Shiva Bhikshatana - the enchanting mendicant.

This story of Shiva portrays him as a mendicant who went through the villages and seduced wives of brahmins. It was this yogic personality that gave Lord Shiva his irresistible looks.

As described in the Suprabhedagama, Shiva is said to have passed the slopes of Mount Meru without any garments. The wives of the Rishis fell in love with him and lost their chastity. The rishis wild with rage, performed incantations to kill Shiva, the seducer of their wives. From their ceremonial grounds there came snakes, a Krishna-Mriga, an Apasmarapurusha, a Parasu, a bull, a tiger, a lion and several other things.

The latter took for his sport the black deer, the snake and the parasu, the apasmarapurusha was trampled under his feet, the lion and tiger were killed as worn as garments, while the skull and the moon were placed on his jatamukuta.

There are of course various versions to what he carries as attributes. The snakes are either on his waist or in his jatas. The primary point here is that the Bhikshatana murti leads to him possessing most of the attributes depicted in the Nataraja.


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