the door

to hold my hand
and lead me
into a constant world
of complete conciousness.

P.S. An offering of coconut and flowers is always made to the Lord at the main shrine. This is a possible significance.


JC Joshi said...

Very good. Influenced, I offer comments as follows:

Human being is like coconut
That’s true -
Hard exterior
But soft interior
Offered to the Formless
Through a Guru
A priest who breaks
The egoistic exterior.

Thus exposing the pure
White coloured interior
The colour of sunlight
That kisses the earth
Or meeting of Truth with dust
Represented by the coat
Brown in colour as a cover.

Also liberating the juice
That represents the soul
Which is imprisoned for years
To allow its merger
With the Absolute Truth
Called Shiva
Or the Mother Earth!

One needs the Third Eye
Or Divya Chakshu
To see the Truth
Kavitha that’s very true!

kavitha said...

Hi Uncle,

that was a lovely poem. superb indeed. thank you for the extention of this profound thought.

surely brought a smile to my face.


David said...

kavitha. That was incredibly evocative and transporting. Seriously. you have a wonderful gift of painting vivid pictures of what can be very abstract. your poem was far more vivid than the picture!

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

Not only do the 'animals' multiply into 'good' and 'bad' offsprings, any thought also could give birth to other thoughts - in consonance or discord with the original! It is just a question of one's leanings and 'time' and 'Nature's' law of 'divide and rule'!

Thanks (to Lord Shiva)!

kavitha said...

Thank you David. it took a long time for this poem to hit the paper, and am glad with the outcome. I quite liked it myself. Didnt believe i wrote it for a while!


JC Joshi said...

Wise ancients realized
'Thoughts are never ours
These emanate from God
Like energy flows from our sun
The only important star
We believe as the sole giver'.

To ever remain conscious
Of human role
In return they offered it water
Symbolically the dark space
The actual sole giver of energy
To each form in the universe
As one of His various images.

And prayed all forms to continue
Like the unending God
Perhaps to help Him
To realize Himself
As humans believably realize
Instantly only
As His model
When Satyuga begins.

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi K,
As usual a very intruguing poem... I can never look at a cocunut the same way anymore... You have added a lot of meaning to a simple offering.

Hello Uncle,
You both are on an onset of poetical prowess? Anyways, those who benefit the songful merger would be us, the audience :)

Fill us all with the Incense of your wisdom and thoughts.


JC Joshi said...

Hello Feelix,

Glad to see you come out of hibernation!

This is called 'satsang' or the meeting of 'seekers'.

Generally, earlier, one believably heard such exchanges at Kashi on the ghats of sacred R. Ganga!

Speaking of water (that is life)offered in prayer, it was said that one needn't go on pilgrimage if Ganga flowed by one's house.

It believably was Bhagirath who carried Ganga water eastwards for reviving 60,000 (small hill streams?)sons of King Sagara (Bay of Bengal?). The river originally, at one time, used to drain itself in to the Arabian Sea...

Arjuna made it possible for Bhisma to receive Ganga water in the form of a spring, straight into his mouth, as per his last wish, while he lay on his death bed of arrows in the battle field of Kurukshetra!

And, Shiva perhaps was the luckiest one to have it flowing through His locks!

Gita also shows Krishna saying that He is satisfied if only fruits, flowers, water... is offered to Him!

However, one needs to bear in mind that water, that gives life, has also been the cause of the fall of civilizations, howsoever advanced those were. That is the Truth of human life, a fact that doesn't deter man when the going is strong...

Revathi said...

Has the bird flu given way to a poetry flu? certainly seems to be the flavour of the week! All esoteric and thought provoking!

JC Joshi said...

Hi Revathi,

You are right!
I had deliberately used the word, influence, for I also suffered from cold during that particular week, perhaps feeling sorry for over hundred thousand chickens in Nandurbar - some shown on TV, being culled and mercilessly thrown into ditches after twisting their necks! Then, of course, the thought of similar numbers healthy ones being butchered daily also popped up in my mind thereafter. I recalled that 'Krishna' advised one to live life like a spectator – unmoved by the ups and downs, or the opposites in life, and that death is only souls changing bodies - like one wears new garments for the old ones! And, Shiva believably is the God responsible for transformation of one form into another!

Therefore, perhaps there is hope of the 'wheel-of-time' leading us towards a better 'future'!

Third Eye Closed said...

Hello Uncle,K,

Interesting and thought provoking concept about Ganga. However, this is the second mention of water being the elixir of life either knowingly or by sheer co-incidence of topic. Earlier K mentioned the water to be the potent energy.

Pretty interesting, the water is.


JC Joshi said...

Yes, we humans can't imagine what life of all 'animals' on earth would have been, had water (one of the 'Panchbhootas' - all considered essential for physical forms by the ancients) not been there.

Man, therefore, hopefully looks for signs of water in all other planets in the apparently unfathomable desert-like universe with a view to reaching its end (like a camel, acting as man's reflection, or vice versa, becomes hopeful of finding an oasis on seeing a 'mirage' in a desert on earth - an optical illusion, called 'Maya'!)

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