27 steps around Nandikeshwara

It's been an interesting week at Thiruvannamalai, it always has something new to offer on a platter. I would believe getting personalized attention towards enhancing my spiritual thirst has brought me a long way. It was on my janma nakshatram that I was advised to do the 27 rounds of circum-ambulation around Nandi, and finally whisper my wish into His ear.

27 rounds around Nandi was a small walk through my life. Nandi sat in silent meditation, dhyanam - a state of eternal bliss. A state I wonder whether I would ever achieve. It woud be such intoxication to sit permanently in front of the Lord, facing him, a constant conversation in silence with no disturbance from the outside world. Nandi, silent in Dhyanam was probably unaware that I made silent rounds around Him wishing every minute I was in His place.

27 rounds, flashed my life around me, as I watched myself walk around the temple alone, in the darkness looking at ancient walls, whisper into my ears that there is a lot more within those walls and I have just about started to scratch the surface. Each step forward, felt like I was leaving the world of misery behind. Each breath, fresh and pure into a realm untouched.

27 rounds that were watched by sadhus around the temple wondering who I was and what I was doing. A slight disbelief that a woman clad in jeans and t-shirt can be "religious". A slight curiosity that looks might be deceptive, that we might lead strange lives and appear western in attire but are pretty much traditional at heart.

27 rounds around an ancient temple that has been renovated a million times over and now disfigured bearing no resemblance to its original self. Yet a silent aura around it brings back the rhythm of drums in my ears and makes my feet dance to its tunes. It was a dark evening, no moon, but enough light to give a feel of the hill towering behind me, protecting me from all known dangers.

27 rounds, each round like worship to the 27 forms of the Lord, of which I have just begun to discover Him slowly, one form after the other. Pleasant forms, fierce forms, meditative and enigmatic, all rolled into One. Lord Shiva - gentle, caring, warm, forever protecting and calm. Silence drapes the walls of the temple, each tassel laced by moths and spider webs, permanent residents of this small heavenly abode. How I wish I could have remained here for ever.

Finally I stood in front of Nandi, holding up my hands on his horns, and looking at the divine form of the Lord through the window of his heart as I placed my other hand above His tail. Oh Nandi, I wish to be as lucky as you some day. To stare at the Lord forever, in complete dhyanam, complete conciousness.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha~ A nice presentation of your thoughts!

As I had earlier narrated the incident related to a bull, after that encounter with ‘Nandi’ during my stay at Guwahati, my attitude was changed – I accepted the ‘Hindu belief’ that God or ‘Shiva’ can appear in any form, anywhere, that is, irrespective of one's location - a temple or even a garbage dump (as per my 'eccentric' thoughts)!

Another incident that occurred subsequently in New Delhi comes to my mind… I was approaching a milk booth one day and noticed a bull sitting on the roadside near the booth. I can't say why, but I silently told it why it was sitting there, and doing nothing! To my surprise, it immediately got up, dropped a big lump of dung and moved away! The doubt that arose in my mind then was that either animals were more intelligent (Yogis) then man and can read our thoughts, or that it was a pure coincidence! I laughed at the thought and continued with the routine…

Of course, now I have no problem accepting the 'Hindu belief' that the whole universe rests on a point (that is, it is an illusion or a dream of the one and only Formless Being and that every seeker has to reach Him in one's own way or, rather, He would take each through different paths in circles and only a few to Himself - except when it is the right time, i.e., when it is the advent of teh believable Satyuga! Only time can tell that!

Maybe, the Suryagrahan that has just occurred - when Sun, Moon and Earth were once again in one line (imagine their 'essences' in human form) - would help in activating the 'kundalini' and thus helping reach the state of 'enlightenment' in the majority...

Anonymous said...
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Aswin said...

Nice article, i hope you are not aspiring to become nandi herself.
Well, i can see a lot of articles , each of your articles cleanly suggest that you want to see lord shiva and immerse your soul into him. The easiest way out is to keep on thinking about him. Oneday, you might really see him.
Lord shiva is the greatest of hindu gods mainly for the following reasons.

He is ferocious when angry and opens his third eye to unleash mass destruction of evil, but he is mercifull and acts as a saviour to his ardent devotees.

He is the only god among trimurthis to be presented in a linga form, he represents Dvaita as well as Advaita.

He is identified in all forms of panchbuthas(fire,water,wind,earth and sky).
In thiruvannamalai, he is represented as Agni linga.

In chidambaram, he is present in the form of Akasha linga(sky).

In Kailash, he is Kailashanatha( linga made of water.

There are other forms like vayu linga. And as we all know there was also an ATMALINGA,the very essence of the lords soul which was given to Ravana by lord Shiva himself.
So , we all know about lord shiva and his specialities,it is also improtant to know how to reach him.

It is not necessary to go to temples and holy shrines in order to see shiva , if you think about him every moment, if you pray to him sincerely, if you do good to others , if you are unattached to earthly bondings. you will see shiva and become shiva himself.
You can see shiva in your husband(after you are married) provided you worship him also. Shiva is bliss. Shiva is the atman and Lord shiva is the universe , much above he is found where True faith and goodwill and respect and love for fellow beings exist.

IT is indeed true(Satyam, shivam ,sundaram), and also (anbe shivam).

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin

That was very well written indeed. There was a lot of devotion in your lines, an excitement of sorts. It is pleasantly surprizing to see an out burst of enthusiasm. Good going Aswin.

Hi Joshi Uncle,

you drew a very interesting parallel between the Kundalini and the alignment of the sun moon and earth.
It definitely is a very interesting and it makes me wonder whether there would ever be a moment in history/ time when the sun, earth moon and all the other planets would ever come together in a single line during revolution.

If that is ever possible.. its worth a thought anyway.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha~ It was in the year ’62 (?), the news was hot that as per Astrologers something catastrophic could happen on a particular date when eight planets were to fall in one line on one side of our Sun and therefore some affect on the Sun (I am not sure if Moon also was included - I woould like to check that up myself)... Naturally, everyone was waiting expectantly... The date came and passed of with nothing untoward apparently happening…

‘After the event wise’ people then dug into History and found that such events occur with a frequency of almost 150 years – it was explained that the mass of the Sun is many times greater than the mass of the all other planets combined and hence there was no danger of Sun being pulled towards them by the planets jointly (our solar system can thus be visualized as a team of ‘Tug of war’, with our Sun acting as the ‘anchor’!)

Aswin said...

Thanks for the apreciation. These were just my views on lord shiva, i am not a great devotee, but the point is i was in someway attracted by lord shiva. He blessed me with prosperity when i needed the most, he is evergiving inspite of the faults i make , inspite of the infinite promises that i have failed to keep up. Moreover, i know that there is in fact nothing called shiva, he is nameless , formless, odourless and what not.
Shiva is a puzzle, he is poision as well as nectar, he is angry as well as everloving.
He is sometimes so testing and makes you wonder whther he exists but he proves you wrong. I am not a great devotee of shiva, but i like Ganesha , I see the Ganesh in shiva and shiva in ganesha. They have different names but all the same.

ganesha or ganapathy is the lord of knowledge and lord of ganas.
Shiva is Bhothnath or god of infinite number of ganas as well.
If shiva resembles the poor man by his humble form.
Ganesha goes one step further and he is found everywhere right from the Banyan tree to the famous temple.
IF shiva can be worshipped as linga, Ganesha can be worshipped in the form of clay dolls,or even cowdung that has been rolled into shape.
If shiva has the serpent in his neck. ganesha has it around his waist(it is belived that the serpent represents the human mind which can be unpredictable).

Much over i stress that god is the same, no matter what you call him , what form you give him.

You can also give information about the symbolism of Hindu gods, that can be better as it will dispel the misconceptions about our gods and do immense good to hinduism. I dont know who you are, but you seem to be a firm believer in what you write, keep writing and also keep meditating upon the lord. Best wishes.

Aswin said...

Are you in chennai?

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin

thank you and yes i am in chennai.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Aswin~

I am sorry to interrupt (in the interest of reaching the 'essence' of Hindu belief conveyed through Temples and idols because of innumerable interpretations thereof from 'experts' from time to time and all carried down, like sediments/ pollutants by rivers, to the present civilization - to confuse them)...

You say, “… i know that there is in fact nothing called shiva, he is nameless, formless, odourless and what not.”

That is what the essence of ‘Hindu Philosophy’ is about! If one has known it, or known the ‘Truth’, one would have then agreed with the 'ancient belief' that each one of us is HIM – that is one of His (the Formless’s) 'imperfect' reflections. And, the Hindu practice of worshipping any form thus reflecting the realization of 'Absolute Truth'!

Alas! If only one could accept that the Formless Creator could have reflections in apparent ‘live’/ ‘dead’ physical forms (living and non living), or what one speaks high today about advancement in IT in the form of poor imitations of ‘Virtual Truths’/ images in sky made with laser beams - and thus ‘Maya’ or illusion in the words of the ancient 'wise' Hindus!

Aswin said...

Hi joshi Uncle, i agree with you that our ancestors knew th ultimate truth. I wanted to stress this point because, "our ancestors created forms and names for god as they knew that simple human beings cannot the depth of the real almighty, so they represented the almighty as Shiva , Brahma, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Parvathi, Ganapathy,muruga, etc.

Today, unfortunately, all of us go to temples and perform rituals without knowing the real meaning behind it.I wanted to stress this point. I am sorry if i had made any invalid point . Thank you.

Aswin said...

Thanks for correcting me, please do continue correcting my statements whenevr i go wrong. Our main aim is to dispel the misconceptions about hinduism and make the reader realise the ultimate truth about the almighty. As they say ," Anbe Sivam". bye

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha~ The mythological stories indicate activation of 'Kundalini', i.e., rise of energy to 'Sahasrara' (essence of Moon housed at human head) stored at the 'Mooladhar, or the house of 'essence' of the planet Mars, which is represented in the human forms of Ganesha, Hanuman and Bhima during different Yugas (Sat, Treta and Dwaper, respectively) as typical 'models of the universe' at different times... Their characters also depict the fall in human efficiency by 25% from one Yuga to another.

In Satyuga, Ganesha is depicted as son of Parvati alone, who Herself is symbolic of pure, unadulterated, mother's love, and Ganesha as Her own half that is full of knowledge and riches too - helpless on birth, but powerful enough to fight even Shiva or earth (that is, cross essence located at 'Ajna' or command lock or 'His Third Eye') on maturity by acquiring knowledge (symbolically represented by an elephant's head!)

Similarly, Hanuman, an ardent worshipper of his 'Mother-like Sita' is depicted as 'gulping the Sun in his mouth like a sweet fruit -Tulsidas'! Visualize it as energy rising to the head via Solar plexus, Sun's house or 'Manipuraka bandha', helped by Lakshamana the model of earth.

And similarly, Bhima, 'Draupadi's one-fourth husband' - because of Pandavas' mother's speaking without considering the fact correctly, or characteristic property of time - eventually fought and killed Duryodhana, i.e., cleared the 'Vishuddhi chakra', to free Draupadi from the Kauravas... He received help from Arjuna, the model of Sun and Yudhister, the model of earth or simple personality like Shiva's!

Revathi said...

You never cease to surprise me Kavitha. I was never aware of the power or the aura of being nandi, as you seem to see him! I always though these vaahanaas just served the purpose they were meant for... why glorify them? But here you are envying one of them! Now each time I look at a nandi in a temple, I'll think of you for sure! Thanks for this awakening!

JC Joshi said...

Hi Aswin~ Please do not mind I interrupted your thoughts. I am glad to see 'young' people like kavitha, Felix, you, and many more today taking interest in Hindu mythology... I however found that many of them, particularly the NRIs, are more rigidly following the rituals without proper guidance about the background coming from the seniors/ 'spiritualists' as majority today is of 'specialists' only. And they are thus carried away by the so-called advancement in IT and so on, believing the ancient 'Sadhus' or 'Yogis' (as they see today the crowd of those during Kumbha Mela, etc dressed typicaly in saffron with unkempt beard, and so on - as Kavitha has also indicated) to have been 'backwards' and 'superstitious', 'blind followers', and so on... Cofusion therefore reigns...

I have attempted to 'read between the lines' for over two decades now the stories and have also tried to keep abreast with the 'modern advancement' with a view to reaching at the 'essence', which I have almost completely expressed as my comments on Kavitha's blog by now - many times!

Unfortunately the essence of infinity ends up becoming infinity!

"Work expands to fill time". Similary, because of the availability of time, essence of stories also gets expanded, making one forget the original 'purpose' of the stories!

All the best.

kavitha said...

Joshi uncle,

My blogs contain the wealth of you knowledge more than mine. I have been very very lucky to have you almost "blogging" on my site. Its been a complete honour to have your views, which are extremely evolved on my site.

You have interested a lot of other visitors to the blog. Its been simply great! And to think that you have stuck around my blog for the whole of last year, its has been a complete honour to have you post comments to my blog.

Thanks again Uncle.

As regards the point on mythology being a depiction of the science of kundalini rising, i completely agree with you there. there are connections right across, and very interesting ones too.


Aswin said...

dear joshi uncle, you are right , the sadhus of today are fakes, they preach wrong ideas and tarnish the image of the real sadhus.
According to puranas, a real sadhu has the following characters,
A real sadhu treats a pound of sand and a pound of gold as the same.
A real sadhu is free from lust, love, hatred , anger, frustration etc and also from all wordly belongings.
A sadhu always thinks good and does good (it is not necessary of a sadhu to always think of god)
A sadhu is disciplinary and has immense control over his five senses.
A real sadhu would see shiva in every thing and sakthi in every woman.
A real sadhu never reveals his power unless needed ,he also never stays at a place for long.
A sadhu can even be a family man , but he must be like a lotus in the water, the leaves of lotus touch the water , but the water never sticks on to it. Like the lotus an aspiring sadhu can live with his family detached from emotions.

I wish that i could meet a great sadhu and make him my guru, But unfortunately, iam tied to chains called family bondings and love a girl who is yet to love me back. Apart from that , i need to look after my own career as well. Well, my only hope is that god will bail me out which he will do for me. After all Iam one of his children.

JC Joshhi said...

Hi Kavitha, Aswin…
At least I am convinced about existence of the one and only super intelligent being and exclamation of one of His images, “Shivoham, that is, I am Him!” after realization of the ‘Truth’. This of course may be unnecessary, as realized by the ‘Munis’ or the sages who do not utter it as the realized knows that there is no one else in existence - for all other forms were illusory!

The eternal question posed to reach the ‘Truth’ was: Who am I? This question hasn’t changed over the passage of apparent time, as it supposedly leads one to the self or the ‘Truth’, which is independent of time!

Of course, there are forces exerted through apparent innumerable forms that move one ‘outwards’ (as also represented by the apparent ‘expanding universe’)...

A tree even could show how in appearance roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, and so on look different. And also, one tree looks different from another. And when humans generalize, we call all of those as ‘Plant Life’.

Similarly the ancients apparently called man as ‘His image’ – this includes all of us, irrespective of our ages, sex, location and so on! The ancients therefore said that anyone could reach Him!

JC Joshi said...

Hi all,
While being conscious of the illusion part, let us enjoy a glimpse of what the Formless also is apparently doing in His ‘Yognidra’.

“Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya…” or “Lead the kindly light…”

We have learnt how the solar system, with sun as the source of energy (including light) has apparently come into existence within our galaxy, the unique one out of innumerable others that fill the infinite and black (‘krishna’) universal void only about 4.6 billion years ago… :-)

As in a centrifuge, on churning, the centrifugal force throws fat particles towards the outer periphery. A similar relationship can be seen in thousands of channels of water (‘sahastradhara’) being ejected from the nozzle of a fountain on the middle top of which a (sunlight- like) white Table-tennis ball remains floating at one level when constant water pressure is maintained…

JC Joshi said...

Continuing, I am sure that most of us have seen fountains, (and/ or kerosene oil pressure stove even – in that case the vapours burn and release energy for cooking purposes, like sunrays also do, and thus do not return to the tank), and would have noticed the storage tank at a level lower than the nozzle to catch the return water [one could then visualize the bottom of this tank, as also the root of the lotus plant (Brahma/ Sun's seat), at the level of the planet Jupiter and the nozzle at the level of planet Mars, the Mooladhar – thus the selected eight members of the solar system can be assumed from Sun to Jupiter, in that order. Moon comes closer to Mars near the full-moon nights, whereas it is closer to Venus during new-moon].

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi K,
A ritual potrayed with a different angle from the minds eye. I believe it is a beautiful way and very intense involvement greatly signifying how much it is supposed to mean to one. This surely is a light of sight to those who perform both rituals small and great with nonchalancy.

Hi Uncle,
It's is ever so interesting to have your wide knowledge spewed from a single point of discussion. Thank you for your appreciation uncle.

I really feel like sharing an interesting experience i had yesterday (30th&31st March). Another usual late night after work and meeting friends I was driving down to the beach for some fresh air before sleep, uneventful. So I thought. There stood a stranger, a cripple with crutches asking for lift. He wanted me to help him to Mahabalipuram... that is atleast more than an hour from bed for me. Somehow i did not refuse and may have felt stupid to accept. But anyways drove down at a late hour of 11:30 this man would never have found any transport there. We reached Mahabalipuram but continued on further and reached after almost another hour at a tiny village called Kadalur. It was a dark forest predominantly and we went in further. He was telling me about a very old temple there of "Mehatamman" a diety whose sculpture was found from sea. The temple is now being renovated but still seems very lost into the woods. It was around 2 in the morning. The nice man did a very minor lemon "thristi" over me and my bike to return home safely.
I had no clue why I had to be there at that unearthly hour. But the temple the surroundings, the serenity, the frogs croaking, starlight sky... has still left me speechless. Unfortunately I couldn't see the diety, the temple was locked.
Anyone knows anything about this small temple?
I plan to go back there soon and I could tell you all about it in a wider light.

Somehow Uncle, I believe even as our choices go towards finding, we couldn't get anywhere without being led by the Greater.

Aswin you seem very interested in Siddhas and Sadhus? There are conventions of Sadhus that happen at Kolli hills, an abode in the south they still find peace. Even till day if you wander in the forest, you might find one poised as one among nature in complete meditation. My eyes aren't gifted to see one of them, yet.

~fEelix (When the eye closes the mind opens)

Aswin said...

Hi Felix, thanks for the info. But iam happy now, i dont need a guru as my inner mind is guiding me properly. This is such a wonderfull blog with a wonderfull writer and wonderfull bloggers like you. Please keep blogging bye:-).

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix, Aswin...

My daughters were also annoyed with me for bringing in God in all my discussions!!!

I am not familiar with the region and conditions that prevail in those areas. In Delhi no one would generally give lift to an unknown person even in bright sunlight!

The basic hint in ancient writings - that you can say inspired me - is the statement about man being the model of the universe (which today I can visualize as our galaxy that contains the most evolved Heavenly Bodies called planets, which are being rediscovered and identified by the present day ‘scientists’ also). Presently it is understood that functioning of both macrocosm and microcosm is similar…

From young age I had got interested in Palmistry when my brother brought home a book by Cheiro during a summer vacation, which we read for some time to get basic idea about different lines and likely life of the concerned (I have since then seen many palms and improved my knowledge from practical experience)… And from different sources learnt how the mounds on palm were believably related to different members of the solar system (and the colours they are associated with)…. And, being a student of ‘science’ got introduction to the Solar system and the order in which the planets revolve around our sun… This helped in understanding the believable ‘chakras’ or locks that Yogis believed as ‘essences’ of planets within the human body…

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Felix, Aswin...

Further, when someone talks of ‘Krishna’ and His ‘Sudershan Chakra’, I see the planet Saturn with its reported beautiful rings! And, I can then see how at some stage, because of knowledge of apparently long time taken by it to make one revolution around Sun, it got referred as a lame (and crooked) person - feared by ignorant men!

Similarly, the planet Jupiter - with its smaller rings, a planet like our Earth as one of its satellite and Hydrogen in liquid state at tremendously high pressure as its main constituent – appears to me as ‘Trimurty’ or Adi Shiva of the mythology!

‘Astronomers’ state that stars generally appear in pairs, but they haven’t found our Sun’s (which has Hydrogen gas in its core as its main constituent) pair! The mythology indicates Sun (Brahma) to have evolved from the navel of (physical) Vishnu (Jupiter?) :-)

JC Joshi said...

Saturn has come to be associated with iron and blue colour. The mythologies however associate planet Venus ('Shukra', and 'shukracharya' as the Guru or teacher of 'rakshashas' or demons) with Satan as we have seen elsewhere also...

Hindu mythological stories depict Kartikeya (Venus) and Ganesha (Mars) as the two sons of Parvati (Moon - who shunts between these two while being attached to Earth or modern or evolved Shiva).

Kartikeya is associated with blue colour (Peacock being indicated as his vehicle) and Mars is generally referred as 'red planet' (these two colours, blue and red, mark the two ends of the visible spectrum)...

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi Uncle,
Somehow personally, I do find considering the Sun to be a equicenter of Everything and All a bit uncomfortable. It is the Equicenter of our closed system with the greatest effect to us than any other Star or body.
But to another system, considering there would be life on same par with ours (or maybe higher/lower?), thier star would be of utmost importance.
Isn't it possible that when we see from one point we see us to be in the center with a surrounding globe of mass and bodies would be the same as our case of considering the Sun to be the ultimate Equicenter?

~fEelix (When the mind evokes the body will follow)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix~

Sun might not be necessary for existence of ‘life’ that might not be dependent on it (say, ‘life without form’)... However, it is perhaps helpful in ‘formless' to acquire various forms… The ancient called the physical world (or universe) as illusory…

With the background possibility that ‘man is a model of the universe’ or ‘an image of God Himself’ [on this planet earth, which is part of a particular solar system, which itself is a (cream-like) part of a galaxy of innumerable stars and other Heavenly Bodies], one would notice that human (social animal’s) activities predominantly revolve around some source of energy. At any given time we use direct sunlight mainly for vision. And, we learn that our earth is a planet that isn’t a direct source of energy like stars are, and therefore it is dependent on our Sun, an average star, for it. And that the solar energy is absorbed and released by the planet directly or indirectly through life forms existing upon it…

Starting with consumption of naturally available food, raw or cooked in ‘natural fire’ - as man evolved after discovering how to make artificial fire, tools and so on - as time has apparently progressed, man has been adopting different ways, one after another because of apparent limited resources on earth, to exploit the ‘panchbhootas’ to generate the needed energy, from alternative sources, for various purposes...

Now, consider the scenario when Sun wasn’t born (the present sun apparently came into existence only 4.6 billion years ago), or what happens if the present sun stops releasing energy, i.e., dies: Was there any life existing at the beginning of it? If so, in what form did it exist? And, in the second scenario, what happens to the variety of life forms that exists on it in the 'present' (including non-living objects)?

The Creator is believed to be formless: Could IT also multiply to acquire different forms at certain predetermined time? And, what is His purpose in creatinf this unending drama?

JC Joshi said...

Hi again Felix,

The ancient Hindus used 'Yognidra', a state of super-conscious, to explain 'Creator's Maya' or illusion. This phenomenon also - in a way and to a certain extent as per some hierarchy - is experienced by humans, in what they called as 'half-death' state or sleep, when energy is recouped and dreams appear 'naturally' in 'mind's eyes, and look as real as what one calls as real life :-)

To explain the recoupement of energy lost in actions during the day, they believably realized the presence of the 'formless' within each form at 'Mooladhar' or essence of planet Mars in human body and at the centre or 'root' of our galaxy that houses a Black Hole (Krishna)as well as the prototype:-)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix...

Can we find some 'model' of illusion in the present to visualize what the ancients meant by Creator's 'Maya' or illusion?

Obviously it is the make-nelieve world of cinema!! A film of recorded fictious story during a certain period in the 'past' moves at a certain speed between the spools in front of a source of light. It is the light (like sunlight) passing through it, (like water ejected through a nozzle in a fountain), reflected from a 'silver screen' that generates various emotions with the audio-visual effect, among the static viewers (on earth) glued to their seats!!! (refer also The Autobiography of a Yogi - by Yogananda)

JC Joshi said...

Before the advent of make-believe world of cinema, or drama on stage, and so on, narrators reportedly used to move the audience with fiction told in words - just as musicians reportedly could melt stones or light up candles using their voice within - (like 'three sides' of a coin - plus, minus and neutral)- the three 'octaves' of seven notes (like 'sapt matrika', 'seven seas', 'seven colours' in a rainbow)...

This could lend support to the word 'OM' as the origin of the Creation - as believed by the ancients:-)

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi Uncle,

Very interesting. Firstly Thank you for so much info :)
What you have said uncle, substatiates my belief very greatly. Keeping the "Cream" in mind, It would relate to ne as what I believe that the All is in energy states beyond the classification of substance. What appears or appeals to us is that it looks like rocks floating in space at a specified pattern Governed by a Superior Force. In one angle of thought it would be a systematised and highly in-snyc set of energy patterns that interact with each other.

The Great OM, Powerful Temples, Dieties are evocations of an Energy State. Each invocation pinges to an Energy State (like you have related the ‘Sudershan Chakra’ with Saturn). So are rituals, we perform.

Something as simple as "Every Action evokes a Reaction"

Imagine like music incites a mood. A mantra evokes the moods of a God. The Circumambulation around a diety similarly to churning a chemical process would start off a process leading to evoking the mind to another state of Conscience, please a God, even Grant Wishes, etc.

Similarly every single action we do leads to evoke an Energy Process, that we are yet to define. Maybe we aren't meant to define. Is that why we are only allowed to use the smallest fraction of our immensely potential mind?


kavitha said...

There is an energy out there, and a part of it lives within us. That which we give various names to define and connect with.

There is nothing great about our lives and achievements, except for moments of ego boost. Its moments in our lives that remain undefined but give us a strange sense of excitement that we should try not to ignore but instead question deeply.

To take the path of the unfamiliar is not easy specially when we are so knitted to the web of the world.

Yet if the thirst to know that real energy persists, a part of it being within us, i think we are getting started on something very interesting.

The whole universe originates from a single point, maybe defined very often in hinduism as a mountain, yet it should not be taken literally.

And as our hunt continues, with the many rebirths we take, its an endless cycle to find out who we are and what our purpose is.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Felix...

Yes, ultimately we have apparently reached the ‘Absolute Truth’ of the ancient ‘Hindu Philosophy’, i.e., a point source of energy (Naadbindu) or the Formless being whose influence ranges over a spherical and infinite void, called universe… Microorganism might help in visualizing IT…

During our college days our Class had the good luck to see a bacterium, (like innumerable ‘scientists’ today apparently also do as part of their profession), fixed in Agar Media within a small circular glass dish, through a microscope...

It appeared like a dot to begin with. We watched it at regular intervals, day-after-day, till it multiplied (by division) and filled the entire basin and was seen like a big black circular disc…

In retrospect, I can now imagine this as a model of the universe - within which innumerable forms of various shapes and sizes apparently exist at any given point of apparent time and space that constantly undergo ‘churning’ to bring about the apparent birth and death of forms with apparent time, and are seen in reality by one super-conscious being through the eyes of the various forms (which act as His reflections generated in the 'past' to cover apparent time from zero to infinity) within ‘zero time’, which believably is the real time for Him!

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi Uncle, K,

Very appealing to the mind to hear your words. Puts one into a deep thought of the very existance.


Anonymous said...
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