Jyothir linga Somanatham - The moon descends to earth

The Shiva Purana goes:

Somanadham Someswaram Samastha Gunaparagam |
Gora-Padhaka thavagnim Jyothir-Swaroopam Namamyaham ||

Along the sandy coastline of Northwest India, the Lord descended on earth in a column of fire. He made a divine appearance, one seen by few but sung by many. A flaming Linga of light came to reside along the silent sands of the western sea coast.

It is believed that the Chandra (Soman) was the chosen husband for the 27 beautiful daughters of King Daksha. Good natured and fair, Soman was not just kind to his many wives but presented himself with grace and charm unmatched. But this didn’t last long, Soman’s interested clearly drifted towards one of his wives and he began to favor Rohini over the others and gave her far more attention than the rest.

This angered his remaining wives and they went back heart broken to their father and complained to King Daksha over Soman’s new inclination. King Daksha’s anger knew no boundaries and he cursed Soman that he would lose all the beauty and charm that he was proud of till now.

Having realized his mistake Soman sort the help of the Devas who directed him to Brahma to help him get rid of his curse. Brahma advised him to descend to earth, and meditate on the Mrityunjaya mantra attributed to Lord Shiva at Somnath and seek his favor to get rid of the curse.

Soman (alias Chandra – Moon) descended to earth and along the confluence of the river Saraswati he stood on one leg and started to chant the Mrityunjaya mantra. He chanted for years until finally, Lord Shiva who was pleased with his penance appeared before him in the form of a light or Jyotir Swarupa. Lord Shiva couldn’t reverse the curse but he promised Soman that for one fortnight in a month he would grow to appear bright, charming, and glow to his fullest form for one night but the other fortnight of the month he would fade into darkness. Shiva promised him that he would be seated among his locks or jatas waxing and waning through the month. The waxing phase of the moon is called Krishna Paksham and the waning phase is called Sukla Paksham.

Within the shrine chamber is a sacred Jyothir linga, covered in red, with the Moon on its crown. Someswara Linga is potent for it has also been worshipped by Chandrabagha devi, making this place a Shakti peetham. The devi shrine resides behind the Shiva Linga itself. It was in later centuries that a temple was built to house the fiery Lord and his consort.

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JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, as we have seen it earlier also elsewhere, (and I have also indicated that Hindu Mythological stories, in fact, discuss ‘Creation of physical universe' from sound energy), it is obvious that ‘27 daughters of King Daksha’, the molten core of earth, as 'father of Shiva’s consort Sati’ (associated with red colour, as also indicated by you as the ‘garment worn by the jyotirlingam’, and its essence is considered to have gone into the formation of bones in human body), refer to 27 constellations, or ‘Nakshatras’ – and ‘Rohini Nakshatra’ is one of those - that believably also evolved from earth itself, which the ancient Hindu Astronomers depicted as the centre of the universe, as teh perfect model of teh formless Creator.

kavitha said...

It is very interesting indeed to see how astronomy is knitted into mythology to explain certain things that otherwise could not have been comprehended.

The ancients were genius when it came to teaching the masses complicated theories which otherwise would have stayed unknown in their purest state.

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, once I ‘surrendered in Krishna’, maybe it was a phenomenon like Arjuna receiving ‘divya chakshu’ or ‘divine eyes’ from Krishna. However, although Arjuna believably took only about 16 days during the battle of Mahabharata to get enlightened, I am still struggling to get a glimpse of the Supreme Knowledge over more than last two decades! But, still I haven’t much to complain about it, because, on the other hand, I am also aware of the characteristic property of time reportedly understood by the ‘wise' ancients!

Red colour’s association is seen reported in transformation of a massive star in ‘Red stage’ to a ‘Black Hole’ by Astrophysicists in the present, and also with Ma Kali/ Sati in the core or heart of earth that is Shiva/ Krishna the light of thousand suns, literally ‘Black’, by the ancient Yogis.

It is also indirectly seen in the mythological story related with the Shiva’s bow broken by Lord Rama to receive Janak's daughter Sita's hand in marriage (or earth’s gravitational field that was penetrated by sunlight to illuminate Moon also to release life giving 'somrus' or moonlight for earth that is Shiva's sustenance) made from the bones in the human form of ‘Sage Dadhichi’!

JC Joshi said...

The mythology gives credit to ‘Viswakarma’ for creation of the entire universe as well as the ‘heaven’ and the earth. He is also credited for creating missiles, including the Vajrastra the sacred weapon of Lord Indra, from the bones of sage Dadhichi.

Such stories perhaps could only be related to the hidden potential, or large percentage of Supreme Energy/ knowledge stored in the ‘Mooladhar’ of each and every human body that is designed as a powerful multi-purpose instrument and realized and utilized by ancient Yogis as such in the past.

JC Joshi said...

Like Parvati’s favourite son Ganesha believably had Riddhi and Siddhi to assist him (essence of planet Mars with two of its satellites, Demos & Phobos, at the ‘mooladhar’ located at the tail-bone end in human form, a true copy of ‘Mahashiva’ or the solar system), similarly, as per the popular mythological story, Sage Dadhichi too believably had Lopamudra as his wife and also her sister Gabhistini, who too stayed with them in their ‘Ashram’ or hermitage on the banks of River Ganga (central nervous system along the spinal column) to advise/ assist him.
From the above, it is obvious that the stories cryptically convey the philosophy of ‘enlightment’ in humans or Yogis as a result of ‘activation of Kundalini’, that is, total energy/ knowledge getting concentrated in the head, generally expressed as victory of ‘devatas’ that is Gods over ‘rakshashas’ that is demons, and, then the generality of men slinking back to the state of ignorance once again with the passage of time…from Satyuga down to Kaliyuga, in repeated cycles.

Dr.Anil Joshi said...

Kavitha,Just like astrology,joshi uncle's references to the medical sciences are fascinating! I think Vallabhbhai patel merits a mention for the restoration work! I think a series on the 12 Jyotirlingas is on the cards & am eagerly looking forward to it!

JC Joshi said...

Man apparently heads the animal world and therefore is given to understand that he can exploit ‘Nature’ to the best of his advantage! In this process, the knowledge of existence of a high potential energy component within humans, certain ‘elevated souls’/ ‘educated and advanced races’ have apparently sought ways to use that energy directly through ‘black magic’, or indirectly, say, in the form of ‘slavery’ irrespective of whether care of the exploited was taken or not, and whether it was for ‘good’ or for ‘bad’ purpose!

Thus today one finds various role models existing amidst confusion due to apparent chaos with each individual having a sense of having been/ being exploited all the time, despite the apparent knowledge/ realization of all present day human beings to have descended from a single woman, who lived 1,50,000 years ago in Africa!

The ‘scientists’ today refer to her as Eve while the ‘wiser’ ancient Hindus appear to have done further in-depth research to reach Earth-Moon (or Someshwar alone) as our common parents – with man as a tool realized as a ‘model of the universe’ or ‘an image of God’ itself, as part of a grand design of apparently the Beautiful Formless Creator to serve His Own purpose!

And, He doesn’t ever appear to be satisfied, that is, finding what He seeks, and hence its reflection in the eternal drama of humans seeking Him, and even the 'wisest' apparently failing to know what He seeks, and therefore calling Him unborn or 'Swayambhu' that is the one who appeared on His Own!

kavitha said...

Thank you Anilji, I was quite oblivious to the prana prathishtha that Sardar Shri Vallabhbhai Patel had performed for the Somnath temple. I have updated the blog with more information on that.

Joshi uncle, it is very fascinating to read about how mantra can be used for astras as well as kavach. Though its a tough task to dig up ancient texts to understand how they used divine sound to create missiles and armour for protection, its a job well done if one can fish out the purpose for which each of these divyastras were used.

The potency of this system of defense is available in poetry which is extremely profound and simple at the same time. Sometimes even simple things appear far more complicated...


JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, talking of ‘Ashtabhujadhari Durga’s kavach’ or protective shield around individuals, the concept of eight colours/ energy forms as the essences going into the formation of human structure - and the age-old practice of use, in pendants or rings, of different coloured naturally found gemstones on Earth as God’s perfect model that are got polished through human agency - could provide some hint about reaching it indirectly through material means utilizing light energy that believably resulted from original sound energy.

With the above in mind, and also the concept of ‘Maya’ that is illusion, as you might already know, I have attempted reaching the right combination of gemstones (starting from cycles based on time of birth of an individual that incorporate the eight hot and cold planets in a certain presumed order as I have discussed elsewhere earlier also - different for males and for females – with the ancient’s ‘tele-therapy’ in mind) applied on photo of the concerned irrespective of the individual’s location on the globe. And, to a certain extent I have got satisfactory results.

The research, however, still continues for the sake of refinement for it to be true at all times! And, once you believe that it is something that the all powerful and all knowing Formless Creator utilized in the long lost past through different agencies or media, it is perhaps only a matter of ‘entering Shiva’s mind’ to help Him recall His past in the believable human form. The ancients called it merger of the soul (Atma) with supreme soul (Paramatma)!

Dr.Anil Joshi said...

Kavitha,Joshi uncle,Just received an interesting bit of information!Dr.R.N.gupta retired scientist from NCL Pune has done a good amount of research on the 12 Jyotirlingas.Hehas conducted some scietific experiments like measuring electomagnetic waves at all these places.He has etablished certain common physical parameters for these places & interestingly these parameters are absentat Parali/Maharashtra.Dr.Gupta may be still based at Pune & joshi Uncle may be able to trace him from NCL.

JC Joshi said...

Thanks Anilji, I will try to explore the possibility of laying hands on the said research work.

In the meanwhile, however, I would like to recapitulate the essence of whatever could be made out by me from a small part of the infinite data that is available in our mythology.

The ancient Yogis realized man, believably also made with the ‘panchatatva’ only, as a working model of the entire universe, which is capable of realizing the ‘Absolute Truth’ at any given time if the instrument got synchronized or properly tuned with the super computer that God believably is - being related with zero time and space, unlike physical forms.

For the sake of the lay persons, who form a large percentage at any given time, they expressed it in words, saying that whatever apparently exists outside is also present inside the human form too, or that it was a phenomenon similar to containing the entire seawater within a pitcher, (“Gagar mein sagar”).

‘Viswakarma’, literally the Creator of the world, as a model of the four handed Vishnu, therefore, is shown with a pitcher of water in one of his four hands, which also indirectly indicate ‘earth’ (with energy or ‘fire’ at its core in the centre) and ‘water’, besides ‘air’ and ‘sky’ or space, as the basic materials for creation. Another hand has a noose, indicating thus the inevitable truth of limited role of the innumerable life forms that co-exist with man as the most evolved of them all on the immortal earth that is ‘Mrityulok’ or a place for habitation of life forms of transient nature. In the third and the fourth hand, respectively, he is shown with a book and a tool he believably used for creation of the universe, thus indicating that he was provided with the necessary script or the guidelines as also the required tools for the creation – of course by the believable Formless Nadbindu the unique source of all forms of universal energy, which continue to co-exist eternally, although getting transformed from one to another from time to time as per a grand design.

However, He didn’t provide to everyone the necessary guidelines for tuning the super computer that human brain apparently is, and indicated ‘Tapasya’ or literally ‘heating, by Sun’ necessary, like fire is found necessary by man for the grand variety of food prepartions!

In view of the above realized ‘Truth’, if an average man fails to accept the existence of the one and only real life in the whole universe, that is, Nadbindu as the ‘Absolute Truth’, the phenomenon also was explained by the ‘wise’ ancients because of the characteristic property of time vis-à-vis the human efficiency that generally (during a particular Yuga) varied between a range of a maximum and a minimum possible percentage of the attainable near 100 % maximum potential in Satyuga, with its range reducing to a minimum of 75% during Satyuga. In the Kaliyuga, however, the range believably is the lowest, generally ranging between 25% and near zero. Zero and 100% believably are related with Nadbindu at the beginning of Brahma’s day in Kaliyuga and His perfect physical form, Shiva that is Gangadhara Earth at the end of Satyuga as Nadbindu’s perfect physical model, expressed in three words, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam” and represented symbolically by man simply by a Shivalinga (jyotirlinga or otherwise), as a model of Mount Kailash realized as the perennial source of life-giving water necessary for sustenance of life while the Mount Everest or ‘Gaurishankar’ represnted the inert or detached Formless as the witness of the drama - a model of planet Saturn that has beautiful rings!

JC Joshi said...

Anilji, I haven’t yet been successful in the task, so I give below whatever brief information on the subject of electromagnetism I found so far.

In the ‘Christian era’, as per the present day information, a ‘scientist’ by the name of Gilbert is given the credit for introducing in the relatively recent past the concept of earth itself as a giant magnet, which has now been generally accepted by the scientific world in not only having north and south poles, but also to be surrounded by vast arcs of magnetic force - somewhat like those possessed by a single object or place on earth - called geomagnetic field to relate it distinctly with earth only.

It is believed that the source of Earth's magnetism lies in a core of molten iron around 6,940 km across, constituting half the planet's diameter.

Surrounding the planet is a vast region called the magnetosphere, an area in which ionized or charged particles are affected by Earth's magnetic field and it is formed by the interaction between our planet's magnetic field and the solar wind, i.e., a stream of particles from the Sun. And, the Sun is now known to emit an electromagnetic wave, which carries both an electric as well as a magnetic component.

Seismic activities and active faults as a result of volcanoes aren’t normally seen everywhere on earth. Presently, through the deep crust structure study in the area where these can be seen, knowledge of plate tectonics, including the cause why seismic activities yielded active faults and/or the origin of volcanoes, is being researched. Experiments are being carried out on the resistivity structure in the deep crust by measuring and/or analyzing the variation of the terrestrial magnetic field and the week current flowing at the ground level. Research is also being carried out even in the area where rocks and stones of origin about 4 billion years ago are found, i.e., when earth was young, its estimated age today being around 4.6 billion years.

In view of the above brief information on electromagnetism related to earth/ rocks, and with the basic thought behind Yoga in humans, as models of the universe, perhaps the apparent sudden rapid development in the field of technology over the last few centuries in the last millennium is comparable to a fountain-water that rushes up with a sudden spurt of energy when debris gets cleared from its nozzle, or in similar ‘activation of kundalini’ or release of energy held up in ‘locks’ within their bodies by Yogis. Similarly thus, the apparently ‘wiser’ ancient 'Hindus' could have progressed, but to a much greater height, or the highest possible level at a certain period of time to eventually reach ‘Somanatham’ or Moon that is 'Indu' as an image of the Creator (perhaps because of ample time available to them during Tretayuga/ Satyuga, and higher achievable potential being a time or Yuga related phenomenon and the thoughts, conforming to the practice of, “Simple living and high thinking”, passed on to successive generations in ‘India’ since time immemorial)!

JC Joshi said...

Pyramids, the mysterious man made colossal masonry structures that mostly exist today in Egypt for a few thousand years, has attracted the attention of the westerners over the last few centuries and engage innumerable ‘Egyptologists’ - seeking to unravel its mysteries.

In the Fifties, it was reported in newspapers/ magazines how experiments were conducted on small scale models of some pyramids with different materials. And it was found that irrespective of the material used in its construction, but with its orientation such that each triangular surface faced one of the cardinal directions (N-E-W-S), there was generated inside the structure some sort of energy, as ‘pyramid’ also means ‘fire within’, that helped preserve meat and fish inside the model, i.e., acting like a fridge!

It was also reported that in the Fifties pyramid-shaped models in plastic etc. became favourites of Hollywood film personalities. And, that a shaving blade company sold a large number of pyramid-shaped containers for storage of blades, which reportedly retained their sharpness over longer duration!

In India, in the eighties perhaps, it was reported in a magazine how a lady in Bangalore made a room within her compound, with the prescribed orientation, in ply-wood, with provision of a bed for her mother, a patient of arthritis who felt better inside the structure. And she too spent most of her spare time inside reading books etc. with much improved concentration!

Of course, whatever might be the unknown reason for it, even despite ‘advancement in Information Technology’ today certain buildings remain unoccupied even in Lutyen’s New Delhi, because of some mysterious occurrences reported by their earlier occupants!

Even NOIDA, that is New Okhla Industrial Development Authority’ s Gautam Buddha Nagar, is believed to be jinxed, that is, it believably brings 'bad luck', and every Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP) avoids a visit to the city!

As per certain practices ritually carried out in certain regions in India and other parts of the world too since long it is seen that naturally available materials are used for various purposes for ‘technical investigations’. For example, divining rods (Y-shaped part of a branch of a particular tree) were used for location of underground water, which baffles the present day ‘scientists’. And, for finding a suitable location for a house, I was told that a certain stick of a known length was kept overnight on the concerned plot. If the length of the stick didn’t change, the place was declared suitable, otherwise not!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, although now it is not known if there are any visitors to your blog or not, I give below another reaction to an article in 'my' newspaper dedicated to tehformless!

"Shashi Tharoorji, thanks for (perhaps unconsciously and unintentionally) communicating the truth through use of minimum words on ‘cows’, that is, alphabets used as symbols - for any numbers of words cannot communicate the ‘Truth’ - and instead using a beautiful picture of a herd of cows, to pictorially convey it through their ‘C’ shaped horns, reflected like in 'chocolate' and 'cheese' through croissants the crescent of moon shaped pastries by the Europeans, who were, and maybe continue to be ‘barbarians’ when ‘Aryans’ were ‘advanced’, for, "Truth ever prevails"! On the other hand, having realized the ‘Truth’ (“Satyam Shivam Sunderam”) the 'Hindus' pictorially indicated crescent of moon on Shiva’s head, besides sacred River Ganga held up in His locks, to keep His head cool and render Him (that is to our Mother Earth) immortality despite the ‘kalkoot’ or ‘halahal’ that is the deadliest poison held in His throat - or environmental (and mental too) ‘pollution’ as 'We The People' call it today! They, similarly, indicated the bull, Nanadi, as His vehicle!

It’s well known even to ‘scientists’, who apparently because of ‘Maya’ that is illusions are till in a rudimentary stage of development today, that human brain is an analogous super computer. The ‘Truth’ is also communicated to all and sundry in the animal world through pictorial dreams in sleep, that is in virtually a thoughtless state of mind, which only Yogis at any given time/ Yogiraja Krishna (in Dwaperyuga)/ Yogeshwar Shiva (in Satyuga) could believably achieve even in wakeful condition - in that order of ‘perfection’ believably achieved by them in human form at different times or Yugas because of the characteristic property of time or Yuga concerned. The human efficiency range believably is generally near 100% to 75% during Satyuga while it is 25% to near 0% in Kaliytuga that is the ‘present’!

For information of ‘specialists’ in the ‘present’, the centre of our ‘Milky Way Galaxy’, that is, Krishna the ‘natkhat Nandlal’ or the mischievous son of King Nanda, is the so-called reincarnation, that is, ‘scientifically’ speaking, a model of unborn that is zero, and unending or infinite Formless Creator Vishnu, the infinite void of the universe, who itself is represented symbolically by a human figure reclining on the celestial serpent Sheshanag or Ananta as its bed in the middle of the ‘kshirsagar’ or ‘milky ocean’, also conveying the same idea through the use by mathematicians since time immemorial the symbol of infinity, that is, numeral ‘8’ written horizontally!