Within a watery bed of peace

An untouched world
So far away
In silent watery peace
Does the Lord reside
In constant meditation
The only sound heard – OM

The peace unreachable
The greenery untouched
The sound of crystal clear water
In constant bath
Draped in the ripples of life
Shimmering in the sunlight

Who carved these stones
These sacred emblems
Or did they rise out of the rock alone
Power in the air, purity in the water
Devotion in anyone’s mind
Whoever comes near

Far away from the madness called life
Far away from all the noise
In the lap of velvet green
As silvery waters flow
Cold and pure, waking up the soul
Revealing to mankind secrets unknown

Is it only for the pure hearted
The divine in His realm displays
The joys of peace and tranquility
The wonder called life unfolds
Its beauty within now touched now felt
An experience unknown, and yet so close

The cool crystal waters flow
Washing my feet, washing my soul
As I look on to see in rows
Sacred emblems lined up in stone
A vast ocean so sacred
Lies ahead untouched, unknown

The depth of faith is so strong
The world of emotions so true
The pinnacle of love felt in every drop
That flows this sacred land
Washing you in all your splendor
Bathing you in constant meditation

The water so cool and crystal clear
Purity in melted snow
Fresh, reviving, energy giving
Life giving water freely flowing
Washing away all fears
A silent mind rests in peace.


JC Joshi said...

“Water is life”

There is a Guru
An unborn kid
All knowing
And all powerful
That resides within all
Unknown and unseen
Within material forms
‘Gaja held by Graha’
Or a flag-like
That holds rose petals
Tied up with a string
Ready to fill the air
With sweet fragrance
Waiting merely for a pull
From a VIP
Symbol of Vishnu
In Person
That could send it flying
High in to the blue sky
Like Neelamber Krishna
Mischievous child Nandlal
Brought up by foster parents
On the banks of Yamuna
Wanting only the moon
Eager to meet its mother
Ma Devaki the moon
The source of Ganga
And father Vasudeva
Or Vasudha the earth
That is Shiva
Waiting for the right time
The zero hour and space
The origin of both rivers
The Kailash-Mansarovar
The abode of Shiva-Parvati!

JC Joshi said...

The perfect being
Called Nadbindu the Formless
Absolute zero time and space
Or the ‘Absolute Truth’
Also exists at earth’s centre
Or Shiva’s heart
The abode of Ma Kali
With Her ‘images’
On earth’s surface
As erupting volcanoes
Also referred as Shivalingas
With Shiva’s abode at Kashi
The believable centre of the globe

But it remains ever detached
Leaving the eternal drama
To Earth as its true image
Lest the creation
That is illusion
By animation of images
Comes to a halt
Like in its reflection
In the present
In man-made films
As a reflection
Of human life imperfection
It being a phenomenon
That is time related
As per a grand design
For Creator’s own purpose
That ever remains unknown
Even to the wisest among wise men

JC Joshi said...

Krishna told Arjuna
There remained nothing
Yet to be achieved by Him
In the space
On the earth
Or under-ground
Advising all to surrender
And seek Him within the self

Yet He keeps man busy
Through generations
Looking everywhere outwards
Not knowing what one sought
Yet going into details
Of innumerable images
Incessantly through eons
Seeking light
At the end of the dark tunnel
That for him today
Is life’s goal
While simple water shows
How it enjoys flowing on earth
Through thick and thin
Again and yet again
Knowing well its purpose
To act selflessly
In the service of Earth
That is Shiva
The supreme being!

JC Joshi said...

Man takes water for granted
While on the other hand
Engaged in research too
Finds water a major component
In his own body too
And can’t imagine life without it
On the ‘non-living’ earth
Where he started as an ape
And evolving from ‘cave-age’
Has reached ‘Atomic-age’
Leaving all animals behind
In the race for supremacy
Living now in man-made caves
Instead of ‘natural’ ones
To start with thanks to nature
Carved out by water itself!

Apsmara Purush that man is
That is forgetful in nature
Ungrateful to Mother Nature
Proud of his achievement
He continues to live unhappily
In constant fear
That also has grown bigger
With passage of time
Not knowing what would
Bring end to human life
At any time now
Due to lack of knowledge
And also lack of faith
In ancients’ wisdom and advice
To seek the essence
After in-depth study of Nature
As they apparently did
And left sufficient hints
Each in its own way
In different languages
Perhaps as part of a design
Of Natkhat Nandlal
Mischievous Krishna
The flute player
And his various tunes!

"Hari Ananta Hari Katha ananta"

JC Joshi said...

When one thinks of a tree
He thinks of the seed first
A complete tree
In a miniature form
From which sprout the roots
That act like anchor for a ship
To hold the tree at one place
And the stem too
The visible part
That rises up and up
With passage of time
As if to touch the sky
And although attached to earth
Its stem acting like a flag-pole
Its frail leaves fluttering in air
Like innumerable flags
As if representing the universe
While acting also as its cook
Receiving fire from sunlight
And providing food to all its parts
Including its roots
That act as pumps
To lift various ingredients
Provided by earth
Mainly thanks to water
The universal solvent
And the omnipresent!

In the same fashion
The ancients perhaps imagined
Rivers as Water lingas of Shiva
Rising from the sea
To their symbolic common source
The moon in the sky
The believable source of Ganga!

JC Joshi said...

The fruit is store-house
Of surplus energy and seeds
In case of plant life
Is a well known fact

The story of Ganesha
The favourite son of Parvati
However communicates cryptically
Implantation of elephant head
In place of the one
That he was born with
Indicating thus a modified design
In case of animal forms
To allow them freedom
Of movement on earth or air
Like dust and water
To dance like earth
And travel in space
Unlike it in one fixed orbit
To any part of the universe
Physically possible
Or even mentally
Using one’s thought power
As is apparent in human form

They are not rooted to the earth
And instead have roots in the sky
Connected with the heart
That acts as a muscle pump
In place of roots in trees
To circulate food through blood
To various body parts
While drawing energy from sun
Either directly or indirectly
From its other family members
The other concerned members
Of the Solar system
Each finding representation
By some vital organ
Within the animal forms also
To act as an essence
Of the universe
While displaying hierarchy
As it is evident in Nature
In all its aspects
Due perhaps to a grand design
Believably of a Supreme Being
Who resides within all forms!

JC Joshi said...

Human form was believed
The best among animals
A combination of essences
Of selected time-tested members
Of our solar system
That is Mahashiva
Essences that go into its formation
To reflect the balanced universe
Or image of all rounder God
Forms being symbolic only
Representing energy
Creative or destructive
Moon or core of earth
Durga or Kali
Earth in the middle of the two
Therefore considered ideal
As image of the inert Shiva
Opposite of Visha the poison
Or pollution in its environment
And yet Yudhister-like unmoved
Under all circumstances
The immortal Supreme Being
The all knowing Yogeshwar
Reclining Vishnu-like west-east
That fire can’t burn
Water can’t dissolve
Air can’t dry up
The 'Bhootnath' or supreme soul
Perhaps a role model for all souls!

JC Joshi said...

The mythological stories
Related with Krishna or Shyama
The king of dark night
And his archer friend Arjuna
That struck arrows
Straight like sunrays
Contain hints of design
Of human form
Using colours as essences
Of eight heavenly bodies
Or members of solar system

His colourful Holi in Brindaban
With cowboys and milk-maids
Point to play on green earth
As the stage of human life drama
Using colours in white sunlight
Seen in the visible spectrum
Or simply in the rainbow
Created by simple water drops!

And his reference as both
Neelamber as well as Peetamber
And also as the Yogiraja
Associate him with both colours
Addition of which result in green
That is blue as well as yellow
The cold and the hot colours
The two groups of colours
Including rays that find entry
Into earth’s atmosphere
Ultra-violet and Infra-red
Related with King’s advisors
And also the red colour
Of Ma Kali’s tongue
Reflecting the Force
Associated with earth’s core
Or Shiva’s heart
That results in orange colour
When added to yellow colour
Associated with Guru the superior
Alluding to the mysterious Moon
Located at the human head
As the story writer!

JC Joshi said...

We have already seen how essences of Moon (yellow colour as the root, representing Mother) and Mars (surplus yellow colour plus red colour or orange color as store-house of seeds, representing Mother’s trouble shooter son) believably represent the two Poles of the (green) inert earth (surplus yellow colour plus blue colour), and head and tail-bone end in the human form. Also, in the human form, it has cool white colour at the solar plexus level with Infra-red rays at the navel level below it (while balance of hot red colour is located still below it) and cold Ultra-violet rays at the chest level above it. Throat has the cool blue colour and cool green colour at the third-eye level as the witness of the interior, unlike the physical eyes on either side of it for viewing the external world.

Like River Yamuna flows on one side of the central River Ganga, and Brahmaputra on the opposie side of it, I have assumed these to find their reflections in the three Nadis/ Nervous systems believably existing within the human body.

I have assumed River Yamuna, related with Neelamber Krishna, therefore, related with the group formed with harmful Ultra-violet rays associated with planet Mercury; blue colour associated with planet Venus (that holds the poison in Shiva’s throat); and green colour associated with earth, all linked with Orange colour related with Planet Mars or Ganesha to whom Shiva believably gave the charge of control of earth on His retirement.

In the other group related with River Brahmaputra, I have assumed cool colour white associated with Sun to be linked with hot Infra-red rays associated with planet Jupiter; balance hot red colour associated with Asteroids or the group of planetoids perhaps formed due to destruction of a single heavenly body - to represent Ma Kali the destructive force; and balance hot yellow colour associated with Moon the creative Mother.

With the above assumptions, I have developed cycles related with eight different controls, separately for males and females (which can be found out with their known time of birth in IST), to reflect at what age an individual would pass from cold to hot, and vice versa, and therefore likely to experience shocks at the corresponding time anticipated from the chart. And, therefore, could take advance precautionary measures in the form of gemstones/ yogic exercises/ meditation. I have used gemstones on photographs of a few known individuals. Although, the research has shown effects on them irrespective of their location on the globe, the work isn’t yet completed to my entire satisfaction.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, like Dr Anilji also felt, I give below another of my reaction to newspaper articles as part of my serial comments!

"This refers to the editorial We The Peoples as also The Speaking Tree article by Shri Rohit Viswanath, Dvaita or Advaita, Take your Pick.

It might sound i am philosophizing, but logically speaking even, once someone were to accept that the ABSOLUTE TRUTH already stands realized by the ancients (Philosophy of 'Vedanta'), that is, there exists one and only one real being who is formless, call it 'energy' or 'supreme soul'. And, that all the apparent forms in the universe as its innumerable images only that reflect hierarchy, to conform to the variety in 'Nature', which create various 'truths' , from time to time, that in real terms are only lies or 'untruths'.

The illusion is believably created by the Supreme Being, who is related with zero time and space, as the ‘decision maker’ itself, for its own purpose, which is not made directly known to any other 'image', although its own, as those are all 'imperfect' and therefore of relatively inferior intelligence at any given apparent time – almost zero at the fag-end of Kaliyuga. [This is communicated in the story of Brahma - with the background saying, "Satyam Shivam Sunderam" - the apparent creator of physical forms not finding Shivalinga's top, although He lied that He had reached it (symbolically only, just as we believe the 'sky' to represent infinity), and Vishnu failed to reach Shivalinga's bottom - and therefore the conclusion that the Creator, Nadbindu the source of unlimited sound energy, is unborn and unending]...[Also there is a saying, "Hari ananta, Hari katha ananta/ kahat sunat bahu vidhi sab santa", or some similar words, indicating that there exist various versions of the same event possible because of 'Hari's Maya' that is illusion. And, also it is believed that Hari Vishnu is Hara Shiva, and vice versa.]

Therefore, in view of the above-said and also because of the natural hierarchy existing at any given time, 'child prodigies' even are believably seen - infant Krishna sucked out life from demon Pootana... Krishna, Rama etc were reported as 'Purushottam' or the best among men during a particular era...just as Amitabh Bachchan (in the 'reel world') was considered the best in the last millennium. And Christ is projected by the 'west' as the best in the present era named after him! And Krishna was also called mischievous, or 'natkhat Nandlal' son of King Nanda although His father was named Vasudeva (and 'Vasudha' means the earth) who exchanged Krishna for his daughter!

Having consciousness of the above-stated background, as Krishna advised in the Gita too, there is, of course, no harm in enjoying the drama and continuing to play our role as WE feel it appropriate!"

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Although I was born in Shimla in a family that had the roots in the Himalayan soil at another hill region, when I acquired an impressionable age I found I was like the drop of water in a hill stream that finds itself in a river that has swollen and grown bigger in the plains. It was thus like a droplet of water which is being recycled that I visited my parental town as a child a few times during summer vacations with the family and enjoyed the natural air-conditioned environment of the town as against the oppressive heat of the plains, which alone used to give a sense of relief and happiness.

Almora town being located at a hill-top and less populated in the late fourties and early fifties presented a greener scenario, particularly after the showers that used to clean the dust from tree tops.

It is beyond words the impact the lake Nainital had on me when I first visited it in the early fifties, reaching there by bus from hot summer days of Delhi for a three-week stay with a cousin in the company of my elder brother and another cousin that we enjoyed thoroughly hitch-hiking, boating, and Malling. The life in the hill-station revolves around the lake, as if it is Krishna, the centre of our galaxy making the innumerable heavenly bodies/ cowboys and milk-maids dance around Him in Brindaban!

Today, whereever I might be located, I can visualize the lake washing the feet of the Naini Peak that stands about 600 metres above the lake level, and can similarly imagine Kailash-Mansarovar/ Shiva-Parvati relationship!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, I would add that the peak is formally known as ‘China Peak’, however, I call it 'Naini Peak' because of the Naina Devi Temple, original one being in the Himachal Pradesh, which is dedicated to Ma Sati where Her eyes fell, as per Hindu belief, when Vishnu cut Her mortal remains with his sudershan-chakra when Shiva carried it on His shoulder after having picked it up from the sacred fire where She had committed suicide. It is located towards the upper-side of the lake, or ‘Mallital”, I imagine it as ‘Naini Peak’ as I imagine it as a symbol of Mother's eye, or Jagadamba the Moon’s eye, like Garuda’s (Vishnu's vehicle), as witness of the surroundings!

JC Joshi said...

In the same fashion, now I can visualize why the ancient Hindus related 'Krishna' (who claims Himself, in the Gita, to also be an Agent of death, besides believably being a flute player and dancer) with River Yamuna, believably Yamaraja’s sister, around which the administration of the whole country today revolves because of the Capital city, New Delhi, being located on its banks.

It apparently saw the rise and fall of many empires - as ‘Indraprastha’ during the rule of the Kaurava Kings in Dwaperyuga and many other ‘foreign rulers’ from time to time, with different names given to this region by different rulers! Arjuna realized the Supreme form of Krishna to have eyes and mouths in all directions!

JC Joshi said...

Although the Personal Computer today appears superior to human form, however, in reality, everyone knows it is a poor substitute for human system, or the self, if only one knew how it could be utilized to its full potential. In the present, with huge infrastructure in place, through efforts over centuries, virtual reality is generated by tele-portation of alphanumeric symbols electronically to be read as messages on the monitor while attachment of the ‘magic eye’ helps similarly in almost instantaneous projection of one’s image also to a desired person located at any part of the globe or space.

The Yogis had apparently come to realize that the human form is capable of reaching the ‘Absolute Truth’ that is zero time and space, and thus overcome the feeling of time and distance only if one could concentrate total energy within the body at a single point in the head, for which they suggested Yogic exercises, which are found beyond the reach of an average person. A subtle hint was however given for the sake of the average man in the Gita about ‘surrender in Krishna’ when He Himself believably would lead one to the ‘Truth’. Thus it is a matter of full and firm faith in the words of the ancients - a difficult proposition in Kaliyuga because of the mischievous nature of Krishna!

JC Joshi said...

With the truth realized by my ‘wise’ ancients - “Shivoham”, that is, “I am Shiva” the Bhootnath or the Lord of the Past, with Earth the Provider of material resources as My best reflection or image, which is sustained since time immemorial with energy received from Moon, like mother’s milk to an infant, for I am unborn and unending. I am convinced of that.

Now, through humans He is perhaps trying to communicate to man to be conscious of His origin, His imperfect most past that lies at the heart of Earth as His root.

Halfway down the memory lane He finds Krishna, the centre of the galaxy, the sudershan-chakradhari - like the peaceful eye of a destructive cyclonic storm - as His basic building block (like a cell is to a human body). Thus He sees billions of eyes in the forms of galaxies - of trillions of stars each - within His body, the infinite universe and, similarly, innumerable animal eyes on earth too as their reflections or images that irrespective of the time reflect the apparent hierarchy from near zero (micro-organism, say) to infinity (Dinosaurs/ Elephants, say), as is reflected by a water fountain, where water droplets are present at all points within the fountain, or even reflected by roots similarly in the Banyan Tree as rare but precious examples, at any given point of time – like precious gems/ metals are hidden within tonnes of soil/ garbage and need trained eyes for their location and appreciation and use in creative works...

JC Joshi said...

Another reaction to an article in the newspaper is given below.

Reference the Speaking Tree article Kulakundalini: Gently Rouse The Sleeping Divinity by Shri Shri Anandamurtiji (May 7).

A ‘born Hindu’ learns today through communication carried forward over time immemorial despite apparent innumerable catastrophic events that might have occurred on planet earth, which could be visualized through personal experience at any time, or with the help of their historical records maintained through human agency itself, although those might pertain to a few thousand years only in the over 4 billion year life of the planet estimated today by scientists.

As per scientific evidenvce, earth was a ball of fire to begin with, and that the ordinary bacteria inhabited it much before intelligent animal life evolved - with the help of air and water becoming available to it - with man at the head of the list landing on the stage relatively in the very recent past only.

The ancient ‘wise’ Hindus or Yogis (mathematicians in the present day terminology who made ‘two plus two equal to four’, or/ rather, four plus four equal to eight to represent Krishna the Yogiraja as the best or ‘purushottam’ in Dwaperyuga), however, apparently came to realize that man was the most evolved form of an instrument – like earth - that evolved from sound energy represented by ‘Om’. And, within human forms also the apparent hierarchy reflected the apparent variety in Nature in all its aspects.

The above could perhaps help as background information to a common man before one believed activation of ‘kundalini’ as a means to ‘rousing the Sleeping Divinity’, who in reality ever remains in the super conscious state! It is the apparent exterior material form - ‘Mahishasur’ in the words of the ancients that the ashtabhujadhari or eight handed Durga, who resides within each human head also, killed - that needs to be aroused to realize the ‘Truth’ contained in the age old saying, “Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya” that is “Lead the kindly light”!

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle,

I just got back from a visit to Trichy and Srirangam. I was off the internet for about 4 days.

It was a great trip. Been to these places before, but it felt special to be back there again.

More posts will come up :)


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Glad to hear from you!

Yes, human eyes are funny. You may look at something many times (through physical eyes) but might not see it (through the mind's eye), unless you look with a particular objective and background in mind at a certain period of time!

Best wishes.