Invocation to Goddess Lakshmi

When the fire of pure knowledge burns
When the fragrance of divinity embraces the air
When the aura around her is resplendent with her beauty
When she sparkles in golden brilliance
I am at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi 

Om Pakrutyai namaha:  I bow to Her intrinsic nature that reveals the core of all that has manifested and the unmanifested

Om Vikrutyai namaha: I bow to this beautiful Goddess, who at the core is one and yet is multifacetted defined by attributes known and unknown

Om Vidhyayai Namaha: I bow to Her, the bestower of all knowledge and wisdom

Om Sarvabhoota hitapradayai namaha: I bow to Her who grants me all sensuous pleasures and the sacred wisdom to overcome them

Om Shraddhayai namaha: I bow to Her, the Goddess who blesses all those who intensely sing to Her in adoration to realize Her.

Om Vibhutyai namaha: I bow to Her, who gifts us with prosperity and happiness, who is the source of all divine bliss towards those who worship her.

Om Surabhyai namaha: I bow to Her, the enchanting form of Shakti, who is revered by the great Gods, Shina, Vishnu and Brahma.

Om Paramatmikayai namah: I bow to Her, the omipresent Goddess, the supreme energy of all the three worlds, protector of the distressed and the destitute.

Om Vaache namaha:  I bow to Her, the Goddess who is gifted with nectar like sweetness in her speech

Om Padmanilayayai namaha: I bow to Her, who presides on the throne of the sacred lotus emerging from the Ocean of milk with the sweet nectar of life, the source of all bliss and hapiness

Om Padmaayai Namaha: I bow to Her, who is as gentle and as radient as the divine Lotus

Om Shuchaye namaha: I bow to Her, the embodiment of purity, virtuous, compassionate, kind, loving, benevolent, and merciful.

Om Swaahayai namaha: I bow to Her, the personification of that which is always auspicious.

Om Swadhayai namaha: I bow to Her, who punishes those violating the universal law by taking on the form of that which is inauspicious

Om Sudhayai namaha: I bow to Her, the most endearing and lovable Goddess who dwells in everyone, as the sweet nectar of life, the source of all bliss and happiness.

Om Dhanyayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is the personification of all Gratitude.

Om Hiranmayaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who shines like a thousand suns, resplendent will all beauty

Om Lakshmyai namaha: I bow to Her, the source of all wealth, power and divine glory

Om Nityapushtaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who energises me, brings me strength and enhances my intelligence when I concentrate on her form

Om Vibhaavaryai namaha: I bow to Her, the radiant Goddess of wealth, the one who is the limitless ocean of beauty, whose vision overwhelms the mind.

Om Aadityai namaha: I bow to Her, who glows like the sun, radiant in her being, graceful and smiling. She is the center of all divine beauty that belittles the thousand kamadenus.

Om Dityai namaha: I bow to Her, who answers all our prayers, and dispells our fears

Om Deepaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is as radiant as the thousand flames of lights

Om Vasudhaarinyai namaha: I bow to Her, the one who is the bearer of the burden of the earth, the one who protects and showers her grace and blessings over her loved ones.

Om Kamalaayai namaha: I bow to Her, The lotus eyed Goddess who has a lotus liked face and graceful arms and feet. She is the essence of energy just as nectar is the essence of the lotus.

Om Kaantaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the consort of Lord Vishnu, the light of the universe.

Om Kaamaakshyai namaha: I bow to Her, the Goddess with beautiful eyes who is radiant with love and compassion and dazzles the world with her knowledge and wisdom of the absolute reality.

Om Srirodhasambhavaayai Namaha

Om Anugrahapradaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the great one who grants wishes to her devotees, the ever-benevolent Goddess who blesses us with all kinds of comforts.

Om Bhudhaye namaha: I bow to Her, the self luminous who dispels all ignorance.

Om Anaghaayai namah: I bow to Her, who is pure consciousness, untainted and divine. Meditating over her forms converts every sin into a virtue.

Om Harivallabhaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is the consort of Lord Hari, and as his beloved she takes various forms when he manifests himself as a man.

Om Ashokaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is armed and ready to vanquish all evil and dispel all sorrow.

Om Amruthaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the keeper of the sacred nectar who brings bliss to all her devotees.

Om Deeptaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the ever radiant who overwhelms the mind of her beloved, she is resplendent in all her jewellery, exuding charm and sacred power.

Om Lokasoka Vinaashinyai namaha: I bow to Her, who removes the agony of all with her grace.

Om Dharmanilayaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who has established eternal law, the great ever-forgiving Goddess Lakshmi

Om Karunaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is compassionate, she is the mother of the universe, the ocean of compassion and love. She is the embodiment of peace, praised by the Gods and giver of eternal wealth.

Om Lokamatre namaha: I bow to Her, the universal power who has no end, the one who is respected and adored by all.

Om Padmapriyayai namaha: I bow to Her, the lover of the lotus, she is seated on a lotus seat that emerges from the ocean of milk, who is fond of flowers and wears a garland of lotus flowers.

Om Padmahastaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the one who holds a dazzling lotus in her hand, the very same hands that are so soft and gentle like the lotus petals.

Om Padmakshyai namaha: I bow to Her, the lotus eyes who is so full of divine love and gentleness. She is the source of bliss and limitless happiness, the ever kind and compassionate.

Om Padmasundaryai namaha: I bow to Her, who is as beautiful as the lotus flower, her form is as slender as the lotus stem and she is as sweet as the nectar within the flower.

Om Padmodbhavaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the One who rises out of the milky ocean seated on her lotus seat, being praised by all the Gods alike

Om Padmamukyai namaha: I bow to Her, the lotus faced who speaks sweet words of wisdom.

Om Padmanaabhapriyaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the beloved of Lord Vishnu Padmanabha, she who is consciousness itself, she is a part of him.

Om Ramaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the protectress who walks the three worlds and saves her devotees and showers her blessings and grace on them.

Om Padmamaaladharaayai namaha: I bow to Her, the lover of flowers who is decked in a garland of beautiful lotus flowers.

Om Devyai namaha: I bow to Her, the deity who defines pure consciousness.

Om Padminyai namaha: I bow to Her, the beloved daughter of the Ocean of Milk from whose depths she rises on her lotus seat.

Om Padmagandhinyai namaha: I bow to Her, who has the fragrance of the lotus when she emerges from it, when it blooms in all its tenderness

Om Punyagandhaayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is enveloped in divine perfume and covers the universe with her all pervading divine fragrance

Om Suprasannayai namaha: I bow to Her, who is the embodiment of cheerfulness and is ever beaming in divine light, radiant in her splendor. She is full of charm, gracefulness, ever smiling, compassion and love. She is the all powerful and infinite in her presence.

Om Prasaadaabhimukhyai namaha: I bow to Her, who emerges to grant boons and fulfill desires and blesses all her devotees.

To be continued...

Photo courtesy: Pieter Weltevrede > Sanatansociety.com


P.N. Subramanian said...

Om Vidhyayai Namaha. Kindly accept my salutations.

JC said...

In simple terms, 'Hindus' generally conveyed any physical form basically to consist of the internal spirit (real being, Vishnu the unborn and unending) and the temporary external material body (Lakshami, the unstable one)...However, sometimes the unique spirit (Shiva the immortal) responsible for the ever changing 'Nature' was also addressed as Mahalakshami or just Lakshami...

Madhan Mohan said...

All that I have to say is that Kavithaji's writing is extremely inspiring. I am and will always be her biggest fan. Thank you for bestowing the light of Knowledge.

Kavitha said...

@P.N.Subramanian, thank you for visiting the blog sir.

@Madhan Mohan, Thank you :) Very touched indeed.

@Joshi uncle, why is Lakshmi referred to as the unstable one?

JC said...

"Lakshami chanchalam asti"...

'Absolute Truth', or the one and only real being, 'Shiva' (the word derived, to address the unborn and unending, as opposite of 'visha' or 'poison' considered generally responsible for mortality in ordinary, temporary and thus imperfect material images of Shiva, that lay between zero and infinity) was realised related to zero time and space,,,while the apparent ever changing external physical forms, Lakshami, were realised resulted due to illusion, or 'maya'...

YOSEE said...

Hi. Regarding why Lakshmi is said to be "Unstable", here's an offbeat reasoning , as heard from my grandma.
Lakshmi is never what we think her to be and hence termed Chanchala by deluded people, whereas, she is what she always was/is, its only the fault of the perciever that s/he imagines Her variously. Ordinary people generally start off by thinking of her as Wealth ( of all kinds). And progressing in life, they come to the realisation that wealth is not everything, Lakshmi is Happiness , Auspiciousness or Contentment. She is not That, She is This.Changed. Progressing further, they realise Lakshmi is not that either(as all those are relative states only) but Knowledge . So again, Lakshmi is not That but This, She has changed again ! Finally, they MAY realise she is Brahman, beyond everything, infact Everything. Changed.
Perceptions change, She does not.Our Buddhi is chanchala, not Lakshmi !
I like this explanation best of all and hence sharing with you.

JC said...

The problem is that a human form apparently has five basic physical senses that are naturally activated to a limited extent in each being that help in accumulation of knowledge during one life span. While the 'sixth sense' generally remains dormant and needs activation of the 'Ajna Chakra' through regular exercises. Thus, at any given point in time, one generally tries to perceive through limited physical senses and express in words, which too have limitations based on Yuga and person concerned. And, as it is known that a realisation cannot be expressed in words the One who is formless, being related with time and space zero and hence beyond the 'time' as we reckon it based on physical forms and senses...

JC said...

"Unstable" nature of the material world (Lakshami) could perhaps also be understood in simple words from the essence, "Old order changes/ Yielding place to new."

JC said...

In Hindu mythological stories, the gods related with creation, sustenance and destruction, (for transformation), indicated are Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Shiva) respectively...Similarly, as their respective consorts (energies), names generally given are Saraswati, Lakshami, and and 'shakti', ie, Sati, or sometimes Kali, as the one who resides in the heart of Shiva (could be visualised as centre of earth where gravity, responsible for the particular physical form, is concentrated),,, and considered as a single entity, sometimes the formless energy is depicted as Mahasaraswati, or Mahalakshami, or Mahakali...

Anonymous said...

what can i say! your blog is just amazing, god bless you for your blissful thoughts
Regards from

Eswar said...

Nice, Jai Lakshmi

Ahstalakshmi stotram