The flames of Shiva Lingodhbhava

I have reached the gates of heaven
It was a tough slow walk up
On hard pebbled pathway
laiden with still air and burning hot

Tiresome is the walk of life
A walk you have to make
To see the path to heaven
I am truely blessed with this grace.

As I approach the gardens of life
I feel the peace descend
I hear the music in the air
I feel the chill on my being

A small house cradled in green
Not a soul, just complete silence
A small river flows within
the deep crevasses of the mountain

They call it the mountain of fire
And yet there is water within
Life giving water when you hear its sound
Soul bearing strength when you drink it.

A small house in the mountains
A small shrine within its deep walls
A small lamp lights up the whole chamber
A small flame it lights in my heart.

My eyes close, my thoughts fade
As I feel the warmth of the flame
My soul searches for that lost land
Deep within my being.

I have been so lost, I have never known
The purpose of my existance
My heart sinks with sorrow
Pity over my lost self

My body still, my thoughts gone
my breath slow, my vision in haze
I stare at the wick, as it burns in flames
In a silent sea of light it displays

A sea so still, a mirror to me
So crystal clear, so new to feel
The oil holds up a vision to me
Within it a silent dancing flame.
A reflection so clear, so overwhelming
As the wick gives way to the Lord
He stands within His stony self
As the fire glows around him.

A throne of wick around a wall of fire
O Lingodhbhava, Thy great form
As endless heat and flames rise
Showing me the path to infinity

A boar digs deep so futile
A swan flies high in vanity
The boar pardoned in the warm flames of love
The swan burnt in the flames of pride.

The Lord stands in all Magesty
As the wall of flames cradles Him
Its rhythmic sway around the wick
As He feeds them with everlasting love

A vision so real, a feeling so wild
As I continue my walk of life
The world has realized my fiery side
They say they see it in my eyes.


Based on the mythology of Shiva Lingodhbhava(where Shiva appears within a mountain of fire that rises out of the sea and breaks the war between Brahma and Vishnu challenging them to find the ends of His infinite flaming Linga.) this coupled with a trip to Skandashram Thiruvannamalai.


anil joshi said...

kavitha,recently I have read a book which suggeste that the shivaling is infact the snall replica of a volcanic eruption.The book is in marathi & is written by an engineer.He doesn't subscribe to the contention of shivaling being a depiction of shiva & shakti in a ling form

JC Joshi said...

Dear all, the ancients passed on essence of thoughts that apparently got multiplied with the passage of time, from minus infinity to plus infinity – the opposites in all aspects - through different sources (that are innumerable), thus making it very difficult, or rather impossible for a ‘common man’ to reach the ‘Absolute Truth’... I had indicated elsewhere also (Flame and moth) how any phenomenon gets interpreted by different observers ('Specialists')making it difficult for one to reach at the 'Absolute Truth'...

However, as a consolation to the 'wise', they also indicated that anyone could reach Him, the Formless Creator, with unwavering faith, together with application of mind with essence of accumulated all round knowledge (Siddhi) over time - till time was ripe… "Satyam Shivam Sunderam." or 'Satvam', the essence is truth and it alone is beautiful...

JC Joshi said...

I give below one of my reactions to recently played 50-over cricket match at Johannesburg, I enjoyed watching - between Australia and South Africa, and sport in general vis-a-vis 'Hindu Philosophy' regarding human achievement in the Kaliyuga.

In the game of 50-overs each in cricket, in an over six balls are bowled from each end by bowlers who train hard to achieve their highest potential. That is to say, get ten batsmen out while allowing them to score their lowest possible score. Similarly, at the other end, to start with, two batsmen come to the pitch first, followed by other nine - one after another, each one prepared to achieve the available potential to him, and score as high a total as is possible…

With the above, because there are maximum six runs (assuming that the bowler is ‘perfect’ and doesn’t ball a no-ball) that can be scored per ball, the possible maximum score is 1800 runs each team (it could however be 2100, if all are no-balls). That is, between 3600 & 4200 runs without loss of any wicket either team. And the minimum is zero, if one assumes that the bowlers are predominant. Thus the range of score by any one team could theoretically vary between a possible minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1800/ 2100 runs…

There once was a ‘mental barrier’ that existed at one time in the 100-metre-dash, i.e., it couldn’t be achieved under 4 minutes, till it was broken by Dr. Roger Banister. The achievement helped break ‘mental barrier’ (for a Hindu, barriers between 'Mooladhar' and 'Sahasrara') in some others who immediately after the event also did a mile under 4 minutes!

Similarly, in the game of cricket, one day matches have shown how - like in case of ‘high jump’, ‘pole-vault’, and so on - the ‘barrier’ has been lifted up and up, by different countries, viz., Lanka (versus Kenya, Africa), India, Pakistan (of the Indian sub-continent)… and now by South Africa, against (the down-under) Australia – each side scoring nearly 450 runs, which works out to about 25% of the potential of 1800! (It is known that the Homo sapiens all over the world today originated in Africa! Or, it is the ‘root’ of human life in the present era, and Australia is the modern reigning champion or the Peak)

Now, on comparison, one (who is ‘wise’) might accept the wisdom of the ancient ‘Hindus’ who had stated 25% as the maximum human efficiency possible in the KALIYUGA!

JC Joshi said...

With the background that Shiva is also called 'Bhootnath' the Lord of ghosts or related with 'past', for those who are not aware of it, the Hindu Philosophy indicates 1000 times (perhaps 1080) repetition of fall of human efficiency, from perfection to imperfection, [along different paths – at 20-minute-increment, either way (+/-) from the zero of peak to the zero of root, say]...

Perhaps the ‘wise’ would appreciate that the above is possible only when a being watches its projection of recorded events in the past, or through visualization on ‘mind’s eye’ – like an old man relives his past life, his achievements and failures, while physically remaining motionless himself).

JC Joshi said...

We ‘Hindus’ are at an advantage over others, for we have the “Truth” (of the apparent time) described in our ‘holy books’, although in words prevalent in the past, which therefore need to be ‘decoded’ in the words in common use in the ‘present’…

I have logically felt that the duration of day (D) and also night (N) of Brahma (our Sun) should be 4.6 billion years and not 4.32 billion years (as apparently realized by Yogis)… And, the events of the past have to be interpreted from the events in the present as per certain ‘Historians’ in the ‘present’ (perhaps as ‘History repeats’)…

Very recently, apparently studying deep into the Big Bang, the life of the universe is estimated to be around 13.7 billion years, give or take a few hundred thousand years, (earlier estimated between 10 and 15 billion years), based on WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe), and that the “Baby universe’ grew alarmingly”, ‘as the first detailed hint of what was going on less than a trillionth of a second after time began’… (Hindus believed actual time to be zero.)

With the given background of ancient Hindus belief, as stated above, it is interesting to note that the so-called life of universe in fact could be the apparent time of birth of Solar system at the beginning of Dwaperyuga (4.6+4.6, i.e., 9.2 billion years total D&N, followed by 4.6 billion years’ duration of D in Kaliyuga (the grand total adding up to 13.8 billiion years)!

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,
As we had already seen earlier also, the story perhaps describes the appearance of the 'sky-scraping' Himalayas (Kailash representing Shivlinga) from under the bed of the sea on the North of the island, Jambudweep, i.e., erstwhile India, and all seawater consequently moving into the depression south of the land mass. It is known that the molten magma (fire) lies relatively closer to the ground under the Himalayas…

revathi said...

I can vouch for your last line. Very very true!

JC Joshi said...

I am sorry! On review, as one Kalpa consists of 1008 Mahayugas – duration totaling to apparent 4.6 billion years in Brahma’s or sun’s day and also His night - there is need to correct my earlier comment. Please read apparent time of birth, or reappearance, of Solar system as 13.8 billion years ago at the beginning of the last Kalpa from the apparent likely end of the 'present' Kalpa (also the end of the present Kaliyuga)…

JC Joshi said...

Once again, the mythological stories indicate Shiva ('Swayambhu' or unborn and unending one who appeared on His Own; 'Mithya Jagat', Earth the 'Mrityulok' or the abode of ghosts, with or without forms; 'Shankar' or dwarf, as the model of the universe; and so on) as Mahesh or the best among Gods...

We have seen earlier how - among Heavenly Bodies - our sun, an average star (the present day believable source of energy on earth) is the creator or Brahma (as one of the parts of the three-in-one God). However, the solar system - alongwith innumerable other stars - apparently is made to go around it by the Centre of our galaxy. Thus indicating its centre (presently believed as housing a Black Hole - Krishna as incarnation of formless Vishnu) as the (near) point source of energy responsible for sustenance of our galaxy...

The above perhaps clarifies the indication of eternal struggle for supremacy between (physical) Vishnu and Brahma, and their (in human form) ultimate realization of Shiva, the 'Nirguna' or the indifferent, i.e., detached God (like the blank or the third side of a coin as its model) as the superior most!

eFly said...

Hey Kavitha,

Time and again - visit blogs of people i knew / know - and yours was one.

Awesome research and very lucid postings. Indian Temples and Iconography is going into my favourites folder straight away.


kavitha said...

Hey Shyam

As in Shyam Ramlal! I clicked on your id but it took me no where, thanks for adding me to your favourites! it feels great.

Hi Joshi uncle,

Kailasa is a theory i would tend to believe for the equivalent in the south is thiruvannamalai.
It makes a lot of sense when you say that Kailasa rose from the depths of the ocean.
I am unable to comprehend the other theory of the solar system though, which you have tried to explain in more than one comment.

To me these "deities" are more like energies, than people, though i would say that Krishna might have been a human being like Buddha.

Yet i have not been able to understand that theory all together.

Hi Anilji,
The linga is a representation, of an energy, and its very much a part of our exitance. The linga is a concept and not the representation of a grose act. Its our minds that make it look not so divine. The subtle concept of procreation is related to energy far higher than our current comprehension and much more potent than the grose representation. its a matter of inclination of anyone to dig further into it.


Third Eye Closed said...

A brilliant vision.
It's amazing how a simple lamp could appeal and form visions so ecstatic, when you are so abosorbed into.

I wonder how it would have felt with such an image dawns into you... feeling a divine surge rush through your viens.


Aswin said...

It is true that hinduism is an ocean of great sayings,teachings and also mysteries.
To give a few exampples;The Form of lord ganesha signifies many things
The Big head points out to great knowledge, and the Huge ears remind us to listen and learn good things from others.
Hinduism is really a great religion and i really appreciate your blog which gives great information about our culture and deities. Keep up the good work .

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavita,
I have earlier, on different occasions also, tried to explain how man was stated by ‘wise’ Hindus as a model of the universe, represented through essence of our galaxy, with essences of selected members of the evolved most Heavenly Bodies (called planets) concentrated at eight different locations…

I know it is difficult for a layman to comprehend the thought. Therefore, to help realize it better I am to indicate what I had read very long ago in one of the Puranas (Matsya, perhaps?), to the effect, “Aditi (our sun) went to God along with her seven sons (planets) and also the son who had died earlier (the star that transformed into a Black hole at the end of its life span and is housed at the centre of our galaxy), to start the cycle of (human) life and death again.”

Now, as we can visualize human behaviour correlated with Heavenly Bodies’, similarly we can understand how human life events can help visualize the likely behaviour of the Heavenly Bodies, although they apparently live for Yugas (eons) – and already indicated by the ancient Hindus in the stories for our realization too…

For example, it is well known how man extinguishes the lamp/ switches off electric current, before he goes to sleep to conserve costly energy, as well as recoup physical energy spent in his physical and mental actions… They similarly indicated Brahma, or our sun as the source of energy - inclusive of light, to ‘switch off the light’ for one Kalpa of 4.6 billion years (to recoup the lost energy), having worked for a similar duration before that…

Thus, comparatively speaking, 24 hours in the life of man is indicated as equal to 9.2 billion (human) years in the life of Brahma or our sun… Thus, one and a half day in His (unending) life (before another night begins) would be 13.8 billion years! This is what has perhaps been reflected in the latest discovery reported by the ‘present day scientists’, read also with the estimated present life of solar system to be about 4.6 billion years...

Anonymous said...

.-" "-.
/ \
| |
|, .-. .-. ,|
| )(__/ \__)( |
|/ /\ \|
(_ ^^ _)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,
Mr Anon has presented an interesting portrait of a typical yogi - with locks of hair and an unkempt beard - in meditation...

It reflects the creative talent (Brahma's function) in the person concerned... I have seen a number of such creative works, made on paper with a type-writer with black/ red ribbons, once in an exhibition arranged by the AIFACS, New Delhi, long ago...

Anonymous said...

########## .-" "-.
##########/ \
#########| |
########|, .-. .-. ,|
#######| )(__/ \__)( |
###########|/ /\ \|
###########(_ ^^ _)

kavitha said...

hi anonymous,

I would quite like to know what you are upto. It looked like a person sitting/standing. Now he moves... ok...

Do let me know what this is about, am not game for a rude shock.


JC Joshi said...

Kavitha~ I can reallize how the person had originally posted it on the middle - a symmetrical figure (in MS Word perhaps)... Subsequently, the portrait is being seen eccentric - resting against the left edge, and therefore attempt to make it look symmetrically...

This perhaps is a natural communication how man originally was created perfect, as per the mythology, and growing 'eccentric' with passage of time from Satyuga, the age of perfection, i.e., human efficiency reducing from 100% to 75%. And now in the 'present' Kaliyuga, from 25% to zero and hence extra efforts required to look symmetrical!

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi Uncle,
I am not surprised the way you interpret even that garbage.
Sorry for the long silence, Uncle.
I keep reading your posts. Very interesting still takes me a while to understand.


kavitha said...

Hi Felix

Maybe its not garbage. Hold your judgement, for you do not have an idea of where that is heading.

It somehow looked like a rath to me. Maybe its my mind. But it does not appear anywhere near vulgar yet.

Try not to be judgemental. I do no want an controversy on my blog.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Feelix,
As I said earlier also, I treat my head as ‘God’s garbage dump’ and myself a ‘rag picker’ – who is trying to pick up and sell as ‘mine’ some useful material for recycling!

Even a housewife, working in her kitchen, knows that the garbage generated is much more than the final dish she prepares out of the various ingredients she uses (Coconut preparations, for example!) Similarly like her, every literate perhaps knows how only an average star (our sun, the source of coconut like white light) apparently only is important to us out of the trillions in our galaxy! And, so on…

The ‘essence’ of infinity is also infinity – unfortunately perhaps:-)

Anonymous said...

looks like i have touched a sensitive nerve there eh ~fEelix its ascii art, first time around, i pasted the contents adn pressed the publish button, then realised that blogger doesnt allow formatting comments, next time, i tried compensating with "#" still no use, i think i will post it on my blog and give you guys the link.

~fEelix - you will like it once you see it in its context.

kavitha - thanks for the extra niceness, its rare these days.

jc joshi - nice interpretation, i admire your patience, i am sure you are one with yourself

I would suggest vadukkanthan temple in trichur, quite an amazing thing in itself, for those interested in forms and structures.

kavitha said...

Hi anonymous

it looked interesting, initially i thought it was a spam message, but for some reason i waited. then the next message sort of intrigued me... there was no way this was going to look bad. besides i did tell you not to give me a rude shock.

and now am quite curious. I didnt think felix should have said what he did... thats all.

I was not trying to be extra nice.. :) just thought it deserved patience. And of course Joshi uncle was at his best. It was interesting to see how it made our minds roll.

Would be preferable if you would pull down the veil of anonymous..


Third Eye Closed said...

Hi all,

I am sorry. If that was posted by a person with a name and not anonymous, I would have not reacted so.
My humble apologies. Ok, please help me look at it in it's true art form. I did not want to insult the art (though I had no clue what it meant - without knowledge one can't judge, i wasn't being judgemental). Please tell me about this neo-art. What does it mean? A rath? or a temple?

Yes, I've always pondered how the sun emitting so much of it's energy, it literally seems to be wasted and only a minuscule of it (that by itself seems so great and immeasurable) reaches us.

Hi K,
my apologies. I take back my word. The word wasn't meant to insulting the art or Anonymous.
Once again sorry for the harsh word K, Anonymous.


Third Eye Closed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
JC Joshi said...

Hi all,
In the words of the present day ‘scientists’, genes are to blame for the way one behaves...

Once when I told my youngest daughter that she was forgetful even at a young age, she said that after all she had received my genes :-)

The present generation has received more exposure to ‘western’ influence even when they were born ‘independent’. Those of us who were born ‘slaves’ were relatively more content because of (perhaps forced) simple living (that perhaps allowed ‘high thinking’ :-)

Rightly or wrongly, the ancient ‘Hindus’ called life as a result of ‘Maya’, i.e., illusion or a dream of a ‘perfect’ or Divine Person and not to be taken on its face value and therefore advised ‘reading between the lines’. And History (a record of human events in chronological order) recounts many such believably ‘eccentric’ personalities time and again :-) Only time therefore can perhaps reveal the mystery - when it is ‘ripe’ :-)

kavitha said...

Very well put Joshi uncle, people are resorting to convenience and not trying to figure out the depths of anything.

Well, finding the "truth" was never so simple. And the existance of it is never proved but felt or experienced. People want proof of its existance... and that will lead them no where... not even the west can help there...

Aswin said...

Hi Kavitha, your blogs are excellent and provide a lot of info on temples and their history. I would be glad, if you could write an article on the Kanipakkam Ganapathy temple found in Chittor district in Andhrapradesh and also about the Thiruvottisvarar temple(lord shiva's temple) found in Triplicane in chennai. I mentioned these temples as they are one of the most ancient temples and very less articles are written on them

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin

I will definitely try to, for i have to first do some research on them before i post.

I think i shall visit the triplicane Thiruvottisvarar temple, since i have not yet been there. There was a mention of this temple in the comments to my earlier blogs,I never made it there though.

Will do it this time. i believe am missing something.


Aswin said...

Hi Kavitha , thanks for the reply, i myslef know little about thiruvottiswarar temple at triplicane eventhough i lived in triplicane for 16 years.
The temple has a legend that when the land near the temple was being dug by people , blood started oozing out of something. When they dug the spot , they were astonished to see a broken linga lying there. To pacify the lord , a temple was built and it was named thiruvottiswarar( in Tamil, Vettu means "cut" and eswarar means "lord shiva". Since, the linga had a huge cut , it was named as thiruvottiswarar. It is more than thousand years old.

Aswin said...

There is an interesting history about Kanipakam ganapathy, I dont know the exact historical date of the ent. It says that three men were digging a barren land in Chittoor district. All the three had handicaps , one was blind, the other was dumb and the third one was deaf. When they were digging ,their spade hit upon something very solid, at that moment all their disabilities were cured and the whole place was filled with a pool of blood. Suprised by the sudden miracle, the ruling king excavated the land only to find a huge statue of Ganesha whose head was broken.
The odd thing was that the Ganesh idol was found half submerged. The place was named Kanipakam(Kani means land ) After building a temple, the barren land became fertile and properous.IT is believed that whoever go to Kanipakam and pray to the lord sincerely will definitely get their wishes granted.

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin

Very interesting stories indeed. Its these kind of stories that i need to begin to collect, more than the historical backgrounds of these temples and the various dynasties they were built under.

I get the feeling i have a lot more to study in folk lore more than indian art history. that should be another very very interesting subject.

thanks for the info, you have definitely given me a lot more ideas to explore.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Ashwin,
Yes in the past that also was one of the practices - but without any selfish motive...

As a word of caution, with the ways getting more and more crooked, a person once told me how, in the present times in order to encroach on some land in certain villages, some people trick the simple people by burying some old idol placed over certain seeds. They would keep the soil loose and properly watered while they stealthily kept watch. After some time the idol would naturally emerge out of the ground, pushed up by the growing plants! And they would collect funds from the people, build a temple and instal that idol and live happily thereafter!

In the Capital itself lots of temples have come up like mushrooms at various places after Independence - purely for encroachment of land - whenever some new colony is just taken up for construction...

Ultimately it is a matter of faith...

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first

comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep

visiting this blog very often.