Shiva - the unattainable

Shiva, is self taught, raw, unadutrated truth, too hard to digest, too hard to comprehend, too hard to accept in our pathetic lives. he is the maverick, who casts his spell on those who are capable of taking it. he is potent, undigestable, at the same time loving in his own way.

to love shiva is to love none other. to want him is to give up all social rules and obligations, to attain him is to die a human. he is a spark that cannot be explained, yet vast and enveloping you at the same time. he is power, he is fear, he is truth, he is death. he is my madness within which lies dormant waiting to pour forth...

he is within me silent as ever, yet i feel his presence withing my walls. he empowers me to take on any problem... to live with it like that is life. he makes me accept the outlandish, he makes me give up myself. he is my breath, he makes me quiver, reveals to me a person i have never known. i have looked for him everywhere, they say he would come and teach me the way i can learn. i see him every where now beyond this mundane world i live, stuck in its own ignorance... i rise. its not simple, me heart aches, it pains...while it tells me to leave everything behind, leave every one behind.

from here on i tread alone, a road less travelled, a road feared, a road unknown. a road silent, a road throbbing with passion, a road unexplained, a road left to experience, a road dangerous, the mortal killer, oh lift me from this misery called life.. take me away from it... far far away...to an unknown world where i know nothing, i take birth to breath teh fresh potent air of love, of devotion.. of shiva...i sink, and yet in a sweet voice he says come.. i will take care of you.

he leaves me in tears.. he melts my heart, for him nothing else seems to matter no more. i awaken in his arms like a baby, where all i learn and see.. is his beauty...those eyes.. they are feared, respected, left alone. now he is with me...

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abhilash warrier said...

dearest kavi,

I am blessed to have known you. Celestially. The book has begun. A wave reaches the shore. Standing on the shores itself is madness; is heaven.
How will it be to just touch the waters? How will it be to just drown in the sea? To meet every wave head on?