The voice of a billion people

An atheist decided to blow up a bridge, a bridge that holds the belief of one billion voices. A bridge that stands as a legacy to the most ancient mythology in this world. If we don't voice our belief now when will we?

An insensitive man claimed that Valmiki said Lord Ram was a drunkard. Yes, Valmiki was living next door when he said it. One billion hearts took a beating that day; one billion people were angered. Isn't it time to shout back?

The Sethu Samudram belongs to a billion voices of India and not to the current ruling government. Governments will come and go, but the reverberating sound of a billion voices will continue to ring in the y"ears" of history.

A construction company claims that they are doing good by "rebuilding" an ancient temple at Omkareshwar along the Narmada, without adequate historical or architectural research. It is a temple that carries one of the most ancient Jyothir Lingas. If we don’t protect out legacy now when will we?

Our culture is at stake; an ancient world is almost forgotten giving way to new world culture at the cost of questioning centuries of belief and destroying what ever little we have for economic gain which we can live without. If we don’t realize that now when will we?

A masjid was broken down mercilessly. Babur's only surviving legacy to this country's ancient heritage was pulled down. If we don't save what is left of our history now when will we?

This is an age that sees no rule to dharma, no rule to goodness, no rule to goodwill and no rule of ahimsa. If we don't check our values now when will we?

Today the ancient bridge built by Lord Ram is questioned for its worth, because they don't see money in our heritage. Tomorrow they may want to break down a standing temple claiming real estate. If we don’t save our identity who will?

Do we need the west to sell Yoga back to us?
Do we need the west to teach us the value of turmeric?
Do we need the west to save our heritage by proclaiming them world heritage sites?

Who are we then? What are we then? What is our identity?

Isn't it crazy that an IT park is on the list of places to show when a white man shows up here to experience the legacy called India.

As Rabindranath Tagore said:

Where the mind is without fear and the head held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit(or materialism);
Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action;
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


JC Joshi said...

‘I’ know today from experience
With the pressing of a button
Say by a lunatic
Thought given to him by GOD
If it be His will
To start afresh the ‘drama’
A weapon can be launched
But not recalled
And thus destroy millions

A washing machine can start Churning merrily
By a relatively sane person
And one needs only
To press the button again
To stop it in hte middle
If you so desire
But the garments would remain dirty
And your problem isn’t solved
Your purpose isn’t served

'I' also know
When there was no electricity
You still cleaned your clothes
Manually though
Using your own God given energy

And you still managed to live
Even when you hadn’t learnt
To make cloth
Using naturally available plants
The leafs to start with
Till you learnt
To make cotton cloth
And synthetic cloth later

Or from inferior animal life
Such as tiger skin used by Shiva
The most evolved among human beings
Lord and master of the entire world

The animal skins had also evolved
Into shining leather clothings
Of still inferior animals
For various purposes
By lesser among men

Thus the saying today

The ancients thus believed
ALMIGHTY alone to be right!

prema said...

Dear Kavitha
I hope more people join and make your voice heard.what you have written is the crying need of the times but inspite of all the materialism, it is not easy to make us lose our identity. I see time and again something encouraging to offset the very real threat to our culture and heritage.

JC Joshi said...

Yes, Premaji, that’s what experience has shown, that is, whenever there is deterioration in the so-called ‘dharma’ (ref The Gita), there are occurrences that help in enhanced faith in the supreme force/ knowledge in the 'believers', by whatever name you prefer to call it…

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Had it not been for the apparent development of satellite imagery in the recent past, the world wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have a look today at the remnants of the ‘Ramsetu’ (perhaps as part of a design of the formless Creator), although the Hindu Mythological stories have carried the narration for a few millennia, maybe verbally till the ancient thoughts on ‘Sanatan Dharm’ - a practice carried forth since time immemorial to retain the 'Truth' intact but obviously distorted because of the inherent property of time and erratic behqviour of man with its passage - got recorded in the present era when as per historical records‘Europe was still inhabited by barbarians’…

It should be reassuring to the Humans and Hindus particularly that the solar system, including our planet earth, is competent to take care of all exigencies, and that it is in existence for over 4 billion years as estimated by ‘scientists’ who apparently have got exposed to our earth and its environment in the ‘recent past’ only, a period comparatively ‘a flash in the pan’ – perhaps towards the end of the 1,080th Kaliyuga, which believably marks the end of Brahma’s Day and start of His night of an equal duration in His unending life…

The definition of indestructible 'soul' is that it cannot be destroyed by any known means, ie, burning by fire, or dissolution in water, or dessication by air, and so on, which could perhaps be noticed is applicable to our planet earth, and to the selected members of the solar system also.

The Yogis believed man also to be a creation of the formless God (Supremesoul) with common five elements in 'Nature', ie, ‘panchatatvas’ or ‘panchbhootas’ of the ancient ‘wise Hindus’ – Sky or space, earth, fire, air, water, as a model of the universe!

The 'present day scientists' still need lot of time to reach that stage of advancement from their present nursery stage...

JC Joshi said...

Krishna the Yogiraja, the representative of Vishnu or Nadbindu the Formless Creator, is mischievous.

He is now Shiva the composite earth, the essence or model of the universe, or the true image of the Formless Creator, who is omnipotent and omnipresent and supreme knowledge, reached in the Satyuga in no time, starting from Nadbindu who is related with zero time and zero space...

And, as per realization by ancient advanced Yogis, He is now reviewing the stories of His past as Bhootnath – just like as a reflection of it we apparently see films recorded in the past by apparently still evolving make-believe world of cinema, again and again if it is like 'Sholay', a believable classic...

With this background belief, He is obviously viewing the history from the stage of perfection, where He had already reached at a certain stage - back to His remote past when His Own innumerable images were imperfect!

Hindu Philosophy perhaps is beyond comprehension of present day ‘specialists’, as indicated by the ‘wise’ ancients – one needs to acquire ‘Siddhi’ or essence of the all round knowledge…as conveyed in "Satyam Shivam Sunderam"...for tehy liked to communicate the truth of the Trinity in just three words only...as brahmnad OM is symbolically reflected by the numeral '3'...

JC Joshi said...

And, numeral’ 3’ is one-half of numeral ‘8’, that is, if the form is seen with ‘Hindu’s eye’ or 'mind's eye' as consisting of one ‘3’ to reflect the apparent ‘physical form’ and the other ‘3’ inverted to represent its ‘image’ such that with the ‘yoga’, or union of the rwo figures, that is symbols, the numeral ‘8’ that represents the physical form of Krishna the infinity when it is made to recline, or made horizontal - just as Vishnu is believed to recline in the middle of the 'milky ocean'!

Indicating the above thought one might appear ‘eccentric’. But, that’s the truth of life, for Nadbindu only is central in an expanding universe – any other point within the universe is ‘eccentric’, unless it is attached with it!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Although the visitors to your blog, after Shri ‘Vimanonym’ (?) and a few others, are by far the quiet type and even Dr Anil has stopped showing his presence...

Still I visualize some to wonder, though maybe not express it, how one could be attached to ‘Nadbindu’ the point source of Supreme Energy/ Knowledge if it is housed at the centre of our planet earth?

If so, for their information, ‘I’ would say that one could do it just as moon apparently has been doing it since long! That is, it is detached from earth and yet it is attached to it while remaining within the ‘Lakshmana Rekha’ or the field of gravity of earth: In the words of the ‘wise ancients’, “By following religiously its dharma”!

The ‘Hindus’ therefore, although knowing that earth is illusory, attempted to ‘control their minds’, that is, like a Yogi in the Himalayan cave, say, they reflected the believable thought of the Formless Creator of its detachment with transitory images…that serve its purpose - not ours, ie, His Own Images!

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle,

Yes, people have come and gone. They probably read regularly but have nothing more to say. I cut short ‘Vimanonym’ because he was not being particularly kind though he did have a sense of humour.

I am trying to make this a forum, one where people will feel free to speak out. In fact my latest post should have triggered people, yet there is silence.

I am still hoping that people respond, speak out their ideas in a responsible way and have a healthy debate.


JC Joshi said...

During one’s life, there are innumerable factors that govern the behaviour of different individuals and make one appear different from another. One of my colleagues was worried about one of his daughters for he thought she was an introvert character by nature and thought that she would find difficult to mix up with her class fellows in new schools as she advanced from primary to high school etc. He, however, expressed surprise to me that he always found that his fear were baseless, for she never had any problem as she always managed to find friends who had a temperament similar to hers, conforming to the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

And, we know that the word ‘muni’ is derived from ‘maun’ or silence. Thus if munis get together there would obviously be silence only! Thus the one who is doing all the talking is and exception – he alone is still searching for the ‘Truth’ while all others have already found it that the universe is illusory!

However, even the 'wise' ancients couldn't reach the 'Absolute Truth' what the 'Creator' seeks, and they appear to have left teh search describing Him to be unborn and unending - different from humans who after reaching their limited peak have nowhere to go, except downwards!

JC Joshi said...

In so far as the cause of ‘lack of overall knowledge’ in humans at any point of time other than in Satyuga in ‘Lord Shiva’ is concerned, the following, contained in the Gita, could be helpful in appreciating the truth of the ‘drama’…

However, as a background, ‘Yogiraja Krishna’, the all rounder, or ‘Siddha’ who believably acts as a link between man and the Formless Creator, as ‘Vishnu’s reincarnation’ in Dwaperyuga, reportedly told it to Arjuna, the ‘expert archer’ in the battlefield of ‘Mahabharata’.

“It is desire begotten of the element of Rajas, which appears as wrath; nay, it is insatiable and grossly wicked. Know this to be the enemy in this case” &
“As a flame is covered by smoke, mirror by dirt, and embryo by the amnion, so is Knowledge covered by it (desire)” – Bhagavad Gita 3.37 & 38

[It is perhaps well known that after having agreed to align with the ‘five Pandavas’, (and not with the Kauravas, who formed the majority as in a ‘democracy’ today, a reflection of the carry over effect of preceding Kaliyuga, and, therefore, were happy to have Krishna’s army to fight on their side), while acting only as the driver of Arjuna’s chariot, for He Himself single handedly was capable of finishing off all their enemies with His weapon 'sudershanchakra' and had, in fact, already done so with His thought power!

Arjuna the ‘expert archer’ among them was a ‘specialist’ for he saw only the eye of the bird and not the whole bird – following the advice of Sage Dronacharya, one of the two of the common teachers of both Pandavas and Kauravas - when he aimed his arrow while practicing under his guidance and therefore needed to be ‘educated’ by the Yogiraja, for Arjuna to evolve and appear as 'Lord Rama' in the Tretayuga – the ‘Third stage of churning’ and therefore still imperfect, awaiting the ‘Fourth Stage’ and appearance of ‘Amrit’ or ‘Somrus’ the moonlight, which was allowed only to the ‘devtas’!

“Grapes are sour” to those who did not receive it, or even when they received it, like 'demon Rahu' they ‘lost their heads’ and appearing to be losing it even in the 'present'!

JC Joshi said...

In the ‘present’, or ‘Kaliyuga’, literally the ‘dark age’, in the words of the believably wise ancient ‘Hindus’, as the “First Stage of churning of the Milky Ocean” started by Krishna, the word ‘Hindu’ obviously derived from ‘Indu’ the moon (as the plaything of ‘Krishna’ the hero of Dwaperyuga when a physically blind King, Dhritrashtra, ruled over ‘India’), coincidentally ’Karat, Karunanidhi, & Kumaraswamy‘, all the three Ks (like Krshna’s), belong to parties that recently formed alliance with the ‘Congress’* as the major party (supporting either from inside or from outside at their own sweet will) alongwith many other parties in the combined ruling party in the centre - together called UPA, ie, United Progressive Alliance…

*[Pronounced as ‘Kongress’(!), apparently a ‘Ramsetu-like’ remnant of the original party by the same name that had alone existed when ‘India’ had attained ‘Independence’ merely six decades ago after ‘long struggle’ with the British, with Mahatma Gandhi as ‘The Father of The Nation’...

It was he who apparently popularised ‘Rama’s name again, after Sant Tulsidas had done so to unite the ‘Hindus’ a few centuries ago – in reality ‘after a few centuries’ though, for Rama appeared only in Tretayuga!]

And, Krishna says in the Gita that in reality the whole creation rests within Him while because of ‘Maya’, or illusion, everyone feels His presence within oneself!

Hindus perhaps can’t wake up now, Kavitha, for ‘Brahma’ the sun Himself is perhaps feeling sleepy as 'scientists' indicate the 'sunset' or Brahma's night to be nearly around the corner! But His 'Twilight hours' are also apparently quite long!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, FYI, I have entered the following comments in the blog referred by you.

Gurudev Namaskara!
"Bazar se gujra hoon kharidar nahin hoon etc."

A passerby, an old man, saw a young man smoking a cigarette in front of a grand mansion. He asked him how many cigarettes he consumed per day, and so on, and worked out the expenditure he had thus incurred on smoking only till that date. And finally concluded that had he saved all the infructuous expenditures, he could perhaps have one day been the owner of the edifice behind him! After hearing his long worded computations, the young man asked the non-smoker if he owned that building. The answer to the question obvioiusly was ‘no’! The young man then informed him that he himself was the owner of it!

An Urdu poet, about everyone attempting without the knowledge of the language, to do ‘shayari’ (that is, writing poetry) said to the effect, that it isn’t a grass that can be eaten by every donkey!

‘Hindu Mythology’, similarly, informs each human being that he/ she, in fact, is the owner of the entire universe himself/ herself! But, to realize it It is a matter of use of the ‘Third’ or ‘Mind’s eye’ duly corrected ‘for achieving 6/6 vision of the inner self’!

JC Joshi said...

Further comment for info.

Gurudev, I am glad you liked it.
Who says ‘Sanatan Dharma’ is boring:-)
Krishna however demands one to ’surrender’ in the Creator. And there is no bar - of age, sex, caste, creed and so on, - to do so, otherwise Prahlad, Dhruva etc, wouldn’t have figured in the stories and ‘child prodigies’ wouldn’t have been seen today!

Best Wishes to all ‘Hindus’, which actually refers to all humans, for essence of Indu (Sanskrit), Moon (English), or la lune (French root word of lunatic), is housed in the head of all animals, and in a relatively higher proportion in elephant, the animal that has the most evolved memory and whose head was attached to Ganesha’s, and therefore in all human forms too, symbolically as the essence of planet Mars… And it believably is the cause of different types of ‘mental disorders’ in all humans who have apparently arrived on earth for ‘treatment’ as per the ‘wise ancient Hindus’ who didn’t get affected by it through ‘Yogic exercises’ that lead to zero thoughts…and so on…
Hari ananta, Hari katha ananta!

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle,

What a beautiful analogy you have presented to make the people understand that they own the universe and simply dont know the truth in it.

Though the example of smoking is not going to stop anyone from doing so but give them a reason to carry on, the one on the donkey was equally good. Brought a definite smile to my face.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

As I had said earlier elsewhere too, let us be first convinced that you, others and ‘I’ are a few of the innumerable ‘characters’ in the History that is being reviewed by the Bhootnath Shiva, the Formless Creator, in His past as His Own different images, serving His purpose, in Kaliyuga’s beginning when ‘churning’ by ‘Krishna’ had just started resulting in different apparent physical forms - the Vasudhaiva kutumbakam that is earth's family!

It is like a recorded interesting man-made film which is being seen again and again and yet again by humans!

JC Joshi said...

Hindu Mythology is about a ‘perfect being’ responsible for the ‘Creation of infinity’ that is innumerable ‘physical forms’ from ‘nothing’ that is pure energy!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Citing the example of a shrine, such as Vaishnodevi on a hill-top, being constantly visited by devotees (because of the believable “churning” by ‘Krishna’), ‘I’ had indicated that at an intermediate point one would see some devotees on their return leg, happy to have had ‘darshan’ of their deity and received token ‘prasad’ from the priest, the gana or the link between God and man; and some others who are still to have the ‘darshan’, some of whom might not even reach their goal due to certain happenings beyond human control, such as an accident, illness etc, say…

In the beginning of the “churning” by the selfless and the selfish, during the first step, the stories indicate ‘natural emergence’ of poison affecting both...

Now, if we were to visualize the scenario that existed then and being represented using humans as models, ‘I’ (in me) could have symbolically used robots or ‘young men’ that smoke cigarettes, who obnviously started with their first cigarette at a certain age due to some inspiration or influence (perhaps advancing to ‘grass’, ‘brown-sugar’, and so on at a later stage), and who might survive even the believable ‘ill effect’ of the poison – just as Shiva (Earth) believably did when He drank the ‘kalkoot’ or ‘halahal’ - thanks to Parvati (Moon), His consort! After all 'Satyameva jayate' that is 'Truth prevails' at any other time too! And, "One man's meat is another man's poison."

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Interestingly ‘I’ had a visitor, a Mother& Child duo, who came to visit me today, a Saturday, in the afternoon, after having visited Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, the ‘God’s own land’ or ‘Dev-bhoomi’.

And, before their arrival, an Assamese lady staying in Delhi, the family known to me since my stay in Gauhati, had escorted her parents from her home-town just before lunch-time!

And, after a few minutes of their arrival, some unknown passerby rang the bell and informed me that a ‘stray’ dog’ had got very badly entangled with the electricity wiring - that fed electricity to some residences including ours – and that it might result in fire to the building as it was at times trying to extricate iself, or it might result in its death due to short circuit!

The electricity people stopped the supply of current and freed it by cutting the wires with pliers. It was apparently strange that the 'stray dog', who earlier was growling at anybody who approached it, after an initial growl lay down quietly and allowed the electricity department’s man to free it!

Perhaps another proof of Krishna's mischievousness for my benefit!

Dr.Anil Joshi said...

Joshi Uncle,Kavitha,Am very much there but am too busy with the vagaries of daily life!The comments of Karunanidhi are based on the Dravid ideology & are the essence of his political survival.Hope he understands the meaning of the word "Karuna Nidhi"

JC Joshi said...

Anilji, It is good to hear from you after a long time! The character named 'Karunanidhi' also is - like everyone else - Karunanidhi Himself who played the particular role of an 'ignorant of the Truth', like the majority of us, in the remote 'apparent past' as per the script!

It had taken 'me' twenty years to realize the import of 'our' mythological stories being related with '(Apparent) Time', in terms of 'Yugas' and 'Mahayugas' etc that consisted of Sat-yuga first, indicated as the 'best', that is, 100%-75% 'virtue' possible in humans during it, diminishing to 25%-0% range in Kaliyuga - and such repetitions of a Mahayuga - events over 1000 times in just one day of immortal Brahma's Day of over 4 billion years while the 'real time' & space for Formless Creator is zero and thus He came to be known as 'Nadbindu'/ Vishnu with Shiva in physical form, His Own evolved form, being called Mahesha, with mention also of a statement, 'Vishnu is Shiva/ And Shiva is Vishnu'! And so on, all 'Mythological Stories' apparently thus help create a 'chakravuha' for 'aam aadmi' in the 'present day India' that is 'Bharat', which at one time was Mahabharata...Krishna in Bhagavada Gita, therefore advises surrender in Him!

JC Joshi said...

In Bhagavad Gita, the ‘wise Hindus’ have clearly indicated that it is ‘Krishna’ who has played variety of roles in different appearing innumerable physical forms, (as a representative of Vishnu, literally the ‘poisonous atom’ or Nadbindu the formless creator, the supreme being or supreme knwledge, for Krishna is generally indicated as His reincarnation, with Earth as its ultimate immortal physical form), and although everyone is a true image of the Creator oneself, it is because of the apparent hierarchy (as part of a design) that an ordinary man is unable to visualize that each human form is a union of material form holding the Formless within it, but locked up...

And, a pearl locked up within an oyster could be seen by the ‘wise’ at any time as one of the examples in ‘Nature’ that indicates need for physicqal and mental efforts, ie, diving deep down to the seabed, bringing up oysters, and opening the shell to reach at the ‘pearl’ within it. And, that it is the ’uncultured one’ (as Shiva also is indicated in stories) which is more ‘potent’ and therefore relatively more in demand compared to the ‘cultured ones’!