Ma Kali - Keeper of My Soul

A garland of skulls
A horror to the ignorant
An echo that death is the only truth
How do I find love in this gory picture

In the darkness of the night
She roams in a blue hue
Her anklets breath sweet music
The shaky skulls roar the rhythm of the damaru

Her cackling laughter
Spelling out my doom
I give up my last breath in love
I am hers to consume 

She holds my soul
Protects it from all evil
Guides me through the darkness of death
To the land of immortals

I leave behind my head
On the bed of smokey ashes
In a picture on your wall
In a memory forgotten

A skull cap with sacred letters
A capsule of the primordial seed sound
A garland she proudly wears
To teach you bliss unknown 


Raju said...

If one understands the devi/devatha tathvam(not philosophy but quality), then the journey will be fruitful!.

Bart said...

Truthful, blissful and beautiful, dear Kavitha: satyam shivam sundaram! Really splendid!

Anonymous said...

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Nithin.S said...

Enjoyed the poem. Touching. Lovely.

Nithin.S said...

Loved the poem. Touching.