Realm of the supreme, a step closer.

The ancient occult sciences refer to yantra and mantra as a method used to connect with the divine in a realm of orthodoxy, and purity if one can follow it. It may not always be easy to understand the root character of a deity through a geometrical pattern.

How does one accept or understand the meaning of a deity and his/her captured character within a few lines of geometry with syllables scattered around?

How does one attempt to feel their presence in a set of complicated lines that fail to keep our intrigue though they are permanent residents of our puja room?

How does one go to explain the existence of the inanimate, who can only be felt within the mind and are not for everyone's curious idle entertainment?

Is framing this potent nature of the deity into a frame and lighting a lamp really enough?

How would you react if I said, he/she lives there within that metal, a breathing living entity whom you need to realize, is waiting to be a part of your life every day, but maybe you are not making him/her part of your life?

How would you react if I stated from the Thirumantiram, that you are meditating without knowing so...having been given a life, you are a jiva, and since you breath, you utter the sacred syllables with every breath, that which is a rhythm in ajapa (not vocally).

Would it change your outlook if you were made aware that with every breath you meditate on, is Sa while inhaling and Hom on exhaling in a constant rhythm of Sahom, or Hamsa.

Would it bring wonder to you that SaHom means "I am he" or "I am Siva" and Hamsa means swan. That unconsciously you are in constant meditation and if you made a conscious effort you would be well past that in your spiritual career?

Does it tickle your curiosity if I had to give you a very tiny example on how to identify this character or essence of the divine in a very simple way?

Look at the image below and try to identify it. As a hint read clock wise. Read the letters drawn on the outside and then read the letters drawn within the 3 petaled lotus.
When you realize that the outer set of letter inscribed are Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya you would come to realize that the letters in the inner petals are Ka Vi Tha. This is a possible yantra that describes the nature and character of a person, more human, so you can connect with as well as represented in a geometric form more commonly known as yantras.

Yet, there is familiarity, there is a connection with someone human, whose character has been drawn, depicting their nature which to your knowledge is that of a blogger intrigued by the depth of Lord Shiva's realm. You identify with this character, you know she exists, you know this is probably the most perfect inanimate description of her vibrant nature.

Similarly, when you go back to your Puja room, and stare again at the yantra of the deities within the frames of your puja room, wouldn't they be living entities who had just been reduced to metal in your ignorance? Or would they be living there, waiting for your attention, your time and your mind space to be noticed?

And now that you have identified their presence as living entities, just neglected by your mind till now, how do you make the first step to communicate with them? Mantra. You talk to them in a language they know best. The associated mantra of the deity who resides within your puja room chamber. It could be as simple as Om Na Ma shi Va Ya or Om Na Mo Na Ra Ya Na Ya or any other depending on who you prefer.

How about extending the warmth, give them food maybe... and a conversation in song? Flowers, fruit, dates, and agarbatti with a lamp lit. An offering to them to fecilitate this relationship. With a drop of water, this is an offering in their language, "Neyvediam samarpayami" to tell them you care, you love them, you want to know them better.

And then the song, in mantra, not many, just one or two which you can repeat in a certain pattern, for a few minutes with bhakti for them to be pleased, for them to know your attention and mind space is with them. End the conversation with the Arti, showing them the flame of your life, inscribing the letter Om in the air and then circulating it clockwise around the form of the deity. This divine conversation has ended.

Its simple, really. Just switch off the world from your mind and your cell phone for a little while and divinity is in every breath you roll out. And then You and Divinity are one, nothing else exists.


Dr.Anil Joshi said...

Kavitha,The post reminds me of a Kabir Doha...
Jaise til me tel hai,Jyo chakmak mein aag,tera saai tuzme hai,tu jaag sake to jaag!
Roughly translated in English...It says Like the oil seed contain oil..the flint stone fire...You have the divine in you...wake up if you can!!

kavitha said...

Very beautifully put. There is such poetry in Kabir's dohas. They are so simple and complete eye openers.

I hope time will make all of us wake up. Sooner the better.