The Trimurti at Elephanta.

The Elephanta Nataraja re-emphasizes the beauty of sculpture. Here mostly destroyed Nataraja carries the following attributes. In a Nataraja sculpture, Shiva is depicted with the following attributes

His upper right hand carries the Damaru, the upper left a bowl of fire, which is destruction, the dissolution of form.. The lower right hand is raised in blessing, betokening preservation. The right leg, representing obscuring grace, stands upon Apasmarapurusha, a soul temporarily earth-bound by its own sloth, confusion and forgetfulness. The uplifted left leg is revealing grace, which releases the mature soul from bondage. The lower left hand gestures toward that holy foot in assurance that Shiva's grace is the refuge for everyone, the way to liberation. He wears the skins of lions and tigers on his loins and the moon and skull adorn his jatamukuta.

The circle of fire represents the cosmos and especially consciousness. The all-devouring form looming above is Mahakala, "Great Time." The cobra around Nataraja's waist is kundalini shakti, the soul-impelling cosmic power resident within all.

This is the enlarged view of Nataraja at Elephanta.
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