Lord Shiva Mrityunjaya, I silently pray

Today, I have silence in my mind, few words but larger emotions. There is anger within me and there is fear. What would I have done if i was there? It scares me to even think of it, leave alone experience it.

The heart beats on even faster in this eerie silence, I do not know what to say but I feel that fear. where is the world going and this was so close to home! Such massacre, bloodshed and fear reigning around here.

Fear, comes in different forms, when we are imperfect and wish to hide our actions from the world or when its just something we cannot face as a circumstance. Fear makes us remember the Lord a lot lot more and brings us down to our mere humility praying that the Lord's grace will shine bright on us for that moment when the mind is completely engulfed with this feeling as it eats into every cell reducing us to not function half as well.

Fear strikes when the unfamiliar world knocks at our doorstep challenging us to face it with presence of mind and practicality. It checks how much we can hold on before we crack up and break down into misery and suffering. Fear is an emotion that is induced from the external world and that really decides whether we will make it through it or not.

The only way out from fear is prayer, deep prayer, which makes the mind and heart break down into a pool of tears. Prayer that the Lord will listen to and descend upon us to protect us from the impending misery. Thats when the prayer or the mantra comes gushing out from the depths of the heart.

And when death gapes at one straight, I don't know how I would react. I cannot theorize and I cannot comprehend that fear. Yes Lord Shiva left us with a profound piece of sacred syllables, that kill any fear within the heart. At that time, maybe one just has to think only about the 3 eyed Lord, who makes life look like a fragrance so beautiful, that we should enjoy while we live it, and as the moment of death approaches, this mantra give strength, courage so strong that one is probably ready to face the unfamiliar.

If life is lived for the moment, to the fullest, then death is no fear when it comes. Maybe its this craving to live that makes us want to not face death when it comes. Its the most unfamiliar territory, the most painful probably and the one with maximum transition such that one leaves everything behind. This is easier said than done.

Clinging to the Lord for dear life may help, clinging to the sacred syllables for dear strength may help, clinging to Lord Shiva and facing fate may help.

Mrityunjaya RUdraya Neelakanthaya Sambhave|
Amriteshaya Sarvaya Mahadevayadhe Namaha||

To the Lord Mrityunjaya,the victorious over death, to Rudra, To Neelakantha the blue throated, you make it possible to turn my life into a elixir of experiences,into life giving wisdom that immortalizes my being while I live on, to the same Lord Mahadeva I bow and pray humbly as He raises his hand and blesses me in Abhaya.

I am granted this life, to worship him, and immortalize my experience as I grow and become stronger and fearless in my worship.

Today I cried, I cried out all my fears, some in silence and some aloud. I cried, because it shook me, my life, and the news on TV. I didnt know anyone of them, but I couldnt stop crying.


YOSEE said...

Beliefs are shaken - yet again. All the vedanthas and siddhantas we learnt, do they mean anything beyond intellectual gymnastics ? Thinking of this thing called Karma . And brahma-lipi. Its very hard to swallow that 185 people were scripted to meet akaala-mrithyu at the same hour.Harder yet to comprehend that some people aim to attain sadgathi or Jannat by snuffing out other lives. Did god create man or did man create god ? Are prayers just placebos ?

JC said...

Every normal human being comes to learn that all animal forms are destined to disappear from this planet earth (mrityulok) one day, leaving behind the dust/ ashes loaned to it by Mother Earth for a certain unknown duration only... And yet it also is a part of 'Truth' that one fears 'death' believably mainly due to lack of knowledge of the Absolute Truth, the unique formless creator - as indicated by the wise ancients...

It is thus because of the fear of the unknown, due to the aspect of the apparent mystery in human life, and because of the unknown purpose of the so-called drama that is apparently eternal that 'we', in Kaliyuga, aren't able to reach the level our 'highly advanced' ancients apparently did in Satyuga, or even in Dwaperyuga and Tretayuga, relatively speaking, because of the believable grand design that links man with 'Nature' as a model of the universe or 'image of God' - eternally...

Prayers were thus addressed to the unseen for the benefit of the 'common man', while the 'seekers' were advised to dive deeper - like those who fish out oysters in search of precious pearls from deep seas...

Kavitha said...

This is Kali yuga, and it has just started.

Nature of the times:

1) lower belief in supreme forces
2) anarchy among people
3) general confusion and a questioning attitude without the intelligence to comprehend
4) unreasonable violence
5) divisions in the name of community and religion
6) heightened materialism
7) no goodwill
8) mass ignorance

it can go one...

maybe... the Gods are silently watching. Maybe this was all meant to happen, maybe there is more coming and we dont even know where its going to hit from.

I suppose we have to start preparing to see if we make it to the next Noah's arc.

JC said...

Kavitha, Kaliyuga, a Dark Era of 4,32,000 years, is believed to repeat over 1000 times during one day, of over 4 billion years, in the unending life of Brahma! And so also other Yugas, ie, satyuga, tretayuga dn dwaperyuga, each of different durations...The Vedantis reached the conclusion about existence of one and only supreme being and His innumerable images that appear as physical forms...

Each component of the formless is believed to die over 8.4 million times before appearing in human form for the first time...and it is only in this form that one can realise the Absolute Truth...

Anonymous said...

dear writer, i join you in your prayer. you put to words that i feel in my mind - fear, helplessness, hope, tears and faith.

JC said...

Fear is perhaps the strongest instinct. The day the incident took place 'I' happened to also be present in Mumbai. As the news first flashed on the Tv, it was indicated as some sort of gang war, which is a bit common in the financial capital of the country...Like all selfish humans, 'I' was glad that 'my daughter' was back home by 9:30 PM where 'I' am also residing these days. And then all of us together watched the live show of the bizarre incident for long. We marvelled how even a small number of extremists even can take the whole country to ransom! And, history reminds us how in the 'past' also small armies of 'foreign' origin arrived in 'India' from time to time and ruled over us, for centuries! And that Hindus believed that to be the truth that didn't change with time...

Kavitha said...

Those who were not there would have thanked their stars, and those who lost someone have their lives changed for ever.

Yet there is this eerie feeling that this is too close and too brutal.

One has to be inhuman to do something like this.

Oh Lord Shiva, help our people.

Gr8warrior said...

Dear Respected Kavita ji,

At 66,I had dry eyes having seen lots of Death, violent in various forms but reading your writing I am unble to type as my eyes are wet, with recall of the memory of persons whom we all Bharatvasi, I lost last week.

U explained like an arrow that pierced the heart of the matter.

Pls become Durga
Thank you

Gr8warrior said...

Dear Respected Kavita ji,

At 66,I had dry eyes having seen lots of Death, violent in various forms but reading your writing I am unble to type as my eyes are wet, with recall of the memory of persons whom we all Bharatvasi, I lost last week.

U explained like an arrow that pierced the heart of the matter.

Pls become Durga
Thank you

Kavitha said...

Dear Sir (gr8warrior)

I am speechless...

JC said...

Kavitha, 'We' know it but are still unable to believe that Durga the eight-handed goddess, or the unique infinite energy distributed in eight 'chakras' - for creating heirarchy/ disparity among innumerabled animal/ physical forms - resides within each form! And, only rare personalities in human form get to realise it...believably as part of a grand design beyond human comprehension because Creagtor's purpose in the drama is never made known.

It is however known that time is a big healer - thanks to human being's characteristic property to thankfully forget the pains undergone in the 'past' in one's short life span, which however on the other hand keepws one away from the 'Absolute Truth' - immortality of soul.

Rodrigo Ferreira said...

Neat words, Kavitha. Thank you. It is not easy to express ourselves about fear and rage with in such tender way, like you did. In my view, this is lord shiva's dance, showing what is possible, even with fear.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kavitha didi,
Pranams ~

Thank you your beautiful blog and deep reflections.

Here are some things we can do to help those who left their body over the amavasya period in Mumbai:

1) encourage each other and remind each other that "No one can kill the immortal soul. The soul is not slain when the body is slain. The soul cannot be moistened by water or withered by the wind." [BG].

2) encourage and remind each other: there are many dimensions in this universe. On the astral plane, are many helper angels and devas who are nurses and doctors. They receive the souls on the other side, tend to them, help them to become reoriented what's happen to them.

One Param Guru Shivaya Subrahmuniya Swami said that especially doctors and nurses who are pious, but have some small residual karmas to resolve, they easily fit into this role.

I feel comforted to think that there are many astral doctors and nurses on the other side, ready and willing and able and expert to assist when some souls make the transition from this world unexpectedly.

3) encourage and remind each other that Shiva takes nine steps towards us for every one step we take towards our Istha Devata.

Kavitha didi, I have firm faith that in the event some unexpected thing happen to you, I am sure that Shiva do everything in His power to give you only blissful experience.

In the Western literature, is one story called 'The Little Matchgirl" by Hans Christian Andersen. A little beggar girl froze to death, externally looked like that. But from inside of her eyes and mind and heart, from her point of view, Shiva show her many many beautiful and incredible visions during her transition.

I believe is true. I have had many experience like this. When I had very bad time in my life, multiple duress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, I kept up all of my sadhanas and even increase them.

Then Shiv-Shakti really reciprocate with me. I could see and hear my Istha-Devatas sing, laugh, dance, and even decorate each other with garlands. All internally of course. So I have had that experience.

Also I had the experience of being a medium and a sensitive. Many times people who has recently died or just about to die contact me and give me message for the living.

One message I received was from a man whose material body perished when a deranged gunman enter into an office and kill several people. One the people who passed asked me to tell his friend that he is okay, do not cry for him, he did not suffer when he died, and on the other side he sees only light and feels only Love. So do not grieve.

And when I convey this message, the friend still living said, "Omigod, is exact same message my friend has been giving every night in dream to his wife also!!! It must really be true!"

4) When people leave their body in a mass tragedy, we can do pujas for them or mental offerings. In Tibet one easy way to do mental offering is we picture many forms of Istha Devata above the suffering people,

then we picture streams of golden light flowing from Abhaya Mudra of the Istha Devatas onto the people, till you can visualize and feel they are all healed and they say, "Thank you, Thank you!" internally to you.

In this very life we can practice to be healing angels.

Sorry this is a bit long, and hope also I did not say anything wrong or offend anyone. We who have been so fortunate to most of our life inbue ourselves with spiritual sadhanas we can practice these for the benefit of others.

Tibetans believe it helps to develop selflessness and non-grasping and non-cherishing of the self. Is very nice to practice lietlong to do this until this becomes our first impulse in any challenging situation.

Then, if by our prarabdha karmas we are in challenging situation, the more we practice, the more it will become natural first impulse: like a fire drill or airline safety drill becomes automatic.

Thank you once again didi, your beautiful website. This is very good website we can develop nice samskaras, nice vasanas, nice vrittis. Thanks once again and by our tears we develop more and more compassion and bodhicitta.

We pray for others to have peace, to have healing, then when they becme healed they are grateful to us and pray for us also. In Tibet this practice is called Tonglen: giving and receiving.

Even if we are just anonymous angels, they can perceive many many angels uplift them and their heart flows out with gratitude.

Also, one last communication I receive any time my relatives pass on is: those who pass on can hear Aum Namah Shivaya or any sacred sound vibrations. The message I received was: when we sing, chant, or even play on CD some mantras, all of the heavenly angels and devas of Devaloka sing with us.

Then those who are in the bardos stage [Tibetan = transistion stage between life and death, this life and next life, this life and liberation] they can HEAR THIS BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.

Is so calming and relaxing to them. Is "The music of the spheres" and "The peace which passeth all human understanding."

Well I hope this inspire you a little bit. Even if is not true [I know is difficult to prove these things] is something pro-active we can do.

We who have been fortunate to learn so many spiritual things get a chance to implement it when others suffer. And who knows, perhaps in past lifetimes others prayed for us. I am sure my ancestors praying for me and constantly watching over me from Pitrloka or beyond.

Well peace everybody. Aum Shanthi, Shanthi Aum. Peace to all living beings and throughout all of the three worlds, throughout all of the universes and galaxies and in our our countries and all the places on Earth where people are suffering.

Narada Muni and saintly people go even to hellish planets to liberate others, so wherever there is sadness, "Let me be an instrument of Thy peace."

Aum Shanthi Shanthi Aum
Shri Anon

JC said...

"Hari anant, Hari katha Ananta..." is the basic communication about the one and only Formless, the Supreme Being passed on through innumerable generations in 'India' that is the globe...but retained in the condensed form in the 'present day India'...Thus one is supposed to reach the Creator, the 'Absolute Truth' in one's own way...just as North Pole could be reached from any point on the Equator at any time...

Aum namah Shivaya...

JC said...

'I' am to add that life is realised as symbolic representation of the one and only supreme being, who is related with zero time and space. The creation and destruction both are related with real time zero. Thus with the present day's apparent advancement in technology and cameras suggests human life to be like reel-life, make believe only wherein the Creator is apparently reviewing its history for some purpose since time immemorial, perhaps again and again...for purpose known to itself only, which isn't ever revealed even to the wisest of the
wise...and therefore surrender in the Supreme Being was advised by remaining unmoved by the external world and its chaotic status apparent thanks to Time...

Perhaps, the best way to achieve it is to attempt reaching eventually zero, or minimum thoughts to begin with for some time every day - called 'meditation'...

Anonymous said...

Pranams ~

The mother of the Pandavas prayed:

"I wish that all these calamities would happen again and again, so we could you You again and again, for by seeing You means we will no longer see repeated birth and death."

padam padam yad vipadam

we remember Your feet in this
world full of danger

vipadah = calamities or dangers remind us of our tutelary Deity

apunar bhava darshanam

no repeated birth and death

vipadah santu tah sasvat

let all these calamities happen again and again

and her Istha Devata reply:

kaunteya patijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati

you may declare to the world that My devotee never perishes

and as easily as cross over a puddle of water in hoofprint of a calf, we can cross over the ocean of samsara


Another Tibetan practice is Phowa or transfer of consciousness.

If we see, read about, perceive, that some living entity is in distress, especially at the time of death, if our consciousness steady and strong in meditating upon our Istha Devata, from lifetime(s) of practice,

then we call upon our Istha Devata to help that/ those living being(s) to fix their mind also upon their Istha Devata and attain peace. Perhaps their mind was too distressed or disoriented at the time.

At the time of transition a person is not limited by the tattvas of earth, fire, water, air and is existing in the more subtle elements of mind and the subtle body [the various sariras and koshas].

Thus we can communicate with and assist others, mind to mind and heart to heart, and help them to attain peace.


The mystic Chaitanya also left some poetry, "Glory be unto the the Holy Names...which can bestow all benediction upon living beings.

"You have hundreds and millions of Names and in those Names are invested all of Your transcendental powers."

I'm sure some of those powers of the innumerable Holy Names must be some very good healing energy!

In recent scientific studies, doctors had some cancer patients prayed for by others, without their even knowing about it. And the cancer patients who were prayed for had better outcomes than the ones no one prayed for them.


Thus, if others may be fearful at time of death, in chaotic situation, then we can help them by pray for them, pray for their loved ones left behind,

and visualize our Istha Devata in abhaya mudra of "Fear Not!" streaming down benediction moon rays of peace Aum Shanthi.

We can pray for those in the past and present who have died in wars, abandoned, afraid, or in fear. We can also pray for those who died without friends or relatives to do any last rites for them.

We can help them transfer their consciousness from fear to peace
visualising the abhaya mudra from Shiva over our entire planet: the energy flowing from outpourings of the highest chakras.

Aum Shanthi Shanthi Aum
Aum Namah Shivaya

JC said...

Shri Anon, The ancient 'Hindus' realised heirarchy among souls, reflected in appearance and also heirarchy among each and every physical form of the same kind. The elevation of each soul could be visualised with the help of a pyramid even, as it has only one peak at the highest level, and has four faces and four corner points that define its large base, which could help imagine four hands each of Vishnu (Nadbindu or a point source of energy at the beginning of evolution) and evolved Shiva (earth, having its axis tilted with reference to sun, such that SW direction could be imagined as one of Shiva's right side hand, and NE as the left hand side)...

The basic purpose of worship of a superior soul such as Vishnu/ Shiva is to remind one, ie., an inferior soul, its purpose in life, that is, to achieve the immortal...and also help others do it - like a boatman helps many to cross a river/ sea from one destination to another...

Anonymous said...

Joshi Uncle,

That's awesome!

[different topic]

[sorry I have alot of questions after the comment below]

I really like your new pursuits what you are into these days [from previous blog entry]. One Param Guru said that after this life, souls who no longer need to have physical body still wish to do helping work...

...those souls then do a type of work telepathically...they work in councils together and when prayers come up to the Devaloka, Ganesh scans the person's karmas and then the helpers [Ganas?] telepatically do work to benefit that soul.

[Ganas - categories. Different kinds of helpers for different categories of situations].

It sounds similar to what you are doing now!

He said that when we no longer have physical body, we can get alot more work done, because we don't need to stop to eat or sleep or go shopping or exercise, etc.

I don't know if it is true or not, but appropos to your comment,
"There are all sorts of different souls", I am really noticing that nowadays more and more.


Like for example in a newstand magazine, there may be all sorts of articles about people in the mode of ignorance [tamas guna] and mode of passion [rajas guna], and some striving to do a few mode of goodness things [sattvic] now and then.

But when they try, they trumpet it and herald it like a mode of passion person would do! Funny.

Then usually has one page about some really incredibly selfless person, so selfless I could never be like that. They are dedicating their life to doing charitable work "under the radar" of fanfare, accolades, money, prestige, fame.

So kind of makes sense when those people transition, they might be so used to working selflessly virtually nonstop that they might enjoy to keep on doing that.

Only their work environment becomes even easier, i.e. they don't have to worry about fund-raising, they are working with like-minded people as a team, thus getting even more done. Working on a vast scale as helpers to the devas and Lord of Categories.


I think is very nice what you are doing. I hope you will do alot of
gem healings for this earth planet!

Does it work primarily with individuals? or with communities also? or whole planets?!!! [in your opinion].


Like for example, recently there is a new leader in certain part of the world. And is kind of coincidence (?) maybe, maybe not, but as soon as the new leader was elected, then a very long-standing
drought ended! [Well, in his community of origin anyway...]

So maybe is only coincidence, but sure seemed like even Mother Earth was rejoicing! At least in the area of the world where that leader is from, any child born in that part of the world is called [translated from the native people's language] "child-of-the land".

The indigenous people see more we are all connect to the earth even than to human parents.


Also I like to ask you, in your opinion, since you have been alive, do you think Kali Yuga is really escalating?

For example, I think some things nowadays are so shocking. And supposedly I am from generation that shocked our parents. But even I am shocked some the things in this world now.

Has it always been like this?


And also, the amount of pollution ever increasing is frightening to me. So much mercury and pollutants in the food chain, escalating at an unbelievable rate.

It seems like more and more miseries in the Kali Yuga.
More and more diseases, more allergies, more disorders.

Or do you think: always there have been these problems, but people are learning more, talking more, so now we are just more aware?

Or do you think is more like we rid ourselves of one type of problem then up pops several new types of problem?


Also another thing: it seems like there are a few intelligent people and they already know how to solve so many the problems we have. The technology is there, even the ideas are working and already in place in other parts of the world.

So is it just a symptom of Kali Yuga that even there is a way to solve the problems, there is so much greed someplaces that is almost impossible just do the common sense things?

Or this relate also to your pyramid idea, of many types of human beings> some sattvic people or society have (a) good idea(s), they can easily implement, everyone just adopt the idea?

But the same idea you try to implement elsewhere, so much resistance.

One person said different societies have a different astrological chart, would you say that is part of the problem? Some societies like are little babies, or teenagers, immature, only thinking of immediate gain, other societies more sattvic?

Is it also part of the karmas of certain regions of the world, collective karmas?

Also, another thing I notice: so much money is given to bad people. Why is this? Is it the Personality of Kali Personified is giving them the funds?

For example, the other day I saw a magazine, looked very expensive to produce, all about is very good to mistreat your child and raise your child like how you raise a pitbull [fighting] dog.

And I thought, what kind of Devil is in charge of the world, that that person gets enough money to preach such a hellish message? And in same city, some nice person is struggling looking in the garbage cans for food.

Anyway I understand the theory, that the nice person is becoming convince this world is not their home, they are learning to live simply, minimize their needs.

But has it always been like this?
or getting worse?

Thanks for your insights.

Aum Namah Shivaya

JC said...

With a view to traveling to the remote times, 'my' attention is attracted by the accepted fact today that life evolved in the saline water of the sea, which is not potable in so far as the most evolved life, ie., humans, are concerned - besides air, of course, it is mainly dependent on rainwater that gets naturally generated annually thanks to the 'panchtatvas'...With the background knowledge of Hindu thoughts, 'I' can therefore imagine how the oldest life form, the bacterium, would have first evolved into 'fish' or 'magarmachha', the crocodile (refer 'gaja & graha' story related with Vishnu)...to eventually evolve to birds (the most evolved being, the Eagle, that rule the sky as the 'vehicle of Vishnu'), and human form...

One could thus perhaps see in the reported 'militant attack' a reflection of the original drama drama of evolution: of marine life struggling to evolve and capture the land via the sea route...

JC said...

The Gita, that conveys the realisation of advanced Hindus, suggests one to remin 'stithapragya' that is unmoved under all circumstances, in order to be able to reach the 'Absolute Truth' the formless Creator, which is indicated as the main purpose of human life, and also to realise the component of the Formless within each human form too at any time...

JC said...

Shri Anon, 'I' read your comments/ questions only now in details. 'I' will try to reply to those in detail later...

The example of pyramid, the typical shape found in Egypt for preserving dead bodies, or souls, of thge Pharaohs in the 'advanced west' at a certain stage, is seen used as Vimanas in temples in 'India' that was Mahabharat or the globe and is continued to be used since time immemorial for the benefit of souls within 'live' humans instead...The Hindus (word derived from Indu the moon) thus indicates direction North as the one that reflected the most evolved state - giving opportunity to individuals to realise God the formless being that alone is 'all knowing' while all other souls within 'animal forms', headed by humans at all times from satyuga to kalliyuga, lack overall knowledge. However, as part of the design, a literate, anywhere on the globe, gets a feeling of not needing any more to know (as in the present, when even a 16-year-old, like a parrot, says 'he/ she' doesn't believe in GOD!), although it's very well known that a lot more needs to be known about the mysterious world/ universe...and gthus one also overlooks the statement of famous scientists, like Stephen Hawking, when some of those now admit they need to enter the mind of God...

Good and bad are relative terms used by ignorant men on account of lack of overall knowledge by those who appear to be at the helms of worldly affairs...and the Hindus believed that Absolute Truth remains unknown unless one had the desired mental inclination...Sant Tulsidas in the 16th century said that one sees God in the form according to one's own belief. In general terms it was said that God can appear in any form. And, even today one finds almost everything, from mouse to mountain, is worshipped ritually since long - maybe 'blindly' though due to time...

Although 'I' haven't yet perfected it, 'I' have observed 'good' or 'bad' effects on persons irrespective of their locations...the research is continued basically to prove to myself the concept of 'Maya' that is illusion...

JC said...

The ancient wise categorised actions and related those with the functions of some heavenly bodies too for man was realised as a model of the universe, using our perfectly evolved solar system as its essence.

Tamas means darkness, therefore tamasic actions are related with planets that don't have energy of their own and depend on the sun (which in present days is believed only as the sole supplier of energy) and centre of our galaxy for that.

Rajasic actions are those that flow from the sun, say, as the believable ruler of the planetary system.

Sattvic actions are related with 'sat' the essencial energy, or 'absolute truth' the unique supreme being who alone is all knowing and therefore the most important person...

The human form, in the apparent life, or illusory world, is thus believed as represented by the baseathat has four sides...

In the pyramid, as a symbolic representation, the base attached to earth, has four sides and four corner points, representing the eight cardinal directions, all at the same elevation or level...And it is the traingular faces that involve different elevations also, such that only the apex, at the top and in the middle of the base, represents the unique point, the formless Shiva/ Vishnu who overlooks the entire pyramid from the top most level...and as we come down, to different levels could be imagined to represent passage of time also, we find smaller pyramids with their bases that grow in area...thus one big pyramid could be visualised to contain within it innumerable pyramids that could help visualise the relative elevations of souls at different stages of evolution as one moves towards the unique point at the apex from the base that represents Kaliyuga...

Thus it is the traiangular face that could help reflect all three types of actions related with concerned planets ('grahas' or members of the solar system)...the three sides, R, S, & T, could be imagined to represent the three actions, Rajasic, Sattvic and Tamasic respectively. Thus a point within the triangle could help symbolically represent an individual and his/ her distances from all three sides to define his/ her tendencies to perform predominantly some R/ S/ T actions...in any of the four spatial locations, N/ E/ W/ S...

JC said...

Shri Anon, 'I' would like to add here how the Hindus laid stress on viewing 'inwards' and not 'outwards' to reach the Truth or Shiva the Formless (Satya as in "Satyam Shivam Sunderam") represented by EARTH!

The communication in 'Nature' was realised as symbolic. Pyramid shape, with its unique point, the apex, could be considered as ooutward symbol of earth itself with the apex representing the centre of the earth. As 'we' move down from the apex, the size of the pyramid increases, just as when 'we' move outwards from the centre of the earth the size of the sphere becomes bigger till one reaches the extreme end or the surface of earth upon which stands the pyramid...