Goddess Tripurasundari, Oh Goddess of Love

Oh Sweet Mother
Who is seated on the lap of the Lord
Who is seated in this divine realm
Who has won his mind and heart
Who rises out of the lotus of HIs divine navel
Who resides in the warmth of his arms

In the silence of this moonlit night
As the crescent moon dances on her fore 
Reflecting his potency in her eyes
Oh this elixir of life 
That shines as bright as His third eye
Oh Goddess of love
Oh Kamakshi, lover of the great Kameshwara
You are the swan that swims
In the Manasa lake, in the minds of great saints
You hold this sugarcane that represents my mind
You are the form of pure consciousness
You who are the essence of the Hamsa Mantra
Dancing to the tune of every reverberating breath
Composed of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Iswara and  Sadashiva
You are that beauty transcending both good and evil

Oh great goddess of love
Oh heavenly goddess of purity
Oh graceful maiden who walks 
in the shallows of my dreams
Oh consort of the great Lord Shiva
Your beauty is beyond words
Your love so overwhelming
Your feminity so divine
Your form so sacred
Sweet music dissolves my soul 
Tingling bells of your girdle sing
As you walk your graceful gait
Your enveloping beauty in shining gold
Your elegance that blankets your power
Oh Sweet mother, daughter of this earth

Oh Red hued Goddess
Dressed in garments of yellow gold
I place this yellow flower on your brow
I apply this kumkum on your being
I worship this form, the sacred Sri Chakra 
Oh divine goddess studded in precious stones
Awaken me to your super consciousness

Remore this veil of dense Maya
Bathe me in your divine Love
Free me from this bondage of Karma
Bless my soul to reach the elixir of Soma 
That resides on your crown
This sacred ambrozia forever be mine.

Inspired from the Lalitha Sahasranamam


Bart said...

Devi Tripurasundari is the young Gauri Parvati desperately in love for Lord Shiva, the older hermit and yogi, retired as a sannyasin in his cave in Mount Kailash, after he has become widower from Sati. The sugarbow is that of Kama, which she has picked up from the ground, after Shiva has destroyed Kama's body with the fire of his opened third eye. Finally she would victor. She is sitting on Lord Shiva Self, the highest throne imaginable. And she is sitting in the sit of Victory, jayasana. How did she manage it to win Shiva's love again, after Shiva has proved the be invulnerable for Kama's love-arrows? By becoming his sadhaka, his student in yoga, meditation, tantra, advaita. That was her charm, her powerful asset to gain his attention for her. She forced him to become her guru. To an older, wiser and enlightened man a younger woman begging for the fruits of his knowlegde and wisdom is really irresistable, for she reminds him so strongly to his own Self at the beginning of the path to this present here and now. Her love conquers over his renunciation. The crescent on her forhead is after my insight not the moon, as weared by Shiva, but the opal coloured crescent of Venus, the third most visible lightened opject in the sky, after sun and moon.

JC said...

Hi Bart, Kavitha...Hindu Mythology conveys the truth(s) through graphic symbols, as in this case also... However, generally, in a similar manner, formless Nadbindu Vishnu at the beginning of creation, is depicted lying down in the middle of the milky ocean on the celestial bed to reach eventually through evolutionary processes immortality in the form of Mahashiva the solar system, represented by Brahma (our Sun) seated on the throne in the form of a lotus flower that has evolved from Vishnu's navel ...However, as a reflection of a similar phenomenon, as the physical essence of our Solar system, here the place of Vishnu is taken up by Shiva, (Earth), supported in space on a horizontal platform duly supported by different members of the solar system, shown below the platform, and Sati's physical form Tripurasundari (Moon), Kamakhya/ Kamakshi and so on, replaces Brahma on the throne made of lotus flower, linked to Earth through the stem of the lotus, i.e., the unseen gravitational pull between earth and moon (like attachment between mother and child in animal form, depicted in human life through Mother Parvati-Ganesha, or Mary- Jesus)...

JC said...

Shri Bart ~ I forgot to add that the blue - also a cool colour like white (Gauri), or Black (Kali/ Sati) - is associated with planet Venus, and with Kartikeya the elder son of Shiva-Parvati in human form...

JC said...

As 'we' all are images of the immortal Shiva - who resides within each different appearing external form - while watching the picture, anyone can imagine oneself similarly lying on a normal four legged cot, as an image of Nandi the bull that acts as the vehicle of Shiva. And imagine moon in the sky outside as Tripura Sundari who encircles earth, ie, Gangadhar Shiva (Sukshmana Nadi in each human form reflecting holy river Ganga)...

vmanyan said...

Hi, I know it a old post, but have searching for the names of the devas who are the pillars or legs of the seat of Sri Thirupurasundari.Am an artist and want to know the details for the sketch.Can you help?

JC said...

In so far as the 'Hindu' (word derived from 'Indu' the moon? because they developed calendar based on lunar cycle, within the solar cycle to reflect evolution indicated throgh the story of 'sagar-manthan') beliefs are concerned, with the 'present day' knowledge, one can perhaps visualise the mysterious Moon being refered as Tripurasundri,,, and we also know that it evolved from earth itself, which can therefore be understood as Shiva for it is also called as 'Gangadhar' and 'Chandrashekhar', etc,,,
and these heavenly bodies are known to be a few of the selected members of our solar system,,, out of which the usage of words 'navgrah', perhaps related with 9 members, (ie, 'Mahashiva') from Sun (Brahma the creator) to ring-planet Saturn (for Shani is indicated as 'suryaputra' or the son of Sun, and also could be visualised as 'sudershan-chakra-dhari' Vishnu, who is indicated as the inert cause of creation, and who ever remains in super conscious state, untouched by time created with the help of our Sun and earth)...

And the selected members also are indicated as essences of Black Holes related with super gravity, or energy that is concentrted at centres of eight different galaxies that reflect heirarchy apparent in 'Nature' (for a galaxy in appeaance is like a disc or wheel,ie, 'chakra'),,, and the term 'asht chakra' reflects these centres along the spinal column, or 'merudand', along Himalayan range on earth (called Vishnu or Devi, and also within each human considered as the image of Shiva or model of universe, with essence of planet Mars at the Mooladhar, representing northeast direction out of the eight that reflect a 3D heavenly body or planet that has a particular defined shape due to the energy concentrated at its centre, as images of Nadbindu or Vishnu)...

Thus, maybe, one could visualise the four pillars of Tripurasundari as Sun or 'Brahma', Saturn or 'Vishnu', Venus or 'Kartikeya' the favourite son of Shiva, (responsible for Maya), and Mars or 'Ganesh' the favorite son of Parvati the Mother...(I am not sure if thatt's what is indicated in the mythology, though)...suram