The Temple, Abode of the Self.

Its a moment of lull again
the heart opens the emotions flow
a strange restlessness that draws me close
to the one and only great abode

One step at a time I walk
the towering gateways rise
guarded by gatekeepers, the imperial look
their assertive stance, the fierce eyes

Stone by stone I cross
rock by rock I touch
the texture so rough, the base so strong
as they hold the roof above.

Dark interiors, thick deep walls
that consume the light, the heat, the sound
leaving you in a silent world
of mystery, a cosmic conspiracy?

On every stone do damsels dance
on every rock do Gods reside
on every curve a message imprinted
the ignorant fool stares on

A thought in the mind
does all this make sense
such wealth, effort and energy spent
to walk you through a silent spell?

Or is it a deeper truth they hide
and show only those who care to seek
such knowledge beneath my feet
as I walk on unknowingly.

And then I see a million lights
lit up under the moonless night
the warmth, the fire, the smoke rise
into the air to cloud my sight

I wonder what really brought me here
is it devotion or is it fear
or is it a thirst for peace i seek
or another task unclear?

I watch the priest bathe the stone
with water, milk and sandal wood alone
in reverence he raises the fire to reveal
the presence of a Goddess Divine.

Strange patterns down on the ground beneath
hidden gracefully under Her lotus feet
the heat rises, the prayers resound
as I watch on anxiously

My memory fades, in my ears a tear
my mind hounded by fear
is it wealth, fame and glory I value
or is it silent peace and tranquility my dear?

My ego pierced, my thoughts at war,
whom do i please who do I cross
my thoughts so fast, my ego so strong
Oh Mother where do I belong.

And as the sounds of the bells thunder
it dawns on me a moment here
what comes and goes are the people, the time
the Goddess Divine stays forever near

Isn't that what I look for
as I live on tirelessly
trying to know what life means to me
waiting for that moment to set me free.

A strange peace engulfs me
as I stare up at this great abode
its timeless, precious knowledge at hand
the truth prevails beyond life itself.

And as I walk step by step away
this great abode I leave behind
A realization sublime in my mind
Like many others in the years to come.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

When a ‘hero’ in a film smokes/ drinks, and so on - based on a script prepared in advance by a story writer - that image is seen on the ‘silver screen’ today by hundreds of thousands of spectators, many of whom are youths. However, even when time apparently is passing through a bad to worse phase today, everyone knows that and although there might be many sheep among them, not everyone gets influenced and starts following or copying the ‘hero’, because of inherent design, or a particular ‘leaning’ in each,although once a while for company’s sake a few might do it surreptitiously - perhaps for the sake of experience for getting ‘education’ to form a personal, integrated, view of life like a ‘siddha’ or an all rounder. One, however, needs to recall that films apparently are recent inventions while ‘smokers’ are ageless characters carried forth from Shiva’s time – copying Him from time immemorial, though unable to digest the poison in the ‘present’ that in reality is ‘past’ or that which nearly reflects the beginning stage of the evolutionary processes!

The wise ancients also, in Gita, have indicated how the ‘Nature’ is copying the Formless, the ‘Supreme Creator’, whose reincarnation in physical form in Dwaperyuga, ‘Krishna the Yogiraj’, is reportedly responsible for the script for the unending apparent time related story/ stories of the universe. And, all other apparent story writers, actors, directors, and so on also are His ‘images’…

One could, perhaps, as a witness to the drama in ‘real life’, either remain fool for all the time, or broadly come to know whether he, or anyone else, is copying a ‘devta’ (selfless), or a ‘demon’ (selfish). And, going still deeper, if it is so ‘willed or destined’, he could relate one with some particular ‘Heavenly Body’ that is undergoing interactions with other planets; as an outcome of ‘design’, because of permutations and combinations of essences of the limited numbers of selcted ‘grahas’ or planets used in human structure, and thus reflecting the characteristic properties of outcomes of interactions from time to time, to perhaps learn eventually that all forms lead to the Formless, as reflected in one time popular statement, “All roads lead to Rome!”

‘Scientists’ in the ‘present’ have also found that the Homo Sapiens all over the world have their present roots in Africa. Although, the ‘wise’ ancient ‘Hindus’ indicated Kashi as the original root, or the abode of Adi Shiva the ‘Ardhanarishwar’. To reflect ‘Nature’s’ way of mute communication, the Buddha’s Banyan or ‘Bodhi Tree’ shows a typical development with age. New roots come down to the ground from the branches from time to time while the original roots become unrecognizable/ disappear, such that only the knowledgeable can identify the original root of a particular existing tree, if the root still exists, as it is reported about one such a-few-centuries-old Bodhi Tree that is protected in Calcutta… The phenomenon also gets reflected in the virtual disappearance of Buddhism from India while it flourished elsewhere.

It is known that the creator of a painting/ any ‘fine art’ leaves his ‘image’ or ‘signatures’ in his works besides reflecting the thoughts that were prevalent at the concerned period of time. Perhaps similarly the ‘seeker’ can see the hand of the Formless in ‘Nature’ all around one - even in man-made creations… Even a burning cigarette, that believably gives pleasure to the smoker over a period of ten minutes or so, could perhaps show to the ‘seeker’ how similarly each individual’s life is getting consumed with the passage of time. It is perhaps on this account that the ‘wise’ ancients asked the transient ones, each and everyone, to themselves ‘seek’ the ‘Truth’, or believe them for they had realized/ had come to believe that it alone was the designed/ desired purpose of human life…and thus the importance of Faith for the masses…

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

On the occasion of 'Jaggannath Yatra', a few words on Truth as believed by ancient 'Hindus'...

It is the apparent chaos
In day-to-day life
That raises questions
At certain times

Questions such as
‘To be or not to be’
Makes one steal time
To seek the Truth
Time to pause
In the rat race
And gain knowledge
Like Arjuna
In the battle field
Didn’t have it
No time to visit temples
And mechanically perform rituals

He was forced
To give up his ego
Of being the best archer
Surrender in Krishna
And seek help
From the mischievous
His friend for many lives
The formless
That resided within him
And ‘drove his chariot’
And it was time
That made him forget Him
Only to recall Him
When time was ripe

‘A friend in need
Is a friend indeed’
And one such friend
Lives within everyone
Waiting to help
Only those who seek Him
For he is a Guru
As well as a friend

Maybe it is His small ego
Being incarnation of zero ego
That man also reflects
But enlarged many times
As an image by a magical mirror
And not equally
Like a plain mirror

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle.

somebody once said to me, "when you really wish for something, the universe conspires to get it for you".

that statement is most true. i am a very happy person today, for i have not just found the path of my life, i have found true meaning to my life.

i lead two lives, one that we all exist in, and one that i build for myself. this blog reflects small insights into the latter. it has different rules, different people, different aim and all are for real.

I have been one of the real lucky few to have it all laid out. but did it come easy - no. It took a while to find the charioteer, but now, am on my way.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

I am glad to hear that.

There is a belief that if one has realized the truth, he should make it known to others also, and thus the saying, “Lead the kindly light’’ or “Tamso ma jyotirgamaya…”

That was the reason I asked you to keep on doing the good job, which of course gave me also opportunity to express some of ‘my’ views in brief - which of course I was convinced, since at least two decades, to be His – thoughts that I picked up from the record in the brain based on experiences due to certain exposures to interesting, pleasant/ unpleasant, events in different fields during my life till date.

As I had made already known, the question that has kept me interested in the research is to know His, or rather its, i.e., the Formless’ purpose, a question I believe has remained unanswered even by the ‘wise’ ancient Hindus, although the purpose of its reincarnation, Krishna, in Gita, is stated as sustenance of the Creation, even when nothing new apparently remained to be achieved…

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

Talking of apparent efforts in human form during one life time, let us recapitulate what we have already seen earlier also. We saw how in the ‘present’ the immortal Formless Creator as the decision maker apparently is watching the presentation made by ‘Krishna’, the Centre of our Galaxy from time immemorial…

The mythological stories indicate Satyuga as representing the period, which is four times that of a Kaliyuga, during which perfection was achieved thanks to the continued physical efforts of the Centre of our Galaxy. That is, when the planet Earth within our solar system, which is within our galaxy with hierarchical formation to cover the grand variety, came to truly represent the Formless Creator after 1080 attempts in order to cover the entire space of 360 degrees as well as the three aspects of creation, sustenance and transformation, from one Kaliyuga to one Dwaperyuyga to one Tretayuga to one Satyuga, or one Mahayuga of 4.32 million human years. Total time thus working out to over 4.6 billion years!

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi uncle,

I makes me ask what the meaning of life is. Why are we granted so many human years and what is the purpose we are trying to achieve back here.

I am aware of one thing. You need to want it real hard to get anything you like and might mean going to the end of the earth for it (assuming the earth was flat).

Its all about finding the self, then why is that so difficult?

Why cant we just drop everything and go. Give ourselves a road map and follow it.

We can save ourselves half the chaos.


revathi said...

Whatever the temple that you are referring to here, it is scintillating. Your emotions coming from deep within your conscience, have left goosebumps on my skin. It is simply superb. Lots of people have found their calling, their path, but not everyone is endowed with the gift of articulate expresion..something that reaches and enriches a wide variety of people! Indeed you are truly divinely gifted Kavitha.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha and Revathi…

I can understand the frustration in the words of Revathi :-)

To simplify the ‘Hindu Philosophy’ about 'illusory world' a bit, I would ask you to visualize yourself - through the eyes of the one and only perfect Formless Being or the Creator of the universe or ‘Bhootnath’, i.e., the Lord of the Past - as one of the innumerable images of the Formless in His ‘past’, when ‘perfection’ in ‘material’ world was still to be achieved…

You can imagine it with the help of your exclusive album. Maybe, you can leave images of the period when you were creeping and crawling on the floor after birth till you learnt to stand on your own feet… I would now ask you to visualize: Your old school, where you studied from Nursery to XII, say. Now, look at yourself from a distance, your images - one each standing - starting from the lowest step of a staircase and progressively on a higher step, year after year, that apparently led you to the final landing or class XII in the school...

Thereafter imagine, similarly, your college days. And then your office, the step where you find yourself today - with people below as well as above in 'rank' or 'status', including the apparent 'unhealthy competition'. However, obviously you were looking forward to achieve perfection at some stage in the past...

With the knowledge accumulated over the years, I am sure you can appreciate how you could have very well advised one who is standing at a little lower step than you, as you would have found him/ her still creeping and crawling (physically or mentally). And, maybe, also you could have then appreciated feeling of frustration when you had perceived apparently 'foolish'/ incompetent persons standing on higher steps than you! But, if you were rational, you would have said that as they too have passed through the same system of judgment, they therefore, must have been as deserving as you if they were there at a higher level. Thus due to lack of knowledge because of hierarchy and lack of belief that all the images were in fact His at some juncture in the past, many images would have at times expressed to other images that God, the one and only 'spiritually' perfect one who apparently ultimately achieved perfection in 'material' field also at a later date, must have been crazy! And, any image that remained connected with Him 'spiritually', throughout the journey, must have all looked crazy to those images that remained more attached to the 'material' only at any given period of time...

kavitha said...

Hi Revati

I was talking about a temple in general, the picture though is of the gateway of the Vishnu temple at Gingee, on the route to Thiruvannamalai.

This temple is almost bare, has no sculptures, nor dwarapalas as one would assume.

Yet it speaks imperialism and appears so majestic. The poem was of an Amman temple, but the gateway is common to all.

I was just trying to describe the immortality of the temple and hence the cultural practices that surround it and therefore the value of this in our lost lives.

I hope it makes a difference to people.


JC Joshi said...

The ‘Hindu’ Philosophy (of Vedanta) appears difficult because it needs realization that, firstly, there is only one witness of the drama who alone in reality exists and He alone achieved perfection in material field also, having had started from His ‘spiritually’ perfect energy form. And, secondly, that the time is moving backwards, i.e., the Formless, after achieving overall perfection, is regarding His Own past transient images of short or virtually negligible durations, images that apparently pertain to infinite numbers of imperfect characters created in order to reflect a grand variety, each continued from one form to another, over a period reckoned in terms of Yugas of long durations, who all ultimately also reached perfection at different times in human forms to ultimately merge in the original 'spiritual' form…

JC Joshi said...

For those who found it difficult (in the past) to visualize the Philosophy of one and only real witness and all others as characters in His dream, I give below what I wrote to my daughter on ‘Amman’ as referred by Kavitha.

“I remember how you once complained that I brought in God in all my discussions! Sorry!?

"Jai Ambe Gauri Maiyya/ Jai Mangal Murati Maiyya. Tumko nisdin dhyavat Hara-Brahma Shivji...!" This was the bhajan we used to sing with our dad, your Babaji, on the harmonium every evening before our dinner - beside many others...Now, I can realize the significance of the devotional song/ Hindu mythology. The significance of continuity of life such that every soul takes human form only after it has passed through at least 84 lakh different animal forms, i.e., as many numbers of MOTHERS! And, why Gita - that has recorded in it the eternal words of the 'wise' Hindus, our ancestors - is similarly carried forth from time immemorial...

Perhaps, the mother in human form represents the essential characteristics of all those 84 lakh mothers - the love each soul received through that many mothers! And, the belief that man is a model of the universe, could perhaps indicate essence of this eternal relationship through Earth-Moon, the Mother & Child (Already 4.6 billion year old)!
(Remember how your mom had you by her side in the hospital by the same name when we three had come from Gauhati to Delhi!)”

Can you see what I see?
Jai Mata di!

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

Continuing with my loud thoughts, the ‘Hindu’ mythological stories - through the character of Narada, for example - indicates the mental status of the mischievous ‘unborn’, the one and only real being in the entire apparent universe… Some character in the unending story, at any given time, would appear to say that God can’t be reached with logic, whereas the apparent universe has logic behind all the phenomena as understood by the ‘present day scientists’ in respect of the behaviour of matter at least! However, they are yet to reach the ‘Truth’ that is applicable to the analogous computer, that human brian apparently is…

As per the stories, the being that reached perfection in Satyuga - starting from zero - i.e., God, is supposed to have a physical reincarnation that Himself also has many reflections - called Krishna and His different ‘non-living’ and ‘living forms’ with a view to achieinge ‘perfection’ or infinity, a phenomenon similar to climbing a hill with herds of innumerable cows, say...

[This can be visualized with the help of the present day Yaduvanshi Lalu’s train (that passed through many hands before him) that plies between New Delhi, the Capital of India - or the once-upon-a-time capital city of one of the British Colonies, or Indraprastha the seat of the Kuruvanshi kings - to Shimla, the Capital of Himachal Pradesh and the o-u-a-t Summer Capital of the British, located in the upper Himalayas, with Mount Kailash symbolically representing ‘Heaven’, the believable abode of Shiva-Parvati, shifted from Kashi, that is Varanasi, the original abode of Ardhanarishwar Shiva, or the formless Vishnu!]

These different ‘cowboys’, each apparently drives the herds of cows under their charge to their respective destination while itself each of these images obviously reaches it after all cows have successfully reached it! Thus, the physical Krishna, Himself, would have been the last Person to reach the Formless or His origin along with all of His entire images at the end of Satyuga, apparently after a period of about 4.6 billion years…

But, unfortunately, to add to the apparent confusion of the different images, the Formless is viewing the descent of ‘souls that have achieved perfection’, along with the ascent of fresh, ‘souls that are yet to reach perfection’. (Please visualize it with the help of pilgrims, say, at the Vaishno Devi’s shrine, in Jammu & Kashmir - some of whom are returning after having a glimpse of the holy image while some others are still on their way, aspiring to reach the destination)…

JC Joshi said...

Continuing, I would add that we have learnt the 'geological truth' that once-upon-a-time India was an island, named Jambudweep, before the Himalayas naturally emerged from under the sea-bed due to its internal forces. Thus, one could imagine the land from Kanyakumari to present day Kalka (evolved from Kalikaji, the deity that presides over the Kaliyuga and believably lies at the heart or core of our earth) to represent the representative expansion of the original playing field of the Formless the supreme energy cum knowledge…

Thus Kalka could be visualized as the base from where the narrow gauge train starts, the point to which all other trains converge from all other places in the country, including the one from Indraprastha, which, many times like in the present, o-u-a-t in the remote past also apparently formed the seat of positive or teh ruling power represented by the Sun (Arjuna in human form) as the leader of the Solar system/ the Pandavas while blind Dhritarashtra, the cousin of Pandu, represented the negative power that also naturally got generated when zero multiplied by dividing the self… The demons or Rakshashas thus could be understood to represent the forces that helped to delay the positive powers to reach the ‘Truth’ or the peak that anyway had already been naturally reached by Shiva or Earth along with its companion ‘ghosts’ and thus helped in creation of the apparent time as humans reckon it in different ways from the relative motions of the earth-moon and the sun!

JC Joshi said...

Once someone is able to visualize the basic format - of the original Formless Being dividing itself into innumerable parts such that it alone ever gets related with zero time and space while rest all others acquire different forms to get correlated with apparent time, which tends to infinity in a hierarchical order – it becomes easier to see it in apparent ‘Nature’ also…

I can cite a simple example, say for instance, of knitting woolen sweaters, which I had opportunity to see in my childhood when I saw my sisters and many other ladies too. With a knitting needle and starting with a woolen ball and a number of ‘houses’, estimated to suit the concerned wearer, made on it, i.e., a formation along the needle of a certain length, I saw how one side of a sweater started taking form with the help of another knitting needle over a period of a few hours/ days depending on the skill/ expertise of the concerned… Any defect noticed at any stage needed a simple pull on the woolen string that undid the formation down to that level – to proceed again after doing the needful…

In ‘Nature’, I similarly saw vortex formation by winds dancing around a point on the surface of the ground with the help of dust particles held at different levels above the ground to a great height that all eventually would land on the ground again when ‘Nature’s period of lecture/ demo was over :-)

JC Joshi said...

I got a funny thought after I have prepared tea day after day - in the morning and the evening when I am alone as in the present (as God is also believed to be). I found it as a true example of the ancient saying, “Satyam Shivam Sunderam,” and also the modern one, “Truth is bitter,” as in order to be able to accept it one needs some 'untruths', just as sugar/ ‘jaggery’ is added to tea, also just as pure, distilled, water is not potable and it is the impurities within certain limits that give taste to water! On the other hand the process also appears to communicate the message contained in Gita that it is the soul, which in reality is the vital most component that believably lies entrapped within the body (which helps in giving different forms to different souls only). For, after straining out the dead leaves and collecting the essence carefully, we ritually throw the leaves away like ‘old and rejected garments’!

JC Joshi said...

M. Isha the Frenchman had asked Kavitha, "...can you tell me the cardinal direction of an image of lord shiva.."

In view of the fact that she seems too preoccupied to answer, for his information, 'Hindu Philosophy, read between the lines', conveys our planet Earth to be Shiva - as the physical model of the formless universal void or the point source of supreme energy, as also supreme knowledge, at the centre of the universe (also referred as Lord Vshnu by Vaishnavites)...

The ones who have realized man also to be a model or image of Earth/ universe reportedly exclaimed, "Shivoham,' i.e., "I am Shiva." Thus, He is here, there, and everywhere!

The formless Shiva is however represented symbolically by a cylindrical stone, called Shivalinga, which is normally placed in the direction of the setting Sun or West, i.e., opposite to that of the direction in which our Sun, the apparent source of the Cosmic energy, appears to rise...

JC Joshi said...

Hi Isha,

I would advise you also to see Kavitha’s blog on the Elephanta Caves and notice how Shiva’s different forms are placed inside the caves there in other Cardinal directions also - reflecting the thought as I have indicated above…

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi uncle,
just got back from mumbai, hence there was no reply. its been pretty bad there and i was only too happy to get out of there.

M Isha seems to have posted somewhere i have not seen yet. But does a linga have cardinal directions, yes it has.

In simple terms, the yoni pitha and the extention part of the linga should point north. Thats when the linga is facing east irrespective of where the entrance of the garbha griha (sanctum)is.

there is a lot more to the directions of the lingas. I think i would add that to my next post.

Kavitha Kalyan

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

Like the Americans can’t seem to forget 9/11, Mumbaiwalas will remember 26th July, the day last year, when they saw a sample of the believable great deluge towards the end of a Yuga!

Fortunately this year the rain God so far has been a bit more merciful! Glad to see you back home…

Yes, it would be interesting to know what more information you have on the Shivalingams.

Bhakthi said...


The temple insights are good. I have been collecting/visiting some ancient temples which has a Sthala Varalaru (history/legend) behind. Your writings remind me this.


JC Joshi said...

Kavitha, I had indicated earlier also that when I visited Nabagraha Temple at Guwahati in the early Eighties, the priest there informed me that as per the legend the temple at that very location was originally built by Brahma Himself. And, that He also established the city (now called Guwhati, the ‘market of beetle-nuts’) near the temple that came to be known as Pragjyotishpur, i.e., the ‘ancient city of Astrologers’, as He taught the inhabitants the art, or science, of Astrology…

Thus it could be seen that it had been the practice to keep the tradition running through generations although the basic thoughts behind the choice of the particular location got lost in the sands of time, and thus needed to be reached logically at any given point of time if someone was interested in it…I observed that the more frequented Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is located in the Northeast direction of the Nabagraha Temple that has nine Shivalingas – one in the centre and eight other, one each in the eight cardinal directions - just as the temple is located in the Northeast India, with respect to Kashi, the abode of Adi Shiva! Perhaps it would also indicate why EARTH was indicated central in the ancient ‘Hindu’ beliefs…

The above perhaps indicates how the word, ‘Sanatan Dharma’ or ‘practice carried forth since time immemorial’ (as God is believed ‘unborn and unending’) was applied to ‘religion’ in this part of the world, which unfortunately for the present generation in the ‘instant coffee age’ has virtually become out of reach due to non availability of time and innumerable other sources for distraction of mind… “Seekers’ thus apparently are ‘eccentrics’

JC Joshi said...

Bhakti’s reference to ‘History’ reminds me that from the ‘present day’ observation one can perhaps come to know how ‘Historians’, as also ‘Scientists’, keep on coming out with new truths, which might even be diametrically opposite of what was recorded as the Truth by their predecessors!

In India, within a few decades after ‘Independence’, we have reached a stage where even school students today are confused, as ‘History’ books are being printed and reprinted because of different versions of certain past events depending upon which Party came in to power within a short duration, unlike long ones in the past under 'foreign rulers' when people could make long term plans instead of the day-to-day living in the present! And one raises doubts about the veracity of ‘mythological stories’ when we find different versions of, say, Ramayana by different authors who appeared at different times!

One knows that even if one were to ask people their view point about a particular event (as I had earlier also indicated with reference to the Candle flame & moth), one would receive different interpretations. In one of International Film Festivals in the Fifties, this very idea was reflected in a Japanese film, Roshomon, that presented different versions of a murder, and left it to the spectator to work out oneself the plausible one...

It is perhaps therefore ‘God’s or Nature’s way of communication to advise one to ‘read between the lines’… That’s what the ‘wise’ ancient ‘Hindus’ appear to have done and eventually reached at the ‘Absolute Truth’ of the Creator as a Formless Being - and the apparent ‘Truths’ as alternatives being seen through His believably innumerable eyes that He considered at different times before He moved ahead, (conforming to the saying, “Think twice before you leap.”), eventually to reach ‘perfection’...

JC Joshi said...

And the glimpse, as proof of achievement of ‘perfection’ by that sole soul, perhaps gets reflected in the individual soul, apparently acting as a recording device that reflects/ replays some of the aspects of its past for a short duration for His (or Her or its) benefit. All souls taken together thus reflecting His (or Her or its) total personality at any given cross section of time in the past, in terms of Yugas, Mahayugas, and so on …

This characteristic property also gets reflected, to a limited extent only - mainly because of its transient nature - through man’s apparent tendency to keep record of the past through different media, (due to inherent property of forgetfulness in humans, which led the ‘modern’ man to attribute it to unconsciousness, as related to apparent consciousness, although together with a feeling of Super consciousness in some better performing instruments as a part of inherent hierarchy), viz. personal diaries, History, Archaeology, photography (preferable if it is video cum audio), and so on, which one refers mainly for enjoyment when one has free time on hand…and sometimes to wonder about purpose of human life, but rarely to wonder if He (She/it) too could similarly have some particular purpose in viewing His (or Her or its) apparently unending past and therefore an undending future that apparently has nothing new (Krishna says He has nothing new to achieve and yet He continues to work every second! (Modern man, always wanting to have 'something new', would exclaim,'How boring!' But, not apparently Him)... Why?

Bhakthi said...


I was wondering one thing quite often...

Why are they constructing new temples when some of the oldest temples with unknown-great importance lying behind their history?

One answer comes to my mind: The presiding deity comes to one's dream and expresses his/her wish to set up the temple.

Am I right in my thoughts?

kavitha said...

Hi Bhakti,

It is a possibility but not all new temples are authentic. temple constructions takes a lot of calculation and precision. Its not just about building a temple or a dream that caused it.

New temples get built because some one has the money for it but it does not follow the same principle as the old temples hence the power of these temples is questionable.

Old temples meanwhile should be restored and maintained. They are powerful and need to be taken care off and that is not being done these days.

Hope this answers your question.


Aswin said...

Hi Bhakti, there are many reasons for building new temples when they are old ones, but the most important reasons are
1) Temples are built in places where there is either a large quantum of negative vibration or places where the vibrations of holy sages, are abundant.

a) Temples are built in places with negative vibrations because when when a deity is installed in such a place , people come and pray with belief, the chanting of mantras and the performance of pujas and homams give rise to powerfull good vibrations that cleanse the mind and soul and make the place auspicious.

B) In places with good vibrations, temples are built in order to harness the good vibrations which are already present there, just like a Dam built across a river which stores the water as well as produce electricity.

I have put down these reasons as my own opinions, there are infact many reasons depicted by our ancestors

JC Joshi said...

As I have said elsewhere too, God or the formless Creator believably is neutral, i.e., detached. I give the example of a coin, which generally is believed to have ‘two sides’ only, though it has three and it is the neutral or blank one that renders thickness to a coin or helps it to appear in the physical form...

God believably is unborn or younger than even the new born infant and mischievous too - in Urdu ‘Shaitan’. He being the supreme knowledge apparently plays the game of ‘cat and mouse’ with human beings belliebly His superior-most creation, who He knows all to be imperfect or inferior to Him. He gives a feeling of superiority in humans at any given time, but, at a certain stage withdraws all powers from man!

Despite this ‘scientific’ fact generality of men fail to realize the ‘Truth of the Untruth’ or His 'Maya' that is illusion. He is thus believed to be testing His own creation’s efficiency. The mythological stories indicate it, for example, through the character of Hanuman in the Ramayana. Lord Rama praises him for achieving the impossible, i.e., flying over the sea. And, Hanuman (a model of planet Mars) reportedly replying that it was thanks to the energy provided by Lord Rama (model of Sun) to him that he could achieve it! Writers, such as Tulsidas always attempted to remind themselves as well as other readers to be ever conscious of the formless Creator. Still due to progressive lack of faith among the majority with the passage of time, as a part of the Grand Design, believably as an ‘instrument’ man’s efficiency fall down to reach almost 0% towards the end of Kaliyuga. Today one knows that even ‘the most intelligent man’ uses only a negligible part of the grey cells available in his brain!

It is believably up to each individual to correct oneself as the operator cum instrument that one believably is…

What one apparently sees around oneself gives one the feel of the Time - Satyuga to Kaliyuga. Obviously the status today, i.e., the chaos and utter lack of faith today is reflected in man in general giving importance only to ‘material’. Temples today are constructed at all locations mainly for the selfish purpose of encroaching on as much 'Govt. land' as possible. It being a matter of faith, even then Shiva, the Earth, believably being Bholanath or the Simple God fulfils the selfish wishes too! (Refer mythological story related to Bhasmasur, a demon or a selfish man who even tried to burn Shiva (Earth) with the boon given to him by Shiva Himself! Aren’t ‘the powerful Nations’ today similarly attempting to make Earth as poisonous as its believable sister, Venus, or planet Shukra (which the mythological stories relate with the Guru of the rakshashas or the demons - of course playing the role assigned to them of delaying the devta or selfless to reach the 'Truth'!)?

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