Amarnath - A life to remember

Amarnath Shiva Linga. Om Namah Shivay

The last hope
The saving grace
The heart clings
With dear faith
To survive
Fears unknown

Faith, a simple word
A ton of emotion
A volume of thought
A world of energy
That controls the
Devil in the mind

Faith an inward journey
Faith a world unknown
Faith silently leads the heart
Faith a treasure to behold

When life poses
Question unanswerable
When life looks you
In the eye
To see your next action
Towards the divine
When trouble looms in the dark

The lord is everywhere
In and out
An essence captured
Within the self
Worship thee though the soul
Hoping to be heard someday

Faith is not understandable
Faith is not controlled
Faith is to be grown
At your own free will

Faith a bird that returns
Faith a thought that ever stays
Faith the only medicine to life
Faith the only road ahead

When things disappear
In this material world
When life appears tougher
For the strong built
It’s a test of endurance to see
The display of faith
From the mind's eye

Emotion there might be
Emotions there might not
What matters most
Is the self within
The beholder of energy
That drives the soul

Does God desert
To test the soul
Does God pose problems
For us to behold
Does God come forth
And hold my hand
And tell me
He loves me most

Faith my only mantra left
Faith that no man can snatch
Faith my only hope
Faith my ticket to truth

A silent life henceforth
A world departed
A lesson learnt
Trust the Lord for
He lives within
To guide the soul
Through hell.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

The video presentation is interesting and helpful in communicating the common Hindu psyche.

Although human being believably is the most intelligent form of life on earth - and with its inquisitive mind - has apparently come to learn that the majority of humans have progressed from ‘Cave Age’ in the beginning to the present ‘Atomic Age’ while wild animals apparently continue ever to remain in the ‘Cave Age’. They aren’t seen to evolve in their physical status – different forms continue to multiply, perform typical actions associated with the concerned species from one generation to another. And that all animal forms share the same - directly or indirectly available - energy, space, air, land, and water on our planet earth as either friends or foes, helpful or harmful life forms.

Thus it is difficult for the common man to accept the ancient Hindu philosophy of life after life or soul as a part of some Supreme Soul (symbolically reflected in natural, Amarnath-like Shivalinga in snow or other Swayambhu linga in stone, or man-made ones elsewhere)within all apparent innumerable form - as His Own reflections or images perhaps for His Own purpose - to co-exist to result in the apparent hierarchical variety in ‘Nature’.

Thus life ever remains a mystery to man, for no one individual or even the human race as a whole apparently fails to reach into the remotest possible ‘past’ despite all out efforts that are being seen in the ‘present’. Of course, records of human History and Archaeology etc. maintained for a few thousand years - that was physically possible for the present day man - indicate some rare personalities to have claimed their having achieved 'spiritually' a glimpse of supreme knowledge ‘looking inwards’ within their apparent exterior human form. It is this knowledge, besides the apparent existence of our earth and other Heavenly Bodies for billions of years, that perhaps form the basis for Faith in the Supreme Being.

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle,

I was most enthused by the shot of Amarnath Shiva Linga than the worship of Parven Bhabhi in Ram Lakhan.

I chanced upon this Video which of course in some remote way does connect to the average indian mind that revolves around faith.

Am not sure i did a great job of it though i was trying to experiment with videos on blogs.

Videos on blogs is very interesting indeed, and am hoping to take this further... for now i have to bank on Ram Lakhan to send my message across!!!

I think i changed the script! :)


JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Ram & Lakhan represent Brahma & Shiva, or Sun & Earth – the two believable physical aspects of the one and only, Vishnu/ Shiva, the believably formless as well as physical creator - in Tretayuga!!!

JC Joshi said...

The relatively enormous life-spans of Heavenly Bodies - compared to those of plant life and animal forms on earth - makes man wonder how to similarly get to know ways and means to increase human life-span to enable one to ‘enjoy the material world’ eternally, maybe by some only. For, in the not very distant past, the Pharaohs in Egypt got grand pyramids built for preservation of their dead bodies, just as in the present, in some ‘developed countries’, some rich people reportedly pay heavily for preserving their dead bodies in deep freezes, perhaps with the hope of reaching such a stage in recent future - in view of the apparent rapid advancement in IT in the recent times - when the deads could perhaps be revived through use of ‘miracle drugs’ (such as steroids that had once generated such hopes initially, only to disappoint the medical world on account of the severe damages they were noticed to cause after their long term use).

Certain Yogis however appear to have already achieved this stage in the past through ‘spiritual’ means, and not material means as man contemplates today due to lack of overall knowledge and Faith in the apparent wisdom of our ancients, as indicated so in Gita also...

JC Joshi said...

In the present, the life-style of man, i.e., his dependence on the existing environment - the flora and fauna and also the so called non-living matter made available by Earth (Shiva or Bhootnath the lord of ghosts or perhaps past) that came to be called, by the wise ancients as the ‘Panchabhoota’, or the ‘Pancha tatva’, i.e., the ‘five elements’ that have entered the eternal kal-chakra, or time cycle, as the five immortals or the ‘five ghosts’ – energy, space, air, water and earth – perhaps thereby indicating a much higher status given to these compared to animal forms, including humans that the ancients considered only as tools or instruments of God, as apparently told to one out of the five Pandavas, ‘Arjuna’ (model of our Sun the source of energy), by ‘Krishna’ in Gita (model of Centre of our galaxy that houses a Black Hole for making the innumerable Heavenly Bodies in our galaxy go around it including our Sun – a function like that of a charioteer! )…

Looking detachedly, just as man utilises energy stored in other inferior life forms for his sustenance, perhaps similarly the animal forms help store energy for the consumption of Heavenly Bodies for their sustenance as per a grand design of the Creator, whereby man, although apparently helpless, reflects the characteristics of the Creator Himself related with apparent time in the past but appearing to be the present (with the word 'Maya' or illusion in mind)!

JC Joshi said...

Today one apparently gives more weightage to the apparent human achievements in the so-called field of Information Technology as if it is happening for the first time. That too within just a last few centuries on earth, which we have come to know as one of the innumerable planets and planetoids etc, i.e., one of the members of the Solar system that is apparently in existence for over 4 billion years only within our galaxy that believably has a super gravity body, ‘Black Hole’, at its centre that enables it to make innumerable other Heavenly Bodies to revolve around it. Thus, ‘time’ itself - as we reckon it with reference to the relative motions of the our planet earth with reference to our Sun - apparently was born with the believable first appearance or our Sun, the believable source of all direct and indirect source of energy on the planets that all are dependent on our Sun for their existence and sustenance!

It is perhaps, therefore, worth a mention that the ancient ‘Hindus’ called Brahma (Sun in Satyuga?) as the Creator of physical forms on earth! And, ‘Krishna’ (Centre of our Galaxy?) as the basic source of energy for both Sun and Moon, as also the entire physical forms to be within Him, vide Gita…while Krishna accepting, indirectly, Earth as his Supreme immortal form, reportedly shown to Arjuna (Sun in Dwaperyuga, the age of 50% maximum possible efficiency?)…

JC Joshi said...

The ancients have in different words, in NEWS, i.e., different locations in different directions, have cryptically communicated the ‘Truth’ of the Formless Creator perhaps because of His mysterious nature. In this connection, I give below two quotes related to Krishna and Christ, in The Gita and The Bible respectively, as they have appeared in the ‘Sacred Space’ in my newspaper today 22/12/06, camouflaged with the usual routine matter concerning ‘material world’ that forms its bulk, to distract average man’s attention from the ‘Truth’ (like precious gems hidden inside 'garbage' within earth's bowels), because of the believable ‘Creator’s Maya’ or illusory cover, as was apparently understood by the ancients even in the very recent past.

“I am the way, come to Me… Neither the mutitude of gods, nor great sages know my origin, for I am the source of all the gods and great sages. – The Gita.”

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well… - The Bible.”

JC Joshi said...

In the year 2006, which draws to its end, God’s mischievous nature was apparently reflected not only through man-made cartoons/ paintings, but through ‘natural’ Amarnath Shiva Linga too!

Generally attributed to global warming it reportedly had withered and the glacier cover of the cave had receded by 100 meters as there had been insufficient snowfall. At the onset of the annual pilgrimage season, when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims trek up to the cave to see the natural lingam, temple officials faced a major problem and there was a scandal too…

Faith of an average ‘born Hindu’, who generally believes in performing rituals, was therefore shaken up during the year 2006 - the digits that add up to 8, the number related with Krishna, the only child of Devaki-Vasudeva, the lucky one or ‘bhagyawan’ (the root word of ‘Bhagwan’ or God’)! Immediately after his birth, due to 'divine intervention', he believably escaped from Kansa’s clutches and also from the prison while - as luck would have it - seven of his siblings hadn’t before him!

JC Joshi said...

Number seven (7) appears to have a strong impression on human mind as some consider it ‘lucky’. Observation of seven visible colours in white light emanating from our Sun in the rainbow from time immemorial - from red at one extremity to violet at the other – which penetrates the otherwise dark void of the universal space to reach our planet earth, to make vision and life on our colourful and beautiful earth possible, has perhaps made man relate the number with seven seas; Ursa Major or Saptarishis, i.e., the seven sages in the sky; and so on, to even reckon seven days in a week.

Thus, similarly, the infinite void of the universe perhaps came to be related with the believable Formless, represented by Vishnu on Ananta/ Shesha nag, the Nadbindu or a dot or zero whose range of influence is unlimited within the ever expanding universal void - inside which exist the apparent independent physical forms that likewise also expand, including our earth or Shiva, the immortal Formless represented also by Shivalinga, natural or otherwise, as a reflection of the variety in ‘Nature’...

And, the total eight (8) visible colours associated with the life giving sunlight and Krishna, as incarnation or model of the Formless, seems to have thus come to be related with the eight directions of the unending universe/ earth represented by eight Diggaj, each perhaps representing one of the eight colours, as the essence, associated with one each of the different planets that orbit closer to our sun as the centre...

Numeral eight (8) written horizontally has been adopted by the mathematicians to represent infinity, which the ancient Hindus symbolically represented by reclining figures of God and demi-gods too for sleep is seen to naturally recoup energy lost in actions...

And, Indians are proud of giving zero and the numerals to the world! These apparently came to be known as ‘Arabic numerals’, for these later reached the west via the Middle East, and Africa came to be realized as the root of the intelligent Homo sapiens all over the world today (perhaps originally starting from Kashi and Mount Kailash the original and modified abodes of Shiva and Shiva-Parvati respectively as the stories communicate!

anil joshi said...

Kavitha,It is not Parveen babi but Rakhee that is doing the worship.You have added another dimension to the blog.Looking forward to the live video of the "ekpada shiva" if possible.

kavitha said...

:D :D Hi Anilji,

I was waiting for someone to correct me on that! 100 visitors and none said it! I was surprised. Joshi Uncle of course saw the good side - the average Indian mind and the reverence with which they approach worship.

Unfortunately Blogger does not allow me to edit comments.

I am very excited about video blogs but unfortunately i do not have many of my own videos to host here.

But yes, its a possibility well worth exploring :)

Thanks again Anilji,


JC Joshi said...

Yes, Kavitha, I had noticed it was not Praveen Babi (and also not Bhabhi, meaning sister-in-law!) but Rakhee Gulzar. However, as I am interested in the essence, I didn't point it out!

The ‘wise’ ancients realized human beings to be the various images of the same ‘wisest’ Formless Creator, or Bhootnath the Lord of the Past or Ghosts, who apparently resides within each form also - in ‘Yoganidra’ or an apparently dormant but super conscious state. A phenomenon that can perhaps be visualized to a limited extent with the help of even ‘imperfect’ film actors in the make-believe world, (as compared to the believable ‘perfect’ Supreme Being), today playing double, or multiple roles even, in certain films, which are based on some fictitious/ believably true stories and are shot in the ‘past’ for projection any numbers of time in ‘future’, which also could in reality be ‘past’!

Krishna in Gita says that He can be reached by anyone, irrespective of his caste, creed, sex, and so on, that generally act as means to confuse man, to distract one’s attention from the ‘Truth’.

Just the three words, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam,” i.e., ‘Shiva alone is the Truth and He alone is beautiful’, perhaps could have helped one realize it anytime, only if one were to believe that these words point towards our Earth, the ‘Mrityulok’, as Shiva and also as the Supreme Form of Krishna, the agent of death (vide Gita that everyone apparently reads to take one away from the Truth, because of the characteristic property of time)!

JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, Of course, although I have made it sound so simple, it has taken me also more than two decades of study from different angles to arrive at what I believe is the essence of the Hindu Philosophy!

And, ultimately, for what purpose?
It perhaps doesn't serve the Creator's purpose for which it has taken all the trouble to create innumerable forms and for eternity! It alone would know what it seeks. I can only guess that it is perhaps wanting to know its own origin, and can't say if it would reach the goal at all or not, for as per the ancients Formless Shiva's beginning and end couldn't be reached by Brahma and Vishnu even!

JC Joshi said...

However, the ancient Hindu Yogis or ‘scientists’ have indicated a Mahayuga to consist of a set of four Yugas, i.e., Satyuga of four times the duration of Kaliyuga, followed by Trtayuga of three times that of Kaliyuga, followed by Dwaperyuga of a duration two times that of Kaliyuga and finally Kaliyuga of a duration equal to 0.432 million human years. This makes a Mahayuga’s duration equal to 4.32 million years. Although they have indicated 1,000 such cycles of Mahayuga to repeat during a day in the life of Brahnma, which believably is then followed by His night of an equal duration when He goes to sleep, with all life forms getting frozen – to once again start further from the frozen state when another of His day begins...

However, this would have thus made Brahma’s day equal to 4.32 billion years, whereas as per the present day estimate, the solar system is already in existence for around 4.6 billion years, and His day apparently still continues. Hence, I believe that perhaps they would have originally realized the total cycles to be 1080 (i.e., 360 degrees x 3 aspects of the Creator, and man as its scaler model was addressed as Shri Shri 108 Shri…!), which would make His day equal to around 4.66 billion years, close to the present day estimate of he life of solar system, thus indicating the apparent time perhaps to be a little bit closer to His night!

JC Joshi said...

Now, it is perhaps not possible to determine exactly the age of earth or Solar system. Therefore, perhaps we would need to look for the signs of approaching night by inference, as the presence of ‘Krishna’ or Black Hole is presently inferred from star(s) in its vicinity disappearing into it...

In the past, when man was apparently much more closer to ‘Nature’, even a blind man could tell it was nearing sunset when he heard the tinkling of bells on the neck of cows returning home at ‘godhuli’ time, or chirping of birds at the time of their return back en masse to their respective nests for rest... And, haven’t we all, thanks to the media anywhere in NEWS, learnt quite recently how planet Saturn apparently brought Voyager II closer to it and record the sound emanating from it that appeared like the mixture of the afore-mentioned sounds?! And, perhaps this knowledge gathered earlier too had Hindus have bells in the temple as a reminder. In fact in Golu Devta's temples in Uttaranchal it is evident from the thousands of bells strung across the temple premises. For, he believably is an incarnation of Gaur Bhairav who is reputed to make every wish come true, provided the worshippers ask for it with a clear conscience. All he asks for in propitiation is a bell!!

anil joshi said...

Joshi uncle,Though it is a little difficult for my comprehension I do read the immense knowledge that you pass on to all of us.What interested me most in this blog was krishna's mention as the agent of Death.The current state of affairs in the world are a clear pointer that we are approaching the "Night' of Brahma......

JC Joshi said...

As we have earlier also seen, Earth was considerd, by apparently the more advanced ancient ‘Hindu’ Astronomers, as the central figure of the universe. And, planet Saturn of innumerable rings, was perhaps symbolically earlier represented by the figure of ‘Sudershanchakradhari four-handed Vishnu’ (to represent the four Cardinal directions) just as Shiva the Nataraja or Earth also was depicted four handed, with the realization of one Formless Creator and all other forms as its models or images and existence of different beliefs and faiths…

In the Nabagraha temple I saw in Guwahati, for example, planet Saturn - perhaps as one of the typical reflections of inert or detached Earth or ‘Shiva’ out of innumerable other ‘reflections’ - came to be represented, as the ninth relatively bigger Shivalinga in the centre, with the eight planets or ‘diggaj’, one each placed in eight cardinal directions, each represented by eight equal sized smaller Shivalingas.

[‘Dig’ means ‘direction’ and ‘diggaj’, literally, ‘elephant(s)’ that also represent earth as some of its very important (or VIP) images or reflections, one each in eight directions, or believably according to the Astrologers of Ashtabhujadhari Durga, or “Ashtachakra belief the planets that govern one of the eight directions]…

Of course, in the present, the nine planets aren’t indicated as such due perhaps to, what one could attribute to, the passage of long time after the ‘Truth’ originally became known only to the then ‘wise’, whereby due to ‘western influence’ Saturn has come to be associated with ‘Satan’ while the ‘Hindus’ considerd Venus or Shukracharya as the ‘Guru of Rakshashas’, or ‘Demon’! And also due to the forgettable nature of man to even recall events relate to not very distant past, ‘Apsmara Purush’ in the words of the ‘wise’ ancients… and also due to well known shortcomings in physical senses and thereby in analytical capacity of brain, we tend to remain blind to what we are not interested in, due believably to the ‘natural inclination’ related with Yuga concerned!

JC Joshi said...

Yes, Anilji, I am aware that I might appear a little bit incomprehensible because I naturally express my thoughts - like everyone else in my own way, often repeatedly to make myself clearer - with the background knowledge in different subjects I have apparently acquired in search of the ‘essence’ of the ‘Truth’, i.e., the ‘satva’ of the ‘satya’ over two decades… I therefore had told Felix, who is not seen for quite some time now, and Kavitha also to ask questions in case of doubts…
Once I had surrenderd in Krishna, call it a part of the grand design - for which my wife’s chronic illness was perhaps apparently the last ‘straw on the back of the camel’ or the main guiding force - over the last few decades some friends and well wishers have loaned to me books by some ‘enlightened souls’ even when I said I didn’t feel the need to read them, Gita was of course presented to me as a farewell gift by a staff member about three decdes ago! And automatically, articles/ news on interesting relevant material have been attracting my attention, viz. Kavitha’s blog on ‘Shiva Temples’, initially in the year 2005, with the given fact that I too belonged to the same ‘Rashi’ as He believably did, i.e., ‘Makar Rashi’ - Moon in the tenth house in my horoscope, with the Pundit who originally cast I, suggesting ‘Bholaram’ as one out of many other names! And hence perhaps the affinity with Bholanath :-)

JC Joshi said...

Anilji, because of the background that I have cited, when I first read it in ’84, I found Gita a wonderful compilation by some wise journalists in the ‘past’, unlike their clan in the ‘present’ – thanks perhaps to time, which believably is moving from Satyuga the age of 100% human efficiency to Kaliyuga the present era, considered by the ‘wise’ ancients, much in advance, as the age of the lowest human efficiency. And History, the subject that I dreaded most in the school days, tells us that the Bhagawadgita has been got translated virtually into all human languages by different political administrators - even those who belonged to different faiths/ religion - from time to time, because of its universal application.

Tulsidas, in Ramayana, depicts Lord Rama telling his brother Lakshamana, when Varuna the demi-god, in-charge of seawater didn’t allow the vanar sena or monkey army passage to Lanka, “to hand him over the arrow that could dry the sea”, for, “without fear love canot grow”. Similarly, verse 81, Chapter XI of Gita indicates the believable statement of Arjuna after he saw the supreme form of Krishna, “Tell me who You are with a form so terrible. My obeisance to You, O best of Gods; be kind to me, I wish to know You, the Primal Being, in particular; for I know not Your purpose.”

Although, Krishna advises one not to be afraid of death as it is the soul that is the VIP and not the body, which according to Him is only what a garment is for the body, still it would be difficult for any mortal to accept the words, how many times one might read it!

JC Joshi said...

Anilji, It was interesting to find as a result of ‘reading between the lines’ Hindu mythological stories when I found that Rama, in Tretayuga, apparently represents Sun as ‘fire’ the apparent source of direct or indirect energy on earth... It could evaporate all the water on earth, which was represented by Lakshamana as per many hints in the story, such as, even when he spent more time with Sita, he saw only Sita’s feet and not her face, just as we the terrestrials see only one side of Moon! Thus only if Lakshamana or earth allowed the protective layer of ozone in earth’s atmosphere to open, i.e., ‘if earth that is Shiva opened His third eye’ (in another story that is related with burning of Kamadeva), not only entire water on earth could evaporate, but also all life forms would be on fire! Similarly, Rama-like expert archer, Arjuna, also was found to represent our Sun in Dwaperyuga with many hints, such as Krishna acting his charioteer. However, as indicated in Gita, now it was Arjuna the Sun’s turn to be afraid of Krishna on realization that his existence was dependent on Him or the centre of our galaxy, or His supreme form - Earth!

JC Joshi said...

If it wasn’t for ‘time’, one could at anytime perhaps have seen how the mythological stories, sometimes, even directly point towards our dear immortal Earth as Shiva the Gangadhara (who holds the much revered River Ganga) or Chandrashekhara (as He believably drinks ‘somrus’, i.e., receives life-giving rays from Moon ‘located on His forehead’) or Neelakantha (blue throated because of holding of the deadliest poison, ‘halahal’ in His throat – thanks to His consort, Parvati, representing Moon), and so on...

But, an average man apparently doesn’t take the hint easily, perhaps because of ‘Maya’ or the believable ‘thin curtain over the mind’s eye’ – like in a theatre/ cinema hall the curtain is perhaps analogously drawn for the spectators to see properly the drama performed on the stage/ the projection of the film on the ‘silver screen’!

The above-mentioned thought today is perhaps reflected in the west, through the Europeans’ demand of the Muslim women to lift their veil in public – perhaps as a reflection of ‘fear of unknown’ in all humans as a part of the grand design!

JC Joshi said...

It is well known that if one fearlessly approaches a dog, or even a tiger, the animal doesn’t normally harm one – but, there are exceptions to all ‘scientific laws’ even! A physically weak human being even might fight at times even a relatively stronger person/ animal when her life is endangered, although eventually it might not succeed due believably to ‘bad luck’, or maybe as a part of the grand design! Thus it is only a matter of apparent mutual suspicion, due perhaps to lack of overall knowledge or faith, that the so-called ‘wrong actions’ happen…It is therefore not surprising that Gita also advises one to have faith in the unseen and unknown Supreme Being - as the apparent hierarchy in the physical ‘Nature’, at any time, also suggests presence of the best among any lot at any given point of time, even in human form as the ‘Purushottam’ - besides striving to attain greater overall knowledge with open mind...
It is a fact that the physical human body too evolves, ‘naturally’, with time - properly only if regular care of the body and mind is taken – from a seed to even a humongous (or ‘bheeemkaya’) body, such as that of ‘Bheem’, one of the five Pandavas in Dwaperyuga, or his son Ghatotakachcha, through his wife Hidimba, who belonged to a Rakshasha family, thus indicating relation of Bheem with planet Mars, like Ganesha or Hanuman the believable trouble shooters at different Yugas – the ‘siddhas’ or all rounders!

As I had earlier also indicated, the hand of the unseen or the ‘spiritual’ could perhaps be seen from the relative general health of the diverse flora and fauna in the wild forests left to ‘Nature’, vis-à-vis of those selectively cultured by an average man in his selfish interest…although ‘scientifically cultured’ ones in much smaller numbers in isolated locations might appear to do that purpose better, but in the interest of man only, perhaps to his disadvantage/ in the long run due to the resultant ‘ecological imbalance’ that becomes apparent to the ‘after the event wise’, although theoretically one would say, “Prevention is better than cure”!

JC Joshi said...

It is perhaps thus that ‘Yogiraj Krishna’ as an all rounder or ‘Siddha’ suggested ‘surrender in Him’ in Gita - or in simple words - “leave everything to Him,” to Arjuna the ‘specialist’ in limited field of Archery only’ “who saw only the eye of the bird, and not the whole bird”…

And, thus the advice perhaps applies to all ‘specialist’ at all times to come – to accept it if one has FAITH! Of course, it is difficult for everyone to accept it today because of His mischievous nature and, therefore, His being called ‘Natkhat Nandlal’, who literally ever continues to break the ‘waterpots of milkmaids’ - read with the background knowledge of human form considered as a ‘ghat’ or vessel for storing liquids (energy)!

With the background knowledge - as we have already seen earlier too – that Dwaperyuga, in reality, comes before Tretayuga, in terms of the so-called ‘advancement in material field’. The stories (Ramleela, Krishnaleela and so on) seen as a whole, therefore, depict 'Suryavanshi' life –giving Rama as ‘the best model of sun’ or ‘Purushottam’ during Tretayuga, or as a relatively more sober and all round character or ‘siddha’ compared to Arjuna, during Dwaperyuga, an era when the hero was Krishna, (apparently got replaced by Rama’s brother Bharata, who came to be known only ‘as a proxy ruler of Ayodhya in the absence of Rama during his exile)’, and not him!

With the beginning of Satyuga, however, Brahma apparently took over the role as the model of the sun in human form with the overall control of all the three aspects of creation, sustenance, and transformation eventually, at the end of the Yuga, taken over by Shiva the ‘Truth’, as the unique and ‘true model’ of the unending Universal void/ Earth!

JC Joshi said...

This believable acquisition of triple functions by Earth that is Shiva, like three-in-one ice cream (fire in its core or heart; air, as well as water, both, under and over the apparent hard outer shell of rocks and soft inner shell of molten magma, perhaps also analogously represented by coconut/ egg, thus universe also called as ‘Brahmand’ or “Creator’s egg”!) came to be represented symbolically by Adi or Eikpada Shiva - to perform the creative functions of the believable Brahma, with his 'fifth head' or Sun’s model, ‘used as a begging bowl’, and those of Vishnu as the sustainers of the variety of life forms by providing stored energy in the various physical forms, besides its own main function of destruction for transformation through temporary life forms – life after life…

JC Joshi said...

Anilji, after seeing in my mind’s eye existence of many models that depict analogy between non-living objects and animal behaviours even, at least now I, relatively perhaps, have lesser doubts about the ancient Hindus/ Christians to having reached the ‘perfect being’ at some point of time in the ‘past’ - like one doesn’t doubt today the possibility of human being landing on Moon as it was believed earlier, say even in the fifties of the Twentieth Century. And, therefore, I fully agree with their concept of ‘man as a model of the (perhaps illusory) universe’, or an ‘image of God’ - as it was postulated in the past and carried through generations, initially through words of mouth - in the East as well as the West even at the beginning of the ‘Christian Era’, although some say that east and west can never meet! Of course they do meet in some human minds located anywhere in the globe, NEWS, and perhaps, if it be His will and when it is the right time, it would in all minds!

Shiva Bhakta said...

That was Rakhi - not Praveen Babi.