Ammavasai: Notes in the dark

The night sets in
The clouds clear
The ocean of stars
Display their grandeur.

The moon shies away
Hides within her dark veil
Leaving silence to drape
The earth below

Peace in world
A silent universe
Not a drop of light
In the space around

A moonless night
The sea calm
The wind low
The trees silent

The sound of bells
A musical note
The glowing horns
Of a gentle bull

The earth moves
The tremors felt
The bull breathes out
The basic words

The words flow in silent stream
The vibrations felt
The air holds
Feelings unsaid

The sound of water
Trickling down
The hymns pierce the darkness
The Lord bathes in milk

The ocean of purity
Fills again
Life giving water
Covers the Lord

The sounds reverberate
The Rudram rolls
The earth rumbles
The energy unfolds

The words flow out
A cloak of letters
Like droplets dance
Over His shimmering Self

The milk of knowledge
Rolls out to all
Life that we don’t know of
Killing fear within

A drumbeat heard
The cowbells roll
The mridangam resounds
In the darkness

The sound of ghunguru
Sweet sounds rise
The air moves
And the dance unfolds

A world in the dark
Refreshingly new
The Lord awakens
To protect our souls

The beat rises
The heart pounds
The sea recedes
The sand shakes

The wind challenged
The waves crash
The foam rises
The Lord descends

The power of life
The energy within
Unfolds and floods the heart
That pounds in the dark

The sun and moon
In His eyes they shine
The black waves sway
Cutting through the air

The music rolls
The Rudram recited
The drums beats rise
The wind is covered in sound

The Lord dances on
His feet he raises
A blessing that says
Fear not the darkness now!


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, it's advisable to have patience and look at Shiva's hand in 'abhaya mudra', asking one to be fearless!

Whenever I wish, I close my eyes and see Krishna/ Yogeshwar Shiva - dark like a black-board on which nothing is written...and, on the new-moon night I see the infinite sky completely filled up with brighter appearing stars - like a Black-board that is filled up with the undecipherable writings of the unseen Guru indicating the things lined up for the brighter future!

JC joshi said...

‘Apsmara purush’ that I am
For recall memory I imagine
I am a droplet of water
Happily singing sometimes
Or crying at times
Holding tightly
Hands of my siblings
Flowing on earth
Towards the ocean

All now excited and noisy
With the expectation
Of meeting our origin
Long forgotten
That now seems closer

Our mother who waits patiently
The safe return
Since time immemorial
Of all of its children
Employed in the service
Of Earth the immortal
Lord Shiva the all powerful
And all knowing
Therefore surrendered in Him
The lord of the Past
The controller of Time!

JC Joshi said...

Maybe the following would satisfy Shri Amar.

The ancient Hindus, using a code language, utilized different terms to indicate different personalities and their associated capacities related with time. For example, the term ‘Yogi’ indicates all those humans who have a relatively higher elevated soul (knowledge) within the body as a result of evolutionary processes over time/ ‘Tapasya’ while “Siddha” indicates a yogi who is the best at any given point of time. Yogiraj differentiates, say Krishna from common men in Dwaper yuga while Yogeshwar indicates the perfect in human form, Shiva in Satyuga, as a model or essence of planet Earth.

Similarly, Ganesha is the perfect model of planet Mars in Satyuga and Indra, also an essence of the same planet at any other time is indicated as the King of the planets or demi-gods that is ‘devatas’.

Although all the members of the solar system are perfect or immortal, including demon Rahu, (perhaps as model of planet Mercury/ ultraviolet rays feared as a powerful destructive force) and Mars too, Earth with its grand variety was worshipped as (Yogeshwar) Shiva in human form, Moon as Shiva’s consort Parvati (as the head of Mahashiva), Venus as Kartikeya the favourite son of Shiva (as His throat that holds the poison in the interest of the devatas), and Mars as Ganesha the favourite son of Parvati (as the Mooladhar or His base - another end of His dumroo-like hour-glass indicating Him as the controller of Time))…

JC Joshi said...

I might add further.

Moon evolved from Earth
Say the scientists today
But, with the given hint
In the story of Lord Rama of Treta
Beautiful Sita called ‘vaidehi’
Or 'without any form'
Hindus realized mysterious Moon
As the image of Nadbindu
The point source of supreme energy
The unborn and the unending
Creator of the illusory universe

Or the beautiful Jagadamba
The mother of beautiful earth
As its dream child
Her perfect reflection
Unique like Herself
Brought up on somrus
The mysterious moonlight
The potent cosmic energy
Stored as fluids on earth
(In different objects
And Her Own innumerable images)
That act like mother’s milk
And help keep Earth immortal!

JC Joshi said...

In terms of imaginary pots
To hold cosmic energy
And represent human form
One could perhaps visualize
Like the ancients
Moon as the ‘Governor vessel’
In the round face of Mother
With ‘o’ shaped bindi
The dot on her forehead
To represent Nadbindu
And Earth her ‘Conception vessel’
That like a balloon grows bigger
That is filled during Holi
With coloured waters
And extending downwards
Like letter 'I'
Reflecting the potential
To hold Children in her wombs
Like sunlight fills the earth
With seven colours

JC Joshi said...

To help read in dark, another reaction to newpaper article is given below.

This refers to Memory Loss by Shri JS Rajput (April 26) and also Memory Plus by Dr. JV Narlikar referred therein by him.

All said and done, apples haven’t stopped falling down upon earth since Newton noticed the phenomenon. That’s the truth that still prevails. And it is also true that MAN continues to be fooled since time immemorial, more so if he believes He/ She is physically powerful…

Seen in the ancient east through believably Simple God Shiva’s Third Eye, and analysed with the help of the analogous computer that human brain continues to be since time immemorial, apples continue to copy their ancestors, for they are slaves of Earth because of its gravitational force…and therefore advised detachment together with attachment…

Life was understood to be symbolic, like we use alphanumeric symbols, and the associated phonetics, used in any language in which one is conversant for communication of thoughts. Average man was, therefore, symbolically depicted lying under the foot of Natraj Shiva, symbolically representing our earth, as ‘Apsmara Purush’, that is, one who was unable to recall memory because of ‘slavery of time’ and thus not knowing that ‘Supreme Knowledge’ is recorded within each human being in believably eight “Chakras” (representing eight directions), which only Yogis - who knew how to add the total knowledge recorded in eight different “chakras” - could…

JC Joshi said...

For vision of the exterior
All animals have eyes
Knows everyone
One might perhaps not know
The ancients had realized
That for overall vision
One has eyes in the skin too
Or windows called ‘gavaksha’
The eyes of sacred cows
Who with their mother’s-like milk
And their 'satva' or essence cream
Are associated with Krishna
The churner of our galaxy
As innumerable images of him
The representative of Nadbindu
The sole witness in animal eyes

And to make vision possible
In the dark chamber-like space
Wherein dances Natraja Shiva
Sun the source of white light
Also to be related with Krishna
The centre of our galaxy
As ‘the charioteer of Arjuna’
Who won the hand of Draupadi
The beautiful image of Moon!

JC said...

Mother Parvati
Or Jagadamba the Moon
The beautiful mother of earth
Believably having beautiful eyes
Was called Meenakshi
In appearance like a fish
The first reincarnation of Vishnu
That evolved as water appeared
On original fiery earth
That eventually submerged it
And sustains aquatic life
Since time immemorial

The stories indicate symbolically
How for his marriage with Draupadi
Arjuna pierced with arrow
The eye of a fish
Seeing only its reflection
Within a bowl
Alluding to moon seen as such
Near about new-moon day
As it reflects sunlight
That falls on it

And so also like the small fish
Kept by King ‘Satyavrat’
Alluding to Earth or Shiva
Of Satyam Shivam Sunderam fame
In a small vessel the first day
That grew bigger and bigger
Like moon grows to full size
In the dark sky in the night
Representing the ocean-like space
Needing to be let out into the sea
And pull ‘Satyavrat’s boat’
With Serpent Vasuki’s help
To save him from drowning
At the time of great inundation
Alluding to the gravitational force
Between the two heavenly bodies
And also reflects the unborn
In its mother’s womb!

JC Joshi said...

And besides the ‘third eye’
Or the ozone layer
Normally closed in ‘yoganidra’
Shiva has normal eyes too
Called ‘Rudraksha’ the fiery eyes
Perhaps alluding to volcanoes
Scattered all over the earth
Most of them dormant
Most of the time
But fearful when active
Shiva thus known as 'destroyer'!

JC Joshi said...

We must not forget Dhrita-rashtra
The born blind Kaurava king
The visually challenged one
A virtually myopic king
That is a short-sighted one
Perhaps influenced by his wife
A foreigner named Gandhari
Married to him by deceit
Helped by her brother Shakuni
An expert in manipulation
Because of their selfish interest
Couldn’t accept superiority
Of the five sons of brother Pandu
And therefore nephew ‘Yudhister’
The one who is unmoved in battle
And like Shiva truthful too
Although ideally suited like Indra To be the king of the ‘devatas’
Or the ‘selfless’ humans
To act as ruler of ‘Indraprastha’
Therefore the battle of Mahabharata
Between the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’
With Krishna's support to selfless
To bring to an end the 'leela'
The drama related with Dwaperyuga!

JC Joshi said...

In the nutshell, with universe believably functioning as an analogous computer, the ancient Hindus appear to have realized the whole ‘Creation’ as the design of some unseen point force, which is capable of projecting itself in a variety of imaginary forms.

And, that out of all the images its apparently best imaginable physical form is Earth, with Moon representing the concerned force projected out of it, within the apparent void of the universe, which contains besides this symbolic representation other innumerable supporting images also that apparently fill the infinite void.

JC Joshi said...

Although those still are in a rudimentary stages of development, maybe the persons who are concerned with the design of hardware for digital computers and are also familiar with related software for different uses, and vice versa; or even a layman who has seen a watch-repairer work with the apparent intricate mechanism of a wrist-watch, might perhaps be able to appreciate a little better the apparent effort that would have gone into the design and functioning of innumerable galaxies – like gears, wheels and a large number of other parts in a watch - under Mahakal Shiva the believable controller of time who is happily ticking eternally, thanks to Jagadamba, the brain behind Him! It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman!

However in reality, perhaps as realized by the ‘wise’ ancients, it is the one and only mysterious Formless play acting all innumerable roles since time immemorial! A marvelous achievement indeed in Information Technology starting symbolically from a bacterium-like dot that apparently multiplied by division into infinite galaxies as centres of generation of power - reflection of which is perhaps seen in Power generation projects utilizing human resource!

Recently, the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking appeared on the TV showing how for a few seconds he fulfilled his dream of experiencing zero gravity inside an aero plane over the Atlantic Ocean. And, reportedly wanted to continue in that state for ever! Yogis too believably experienced for some time a state of bliss by reaching zero thought, and had come to realize the ‘Creator’ to be ever related with zero time and space and eternal bliss – as the supreme unborn and unending being of origin unknown who believably appeared on His Own, and therefore called ‘Swayambhu’ or ‘Shambhu’ in short!

Somebody might like to make a guess what Formless Creator’s purpose could have been in creating the apparently temporary physical forms in the infinite universe (called by the ancients as ‘Brahmand’, that is, ‘Creator’ egg’), which it is believably, repeatedly, watching as Bhootnath the Lord of the Past through the eyes of the animal world with humans believably being its own most evolved images, but displaying hierarchy to reflect the grand variety that is apparent in all aspects of ‘Nature’.

JC said...

To visualize creation of apparent hierarchy, I imagine myself standing in front of innumerable ‘magical mirrors’ that show a grand variety of images of the self, each looking different from one another. And, the mere appearance of each of those images creates different emotions in my mind – I laugh at some funny looking faces, and am shocked, for an instant only, at the look of some others, because I am aware those are all my own reflections!

But in the belivable ‘normal human life’ one isn’t aware of the ‘Absolute Truth’ (in the words of the ancients). As if a part of some natural design, every human being attempts face reading of a ‘stranger’, even if one just needs to be directed to some desired destination, say, about which one doesn’t have any advance information. One doesn’t normally ask every Tom, Dick, or Harry on the roadside because of the fear of unknown. And, as “face is the index of mind”, based on my judgment within the short time available to me, I ask only the person who I believe it would be safe to do so, which I am aware could be wrong and I could be misdirected. That’s the ‘truth’ based on one’s past experience. Perhaps because Krishna the Nand Lal believably is ‘Natkhat’ that is mischievous and apparently leads one to eventually ‘surrender in Him’. Then why not do it at the earliest?

It is said that a ‘wise’ learns from the experience of others, and a ‘fool’ might not learn even from his own mistakes – as we today wonder why man doesn’t learn from History and continues to rage wars despite the UNO (reflection of ‘Numero uno’ Krishna claims himself to be the representative of?)!

JC Josh said...

Kavitha, For a fresh look at the question why Indra is not worshipped, a close look at the World Atlas shows that Sun has direct movement, perhaps therefore direct control, only between the Tropic of Cancer (that passes through the Indian sub-continent also, in which India looks like a tiger – and eight-handed Goddess Durga believably had Tiger as Her vehicle!) and the Tropic of Capricorn (that passes through Australia also, which looks like the head of a bull – and Nandi the bull was considered Shiva’s vehicle, and incidentally, North America has the appearance of a bird – and the ancient Hindus depicted bird Garuda as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu!)…

The Polar Regions receive sunlight on account of the tilt in Earth’s axis of rotation and were therefore believed as ‘Head’ and ‘Tail’ that is the Top and the Base of planet earth - which believably is supported on the back of ‘Kurmavatar’ or Lord Vishnu in the form of a turtle as the shape of Antarctica also indicates it as such - under control of the representative of Nadbindu, Moon (eight-handed Goddess Durga) as the head or ‘Sahasrara’, and Mars as the tail or ‘Mooladhar’ (as model of Mars, Lord Ganesha, the favourite son, or dream child, of Goddess Durga, besides Shiva’s favourite son Kartikeya or model of poisonous planet Venus at the throat of Mahashiva) …

The ancient Hindus had realized the ‘Truth’ of ‘Creation’. They expressed the essence of it in three words, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam”. That is to say, ‘Shiva is the truth and He alone is beautiful’. The description of Shiva points Him to be our planet Earth, the most beautiful ‘physical creation’ that is too close for worship directly and hence idols used instead. And, on similar logic, worship of idols of Brahma/ Indra the ‘rain god’ and King of the ‘devatas’ or the ‘selfless’ was discontinued at a certain stage, and instead Sun that rules over the humans during the day and has a defined form too was directly worshipped instead of their idols, which were believed needed mainly to represent the Formless Creator, Vishnu or Shiva, particularly the latter, He believably being simpler, as earth is known better, although ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and because of forgetful nature, man has a tendency to looks outwards only. And also, due to lack of belief, takes the earth for granted as ‘non living’...