Its my heart - the Abode of the Lord

A place in my heart
Just for the Lord
To dance his way through
Its inner chambers

It’s a wild heart
Crazy in love
Just that the lord
Knows where to hide

It’s a gentle heart,
He moves touching its walls
Every now and then
Sensitive to my soul.

A big heart,
To hold his magnanimity
All his glory
Within one small self

Who said greatness was big
It’s all in here
One small heart
Only for the Lord who lives within

A heart that beats
A rhythm to his feet
He dances
Igniting my soul every moment

A heart carefree
Open forever
Lets Him go wherever he wishes
He never leaves

A heart so pure
Clear and fresh
It’s his breath
I feel the chill every day

A heart so wild
It plays with me,
A cosmic conspiracy
Right here within my being.

A precious heart
Just for him
The Lord dances wild
Crushing my ignorance.

A strong heart
Holds His truth
A form I do not know
A form potent within

It’s a warm heart
Houses Him
As he dances and moves
Complete in his fiery self.

It’s a heart that aches
Aches to see the Lord
Finally he would reveal
His truth some day.

It’s a heart
That yarns for Him
When he hides away
Deep within my being.

Its my heart
Like a thousand petal lotus
Cradles the lord
A part of me forever


Third Eye Closed said...

Hi K,
A very nice heartfelt poem. Reminds me of once in a sermon a wise man was describing his body to be a temple where his Lord resides. And that being the reason to maintain a pure body and thought.
He wasn't as poetical :)


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Felix…

Human body is realized
Eventually by different people

Depending on one’s inclination
Some saw it as a prison
In which the soul
A part of the supreme soul
A formless powerful being
In apparent deep slumber
Dumped in a dark dungeon
Unaware that the all knowing
Kept an eye on them
All the while
Watching all their actions -
In ‘Yognidra’
Or in a super-conscious state
Judging them
While they foolishly judged others
With their superficial knowledge!

Some saw it as a hospital
Some as a vehicle repair shop
Some as an educational institute
Some as a court
And so on
Due to ‘Maya’ or illusion
Or shortcomings of physical senses

Some ‘wise’ therefore advised all
To remain conscious of the 'Truth'
Gaining all round knowledge
Treating their body as a temple
Of the unborn and unending God
Or the Supreme Knowledge!

Keep it up Kavitha!

John Wesley also advised

"Do all the good you can
In all the ways you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can"

Third Eye Closed said...

Hi Uncle,
I kind of wonder and believe that we are preparing the body for a unique reason, a process which calms into the "Soul relieving" part. Based on how we purify or tend the body (to certain, as the soul and as here the heart) we recieve the end-result.

Like how a temple is built. Every pillar, Every niche, Every piece of decoration and structure holds the key to the process and meaning and how you tend to the God within. Pretty much like chemistry.


JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix…

When a person is to appear on earth, right after it was conceived, it is looked after by a family of a certain members, in a colony in some part of the earth, in a certain era, thus expecting interaction with various sources of 'education' as one grows up…

The physical body apparently is a naturally integrated system capable of doing multiple tasks…

Perhaps the brain is the most evolved equipment within a human form – having left and right horizons. In males, one does visual function and the other the verbal function (thus permitting relatively more concentration power), whereas in females each does both the functions, such that transfer of information takes place from one to the other through some process of diffusion (therefore more suited for multiple tasking. For example, all can speak at the same time and also comprehend what others said within a short time)!

Infant's first teacher, generally, is his mother. It is learnt that it develops 50% of its IQ/ EQ in the first five years itself. The rest half develops over the rest of one’s life…

The ancients therefore advised the ‘freshly received instrument’ to be treated with affection (a property, generally higher in females) and handled with proper care for five years… And. they advised proper checks and controls over the next eleven years (when one goes to school, and being a ‘fresh slate’, is likely to come under evil influences) and finally to treat one like a friend thereafter – at equal level…

Thus it is only after 16 years that a person was believed to develop his/ her own ‘personality’ - for a healthy society desirably a strong one, as a strong foundation is found essential for the structure of an edifice to stand over it for a long duration, serving its desired purpose and also giving happiness to all…

The ancients, however, apparently realized that the whole process of development also is a ‘natural’ phenomenon, guided through the ‘chemistry’ of the body – related with the 'essences' of the members of our solar system as the protype! So, they suggested surrender in the Creator, or proper 'tuning of the mind', with suitable frequency, with Him/ Her/ it, the meekest of the meek - but the real 'doer'!

JC Joshi said...

Sorry! Please read 'prototype' in place of 'protype'...

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix…

As I have expressed earlier also, it took me two decades, even when I had surrendered in HIM, to realize that the ‘wise’ ancients indicated time moving backwards
:-) From Satyuga the age of 'perfection', by a ‘purely spiritual being’, an original ‘zero’ or a person who is not “worldly-wise” :-) and thus so much like me :-) And therefore how foolish I have remained, or is being made by the impression given to all that IT is taking us towards the peak, towards ‘perfection’ :-)

However, the consolation was that 'time' while moving backwards was taking us to ‘it’ the real ‘doer’ – now more ‘worldly-wise’ than the most in the ‘present’, because of experience…:-)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix…

I just received a thought that were in the middle of April! And that the first day of April, ‘Avril’ in French, is ‘celebrated’ world wide as ‘All Fools Day’ :-)

It was from an Agatha Christie’s mystery story “Poisson d’Avril” that I first learnt why so? It is because April is the breeding time for Fish, ‘Poisson’ in French. They get caught easily because they are hungry for food while man is also hungry for the food for his head, besides that of the belly :-)

kavitha said...

Hi Joshi Uncle

that was an interesting piece on April fool's day. I didnt know that!

Tuning the mind to the creator, that is quite what it is all about. It requires effort to do that, to bring in the unknown, into our lifes as a part it and not leave it for later... old age..etc.

Its a part of life always, and to realize that, it looks like it takes a lot to do so.

I am indeed happy i have begun to get some real opportunities in that direction. Quite a good life!


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha,

Yes, it is just a matter of mental attitude. For example, one can learn even from novels written by good authors, which generally, believably, are meant merely to pass time, say during a railway journey, or to entertain oneself when idle... I have apparently retained many useful sayings from some that interested me, viz., Fydor Dosteyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment', Many detective and adventure stories, and so on...

One can learn from others also, for example, in his old age, I used to be amused to see my father reading novels with a dictionary by his side (whereas I used to attempt completing it in one sitting, to the annoyance of my mother as, for example, I used to be late for my lunch etc. keeping her waiting for long)!

One day I asked him why he read novels also with that seriousness. He said that when one reads a book, one often comes across some new words whose exact meaning one doesn't know. Instead of skipping it, assuming some meaning based on the overall sense one thinks it makes, he thought it is better to know the correct meaning at the first instant itself!

Believing that it is never too late, I have also started acquiring that practice - to some extent only though, for 'old habits die hard':-) And, there is asaying, "Practice makes perfect.'

Best Wishes.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Felix...

I, personally, liked the essence, "The art of growing old is to remain a child." - Source unknown (to me):-)
[This might also explain why I don't write a book, as some people advise me to do, for I find that my head apparently carries the essence of infinite thoughts, a negligible part of the Creator's, and not the names of their apparent authors, i.e., His different 'images'.
The ancient sages (and fugitives too) adopted names other than what they were earlier known as. And, some authors/ persons in political field, say, write under pseudonym or pen-name/ in a different fashion, in the belief that it would bring them good luck :-]

I give below some quotes on 'parenting' I found in the Internet, 'through different eyes', which could help know how different people see differently, and might perhaps help the reader concerned in decision making, in choosing the 'goal' which they wouldn't like to lose sight of, or realize the 'self', i.e., the so far unknown 'child within each' :-)

Children should be taught not the little virtues but the great ones. Not thrift but generosity and an indifference to money; not caution but courage and a contempt for danger; not a desire for success but a desire to be and to know.
- Natalia Ginzburg

Children are one-third of our population and all of our future.
- Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health

The soul is healed by being with children.
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.
- Harry Edwards

To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.
- Josh Billings

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
- George Santayana

The baby rises to its feet, takes a step, is overcome with triumph and joy - and falls flat on its face. It is a pattern for all that is to come! But learn from the bewildered baby. Lurch to your feet again. You'll
make the sofa in the end.
- Pam Brown

When wings are grown, birds and children fly away.
- Chinese Proverb

If you are too busy to spend time with your children
then you are busier than God intended you to be.
- Rabbi Mendel Epstein

I do not love him because he is good, but because he is my little child.

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.
- Rabindranath Tagore

There are one hundred and fifty-two distinctly different ways of holding a baby - and all are right.
- Heywood Broun

JC Joshi said...

Hi all, again...

Talking of mysteries, related with numbers, I cite a few:

‘Hindu Philosophy’ believes in formless Creator getting reflected by a three-in-one original Heavenly Body or planet Jupiter, i.e., Brahma (Sun), physical Vishnu or Krishna (the Black Hole at centre of our galaxy) and Shiva (Earth), as I have shown earlier too.

In terms of numbers, these two, the formless and the God with form, can be represented by 0 & 3 (as ‘OM’ is also represented symbolically, though with additional attachments to lay stress on importance of Moon and Mars)...

Also, as we saw earlier, bacteria divides into two parts, or each bacterium doubles up till it fills the entire space, as Galaxies fill the void of the universe. These divisions, after doubling 3 successively in space could now be represented by numbers, 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and so on. They also said that Brahma had four faces to represent the 360 degree space. With this statement, by adding four to each, these could now be written as 4, 7, 10, 16, 28, 52, 100, 196, 388, and so on…

One would normally fail to understand how the 18th century astronomers, Johann Titius and Johann Bode, reported a numerical sequence into which the sizes of the planetary orbits fit. By using the size of the earth's orbit as a standard, called an Astronomical Unit, or AU, astronomers recalculate the other orbital sizes in proportion to it. Titius and Bode also realized perhaps the same sequence, just as the ancient Hindus did :-)

They divided each number, as obtained above by 10 and found that the result approximated the planetary orbits in AUs, that is, dividing the average distances of each planet with the average distance of Earth (and AU = 1) from the Sun, in respect of nine planets from Mercury through Pluto, including Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, as per modern day figures. In Titius' and Bode's time, the asteroid belt, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were yet undiscovered :-)

A similar phenomenon is also reported in plant life with numbers 0 (Krishna, black or absence of light) and 1 (Brahma, i.e., Sun and the presence of light because of its apparent presence. These two numbers, by the way, also make the binary system used in the computer hardware: The sequence obtained in this case is by adding these two first to get 1, then 1 plus 1 to get 2, and so on, and thus get the sequence, i.e., 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. 21, 34, 55, 89, etc... It is observed that Lilies and Iris have three petals, Buttercups 5, Delphiniums 8, Corn marigolds 13, Asters 21, daisies, 34, 55, 89… These numbers have come to be known today as Fabonacci numbers. And, there are some other sequences suggested by some others…

Mathemtical models are used widely in many engineering studies...

Visesh said...

Hi kavitha,

Its me, the dissappeaing genius

I speak after a long time, because i just have to speak now, please bear with me

Talking about all these things, let me illustrate yet another incident of intolerance, i live in a house with 5 others, we share the costs for the running of this house, all of us work in different places, and see one another only at dinner time, till then to each his own, there is an incredible personal space that one defines and no one crosses that, there is great camaradrie and all of that, but we all, are not friends.

interesting isnt it.......let me come to the intolerance bit without digressing further.

a couple of days back there was this twin blasts at the juma masjid in delhi(old delhi), we were all in our respective places in the drawing room, watching the news, when this news item was announced, there was great rejoicement in the room, dumbstruck i watched them, happy that the balsts had happenned in the masjid, as if that was not sadistic enough, they upped the levels with this gem - the news item showed scores of muslims crowded all over the masjids outer areas, and there was general post blast pandemonium hapenning, one of my roomies got up, stretched a bit and said with a air of nonchalance, damn the blasts should have happenned now, more of these would have died, duh!, it went on and on and continued to the fact that having made a seperate country for themselves, why are they still there, they should go back there, one of them said, when we walk the streets in our homeland, these muslims should fear us, the rest of the jabber is best ignored.

now, we live in an islamic country, extremely liberal considering the neighbours we have, the grudge that these people have is that, since we give them(muslims) so many rights in our country, we should also be treated in the same way here, we should be allowed to build temples, and pray without fear. what does one do with people like these, sometimes their ignorance forces me to just leave and i take a walk - literally, and come much after they have slept.

if educated people cannot understand the basic principles of religion and moderation, what can we expect of our illeterate masses. i would say way to go, and if i am not going to be termed a traitor, i would say, its these intolerant fools who need to go.

why do these people think like this, why this inferioriry complex, why????? - parents, school, peers, where is the problem, i would say, part of the blame is in parents, we only want our children to know about our religion, and rarely do we teach them about the other religions, how will they ever know anything else then, who teaches children that islam or any other religion for that matter is a bad religion, its these people that we have to find and get rid of.

Any ideas people, can this ever change, huh! i guess not.

Aswin said...

Hi visesh, well i understand your frustration. BUt it is unfortunate that the intolerance that has been displayed by your friends is not entirely meaningless. Nobody (including our great politicians and secularist) know the meaning of tolerance and secularism. IT is a bane of our society to still face such incidents of human atrocities.
When will these idiots know that god is one?
Dont they know that god is like water, Water takes the form whatever it is poured in. LIkewise god takes the form which we worship him with.
The sadness is we are all civilized idiots, we continue to make mistakes known=ingly.
We vote for bastards and brin them to power and then rue our fate.
True secularism is universal acceptance that god is one and second to none.
A true hindu or muslim or christian will never speak rubbish against the other religiona nd instead do good to his fellow beings.
As long as we fail to realise the truth, we are nothing but civilized fools.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Aswin... well said!

I remember reading your nice poem :-)

Coming to ‘intolerance’, it is perhaps because of History... ‘India’ had been ruled for centuries by ‘foreigners’…

Partition of British India’ left deep scars in the minds of certain people who only were directly affected, not knowing that by rotation everyone gets a taste of ‘suffering’ at one time or the other. Guru Nanak also said, “The whole world is unhappy.” …

Ours is a young Nation, like a youth that materially has a poor past, present and apparent future too for almost one third of its population. Suppressed for centuries till recently, today, even though we apparently are politically independent, each one of us have so many grudges deep in our heart against the entire cross section of the society irrespective of the ‘religious compartment’ to which one belongs.

‘Religion’, in its true sense teaches love, not only towards humans/ ‘animal world’, but also towards the entire creation...

However, today apparently there is a chaotic situation, as it believably was at the beginning of the creation (and Hindus believed time to be moving from perfection to zero!), although you might see glimpses of ‘Truth’ – but, in some small pockets only…

‘India’, particularly today, is like 'an angry young man’, (the trend reflected in our films too), who doesn’t know how to feel at peace with himself (suicides/ murders are common today)…

The situation is perhaps like the one that existed before the great battle of ‘Mahabharat’ – 'churning' in the mind of Arjuna when he was in a dilemma - circumstances leading to war with ‘his cousins’, and though 'Truth' was ultimately victorious, but at what apparent cost? Perhaps as 'the fall of the curtain', to start the 'drama' afresh with different characters...

kavitha said...

Hey Visesh!

How are you! this is a real pleasant surprize, one that you surface suddenly out of no where and second your post! the same state of disillusionment i last left you with.

so do me a good favour and mail me your phone number.

Aswin, that kind of frustration is all around. Yesterday i was looking at the papers and reading about this new political party by ex-iitians. I felt really sad that they were not part of the tambaram constituency and were fighting elections only from Mylapore.

they have spread a whole new hope of idealism to "cleanse" out political system and now we are all ready to vote for them... for they seem to be younger and vibrant and definitely much more proactive.

I do hope i get to vote for them...

Just a thought.

Visesh dont forget to mail me. you went silent for very very long time.

JC Joshi said...

Hi all…

It is said, “An ‘expert’ can bore you in only one subject while a ‘generalist can do so in all subjects :-)”

Therefore, although I am not an ‘expert’ in Numerology, however, being a ‘generalist’, who is interested in reading ‘satva’ or ‘essence’ of God’s messages, communicated in infinite ways in ‘Nature’, I would present in brief the following example, in respect of mysterious aspect of numbers…

I believe one perhaps knows how numerologists get numbers from 0 to 9 from alphanumeric characters used in the name of humans…

It is said, “Coming events cast their shadows in advance,” or something to this effect…

The year 1999, the year before the start of the current ‘millennium’, has - although accompanying it number ‘1’ the ‘numero uno’/ Aditi or Aditya in the words of ‘Hindus’ – ‘triple nine’, the believable sign of Jesus Christ, accompanied by Mother Mary :-)

The total of the four numerals works out to 28, which, when further added, becomes 10 (Dwaperyuga’s characters Arjuna and Krishna, respectively, as the members of the Binary system; or our Sun plus nine planets, i.e., our solar system; or the name of Lord Rama’s father, 'Dasharatha', perhaps communicating him as the model of our Sun, prior to his son Rama appearing as the model of the sun at some point of time, after gaining experience during the exile; or a bad character as per IPC; and so on…

10 finally ends up in number 1, or God, i.e., the formless Creator or ‘Naadbindu’, the point source of energy, a negligible part of which in the beginning resulted in the innumerable galaxies that filled up the zero or the void of the universe with His ‘Brahmanaad’ or ‘Big Bang’, (the high decibel noise that, even in a small dose, is becoming unbearable today when time is perhaps re-entering zero
:-), in the present day experts’ words; or perhaps thus the ‘leader’, of the years following it in the present millennium…

It is interesting to note that the numerals in the year 2006 add up to 8, the mysterious numeral associated with ‘reclining Vishnu on Ananta’, in 'Yoganidra', as well as the 'eighth' child of Mother Devaki, i.e., Krishna, meaning black :-)

Would time, in hte hands of Mahakal, the controller of time, rebounce to infinity, like a yo-yo in the hand of a child?

Or, as a likely possibility would it, feeling tired like us humans with the apparent chaos in the world today, call it a day?
(Hindus believed the Creator to also go to sleep at the end of his day :-)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Feix, Aswin,and others...

The other question that has troubled me for long, is reflected in the reaction, in a light mood, to a new paper article - copy given below.

This refers to ‘The Speaking Tree’ article (April 19).

Only an ‘atheist’/ ‘doubtful’ or full of doubts reflection - of the one and only point source of energy (‘Holy spirit’ that fills the void or ‘empty bottle’ of the universe), labeled as ‘Nadbindu’, realized by the ancient reflections as the ‘real Scientist cum Seer’ - going under the ‘1000 Pipers’ like label, ‘Jug Suraiya’, a pseudonym, , i.e., a pseudo ‘Hindu’ would perhaps say, “Really speaking, there are no Scientists or Seers.” :-)

Why is Naadbindu fooling itself with all these reflections? Or is it because of intoxication caused by 'cocktails of spirits’ that it is having hallucinations?

-Another eccentric reflection, labeled as ‘JC Joshi’

(Of course, I know it won't see the light of the day - it is basically for 'its' hearing, the one who resides within me :-)

JC Joshi said...

Sorry, Felix! I mistyped your name. Please don't mind...

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha…

Now, I take the liberty to do some LOUD thinking on the mysterious numeral 8…

If a single numeral ‘8’ is cut by a horizontal plane - like chopping off animal head as a part of the ritual of animal or even human sacrifice, as the head of the animal world’ – it results in two zeroes (the governor and conception vessels)…

One could see these two to represent water pots, one kept over the other and kept on teh head, or one each held supported against the pelvic bone and being carried home by an ‘ancient’ woman, or even a ‘modern’ woman in a village…

Another might see these two zeroes as identical twins, say, Luv-Kush, the reported sons of Lord Rama…

To another these might appear as earth-moon, Shiva-Parvati, Parvati-Ganesha, and so on…

Still another might see the presence of only one ‘real’ zero, and the other as its reflection in a plain mirror as a virtual image of a perfect figure and thus also appearing perfect…and so on…

Now, if one writes the numeral in an inclined position as representing infinity, and chops it off with a horizontal plane, it results once again in two identical figures. However, this time the one at the base appears like the numeral 3 turned 90 degrees clockwise and made to rest on a horizontal plane and the one above it as its virtual image on a plain mirror…

Still, one might see these figures to represent the regions in two human bodies that house the respective ‘Mooldhara chakras’ (some Tantriks turn the symbol ‘Om’, the numeral 3 with its attachments, through 90 degrees and then see it to represent a human body, sitting like the ancients in open air, with a water pot (the crescent of moon) by the side, shitting!
And so on...

The Vaishnavites, in South India, appear to have represented the two hemispheres of the physical world (Shiva, in the words of Shaivites) by two vertical lines joined with an arc at the bottom (representing perhaps the Equator and neck in the human body) and a dot at the lower middle to perhaps indicate the formless Creator…

Whereas, the Shaivites appear to have represented the ‘Big Bang’ - ‘Om’ or 'Shivalinga' of 'fire' or energy - by three horizontal lines on the forehead, to represent the reclining numeral 3…

Maybe you, if you have come across the significance as per the legend or some ‘expert’ would like to elaborate/ enlighten further to reach at the 'Truth'…

JC Joshi said...

P.S. …Additional thoughts for the ‘West’…

It is 9/11 that is being highlighted by the ‘media’ in the ‘mighty’ USA, and copied by the rest of the world (Krishna says to the effect that He works every second, without rest, although nothing remains for Him to achieve and others copy Him in some hierarchical manner :-) allowing the year number 3 in the present millennium, i.e., 2001, to remain in the background (behind the curtain)…

The numerals in date 11/9/2001 end up in numeral 5, the ‘Panchbhoot’ or Shiva and (His ghost) companions that brought down the twin towers in to the lap of Mother Earth or ‘Ground zero’ using aviation fuel obtained from the ‘black gold’ in the core of earth (Sati the consort of Shiva, or Kali the black in ‘Shiva’s heart’ :-)

Aswin said...

HI Kavitha, Felix and Joshi Uncle, Seeing the amount of knowledge that you hold on the lord, i get speechless and i cannot comment anything since there is nothing that you all have left me.

Anyway i wish to mention something, as kavitha has mentioned in her poem, let the lord dance into our hearts and kill all our evil intentions of jealousy, hatred, selfishness and of course lust.Let him enlighten us on the path of truth.

We see the lord everyday,yet we fail to recognize him.
We see the lord in our parents especially our mother, as we grow old we forget them, we see god in our friends ,but take him for granted. God speaks within us, everytime you are about to commit a mistake or a sin, an inner voice beckons you. IT is none other than the paramatma, lord shiva. SHiva as our mother showers love and takes care of us. Like our friends, he stays with us in times of good and bad. Like a strict teacher, he punishes us when we do bad things and he guides us onto the right path.

As a Teenager,my mind was filled with erotic thoughts, all it mattered to me was the three lettered word. My whole world went around that three lettered word until i made a visit to the temple, there i realised that All woman are infact forms of shakti and I really repented for my thoughts. Today i might not be a great saint, but i have infact begun to realise the inner truth, the paramatma, and the universe himself. Let us all think about the lord and gain eternal peace.

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin

I must say it takes guts to be honest and you have plenty of it. That comes with a certain realization/ enlightenment which you cannot unlearn, and that has brought you the courage to be open.

It is very pleasant to see you so confident about yourself. Well, nothing beats Joshi uncles knowledge, yet you can give us a little idea of what you have experienced - if you want to feel free to mention.

The woman is a form of the Goddess, is a big lesson not easily learnt among men. Hence it is very nice to know you have managed to take control of your senses to a certain extent..
i really wish you a lot of success in your search.


mayur said...

8 is also the number of the "devil" in some occult cults.

Aswin said...

Hi all, sorry for pouring out my thoughts like that, just got emotional for a moment. Well, kavitha, not all men disrespect womankind, do agree that there are some who fail to respect their spouse/sister/mother etc. I dont want to be among those . Anyway let us not deviate from the lord.

I have a humble request to JOshi uncle. Dear uncle i know that your knowledge is vast , i see that your commments are long, it would be better if you could split them into chunks so that we all cn benefit from your knowledge . Please dont mind and keep guiding us bye.

kavitha said...

Hi Aswin
No problems with pouring out your thoughts, you might just get a pearl of wisdom from Joshi uncle.

Hi Mayur

Any idea which cults they are that associate 8 with the devil . Would like to know which continent they originate from. Is it an aboriginal cult or an ancient practice of a very well established religion.

Just curious.

Hi Joshi uncle,

a very interesting observation i made is that you associated the cutting of the number 8 into two 0s similar to killing an animal/human by cutting off the head.

I am very keen to know what made you think of the example...? Honestly it didnt cross my mind at all, but when you mentioned it i wondered why you sort that as an example.

Please do not mistake me but i am purely curious...


JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, Aswin, Mayur…

As I have earlier indicated to Kavitha and Felix also, one must ask questions fearlessly from someone who you know or believe wouldn’t mind, without hurting him of course :-)…

It is said, “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Mahesh/ Guru sakshat Param Brahma/ tasmai shri Guruve namah.” For a Guru or a Teacher, maybe God even (relatively superior in knowledge, irrespective of age, may even be unborn :-), who has apparently designed/ read ‘Nature’s’ communications through sign language - thanks to Nature also teaching one how to read those, it is a pleasure…

It is a bit like the news reader using signs for the deaf, having a good eyesight, i.e., one who has a shortcoming in hearing only…

If due to some reason one is unable to comprehend, it is one’s right to demand the teacher to repeat or elaborate… “It is better to be late than never.” For, if you don’t ask, because you feel shy - that you would be seen in poor light - it is you who will remain a ‘fool’ for all times to come :-)

When dealing with humans, particularly in Kaliyuga, God, i.e., Supreme Knowledge, is aware how difficult it must be even for ‘the most intelligent’ at any time to come up, on one’s own, anywhere near to His level – unless He Himself desires it :-)

'Krishna' apparently wants one to surrender in Him, like Arjuna apparently did, before ‘Truth’ was revealed to him :-)

Kavitha, in New Delhi, there is located the Siri Fort built by Alauddin Khilji (after downfall of Slave dynasty towards the end of the 13th century)… It is believed to have, in its foundation, skulls of prisoners because of their naturally high bearing capacity, to act as a strong foundation for the superstructure…

Animal and even human sacrifice surreptitiously is still practiced in India, despite being declared illegal…

This practice appears to have been ritually adopted by the ancient ‘Hindus’ too at a certain period when big engineering projects were undertaken, however I am not sure about it…

Of course, big projects generally claim some human lives too in accidents, besides plant and animal lives, which man generally takes for granted. Only recently 'environmentalists' have come to realize the importance of maintaining 'ecological balance', which appears to have been given due importance by ancients, as some ancient practices reveal it from time to time in certain limited location only (perhaps as a part of a 'grand design' by a Supreme being:-)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Kavitha, and others…

The realization that ‘Krishna’, the ‘Sudershanchakra holder’ in Hindu mythological stories, in fact, referred to ‘Black Hole’ at the centre of our galaxy that makes the innumerable Heavenly Bodies ‘dance around Him’, dawned upon me in the Eighties when I read that an India-born American, S Chandrashekharan, had done some research work indicating only massive stars near their end getting transformed (the function of Shiva or Earth that holds ‘Vishnu’s bow in his hands’ - referring to its gravitational force - which Moon or Sita handled with her left hand’ :-) in to Black Holes because of gravity first becoming ineffective, resulting in explosion and scattering of debris in space...

However, after release of radial pressure, gravitational force became effective again and confined the debris (like birth of Krishna in a prison :-) to result in ‘a hole in space’ having super gravity or ‘energy of thousand suns’ :-)

With the above as background, and my personal childhood experience of almost getting crushed on confinement by the crowd on Krishna’s birthday in Lakshami-Narayan temple, it wasn’t difficult to realize the significance of Krishna, in Dwaperyuga, chopping off heads of many and also telling Arjuna that He had already killed the demons, he only needed to act his role as an archer, i.e., revealing the ‘Truth’, of only one zero as the real being and the other zero or the entire physical universe as ‘illusory images’ or ‘Maya’…

JC Joshi said...

PS~ Sorry! Acorrection in the name: please read Chandrashekhar (another Shiva's name), in place of 'Chandrashekharan'.

mayur, calif said...

sorry, it is not number 8, but number 666 that is the devil's number.

see web sites:


JC Joshi said...

Hi Mayur,

When I look at the figure ‘999’, it first appears to me like three persons standing together side by side. After careful analytical observation, in fact, I find that it could represent three ‘images’ of just one individual, equally developed along the believable three axes of development - the physical, mental and spiritual - as realized by Yogiraj Krishna and seen today through His eyes (‘Divya Chakshu’ or Divine Eye, as also seen by Arjuna in the Dwaperyuga) :-)

Rotated clockwise through 90 degrees, it could appear like three different persons sleeping in different berths of a three-tier compartment of ‘Lalu’s train’, or just one person (lying down or sleeping in a state of 'super conscioiusness) as discussed in the first case…

On further rotation through 90 degrees, the resultant 666 could represent an individual with an opposite ‘personality’ or the Beast (Demon) vis-à-vis that of Jesus Christ’s (Angel or Devta) by the original, comparatively superior, 999…

Thus I apparently end up in three individuals, two opposites standing one each at either end of the same coin, and one lying down inert in the middle, like the blank side of a coin, as a link between the head and the tail ends of the same coin. Or, just one image of the functionally three-in-one (formless) Creator :-)

Badhri said...

I guess I am a late arrival to this discussion.

Before that, as usual, Kavitha, a good poem.

Now, I would humbly like to disagree to the notion expressed by Aswin, which is

"A true hindu or muslim or christian will never speak rubbish against the other religion and instead do good to his fellow beings."

Of the three religions, Hinduism is the only religion that is not bounding.

Islam directly says that there is no God but Allah and anyone who worships any other form is a Kaffir (infidel). Now one may say that Allah referred by Muslims is Paramathma referred by Hindus. I agree, but try convincing a Muslim. He would say that The Prophet never talked about Paramathma. Its not the end (GOD) that matters, its the means (Words of Prophet) that matters. To a true Muslim, the whole world has to be Islamic. Any one who rejects it needs to be persuaded, first by words. The one who rejects His words, and poses a potential danger to Islam can be killed. (Remember the famous word Jihad?!)

On the similar lines, Christianity believes that The Holy Father is only God and Jesus Christ is the only means to find Him. Christians have the responsibility the preach His Words and the one who accepts Jesus Christ as His Son and the only Savior is the one who deserves Heaven. Others get Hell.

Hinduism on the other hand, is just the opposite. While the other two religions promote conversion into their religions (one by preaching and the other by preaching and service), Hinduism (atleast the present day version of it) forbids it. That explains why Hindus are declning in India and Muslims are growing. Shiv Sena's call to Hindus to have more kids is based on this fact.(for clarity, I don't support Shiv Sena either!)

I don't hate Christians or Muslims. I don't want to blow them up. But I don't want them to convert Hindus into their religion. What's the point it staying secular if that means losing a religion in its on home?

Lets rest comaparison of religions now and talk about Muslims in Secular India. India has done a tremendous job by declaring itself secular at independence. Thanks to Gandhi. But Muslims do ask for special previliges in India. Consider a single fact. Uniform Civil Code doesn't apply to Muslims. All India Muslim Personal Law Board can formulate a rule for muslims that is in direct contradiction to the Law applied for others (Polygamy, for instance). Now, I need to be convinced that India is secular. India is pseudo-secular and vote-bank conscious. So much for Gandhi's vision.

What do I stand for then? I think the need of the hour is to force Uniform Civil Code in India. We need to ascentain that the State comes above religion. Find some means to check religious conversions.

I am sorry for sounding serious. But I refuse to look away from the truth. A true Muslim and a true Christian not only talks rubbish, but does rubbish about other religions.

Badhri said...
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JC Joshi said...

Hi Badhri…

A good presentation of the apparent present day scenario related to human behaviour vis-à-vis ‘religion’ – the widening gap between the precept and practice with passage of time…

The ancient ‘Hindu’, was apparently different from a ‘born Hindu’ today – the former saw God’s hand in every happening, whereas the latter sees only human hands, because of narrow vision or poor eyesight as in ‘old age’, naturally :-)

Badhri said...

True, But that applies not only to the present day 'Hindus' but the people belonging to all the other religions too.

JC Joshi said...

Hi Badhri,

Yes, but isn't a born Hindu more at fault because 'Sanatan dharma' is the oldest and has a variety of thoughts still preserved?

Comparatively, other religions are only a few thousand years old, i.e., ignorants or 'infants' :-)

Hi Felix, and others…

In a fewer words, let us now see the ‘Truth’ apparently seen by ‘wise Hindus’ in the numeral ‘5’ - ‘Panchbhoota’, or ‘Panchtatva’, or ‘Panch Parameshwar’ and so on…

If numeral 5 is the truth and its 'image' as illusion, let us imagine a plain mirror placed against the vertical axis passing through the vertical straight line. I see an inverted tree below the ground :-)

And now if I reverse it, the tree is seen over the ground :-)

I hope you too are ble to visualize it...

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix,

The other words that I censored initially, could also find some matter for further thoughts :-)

For example, the tree under the ground, because of high pressure and temperature, results in an 'essence' we call 'black gold' or petroleum. We drill that out much later, when found in sufficient quantity, and after fractional distillation use as for various purposes, that when used as fuel results in 'global warming', which could be harmful to the plant and animal life above the ground, if not controlled :-)

JC Joshi said...

Hi Felix, Badhri, and others…
Human mind being like an analogous computer, each individual, depending on his mental attitude, or fine turning of mind as one grows mentally mature with ‘education’, gets to see the same phenomenon differently, from one to another, thus leading to confusion in one because of man being a ‘social animal’…

When I see the numeral 2, I imagine it as a swan, majestically swimming on the surface of water, in Lake Mansarovar (associated with Mount Kailasa, and both together with Shiva-Parvati) :-) I got this impression when I saw one from a distance in Pushkar Lake, close to Brahma’s temple, reportedly the only one dedicated to Brahma…

I hope everyone is aware that light falling on an object or a person and reflected from a mirror apparently results in an ‘optical illusion’. One sees the image of the object as much inside the mirror as it is in front of it (although an ‘inferior life’, such as, birds, monkeys etc., apparently only might get foxed by it, and not man according to the ‘wise’ in the ‘present’, which is untrue in the words of the ancients :-)…

Similarly the surface of water also acts as a mirror. Now, if one sees the combined figure 2, the real and the image, one could observe the symbolic representation of the original sound ‘OM’, that believably emanated from the formless Creator at the beginning and the cause of entire ‘images’ within the infinite universal void :-)

Similarly one can visualize how land also acts like cinema’s ‘silver screen’ – as shadows are formed over it due to obstruction of light emanating from a source (as normally due to obstruction to sunrays/ in a day-night one day cricket match also multiple shadows are seen/ and shadows used for entertainment as in shadow puppet shows, and so on, including fear generated by darkness and ‘spirits’ associated with it :-)

Also the numeral '4', together with its image, could remind one of Rama's and Arjuna's arrows reportedly used by the two 'expert archers' at different times, as models of our sun...

pankaj_chandan@yahoo.co.in said...

i dont know what to say for what u have written ! speechless!! god bless u!